Abnormal Life

Christian wakes up feeling sore from pleasing Ralph and three other men last night. Her mouth and throat were hurting from Ralph and the other men that used her mouth last night. They had forced her to keep her mouth open with some sort of large O ring. It wasn’t the first time Ralph has done that to her.

She stumbles towards the bathroom and sits down on toilet to pee. The three men had relieved themselves in her mouth last night and forced her to drink their urine. The first time someone had done that to her, she threw up all over them and Ralph whipped her so hard on her ass, that she couldn’t sit down for a week without a pillow.

She relieves herself and takes off the lingerie she was given last night to wear. Ever since Ralph bought her from some man two years ago. She has been forced into sexual slavery. She knew what it was, because she wasn’t the only boy whom Ralph had in the house.

There were two other boys and six girls that were forced to sell their bodies. All the money Ralph got from pimping them out paid for his drugs and fancy cars. There were other things, but Ralph loved his fancy cars and busty women.

After Christian finishes doing her morning business. She gets dressed in the hand-me-down clothes he got from some of the other kids in the house. She didn’t care what she wore, because they lived on a farm. No one other than clients and delivery people came out to the farm.

She grabs some chicken feed to feed the chickens. Everyone at the house had other duties besides having sex. Her job was feeding the chicken, which they killed and ate. They had pigs, but a mobile butcher came out to kill and chop them up. He normally had sex with Brenda since she was the newest girl Ralph added to the household.

She had been added a few weeks ago. Ralph came home with her drugged like he always does and sold her virginity to Mr. Ramirez. Afterwards, Mr. Ramirez had sex with her while his penis was cover with blood from Brenda. Mr. Ramirez wasn’t as sick as Mr. Nguyen. Mr. Nguyen loved tying him up and shocking him.

He got off on inflicting pain on his plaything. It excited him and he could be very creative on what he wanted to do. He would push his victim to the edge where they almost pass out from the experience.

Christian puts the feed bucket away and goes about gathering what vegetables were ready in the garden. There were only a few things that they had to go to town to buy. Most of everything else was either grown here on the farm or made. Sex wasn’t the only thing that occurred on the farm. They made homemade butter, ice cream, wine, beer, moonshine, and other items that they sold either at the highway stand or down at Martin’s Country Store.

Around mid-day, Christian heads back into the house with everything. She looks at Mary as she sets the baskets down on the huge kitchen table. Mary was a black woman who has been working for Ralph for the past twelve years. She had been one of Ralph’s first victims and has remained at the farm.

She ran away a few times, but Ralph always managed to find her and bring her back. If word got out on what went on here at the farm, they would all be in trouble. Ralph has said that he would lock all of them in the barn and set it on fire with them inside.

Mary looks at the poor little boy Ralph bought from a guy from New York. She felt sorry for him and everything he was forced to endure like her and the others. She knew the poor thing was treated like a girl because he didn’t have any testes.

Ralph has been pumping large amounts of estrogen into the poor thing. She could see how the estrogen has already caused the boy to develop a girl’s body. His breasts were almost as big as her own, and he was developing a nice curvy body.

“You look flushed, Christian.”

“It’s hot and humid out there.” Christian was thirsty and sunburned.

“Here, let me fix you some iced tea.” Mary walks over to the refrigerator and unlocks it.

She takes out a pitcher of sweet iced tea she made last night and pour Christian a glass. She hands him the glass.

“Thanks Mary.” Christian nurses the iced tea. She drinks it slowly.

“You’re welcome. Now, lets see what you brought me.” Mary goes through everything Christian brought in from the garden.

The occupants in the house come walking into the kitchen. Barbara was just wearing a teddy. She looked tired. she walks over to the refrigerator and grabs a coke cola from the refrigerator.

Mary looks at her “just got done with a client?”

“Yeah, and I hate what he just did to me.” Barbara rinses her mouth out with the coke cola and spits it in the sink.

Mary looks at Barbara with a disapproving look on her face. She didn’t like the sink in the kitchen to be used like the bathroom sinks.

“I’m sorry Mary, but I just couldn’t stand the taste of that jerk in my mouth.”

“Who was it, Barbara?” Christian was curious who Barbara just had sex with.

“Lucas Jonas. The bastard likes holding my head tight against his crotch while I’m giving him head. Once he erupts in my mouth, he starts peeing as well, forcing me to drink it.” Barbara hated when the men she gave head to did that.

“I was forced to do that with those men Ralph brought back to the farm last night. They used me like their private urinal.” Christian felt disgusted from it.

“Well, at least you weren’t punched and roughly fucked this morning.” Jerry comes stumbling into the kitchen in just a pair of panties that were stained.

His body was covered in bruises and his right eye was swollen. He was being helped by Jorge who was wearing a muscle shirt and shorts. Jorge and Jerry were two gays that Ralph found wondering the streets in Detroit after their parents threw both teens out.

Jorge was Latino and his family were very Catholic. When they found out he was gay, they threw him out onto the streets. As for Jerry, his father was a popular evangelistic preacher and his family thinks they sent him to a conversion camp. What they don’t know, is that Ralph’s associate made it all up and he was sent here to the farm to be pimped out.

The clients liked him, because he was blonde and blue eyed. He had a nice slim body with some muscles. He was popular with a lot of clients.

“Bring him over here, Jorge.” Mary pulls a chair out for Jerry to sit down on.

Jorge carries Jerry over to the chair and set him down on it.

“I’ll get the first aid kit.” Chrisitan goes and gets the first aide kit.

They had a paramedic style one, because of how bad things got around the farm. If it wasn’t the clients beating them up, it was the injuries from the chores they all had. Ralph didn’t like it when they just sat around and did nothing. Even when he was around, he made sure they were busy.

“Here, Mary.” Chrisitan hands the medical kit to Mary.

“Thanks Christian. Who is Lisa’s relief today at the stand?” Mary looks at everyone in the kitchen.

“I am.” Annie comes walking into the kitchen in an outfit that looked way to small on her. You could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, because her nipples were tenting the material. Plus, because of how thin the material was, you could see her areoles under the material.

“You better go down and relieve her, Annie. She’s been down at the stand since early this morning.” Mary goes about taking care of Jerry.

“Yes ma’am.” Annie turns around and leaves the house to do what she needed to do.

Later in the afternoon and well into the night. Several men show up and take Chrisitan out to the barn. When she walks into the barn, she spots two huge dogs and the men waiting for her. She already knew what was going to happened.

Later in the evening, Chrisitan comes crawling into the house through the back door. She was completely naked, and had a huge butt plug with a dog tail sticking out of her anal opening. Her hands and feet had been covered in mittens socks that resembled dog paws. A pair of dog ears had been placed on her head.

There were bloody welts on her back where the dogs had clawed her skin. She collapses onto the floor. She was hurting from what the dogs did to her and from what all the men watching had done to her. The dog choker going around her throat left bruises where the men pulled hard on it and choked her.

Bonnie comes walking into the kitchen and was thirsty. She heard Mary say that there were several pitchers of freshly brewed iced tea in the refrigerator. She spots Chrisitan laying on the floor dressed like a dog and saw the welts on her back.

“What have they done to you?” She kneels next to Chrisitan and helps her up off the floor.

She looks at Christian’s face and could see she has been crying. She felt sorry for the youngster. She has watched Christian these past two years used by so many men. She knew Ralph has been talking about going ahead and give Christian her own vagina.

She helps Chrisitan up to the bedroom she slept in. Once in the bedroom, Bonnie takes all the dog costume items off Christina. When she goes to remove the butt plug, Christina stops her “not here.”

Christian didn’t want it to soak her sheets. She hated feeling it in her sore ass.

“Alright.” Bonnie helps Chrisitan to the bathroom and over to the tub.

Chrisitan braces herself for Bonnie to pull the plug out of her anal opening. She knew it was going to hurt, because it was a huge plug that had been pushed inside of her. She grits her teeth as Bonnie pulls it out. Everything that it had been holding back comes squirting out of her.

Bonnie holds Chrisitan to her body as the poor thing cried. She felt so sorry for the young girl. She knew what it was like, because she had been through the same thing. Afterwards, when she feels Christian stop crying, she cleans her up and help Chrisitan back to her room. She knew Chrisitan shared the room with Lisa and Annie.

“Sleep tight, Christian.” Bonnie turns and walks out of the room.

A few days later, Ralph shows up back home with two more teenage girls. One was an Asian girl and the other one was a busty red hair girl. He was going to auction off their virginity the following night. Christian felt sorry for both girls as she helps prepare them for what was coming.

Just as the girls were ready to be taken to the outside auction block. There is a loud explosion and smoke fill the area. All the men that had come to bid on the girls. They were being surrounded by several figures wearing military tactical gear.

When some of the off-duty police officers and several other men that Ralph hired act as security for the night go to pull their weapons. They are fired at by the people dressed in tactical gear. They drop to the ground, but there isn’t any blood coming from them.

Christian drops to her knees, along with everyone else that lives at the house. A few minutes later, a SWAT style van shows up. Behind them a medical bus shows up as well.

Christian, Bonnie, Lisa, Mary, Annie, Barbara, Jorge, Jerry, and Brenda were kneeling close to one another. Over near the security men, Ralph was handcuffed and looked a little bloody. Christian guess Ralph must have given one of the people dressed in black a hard time.

Christian watches as the Asian girl walks over to Ralph. She wonders who the Asian woman was as she watched her stand before Ralph. She notices the woman look down at Ralph and say something to him. She doesn’t hear what the lady says to Ralph, but whatever it was, it pissed him off to no end.

As for herself and the others, they are taken onboard the medical bus and given a medical exam. They also take all their information and offer to contact anyone they would like for them. Since Christian didn’t have anyone, she just relaxes afterwards. They treated the bloody welts on her back and the tears they found on her anal opening. They also give her several shots for some diseases they find that all of them had.

Jerry and Jorge were given shots for the HIV they detected that they had. The HIV shots were experimental and were in still in the testing phase. However, the shots would cure them of the HIV virus. It will take three treatments to be completely cured of it.

When Jerry and Jorge tell them they have no money to pay for the treatment. The doctor threating them and the nurse helping her informs them that it was covered. Jerry and Jorge couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

As for the people who saved them, they were all women. Two of them were very busty. One had long platinum blonde hair and the other had short black hair and was Latino like Jorge. The other ladies were either brunette or had black hair. One had icy blue tips at the edge of her deep purple colored hair.

Stella had seen the files on the young girl named Christian. According to her file, the poor thing didn’t have any family and had been sold to Ralph Henderson from a private adoption agency in New York. The agency was under investigation by the New York attorney general.

The poor thing was only twelve years old and had been forced to endure sexual slavery. She sends a text to her husband to see if he wouldn’t mind adopting a child. They had been talking about it, since they both retired from the military.

After a few minutes, Stella gets a message back from her husband, saying if it is what she wants to do, he’ll back her decision. She walks over to where Christian was sitting. She knew the poor thing was going to need counseling.

Christian was sitting next to Bonnie and Annie when she spots the woman with purple color hair come walking towards her. She wonders what the woman wanted.

“I wonder what she wants?” Christian was curious.

Annie and Bonnie were watching the woman as well. None of them knew what was going to happen to them. They were all curious and were hoping they would be leaving this place.

Stella stops in front of Christian and the other two women. She learned that the woman named Bonnie had family that were looking for her. The other young woman was an orphan like Christian. However, she knew one of Felica’s relatives were willing to take her in. They were flying out here and would be here in a few hours.

“Bonnie Taylor, your mother would like to talk with you, if your up to it.” Stella looks at Bonnie first.

Bonnie looks at the woman “my mother?”

Bonnie had been told by Ralph her family had been the one that sold her to him. She didn’t believe it, but he showed her a video of her father giving permission.

“Yes, your mother. It seemed your father owed a lot of money to a lot of dangerous people and he sold you to pay them back. When your
mother learned the truth of your disappearance. She contacted the FBI. We were asked to find you, along with several other missing girls.”

Tears were sliding down Bonnie’s cheeks. She couldn’t believe her mother wanted her back. She doesn’t know if she could face her mother, after what she has been through.

Stella kneels before Bonnie “I know this is a shock to you and you might not feel comfortable going back to your mother after what you and everyone has been through. But your mother misses you a lot and will be there to help you.”

Bonnie looks at the woman’s face and notices her eyes had a weird cat like appearance about them. She looks at the woman’s face and could tell she meant what she said.

“But what about my friends? What is going to happen to them?” Bonnie didn’t want to leave Annie and Christian.

“Well, your friends have families that are will to take them in. Neither one of them have family like you. As for the other women and men, they
have families that want them.” Stella knew Jorge and Jerry’s family might not want them back. Especially, Jorge’s family.

Jerry’s family was still up in the air about him going back to them. As for the others, if no one wanted the others, her aunt had a group home in California where they could live. Everyone was going to be taken care of.

Bonnie looks at her friends and hugs them. She wanted to see her mother again. She also wanted to stay in touch with them.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure all of you know where you are.”

“Does that include us as well?” Christian looks at the purple haired woman.

“Yes.” As Stella stands up.

After the medical staff gives the okay. Everyone is taken away from the property. The property itself was going to be sold and the profits from the sale of farm was going to be split up between everyone.

Mary has is reunited with some cousins that have been looking for her. They have been searching for the past five years. As for Jerry, his parents disowned him. He goes to live with a mixed gay couple in Atlanta, along with Jorge. They were going to be brothers.

Annie is adopted by Felica’s cousins in Denver, Colorado. Her cousin Sam couldn’t have children of her own and has always wanted a big family. Her and her husband, who was retired from the Airforce already had two kids. One of them was handicap from a car accident.

Stella looks at Christian as she drove the SUV she picked up at the private airport in Texas. She lived in Lake Jackson, Texas with her husband. Both of them were retired military that served together. She had been changed when she took a security job for her aunt.

She already had SRS surgery when she got out of the military. Her husband knew about her secret when they served together. The chemicals she had been exposed to had changed her. It gave her cat like abilities and caused her hair to change.

“We should be home soon, Christian. I hope you like living with me and my husband.” Stella had explained that if she didn’t feel comfortable living with them. She would help find a family she liked.

Christian looked at Stella’s image in the rearview mirror. She had been surprised when she met all the other women Stella worked with. The one with Long Platinum blonde color hair was named Felica. The Latino woman that had a bust as big as Felica was named Aurora, the Asian woman who had been brought back by Ralph was named Mei Chen, and the red-haired woman was named April O’Neil. The other women in the group were named Hawk, Owl, Raven, and Kenzie.

When Christian asked why the other women went by names of birds. Stella told her that the women liked to keep their real name secret. Only Felica and the co-leader of their group knew their real names.

Christian had brought what little clothes she owned with her. Stella informed her they would go out and buy whatever she liked. She watches as Stella turns onto a street named Bayou Drive. After a few minutes, Stella pulls into a driveway where a Jeep wrangler was parked.

“We’re home Christian.” Stella unfastens her seat belt and open her door.

Christian slowly opens her door and gets out of the SUV. She notices the house was one story and had a unique design to it. There were palm trees in the yard and the driveway was shaped like a semi-circle. One part stopped in front of a two-car garage, while the rest arched like a semi-circle and went in front of the house. There was a small front yard with perfect grass and a fountain.

“I know the house seems strange, but we got it for a good price.” Stella had been surprised when they bought the house.

“Come on, let’s go inside where it is cooler.” Stella leads the way towards the front of the house.

Christian follows behind her. She noticed Stella was wearing a pair of stretch pants that hugged her legs. She saw that when Stella took off her tactical gear. She had a nice trim slim body. She wasn’t very busty, like she was.

Stella opens the door and stops when a huge German Shepard jumps up on her. She rubs the dog between the ears.

“Christian, meet Rex. Rex, meet Christian. She’s going to be living here with us, boy.” Stella knew rex wouldn’t attack Christian.

Christian freezes when she sees Rex. The dogs she was forced to have sex with, were as big as Rex. She was nervous and didn’t want to be attacked.

Stella saw fear appear on Christian’s face, as she froze where she was. Stella shoos Rex away from them.

“Are you afraid of dogs, Christian?”

“Only big dogs like him. I was forced a few days ago to have sex with two big dogs and several men.” Tears were leaking from Christian’s eyes.

Stella wraps her arms around Christian and hold her against her body. She wondered what those welts were on Christian’s back.

“You don’t have to worry about Rex doing that to you, Christian. He’s been snip and has been trained to protect this house and everyone inside
of it.” Stella just holds Christian for a while.

Christian has never been held like she was before. She rests her head against Stella’s body and just let the tears come out. She feels Stella hug her tighter.

Liam comes walking out of the kitchen and through the living room. He spots his wife Stella, holding a young busty girl with light brown hair. She was wearing a pair of worn coveralls with no shirt underneath it. The tennis shoes she was wearing were worn and mismatched.

He could tell she was crying, from the way Stella was holding her. Stella didn’t go into detail on what the poor girl has gone through, but from the way she looked. He could only imagine how rough her life had been.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” Liam approaches slowly, so not to spook the young woman.

Stella looks at her husband and smile. She strokes Christian’s hair.

“You’re not. We’re just having a mother, daughter moment.” A smile appears on Stella’s face.

“Well, in that case. I just wanted to tell you, that dinner is ready. I hope you have a big appetite.” Liam has been cooking brisket and ribs out on the grill.

“I think we can do that.” Stella has Christian leave her trash bag with her clothes and other things in it, in the hallway.

The three of them go outside and sit inside the sunroom, as Laim brings everything in from outside off the grill. He gets the potato salad and
macaroni salad he made and place them on the table. Christian watches as Stella helped him.

Four Months Later:
Christiane waits outside the medical center where her counselor’s office was located. Her babysitter Tammy was on her way to pick her up. Her adopted father had a business meeting and couldn’t get away to pick her up. Her adopted mother Stella was away on a job.

She learned that the women her adopted mother worked with were after a gang that dealt in custom made drugs. These drugs could do various things to their users. Her mother warned her of one drug that could change the gender of the user.

Stella had her name changed, with consent from her. Well, all they did was add an e to the end of her first name and took Liam’s and Stella’s last name, which was Sparrow. The counselor she was seeing was helping her overcome the trauma of what she went through.

Christiane spots her babysitters light green Volkswagen Beetle pulling into the parking lot. A smile appears on her face, when she notices the rainbow-colored peace sign painted on the side of the beetle. Her babysitter was a member of the local pride chapter in Lake Jackson.

If she had to describe Tammy, the best word she could uses. Think of the flower children from the 70’s. Tammy always wore flowing dresses or bohemian skirts and blouses. She worked at the local bakery in town, that made the best pastries around.

When Tammy stops in front of her, she walks towards it and gets in. She fastens her seat belt and looks at Tammy and smile.

“Sorry for being late, Christiane. I had to finish decorating a birthday cake for the Millers.” Tammy looks at her young charge. The Sparrows
were paying her good money to look after their young girl.

“It’s alright, Tammy. Can we stop at Longhorn Subs, please?” Christiane hasn’t had lunch yet.

“Sure, in a mood for a cheese steak?” Tammy knew Christiane had several favorite subs.

“Yes. What would you like?” Christiane didn’t mind treating Tammy.

“You don’t need to do that, Christiane.”

“I know, but I want too.” Christiane smiles at Tammy.

“I’ll just get a veggie.” Tammy didn’t eat meat.

After stopping at Longhorn. Tammy takes Christine home. Stella has been allowing Christine to take private school lessons on the internet. Tammy also acted as a teacher to help Christiane understand her class work.

Next school year, depending how well Christiane does on her online courses. They will enroll her into a private school, but for now. They wanted to work on letting her heal and adjust to being a teenage girl.

When Tammy and Christiane walk into the house, Rex greets them. Christiane gives Rex a hug and stretches between his ears. She has gotten over her fear of big dogs after Rex protected her from a dog that got loose from its owner’s yard.

Rex tore into the other dog and would have done the same to the owner, if Laim hadn’t stopped him. Rex didn’t even get hurt protecting her. After that day, Christiane always gives Rex a hug whenever she comes home or when she just laying around the house.

Laim and Stella taught Christiane how to play some of the modern video games and introduced her to some older Atari games as well. She liked the older games over the newer ones.

Tammy looks over the schoolwork Christiane must turn in. She spots a few problems that needed to be redone.

“Christiane, I spotted at least five problems that needed to be redone. Fix those and let me check it a second time.” Tammy knew Christiane has been working hard on her schoolwork.

“Yes ma’am.” Christiane looks at the problems Tammy highlighted for her to fix.

She goes over her notes to make sure the problems were done right and spotted where she messed up her calculations. She fixes it and moves on to the next problem. It takes her about an hour to fix everything and lets Tammy scan it again.

Christiane looks at the time and wonders what time Liam, will be home. Stella was still out of town and won’t be back until next week. She was chasing down a supplier that come in from one of the ports.

“Looks good, Christiane. You can go ahead and send it to your teacher.” Tammy smiles at Christiane. She was proud of her.

“Thanks, Tammy.” Christiane sends her schoolwork to her online teacher.

Afterwards, she starts on her chores. She didn’t have many to do. Liam and Stella paid her an allowance for doing them. Since she was thirteen years old, they pay her a buck and a half, times her age. Which came out being nineteen dollars and fifty cents. If there was something special she wanted, they would buy it for her.

She never asks for anything special, because she was grateful for what they have already done for her. They bought her new clothes, shoes, several purses, a laptop and iPad to do her schoolwork on. They had a family gaming system and they bought her a new cell phone as well.

They found out the numbers to everyone she uses to live with and stays in contact with them. Everyone was happy their new families.
Especially Mary, she was living with her cousin that missed her a lot.

As for Ralph and the men that he hired. He was giving a special team information on his network, and another network. He sometimes worked with other people that either kidnapped homeless people or bought kids from overcrowded agency that were supposed to protect them.

Normally, they went after kids whose parents had been jailed or abandoned them. It was easier for those kids to fall through the cracks, then it was kids that had other family members. She had been a prime pick, because her parents never wanted her in the first place. She was an accident.

Her and Tammy fix dinner for Liam and set some aside for Stella. She said she might be home tonight, if not she’ll be home tomorrow. Christiane enjoyed working on dinner with Tammy.

When Liam arrives home, Christiane gives him a hug. She has started to trust him and knew he would never let anything bad happen to her. He has held her a few times, when she woke-up from a nightmare. Both him and Stella have held her when she was scared.

A Few Weeks Later:
Christiane was enjoying herself immensely. Her, Tammy, Stella, and Liam were visiting Disney World in Florida. They were staying at the Disney's Polynesian Village Resort and going to the park every day. Liam and Stella thought she might like it.

Tammy managed to talk her manager into giving her the week off. Stella and Liam were paying for her. While Christiane is waiting in line for to go on a ride. She hugs Stella and Liam “thank you for everything.”

“There’s more to come sweetie. You’ll never have to experience what you ever again. We promise you that.” Stella removes her sunglasses so
Christiane could see her eyes. She knew Christiane always looked at hers and Liam’s eyes to confirm what they say to her.

Christiane just smiles and leans again Stella as they wait to ride the ride.

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