Tammy: Rank Stupidity - Chapter 4

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Rank Stupidity  

Tammyverse Book 14


Rank Stupidity
Chapter 4 of 5
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Tammyverse Book 14 - Rank Stupidity
Note. This story is set in 2018, prior to the passing of Queen Elizabeth. This is a work of fiction but a number of real people, places, and institutions are mentioned in fictitious circumstances. In short it's a story!


Chapter 4 – Leaks

Monday 7th May 2018 (Continued)

The girls, plus the Colonel, were airside at Teeside Airport, well away from the Catterick base and that afternoon's mayhem. Tammy had taken the opportunity to return the hire car as she couldn’t yet be certain who had attached the tracker, or whether there was a second one.

“You are always in the middle of trouble, lassie.”

“Maybe, Uncle Sean, but I didn’t cause these incidents.”

“Aye, but someone did, and they’ll pay for it. Please leave it with me.”

“Look, Geoff Traeger told me that our rooms had been turned over, so he knew what had been said and I guess he went along with it and must have known in advance?”

“Tell me what happened?”

Between Tammy and Lizzie they recounted almost word for word what had been said, sincluding Lizzie’s encounter with the shrink.

“I’m sorry, Sir, but Geoff Traeger wants to treat me as a regular and would happily have me confined to barracks. Let me be clear I want to work with him, someone, to work out what training I still need and what protocols I should already know. You know I’m a part-timer but not an official Territorial officer and my army induction into Broadsword was a means to an end.”

“So you think he misunderstood my orders?”

“Effectively, yes, but had he already been fed misinformation about me, before we even broke for lunch? Additionally, when I was asked by Major Elliot to attend this afternoon’s briefing, the Commander just wouldn’t accept that I could be there but he couldn’t?”

“Please don’t jump to any conclusions, and as I just said, let me handle this.” The Colonel walked a short distance away with his phone in his hand.

Tammy now took an opportunity to retrieve an item from her plane and was wearing it in a holster under her jacket, although it wouldn’t have helped resolve the earlier issues.

Her phone buzzed with an encrypted call.


“Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten into?”

“Oh dear, Krystel, are you a Laurel and Hardy fan?”

“Nope, but the catchphrase is appropriate.”

“Sure, I’m getting a whiff of the Marcus Wade and Kyle Fielding fan clubs over here.”

“Sounds reasonable, but what are you going to do?”

“Let someone else clear it up?”

“Good call, Tammy girl, you have other matters to handle.”

“The briefing, I guess you know about that?”

“Right. You get your invite this time?”

“Yes, from a Major, but the Commander was a little pissed that he’s not invited.”

“What’s his issue?”

“I called him out a few hours ago and told him what he wouldn’t tell himself.”

“Such as?”

“That I’m two decades younger, I have never been to officer training but am still multi-skilled, plus I have access to lots of folk and, best of all, I’m a girl. ”

“Read 'How to win friends' backwards?”

“Look, if I was going to work with him I would need to know he’s on my side. Right now all I can see is that he was waving the same flag as me but was also using it as a lance. That’s not friendly.”

“Sounds like a fair point. Say it is; what now?”

“Hopefully the Colonel can square this and the week can get back to normal?”

“Go with that and switch to satellite.”


Sean MacTaggart walked over. “It would seem that someone put a false intel report into the Military Police system so they reacted to that.”

“Colonel, I’m not buying it.”

“I don’t blame you, it probably feels personal.”

“It is personal, I was targeted.”

“True, so that’s a good reason to leave it for others to investigate?”

“So they can cover it up?”

“No Tammy, they won’t. On that you have my word. I will however ask you to submit your report by email when you get home.”

Tammy and Lizzie left their bags in the plane then spoke to airport security.

“That may be a private plane but I am not here in a private capacity. I hope you can assure me that nothing will happen to it in the hour or two that I’m gone.”

“Certainly, ma’am.”

They then joined Colonel MacTaggart for a ride back to Catterick; they were waved through the gate.

Lizzie followed the other two as far as the same meeting room that Tammy had inhabited that morning. The Colonel only realised this as he reached for the door handle.

“Ah, Lieutenant?”


“I’m not sure you’re cleared.”

Tammy intervened. “Given the recent events, where do we leave her? Right now there’s a risk that the MPs could decide to take her apart as well. We need to retrieve that shrink’s report from this morning as I doubt it was done with good intent; Meanwhile Lizzie is safe with us, but at danger otherwise. I’d remind you that she was with me for Operation Jewel and took refuge with the rest of us when we returned to London. Nobody worried about clearances when we were dealing with an insurrection.”

“True, but what about the others?”

“If Major Elliot and Paul Dannigan are involved in this briefing then thy both approved Lizzie’s deployment to the island.”

“Correct, but what about the rest?”

“I don’t know who’s involved, Sean.”

“Oh damn it, let’s get in there. Turn your phones off.”

As usual the lights were dimmed so the screens could be seen, a light illuminated each person at the table. Apart from Major Elliot, they had been joined by two in khaki she didn’t recognise. Meanwhile on the screens were Sir Thomas, DCI Emily Keane and Paul Dannigan.

“Apologies everyone, we needed to resolve a small issue outside.”

Dannigan replied. “Clearly, Sean. That would be Flight Lieutenant Harrison? Good afternoon Harrison.”

“Oh, hello. I’m afraid I don’t know most of you and I have no idea why I’m here.”

Major Elliot responded. “I’m sure there’s a good reason. I do need to say, however, for the Flight Lieutenant’s benefit that anything, and I mean anything, discussed in this room stays in this room. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Tammy could clearly see that the Major was chairing this briefing.

“This briefing is Top Secret and I should remind everyone that we are here to pool resources, not to write a press release. “

He paused.

“Firstly, former Lord William Burgess remains outstanding: every hour, every day, he is rebuilding his network of True Freedom sympathisers and activists. It is only a matter of time before he makes another move. Major Dannigan?”

“Correct. We’ve been tracking him but often the intel is delayed or that we simply cannot respond quickly enough. Tammy, you were tasked; yes?”

“That was unfortunate, Sir. He was a hundred and fifty miles away over water, that meant flying but Wick airport had a fuel shortage. The earliest I could have got there was the following morning using one of the oil rig helicopters.”

“Unfortunate is understating. As it happens, his plane took off barely an hour after he landed without asking for clearance. You are cleared for the Puma?”

“I am, Sir.”

“Major, how about equipping the young lady with a Puma?”

Elliot hadn’t anticipated the request and Sean looked surprised at the suggestion.

“Hmmm, did I hear that correctly?”

Dannigan and Tammy nodded at the Major.

“I’ll have to take that under advisement but clearly this is not a simple matter of clicking my fingers or putting in a requisition request. Can we return to the matter at hand?”

Paul Dannigan replied. “Indeed, earlier today my people identified that William Burgess has recently arrived on the Isle of Man. I believe, DCI Keane, that you have corroborating intel?”

“Correct Major Dannigan. We have received evidence today that funds were sent from True Freedom affiliated accounts in Germany and Uruguay a few days ago to an account for Manx Bank in the name of Charles Houdini; Houdini is a known alias for Burgess. That Manx account has since been used on the island for adhoc purchases although we don’t yet have a photo of who is using it. Additionally we have still not found any ticketing to confirm how he arrived on the island.”

Major Ellis had an idea. “Thank you Emily. Can you ask the local police for details of all aircraft and yachts that have arrived in the past two weeks?”

The DCI laughed. “The Isle of Man TT Races start in a fortnight! Planes and boats will have arrived from everywhere around the globe and I can guarantee that it wouldn’t take much for a yacht to anchor in the bay and bring someone ashore by launch when twenty other crews are doing exactly the same!”

“I see. Does he have an interest in motor sport?”

Paul Dannigan answered. “He has been seen at the Daytona Five Hundred in recent years, so I would say that he’s on the island for the races. How he arrived there is largely a moot point, the issue should be how we track him before he vanishes.”

“Can we ask the local police to intervene in any way? DCI?”

“I don’t believe that’s appropriate, Major, given the huge public presence. It wouldn’t take long for word to get out and for Burgess to escape again. He also hasn’t been charged with anything so remains a person of interest. Additionally, the legalities of getting him from the Isle of Man back to UK soil are somewhat complicated.”

The meeting shifted onto other True Freedom matters then a break was called. Tammy and Lizzie now left the room with Sean. They reconvened in his office.

“Ladies, we have other matters to discuss that are outside your remit. Paul’s concern about your deployment timescale is warranted but it clashes with the earlier instruction not to go after Burgess. I feel there has been some miscommunication?”

“I’ll agree with that, Sir. Under different circumstances I might be authorised to deploy but still be limited by my location plus aircraft operating hours and availability?”

“That’s a correct assessment. What are the viable options?”

“The grass helipad behind my parents’ house, is only suitable for limited pickups or drop offs and wholly inappropriate as a base of operations. We would never get permission to use it.”

“That’s fair.”

“Next is to co-locate with Smart Air at Wick Airport and to share facilities. This is limited by ground crew and tower availability as well as being effectively insecure and at risk of being denied access to our own aircraft.”

“I doubt anyone would disagree with that assessment.”

“The final option I can see is that we develop our own secure facility with our own staff.”

“That’s also the most expensive option, Tammy.”

“I’m aware but we could have 24/7 capability with on site maintenance and refuelling.”

“The military wouldn’t necessarily agree that’s required? Lossiemouth is accessible.”

“I doubt that RAF Lossiemouth would have an open door policy for me, plus that's several hours by road away so I'd have to fly there! My thoughts are that we go with the self-managed site but make it a civilian facility with a military support contract?”

“But essentially your own private heliport?”

“A Highlands and Islands facility that can deploy to observe shipping routes?”

“Surveillance and counter intelligence?”

“Yes, Colonel. That suggests the funding could be sought from certain obscure budgets?”

“I would hope that your friends might contribute?”

“That’s up to them and I wouldn’t demand their support.”

“Understood. I’ll speak to Elliot and Dannigan to get an agreement in principle. Why don’t you scope for a suitable location? Environmental issues should be considered, well away from residential if possible!”

“Will do.”

“I suggest the pair of you go home whilst we sort out the mess here? I’ll be in touch.”

“Yes, Sir. How do we get back to my plane? I have returned my hire car.”

“Ah, good point.”

He made a quick call.

“My corporal will be available in just a minute, she has keys for my Landrover.”

“I’ve not met her, Sir?”

“She was allocated about two months ago, but is based here and rarely travels. She handled your case, Lieutenant Harrison, although Sir Thomas dealt with the non-military aspects.”

“I see, Sir.”

“You don’t think I know how to process such changes, do you?”

“I couldn’t possibly answer that, Sir.”

The colonel turned back to Tammy. “Good! Captain, get her details, she knows how to do things.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Oh, I have one personal matter. I will pass Sir Thomas one of my bottles but you owe me a replacement in due course, young lady.”

The girls found Cpl Sally Ledbetter outside. She saluted as they approached. The girls responded.

“Stand easy, Corporal, I don’t do pomp and circumstance.”

“But Ma’am, I would be on a charge if I was disrespectful.”

“Only if someone else overheard you. You must be aware that I don’t fit the standard definition of anything?”

“I’m not sure I can say anything, Ma’am.”

“Who do you work for?”

“Colonel MacTaggart’s command, Broadsword, Ma’am.”

“And for no-one else?”

“I’m also available to yourself and Commander Traeger, Ma’am.”

Tammy handed over her personal card.

“I also have a secure email address but you’ll have to find it. Meanwhile can you send me your contact info please.”

“Of course, Ma’am.”

“Please stop ma’am’ing me!”

“Sorry, Ma’am.”

“We’ll work on that. Can you get us to my plane, please?”

Lizzie wanted to speak but Tammy shushed her. “Later.”

They arrived at Tees International just after five, Tammy was in the air twenty minutes later, grateful for the escape but regretted that she had left unfinished business behind.

They touched down at Aberdeen close to seven in the evening but Tammy was concerned whether she would be able to fly into Wick before the airport closed for the day. She turned her phone back on, finding a slew of voicemails and text messages. They could wait as she quickly needed to book a room for the night.

Lizzie called Thomas seeking transport whilst Tammy returned a call from Maisie.

“I’m stuck at Aberdeen for the night, back home tomorrow morning as it stands.”

“Okay, so you’ll be free to take me to Glasgow?”

“On Friday? I’ll be available unless something changes.”

“The appointment has been moved, it’s Thursday morning now.”

“Okay, so we fly down Wednesday evening?”

“Yes, I’ll book a room. What time are you back?”

“About ten tomorrow.”

“I’ll be at a new client, it’s someone who I saw in a group session recently. Should be back for lunch. Can you stop at Lidl on the way home? The salads in our fridge don’t look too brilliant.”

“Sure, Maisie.”

Lizzie had stood waiting for Tammy to finish the call.

“Thomas has gone to Dundee for a few days, he thought I wouldn’t be back before Thursday. I need to go shopping tomorrow as there’s nothing in the fridge for tonight, apparently.”

They opted for a restaurant and finally Lizzie’s questions poured out.

“What happened, Tammy?”

“What do you mean?”

“Today, all of that?”

“Effectively nothing.”

“What do you mean?”

“My questions weren’t answered, there were plenty of plaudits but no answers. Meanwhile the great establishment tried to harass me, again, and failed.”

“You didn’t seem surprised?”

“I was, but it’s a recurring theme. Perhaps I was supposed to flip out so they could charge me with behaviour unbecoming of an officer and bust my arse out of the service?”

“Seriously, Tammy?”

“Yes. I’m a target, it might as well be pinned to my back.”

“But you fix things?”

“Yes, I fix things that shouldn’t have been broken.”

“Like me?”

“I suppose so, Lizzie.”

Lizzie ordered a cab back to the apartment whilst Tammy walked back to the hotel she’d booked. Her phone rang with a secure call.

“Your Lieutenant asks plenty of questions?”

“Yes, Kim, this is still very new to her.”

“That makes her a liability and I’ve said that before.”

“I hear you, but I have to manage the risk. Did I tell her anything?”

“Not just now, but she was in a briefing that was completely inappropriate.”

“Lesser of the two evils, Kimberly, I couldn’t afford the risk if she was left unattended.”

“That’s understandable, Tammy, but she now has knowledge that should have been compartmentalized.”

“She’ll forget the details, and the personnel who were there.”

“Plus those who weren’t there, Tammy.”

“Not officially, anyway!”

“Yes. You know we’ll support a good plan to get you helicopter access?”

“Thanks, but it’s a huge undertaking.”

“I can give you an update - there’s an agreement in principle now, Project Spinnaker is live.”

“Ah, okay, that’s great but I now need a site, facilities, security, personnel, training, support and funding?”

“Plus aircraft, Tammy.”

“And I guess I can also expect for a few folk telling me to go forth?”

“They won’t be the ones who have been read into the project. Your Lizzie is not read in but could be a part of the onsite team.”

“So at some point she’ll have to be told she’s in?”

“Not into the project but probably yes for the operational team. She doesn’t need to know ‘why and how’ only ‘what and when’. Ideally, you’ll need both a military and a civvie helo. The Puma is obvious for military as you can get support from Lossiemouth and Benton if you need it. As for a civvie helo, speak to your father. At a minimum it needs to be capable of carrying four plus luggage.”


“We’ll discuss that at a later date.”


“You need to work on having three multi-licence pilots, plus an engineer.”

“Okay, Kim, this is going to take a while to get organised.”

“I’m just laying out the groundwork, some of which can be arranged in advance if you know what’s required.”



Tammy checked out of her hotel well before 8am with only a coffee inside her before she reached her plane. The flight back to Wick was uneventful, albeit with a head wind using up more fuel than normal.

She did her post-flight checks then returned the keys to the Smart Air fleet manager, Jim. Tammy couldn’t resist asking a left-field question.

“If I wanted to operate a private heliport, what permits would I need?”

“Whoa, Tammy, what are you thinking? This facility, or one like it, isn’t cheap or simple to operate!”

“Let’s say, for now, that money isn’t an issue, but I needed a twenty-four hour managed site.”

“Do you have a site in mind?”

“No, but I’ll look at adapting a site rather than new build.”

“In which case your first issue would be persuading the local council that a change of use is justified. Think in terms of noise, traffic and environmental considerations. Similarly, the CAA would have to decide if the plan was justified – before you talk specific licences!”

“Okay, so I could tackle a few basics which would allow building work to go ahead whilst staff and facilities get their tickets?”

“That’s still a load of hot air right now, but I hope you’re not planning to poach anyone from here, or compete against us?”

“No, Jim, not at all. It’s primarily for me but also a place my friends can use at three in the morning. Non-commercial, so I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes.”

“I see. It’s still a hair-brained idea though. You must be able to consider another plan, like use an existing facility?”

“That’s been considered. Relying on a third party, even family, isn’t a guaranteed solution.”

“I see. Be very careful, you could be dropping yourself into a very big pile of manure.”

“Thanks Jim.”

“When will you need the CzechSport again?”

“Tomorrow afternoon, Maisie and I are flying to Glasgow, back Thursday.”

“You’re due a service, but I don’t think we have time over the next twenty four hours.”

“Okay, I’m hoping I won’t need it for a few days after we get back.”

“Fair enough.”

Tammy drove home, regretting having skipped breakfast, but did visit the Lidl store as requested. That pushed her arrival home back towards lunchtime and she made herself a simple sandwich before trekking up to the office to catch up with whatever was waiting.

First task was to get an appointment with her hair stylist and the town’s torturess.

“It’s been a while, Tammy?”

“Yes, Sandy, can you find me a slot tomorrow?”

“So long as you don’t need a colour, perm, or anything else that takes a few hours?”

“Just a trim, plus Joanne?”

“Eleven with her, half an hour later with me. I guess you don’t want the new girl?”

“Another one?”

“They do their stint then get a better offer or go back to college. They’re very raw when they arrive and I don’t let them near my best customers.”

“Thanks Sandy.”

Maisie called as soon as the line was free.

“I called the bike shop, it’s fixed.”

“Okay, I’m home now.”

“I’ll pick it up as I’m in town later.”

“Sure, thanks.”

She called Joey whilst the laptop booted, reaching down to open the safe as the phone rang.

“Oh, hi, where have you been?”

“England, and I think it was a bad idea.”

“Okay, lots of issues here but I reckon I have everything under control.”

“Like what?”

“A squall came through here yesterday morning, roof tiles were dislodged so there were leaks. There was hail in amongst the winds and the rain and a few windows were damaged.”

“We can’t have been the only ones hit?”

“No, but I called the maintenance guys as soon as the weather hit us, guessing they would be needed. That helped with the clients as I gave them a time the same day for the repairs.”

“Wow, Joey, excellent idea.”

“Pay rise?”

“Maybe a bonus?”

“That’ll do, thanks boss.”

As Tammy ended that call she heard the doorbell sound, the security monitor showed that her father was stood outside. She walked down to let him in.

“I had an interesting call from Jim.”

“Oh, I guess you want to know more?”

Richard took a seat in the kitchen whilst Tammy filled the kettle to make them a coffee.

“What did Jim tell you?”

“That you are proposing a private heliport.”

“It’s a proposition, yes, but only that right now.”

“Do you have a site in mind?”

“Absolutely not. The whole idea is speculative right now.”

“Okay, but you do know that you can book one of our helicopters if you need it?”

“There have been a few times recently when I’ve needed to fly at short notice, I couldn’t demand that you release a helicopter to me.”

“True, but remember that you’re also a director of Smart Air.”

“Did Jim also say that I wasn’t going into competition with you, with us?”

“Yes, which raises another question – it is expensive to own and operate a helicopter. What with premises, licenses, insurance, staff, training, maintenance and so on.”

“I’m aware, Dad, but I think it’s a viable plan.”

“Where are you getting your helicopters from?”

“As far as I know that’s being investigated, and, in any case, I’m only qualified for one class at the moment.”

Tammy poured steaming water from the kettle into the mugs and sat them on the table. Richard had a sip before continuing.

“I see. I can also detect that you are not telling me anything else about who is backing you, where the financing is coming from or what the real purpose is?”

“And I can’t, I asked Jim a few questions about planning and licensing and you want to know a ton more. Sorry, Dad, but I don’t have many answers and can’t tell you what I do know. If this project goes through then the existence of the heliport will become public knowledge but the operational details cannot be made public, a private company will probably operate it.”


“Possibly, for privacy. We won’t be offering rides to the public or stealing commercial business from anyone.”

“I see, but that makes me suspicious.”

“Please, forget it. You and Jim know more about operating a helicopter than anyone else I know. For that reason I may want to tap the two of you for information. You can’t, however, be a part of the project unless others agree you can be.”

“So this isn’t your project?”

“Sorry, Dad, please stop fishing.”

“Yes, Tammy, but you can’t blame me for asking you about it? My two expert fields are helicopters and finances, both of which affect your current plans.”

“Understood. How’s mum?”

“Still complaining. Suzie needed to renew her passport but the rest of ours are in date, oh and Suzie has gone back to London. She left after she was told off by her mother for throwing that hissy fit.”

“That was deserved.”

“If you had been back to see us then you would have known that already. Don’t be a stranger, Tammy.”

“Okay, okay, but my weeks are all over the place right now.”

“Jim also told me you are taking your two-seater out again in a few days? Keeping your flying hours up?”

“Maisie and I have an appointment in Glasgow. We’ll let mum know any news when we get it.”

“I see. What about the wedding?”

“We’ll let her know when we know, Dad.”

Richard was barely out of the door when Tammy’s mobile rang.

“I warned you about your Lieutenant, but perhaps you are the bigger threat, Tammy?”

“I hear you Kim, but it would cause more issues if I excluded Dad and Jim. They know the business and the local administration that goes with it. There’s some things that I have to do for myself but free advice is a good start.”

“Your father is too clever, he was already guessing what you didn’t say based on the few answers you did give.”

“That’s unfortunate, but true. He won’t, however, start telling anyone.”

“Good, because if word gets out then the project is dead, understood?”


“And we cut you loose as you’d be a liability.”


“Good. Bye.”

Tammy returned to her office to finish what she’d started. She had a few secure emails, one of which was from Corporal Sally Ledbetter the previous afternoon with phone numbers and office hours. Tammy replied briefly.

Thanks Sally

The next email wasn’t so simple to deal with.

From: Colonel S. MacTaggart
Date: 8 May 2018 1015
Subject: Rank
I regret to inform you that your field promotion has been rescinded by senior officers pending a formal enquiry into the events of yesterday in addition to those of 1st October 2017 and 28th February this year.
You have also been placed on administrative leave and should not communicate with any military personnel unless you are first called.
I must iterate that this was a surprise to myself but I am currently unable to say any more,
Sean MacTaggart

Tammy stared at the message, cursing those who wished to destroy her. She printed the email, as a precaution, before closing down her laptop. The freshly printed paper, her weapon and NATO ID now went into the safe.

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Two weeks before Isle of Man

Now I have this in my mind what can happen between now and them turning up at the race. And their own "off the grid" airfield. Nice

We have to wonder why Tammy puts up with this army BS

Julia Miller's picture

Since day one, the army has been a constant thorn in Tammy's side. They just can't comprehend what she is doing to help the country. I'm amazed that she still puts up with their constant BS. She would have better luck as a private contractor working for Dannigan.

Oh my.

WillowD's picture

I'm among the first to comment. I haven't done that in a while.

I'm loving the private air field concept.

Here we go again...

For reference, Sunday 1st October 2017 was when Tammy rescued Maisie from Inverness: Tammy had been sent there for security briefings, details of which had been withheld by a certain KF; meanwhile Maisie had been transferred there at no notice shortly before she was due to complete a PT trainer course, and on 1st was put on Charge for spurious reasons, and MPs attempted to arrest her. Maisie takes up Tammy's offer of leaving with her
(Interludes: Guard of the Thistle 4); while Wednesday 28th February 2018 was the Apache Incident: Tammy's puma test is interrupted by news that Barbara Cooper (Joey's aunt) has been talking to Joey's dad and associates, who've created a diversion for the Inverness police while they target Carol Cooper (Joey's mum). A stop in Newcastle sees Tammy transferring to an Apache and they go after Carol - where they're flagged down by a neighbour with details of the kidnap vehicle. Tammy takes out the engine and one of the kidnappers, the rest surrender and Carol's rescued by the local police. Tammy then hightails it back to Thurso and on foot, interrupts a second group trying to get at Joey (who's locked herself in the Secure Room under Tammy's phoned advice), the local police then arrest them (In a Spin 3).

Back to the present, and it seems as though the military are singing from the same hymn sheet as Intelligence were the previous year: trying to stitch her up for their own failings because she's the proverbial square peg in a round hole. Hopefully by the end of the current farce, she'll send up with some usable UK military contacts other than Sean!

As the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left-handers are in their right mind!

I don't know?

I still say the left hand doesn't know what the right has done or is doing. I'm surprised they didn't toss in Tammy's stunt with Lizzie just for the heck of it. She is blatantly messing with military personnel and assets, all for to her, good reasons, for non-military operations. So far, she has been lucky and made it stick, but sooner or later, the giant red coated military machine is going to catch up to this renegade they have no info about, and tear her into pieces, cut those up into tiny pieces, burn what's left, and then steamroll any remnants until no traces are left. Or just feed her to warlocks brother. To the military mind, she is an outside intruder, masquerading as legit, and causing a furor, and upsettings the established apple carts, to her own benefit. I do believe her only answer is to totally break from the military, which is impossible. She has become too well known. Dannigans bunch at OICA are all military background, but none are active. He has a huge budget to maintain his staffing, and his equipment and maintenance but operates with the blessings of big uncle, even if uncle doesn't know it. Tammy has nothing similar. She is basically alone, a long way from anything and anybody, trying her pitiful best to do what is asked of her. She doesn't fit the military mindset or operation guides, she definitely doesn't fit with that screwed up bunch at MI 5, or even MI 6. Cops don't do the things she does or has tried. And she can't just stop, or the world is gonna collapse on her like a mag 7 earthquake. She might even be forced to leave the UK as they can revoke citizenship and toss her out, maybe for her own good. And that's only if her friends with the initials H.R.H. step in. I think she's basically screwed no matter what she does at this point. They even have her in the NATO databases with clearance so she would not even be safe to be in Europe. Wade or whoever made the decision to give her rank as a convenience, really dropped the baby on its head, from the second story, to see if it would bounce. I don't think they could break her away from the army and associate her with SAS or SBS, as she has no background with them and is not fully trained to do the stuff they do. Plus it's a much smaller community to try to get lost in. It's not like she can walk up and say Hi. I'm secret agent Tammy and I need to borrow a nuclear sub to get me to wherever. Not gonna happen. Anyway, it's a flight of fancy, and I'm getting invested in it.

She might even be forced to leave the UK

She might even be forced to leave the UK as they can revoke citizenship

No they can't, she is a UK subject born in the UK to parents who themselves are UK subjects. Even if Scotland ever became independent, as she lives in Scotland she would then have the right to a Scottish passport, but would still retain the rights to her British one.

Well, well

Two weeks to the races. We know something has to happen before then. She was strapped at the races and had to have equipment handy because she was called up and tasked to get the bad guy before he deals and flies away again. After all they knew he was there somewhere.

She has no chopper, her plane is pretty useless, especially since they can't shoot him down, so following would be a not good option. He'd be gone before she could get off the ground.

An outright ground assault is the only open option, and stopping the plane is the game. Oh, well reckon they have to try.

Uncle Paul & private heliport

It looks like Paul & Kim didn't think about what's necessary to build a private heliport with the required facilities. The helipad at the McPerson's sounds good but if Tammy needs to fly off at silly o'clock I guess that the residents would not be amused (and might start to ask questions). Hmm, if Tammy could learn repair & maintenance of a helo then they might be able to forego the base personal.
So either Paul organizes the construction exclusively by himself or his staff or call Richard & Jim and tell them what's what.

Thx for another nice chapter^^


A helo - civilian, commercial, and especially military - are nothing like working on a car. The general time frame to learn is around two years of full time learning. You can't cut corners or skip over even one of the regular schedules to keep your bird flying. That leaves the aircraft at serious risk of experiencing a potentially disastrous system failure in any one of a number of critical flight essential systems, possibly more than one.

- Leona

So no running of the helo

So no running of the helo until there's only a pint of oil left in the machine? Aww, damn.
Just kidding. I completely agree with you. I wouldn't want to skimp on maintenance when my ass is on the line.