Wendy the Good Witch (Part 2)

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Wendy the Good Witch (Part 2)
(or Brunettes with Perfect Eyesight)
By Sabrina G. Langton


Part 2, and Wendy is ready for her big date, good thing she got all that practice in, ha... I hope YOU like it...


I took off Friday, it was so nice out. The windows were open, the weather in November is sometimes perfect, and there are so much more browns and greens than in Chelsea.

I was in my pale green fluffy robe about to go into the shower and get ready. I had an appointment at the beauty salon, the one closer to the park, the one that the college girls didn't go to. My front doorbell surprisingly rang.

"Hi, delivery for, um, I'm sorry it just says, Wendy."

I smiled, my hair was in a ponytail and I still had a little bit of makeup on from the night before. I had on my forms and they looked great in the robe, the delivery boy noticed. "That's okay, that's me." I smiled, I signed, I gave him a big tip.


I was early. I was a little excited, I couldn't wait to go out, actually out on a date. I was just worried my father would recognize me. I haven't seen any of the family in almost eight months, it felt like years. I was standing in front of the coffee shop, I was going to bring lunch to the girls in the salon.

"Good afternoon."


"Remember me?"

"Of course I do, how was Europe?" Tim was back, he was holding a woman's hand, he introduced me to her but I forgot her name. He looked the same, he had that same sparkle in his eyes, the exact same way I remember him when I think about him at night. When I imagined he stayed in Princeton to love me. "Okay, bye. Nice running into you again." And it was.


I was in the salon chair, I told Marilyn my stylist about Tim. I told her about my plight. I told her the whole thing, the whole weird situation right from the beginning. We drank two cups of herbal tea and she didn't even pull out a tweezer.

"Okay, then we are going big, we are going global." She laughed, "We are turning you into a diva."

"No, please not that."

I must have looked so stressed cause she laughed some more, she put her cheek next to mine and we looked at each other through her mirror. 'Wendy, don't worry. You always have to trust the woman with the brush, the woman behind the curtain."

So I did.

Two hours later we were standing in front of a different mirror.

"Well?" Marilyn was behind me, she was taking pictures with her phone, then mine. "Say something, you are making me nervous."

"Um," I started to cry, I wasn't used to this, so I put my palms to my eyes. I wasn't used to looking this great on a Friday. "Is this really my hair?" Marilyn wouldn't let me wear a wig. She dyed my hair a little blonder, made it darker on the tips, she lengthened it with matching extensions. I now had a head full of slightly curly, perfect, girl's hair. I couldn't stop running my fingers through it. My fingers now with extra long luscious nails.

I walked closer to the mirror, my lashes were perfect, they were so long but natural, my eyeliner and makeup were mostly brown tones, I looked completely different. Even my eyebrows were reddish brown, thicker, perfectly shaped. I had on a lot of makeup, more than I would normally wear. Marilyn told me to stop futzing, stop touching, and not to even almost cry. She told me she would teach me to get this look in the future, one quiet weekend, one day when we could relax and talk. I wasn't so sure I could ever do my makeup like this, my eyes were too perfect, she made me look too much like a diva. My lips were lined and filled with 'dusty mauve' matching my fingernails and toenails. I looked like I walked out of one of her fashion catalogs.

"Okay and now your glasses. Something to match your gold hoops." And she slipped on new gold thin framed ones from the shop, perched low on my nose. "Okay smile, put your finger in your mouth, tilt your head, come on you whore, smile." She laughed and made me pose. She then made me put on my denim jacket, she fluffed up my hair. We looked into the mirror again, she was taking more pictures. "You know what? Wear this with your blue dress, it will look sexy, it's totally you."

"Really, this?" And I looked at the bare lining of my jacket, the blue faded sleeve, the metal buttons. I then posed a little more in the mirror, smiled big, and shook my hair. "Okay, if you say so."

I hugged her, my hair was so long and in the way, she told me I had to send her a picture of myself completely dressed and ready to spend time back in the City. I agreed, I played with my new hair all the way back to my little house. I waved to the neighbors, I told everyone who would listen I had a date at a fancy restaurant.

Mrs. Kim yelled through her window, "Make sure you use the right fork."


I was waiting on the little porch for the car to pick me up. Usually, when I go into the city, I take a bus, a train, and the subway. I wouldn't take public transportation with my new hair, I wouldn't be able to stop playing with it and I'm sure everyone would be watching me. I also wouldn't be able to wear this new royal blue dress, definitely not on a train. It was cut quite low, showing off my breasts. I had them glued to my chest, Marilyn didn't think the dress would work with my bigger forms, and of course, I knew she was right. I sent her a picture, I sent her six of them and she approved every one. It's just I felt a bit small, I liked the C cups or even the double Ds that I had hidden in my closet. I loved the feel and the weight of them, but Marilyn told me I would be paying too much attention to them and everyone else would probably be distracted too. The ones I had on now were a B, and there was only a slight cleavage between the fabric of my dress. The dress was deep blue and the top was all lace, showing off my smooth arms. My waist had a tight elastic in the lining giving me more definition and the dress part was more full giving the illusion of wider hips. The hem came just above my knees, showing off my new shiny pantyhose, my perfect legs. I had on four-inch nude sandals, showing off my toes. I was glad they had ankle straps, they would have fallen off with all of the bouncings I was doing.

I had my nude clutch filled with the things Marilyn gave me and my short denim jacket on my lap, while I was looking at all the pictures I had up on the wall. When I first moved in my mother decided that the porch would be for Aunt Gloria. We had her pictures in gold frames on the walls, I had her photo albums and books on the side table with a Tiffany lamp I found at one of the local shops. I was sitting on one of two gold, red and black chairs that matched the room perfectly. This is where I sat when I thought of her, living on her own for years, almost forever. The only other piece of furniture I had of hers was a vanity, it lived in my bedroom and it took me a year to sand, stain, and paint it. It had a huge round faded mirror and three drawers, I used it every day.

My mother made sure it stayed.

Aunt Gloria moved into this house when she was still in her twenties, right after my uncle died. She lived here alone, like me. It made me sad sometimes, I felt tears start to form in my eyes, then I remembered the flowers on the little table near the door. I forgot all about them, I was in such a rush before.

I sniffed, I loved flowers. This wasn't even the first time someone sent me them. "Hmm," I looked at the card.

'Wendy, the future me says thank you, can't wait to meet you, Daniel.'

"Daniel?" I was surprised, I just assumed it would be from Justine, and my father would put his name on the card. It was starting to feel even more like a date and less like babysitting, less like keeping someone occupied while the adults kept themselves busy. I was starting to get nervous. I wasn't used to dates while wearing a royal blue dress and long diva hair.


A black SUV came to pick me up, it was very big, I felt very glamorous. Mrs. Kim from next door came out as I slipped into the back, she was my favorite, the food she made reminded me of living in Chelsea. She gave me a cold bottle of water and some homemade cookies. She told me to have fun. She told me not to eat the cookies and make crumbs on my dress. My neighbors knew me too well.

I was on my phone, looking through my pictures and answering my messages. My sister kept sending pictures of April and her at the park, she sent them from a Mcdonald's near the apartment. I wish I visited more, I wish I spent more time in Chelsea, I missed it. I wished I could just be dressed like I was now, shopping on 23rd or 14th Street. All the places that I used to go to when I was younger, I wondered if the Korean deli was still on Eleventh Avenue, I wondered if the Gwan family still owned it. New York City, and of course my old neighborhood was now such a mystery to me.

"We should be in Union Square in about ten minutes."

The driver called over his shoulder, he was very quiet, I was glad about that. I needed to relax, I needed to get mentally prepared. Somewhere through the Holland Tunnel, I started to hyperventilate, I started to get extremely nervous and paranoid. I even drank the whole bottle of water and I was afraid I would have to pee before we got there. This would be the first time anyone in my family saw me presenting as female, even though I was pretending to be someone else. I better not mess this up, it would be good for my masculine reputation, that was the only plus side I could think of. Maybe they would stop asking when I was going to meet someone, settle down. I was convinced I have settled down already.

"Okay, here."

I looked out at the restaurant, I was about to text my father then stopped myself. I was so glad I at least remembered to change the case. I had two very feminine ones and this one was from Victoria's Secret, it was striped, pink, and light pink. A couple of times at work I realized I still had it on and it was too late.

I said thank you to the driver and gave him the cookies. He helped me out of the car.


"Wow, your hair is so much longer than in your pictures." My father, well Mr. Landon was holding my hand, looking at my hair, my glasses, my long nails. "I almost wouldn't recognize you."

I couldn't tell him the pictures were from probably ten months ago, and some of the hair wasn't even mine. I smiled, I shrugged, I stayed quiet. I knew my voice was feminine, it has been femme since I was a teenager. I was quite proud of how I sounded.

"So, Justine and Daniel are here. They are at the bar." He then looked in the window into the restaurant, I saw him wave, then we entered the glowing orange of the large room. I felt everyone turn to look at me, but it must have been my imagination, my paranoia. I wasn't used to walking into fancy restaurants, I wasn't used to anywhere but Princeton.

Justine took my hand first, she pulled me into her, gave me a hug, then kissed my cheek. "Wendy you are adorable. Oh, my god, you smell incredible too, Chanel?"


"Love it." She was still hugging me, her hands in my hair. She was quite tall, as tall as me in my four-inch heels. She let me go and positioned me in front of my date for the night. I felt all three of them watching me. "This is my son Daniel."

"Wow, I love your jacket." He smiled, his eyes never left mine, it was nice. He took my hand and held it. "I have heard so much about you, glad we could finally meet."

"Me too." I looked at the three of them wondering what they could have been discussing. I was hoping I was a mystery, an enigma. I was hoping they warned Daniel about my 'boyfriend,' hoping he knew I was in a 'relationship,' a make-believe one, but still a relationship. It was the only relationship I have been in since I was a teenager.


The music was barely present, this was a place for conversation. Boucherie was also quite large, it seemed a little formal but the way I was dressed, made me okay with it. The host brought us to a table raised on a platform, Daniel took my hand and helped me up the steps. I started to realize how long my nails were, how different I was from a man. I let him hold me as I saw the chair set up, I was determined to sit next to my father, not across, I didn't want him looking at me, guessing who I was. Soon I was across from Daniel and next to 'Mr. Landon' it was a good move, I felt a little more assured of myself. I felt this might go well.


"We are a beer family." My father told us, as he poured a barrel-aged stout into all of our glasses. It was quite good but I didn't want to say anything, I knew my over-used buzz words would come out. I didn't need something to give me away.

"Mmm," I raised my perfect eyebrows, pushed back my glasses, and grinned at the three of them, I was enjoying myself already.

Dinner was quite nice and afterward, we talked about movies, and music, and more restaurants. All new places they all wanted to take me. We talked about their vacations and pets, we talked about their jobs and apartments, the only thing we didn't talk about was me. I was surprised about how little they asked, but I wasn't going to bring anything up. I wasn't going to start talking about my hair salon appointment, or my dates at the beach.

Daniel was being extremely gracious, he kept my glass filled up and he complimented me several times, I loved that. I hardly ever get people saying nice things about my voice, my earrings, or even my sense of humor. All my neighbors always complimented me on my dress choices, they thought everything I ever wore went so well with the New Jersey weather.

Soon we were having coffee, I could feel the date was winding down, and the restaurant was getting even quieter. I was getting distracted by the long nails on my pantyhose, I was thinking how much I liked rubbing them, feeling my heels tap the table legs, feeling the hem of my dress drift up to my thighs. I tried to pay attention as Daniel started telling us about his adventure from California back to New York and I took this opportunity to look at him, really look at him. I was wondering if the people around us thought we were a couple, could we be a couple? He was quite tall, taller than me, even in my heels, he must take after his mother. I also found him quite attractive, I mean for someone I just met. He had such broad shoulders and thick arms and I thought it was cute that he kept on stretching his collar, obviously, his mother probably told him not to unbutton his shirt or loosen his tie. I wanted to reach over, rip off his tie and unbutton him all the way down, I wanted to see what his chest looked like, I wanted to see how hairy and hard he was. I wanted to compare him to Tim. To the only man, I have ever touched before.

"And then the pilot threw them all off the plane." He grabbed my hand, waking me up. "Everyone of them. Ha. They were holding a case of 'Doritos,' ha." We all laughed, I realized I was having a wonderful time.

"So Wendy where do you work?" Justine was looking at me, I glanced back at Daniel, they were waiting for an answer. I wanted to tell them I was a witch, I didn't have to work. A little magic, a little spell, everything I needed was at my fingertips, everything I needed was in a tiny make-believe town in New Jersey.

Instead, I kind of lied. "Um, at the college, Princeton, I work in, um, administrations." I lifted my shoulder. I did have a work ID for my femme self. Being in IT I had access to many areas others didn't. I had made myself a female school ID, a work ID, and even a library card. I used them all the time. The work ID had a picture, my address, and even my social security number on the back. It also let me into most of the buildings, I would probably get fired if someone found them.

"Oh, that's great, do you work with, um..." My father started a question he didn't want to finish, I thought it was cute, he wanted to ask about my other half but he didn't want to embarrass Daniel.

I stopped him, "Well I work in registration and admissions for the college." I smiled. Maybe I was a good liar too.

"I'll be right back." He got up and moments later my phone buzzed, I had a feeling it was him. I put it on silent as I talked to the others. I was so glad he didn't call me from the table.

I asked Daniel, "Are you moving back to the city?"

"Kind of, I got a job in Trenton. I will be working for the governor."

Justine grabbed his hand. "I am so proud of you. Plus you will be so close to Wendy. You can visit."

My eyes widened, "Mmm, Princeton is probably less than a half hour away from me."

"That's even better. I knew it was a good thing to take that job." They laughed and my father came back, they told him what we were discussing. My heart beat a little faster, I was becoming a little self-conscious, then I became even more.

"I was just talking to my daughter, she wants a group shot." My father called over the waiter and asked him to take a picture. He and I stood and hovered over the other two. The waiter took about ten pictures, I was dreading getting a call from Terese, she would probably make fun of me. She would probably say Daniel was going to steal 'my girlfriend.' She would tell me he is falling in love with her.

After we sat back down I felt my phone vibrate, it was definitely Terese, she was definitely prepared to tease me.


I had to go to the ladies' room, I excused myself, I wanted to read what Terese said, I wanted to know what my father was telling her. I loved the way everyone smiled at me as I made my way through the crowds at the bar. The ladies' room was very big, it wasn't that crowded. I used to get so nervous walking into one, but now I loved it, it was an oasis, a little casual break from the world.

I sat in the stall and looked at my phone. I had three texts from my father and three from Terese: 'Wendy is so hot, you better send her flowers, perfume, and jewelry tomorrow before Daniel steals her away from you, LOL.'

I smiled, I knew she would tease me, I knew her so well. I liked that she thought I was hot though, that made me giggle. If they only knew. When I checked my father's texts, they were all just pictures, which was good, I didn't want to know what he was thinking at all. I decided to answer them both quickly, tell them I was going to bed early, I didn't want to tell them that I knew my make-believe girlfriend was having the best time of her life.

After leaving I went to the sink, I looked in the mirror. I smiled, I looked pretty good considering my makeup was applied that afternoon. I put on a little more lip gloss and brushed the ends of my hair, I was ready, I was more than ready to enjoy the rest of 'this date' as a 'woman.'


Justine and 'Mr. Landon' were ready to go back home. I could tell Daniel wanted to stay out, he was telling me about all the places he knew in the area. I felt I would be a little more confident being with him alone so I agreed to do whatever he wanted. Both Justine and my father were ecstatic.

"Mmm, thank you so much again for coming out with us," He hugged me, "And here is the card for the car service back to Jersey. Just give them fifteen minutes they will pick you up wherever you are."

"Okay, thank you." I smiled, Daniel helped with my jacket, we got ready to go.

Justine fixed my collar, she took my hands. "Thank you for letting me meet you, and you are SO pretty, dear. I am SO glad you two are getting along so well." She winked at her son and she kissed my cheek, she hugged me tightly. We said goodbye. We waved once they got into a cab. "Let's do this again," She called before they pulled away into the traffic.

Could I do this again? Could I have two completely different lives?

I started thinking, it was kind of weird but I felt they both hugged me a little too tightly, for a little too long. Maybe they felt there was a chance they would never see 'Wendy' again. I was thinking was that even a real possibility?


The two of us walked through the park, we walked toward Fifth Avenue, we were getting closer to Terese and her family, closer to my childhood neighborhood. As we crossed Fifth Avenue, Daniel took my hand, we intertwined fingers. Once we were on the other side we were still intertwining. I was enjoying my time in this blue dress, with my incredible hair holding onto a man. I loved all the people we passed thought we were a couple, thinking we were in love.

"That is such a great jacket, you are so glamourous and the denim makes you look so approachable."

We stopped I looked at him and smiled, he was being cute.

"Usually beautiful women look so exquisite, almost fake, ya know? But you, well you are quite perfect." I could tell he was looking at my eyes, my long lashes, even my glasses. I liked where he was focusing.

We started to walk, I was feeling quite nice, and content, but I think he might have called me glamorous, beautiful, and or perfect, and it was doing something to my body I wasn't prepared for, so I had to keep quiet. I let him hold my hand a little tighter, I let him take me wherever he wanted to go.


"Dan, come in. When did you get back?"

"I pulled into the city about two and a half hours ago, and then I found this." And he held up his hand, I was attached to him. They laughed.

We were standing outside of a crazy little bar, it looked like a trailer park inside. Daniel introduced me to Hank as his friend Wendy from Princeton. It made me smile.

"Well come on in Wendy from Princeton let me get you a drink." We walked to the back, it was quite crowded but Hank found us two seats at the bar. Okay move down," He told two men arm wrestling, "What would you like?"

"Gotta be two beers, something great," Daniel told him.

"Mmm, something we will love." I giggled, my eyes slightly closed. I moved closer to the bar, crossing my legs and taking off my jacket. I put my clutch down on the bar with a clunk and smiled at Hank. He put up one finger and then went into the back. Soon we had something strong from a bottle. It was thick, copper-colored, and delicious. "Perfect choice." I smiled we clinked glasses.

We ended up drinking and talking for almost two and a half hours. Sometime after the second beer, I moved closer to Daniel, I took off his tie, whipped it off from around his neck, and rolled it up into one of his pockets. I then undid the top button of his stiff shirt, I undid two more. I saw just a little hair.

I smiled, I felt a little chill, "There, much better." I looked up slowly, I patted his cheek. I was feeling like I was flirting and I figured I had better stop.

He smiled big, he held my hand. Soon we got roped into playing a trivia game, we came in second. We got caught up in a crazy, loud conversation about bad heavy metal bands with several people from Illinois while walking to the restrooms. I even sat at the bar and painted one of the servers' nails the same mauve as mine, she loved the color. I even let her use my lipstick and lip gloss. The only other thing besides my brush in my clutch was mascara and I let her try on that too. We took pictures together it was nice, I sent it and a couple more to Marilyn, I hoped I didn't wake her up.

I loved meeting Daniel's friends. I loved that some people in the bar were from the area, Chelsea, where I was born, where I grew up. I wanted to tell everyone within the sound of my voice, I wanted to stand and balance on the stool in my dainty heels and yell 'I'm a native New Yorker, I'm just living in New Jersey because my Aunt died.' I was dying to tell Daniel my stories about the neighborhood. I wanted to tell him about Billy Tomlin, Leon on Twenty, and Mrs. Ramos, but of course, I couldn't. I wanted to be completely myself but I couldn't, I tried, but it wasn't easy. I was so afraid I was going to say something wrong, something weird, something that would prove to him I was a faker. I didn't want to be a faker, I didn't want to have a secret anymore. But I kept quiet, I let him get drunk, I let myself get drunk with him.

He had his arm around me, I was getting tired, I was leaning against him. "Why don't you stay in the city and go home tomorrow?" He kissed the top of my head.

I looked at him, I started to move my closed mauve lips around my face, which meant I was thinking, thinking hard. I wish I could just call Terese, and tell her I am going to stay over, stay in the extra room, but I didn't want her to see me in this royal blue dress. I could stay with my father, Mr. Landon, he had room, he was probably staying at Justine's place anyway. I could probably even stay at Mrs. Ramos's apartment, but no one ever went to visit her, ever, except me.

"Mmm, I don't know, it's late, where would I go?" I bit my lip, I felt I was trying to be cute again, I think it was working.

He smiled, he stood up, and made a call, while I talked to Hank.

"So Wendy are you married?"

"No, not yet." I wiggled my jewelry-less fingers. "Why do you know someone perfect for me?" We laughed, he gave me water, I was completely done drinking beer.

"I do. If this whole thing with Daniel doesn't work out, I will find you, someone, I have a gift. I know things." He put a finger to his temple. "See those two over there." Then he pointed behind me. "That's all me, it's me all over it." He laughed.

"Now that's impressive. They look very happy."

Then he yelled, "KERRY!" And Kerry walked out, new nails and all.

"Yup, what?" She smiled at me, she made a face towards Hank.

"Tell us, how did you meet your husband?" Hank asked.

Kerry looked bored, she shook her head, "Tsk, you. Can I go?" And she left. We laughed again, as Daniel walked back over.

"Okay all settled, I got you a room at the Chelsea Hotel."

We tried to pay the tab but Hank wouldn't take any money, so we gave a huge tip to Kerry, you know for her husband. "Ha, Hank is my husband, ha." We laughed, I would miss them.

We said goodbye to Hank and the bar. I even said goodbye to the tourists from Illinois, I invited them over to my house, to my little backyard, to meet my neighbors, especially Mrs. Kim. I realized what I did, and hoped Daniel wasn't listening to me. Hank then took my hand and did a little conspiracy-hand maneuver. I winked, "Shh. I won't say anything." I whispered.

He waved, "Good girl, keep it all hush hush."

"There are so many songs about the Chelsea Hotel?" I told Daniel, we were still holding hands, I was very comfortable with him. I didn't want to tell him I went to school one block away from there.

"Is there?"

"Mmm, I am betting it is a magical place, just like this one." I then took his hand, I brought him to a storefront, the glass doors were open and we walked through a long hall. We passed a number of people, we climbed over a couple more. I could tell he was confused about where we were going. "Come on this way, are you nervous?" I teased, I smiled, I bit my lip.

"A little, but as long as you hold my hand I should be okay."

"Mmm, I don't know, do I look like you could trust me?" And he laughed. We had to go down another flight of stairs and soon we were in a yard, a small group of people was milling about, talking, eating. We looked up, we could see the night sky and stars. It was beautiful, it was hidden. We were smack in the middle of the apartments and stores, we were surrounded by walls and windows.

"I hope you like it here and I hope you love Italian ice." We moved to the end of the line. I turned around and waited for his answer, my hand on his chest. He kissed me, I wasn't ready for it. He had his tongue in his mother's, boyfriend's, son's, girlfriend, well that's what he assumed. He had his tongue inside of me.


"I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel
You were talkin' so brave and so sweet
Givin' me head on the unmade bed
While the limousines wait in the street"

"That's the words? Or are you making them up?" He watched me, he was eating vanilla with jelly rings in them, I had a cup of pineapple and coconut.

"Ha, do you think I would rewrite Leonard Cohen? That would be blasphemy."

"Mmm, I believe you would, you have that look." We walked closer, we were a half block away from the hotel. I wanted to finish my ice, I wanted him to kiss me, I wanted to give him head on the unmade bed.

We walked in and I showed my work ID, Daniel gave them a credit card. They gave us a key and we went up to the third floor by elevator.

"That was nice, you didn't have to do that." I held his arm, I was sticky.

"I don't have to do this either, but it is all I can think about." And he kissed me again, the flavors of the ice were nicely meshing. I put my hands around his neck, gripping the straps of his backpack, while my clutch squeezed between us. When the door opened, we didn't move, we kept on kissing, we kept on tasting each other. We went back downstairs and the man at the desk pressed the button for the third floor.

"Thank you," I told him breathlessly.


"I remember you well in Chelsea Hotel
You were famous, your heart was a legend
You told me again you preferred handsome men
But for me you would make an exception"

Daniel was laughing, he found the words to our song on his phone and he found a stanza he loved. "Ha, this could be me singing to you."

"Ooh, now you sing? Go 'head let me hear." And I fixed my dress, showing off my legs as I moved back onto the bed. I was smiling, I was in a hotel, I was on a bed, and a man was going to sing to me. "Well?"

"Ha, you don't want me to sing, I'd love to, but I'm terrible." He crawled up on the bed, I realized we had to take this slow. I would love to have him stay the night with me, making love in the Chelsea Hotel. Nothing would be better, but how would I explain it, explain things to his mother and her new boyfriend?

I put on the TV for some company, and I went to the bathroom. He talked to me the whole time, he told me about every commercial that came on. he was keeping me informed. "I don't want you to miss anything."

"Thanks, you are so thoughtful" I brushed my hair, I brushed my teeth with the new toothbrush we got from the front desk. I put on a little more lip gloss and then took off my glasses and washed my sticky hands. I realized I had hardly any makeup, how would I look tomorrow without foundation, concealer, and blush? Then I started to realize how was I going to go to work on Monday with this hair, with these eyebrows and lashes. I started to shake, I couldn't think about it. When I walked out the door Daniel was still giving me the rundown.

"And that's it." He looked up, "You are beautiful with glasses or without."

"Am I? That sounds like a line you have used before." I squinted my eyes.

"Does it? Let me think." And he put his finger to his chin, he was thinking.

I turned around, I lifted my hair, "Can you unzip me? I don't have anything to wear, I'm going to put on a robe I found in the bathroom." He got up, I felt his fingers on me, he helped me slip off the dress. He saw the back of my little white bra, white panties, and my beige pantyhose. I came out a minute later in the robe and lay next to him. He was so quiet. I put my head on his chest and he ran his fingers through my hair.

"I never dated a woman in glasses before."

I looked up at him, he was serious, he was being so cute. "No?

"Actually I never dated a blonde woman either."

"Are we dating?"

He laughed, "No but it could be arranged. I know my mother would be thrilled." He smiled big, and he kissed the top of my head. Marilyn was so right to fix my hair, she was so right to not let me wear my larger breasts with the seam under my chin, she was so right in making me wear my denim jacket and the new thin gold glasses.

I sat next to him, I kissed him. My lip glossed lips dried and it felt wonderful having a man so close to me. "Daniel where are you staying tonight?"

"Me? Right here."

I stopped and looked at him, I pulled away from his cheek and lips.

"I'm right above you on the fourth floor." He grinned, he picked up his phone he read some more lyrics.

"I remember you well in Chelsea Hotel
That's all, I don't even think of you that often" He laughed again.

My mouth was open wide. "Well, I never."


"Yup, never," and we kissed some more. I let him rub my breasts through my thin bra, he let me explore his body with my long nails. He started licking my neck, kissing my ear, sucking on my fingers. When they were all wet, I ran them along his cheek, then his lips, then I started to unbutton more of his shirt. He had a marvelous hard hairy chest for such a young man. I let my fingers wander, I reached his stomach and I stopped, I moved closer to him. He put his arm around me and we cuddled.

I wanted so bad to take out his manhood but I couldn't, shouldn't. He would tell his mother, it would get back to my father, Terese would call she would tell me to send Mrs. Ramos to his house. So we kissed instead, I sat on his lap and he pulled me close. I rotated my bottom, I felt he was hard, I felt him growing and then pushing. I let him use me as friction, I let him guide my body. I wouldn't take him into my hands or mouth. I wouldn't give him head on the unmade bed, while Limousines waited in the street. Even though that was all I could think about.

"Oh, Wendy..."

He started to cum, he was holding my waist, I was rubbing my ass against him. I'm sure the other visitors to the floor thought we were having wild sex, quiet wild sex. The bed was squeaking and the two of us were moaning softly, he was enjoying his orgasm with a blonde. It had happened so fast. I decided to give him a long kiss, lots of tongue, I wanted him to know I was sorry I wouldn't suck him or let him fuck me. He would have to go back to his brunettes with perfect eyesight for that.

"What time tomorrow?" I whispered when his tongue slipped out of me.

"Oh, whenever you get up. Maybe we can go to Jersey together. I'm staying at a friend's house near Trenton."

"You are?"


"That will be great." I kissed him again and then pulled him off the bed, I pushed him out of the door. If he didn't get out soon, I was going to attack his body again.

"Goodnight Wendy, I will see you tom..." I closed the door, I heard him walk away. I pulled down my panties, my pantyhose, I gave myself a little rub, and came all over the unmade bed. I don't think I had ever been so excited before. I crawled onto the bed, I licked it clean, and fell asleep, it was going to be a wonderful night. I would dream of brunettes with perfect eyesight and show them the cum on my tongue and my thin white bra to make them jealous.


The End of Part 2 of 3

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Emma Anne Tate's picture

Sabrina, your writing is dreamy — I’ve probably said so too often — but it’s also so sensual. Your characters are always so alive to color and light, to music and smells and the very specific flavors of foods and drinks. Every story is such a feast for the senses that I almost feel tipsy. But why would a feast make me tipsy? I don’t know. But somehow yours always do.


Mmm, synesthesia

Sabrina G Langton's picture

Ha, thank you, thank you, thank you Emma... so glad you are feeling the effects of my story... I know, myself in real life, I pay way too much attention to all of those types of details. I usually ignore what is going on and then I wake up for a second and then go back to my details, ha... Thanks for reading...

This can 'blow up' just so ...

... badly, and in so many ways ...

And depending just how it goes bad, it can wreck at least one of the other relationships:

If Daniel is an 'in the cave' transphobe - there goes that relationship, and Wendy might get injured,

If Wendy gets injured, Dad could decide "I'm not dating woman whose kid hurt my kid",

Wendy and her/his Dad & family,

If Daniel hurts Wendy, then Daniel & his Mom,

If Justine decides "I'm not dating a guy with a freak kid",

Or Tim decides it isn't working with his new squeeze, and comes back into the picture ...

Enough of a blow up, and Princeton might ask questions ...
Might you have a "day job" writing for USA 'soap operas'?

Soaps and the melodramatic

Sabrina G Langton's picture

Mmm, melodrama... it has mellow in that word, I like that, I want to chill and be mellow but life doesn't let me, ha... I am sure Wendy feels the same... I am sure there is a positive ending, the world doesn't need more melodrama, especially not from me, ha... Even though I think I would be quite good at it, maybe someone should call me... I am always home... Thank you Alan for reading, and now I know you won't be surprised if things blow up... Sabrina...

Oh My!

Dee Sylvan's picture

Justine, Dad, Daniel, and Therese- what could possibly go wrong? Nothing! Oh, Wendy, whatever are you going to do? I think Dad has an inkling of what's going on, or then again, maybe he is totally clueless. Wendy just had the date of a lifetime, but is there more? You go girl! :DD


Down another road...

Sabrina G Langton's picture

The next chapter goes someplace we don't really expect. It is my favorite chapter, it means a lot to me, it has a slight relation to my past... very slight... Of course the last chapter... everything is explained, everything comes to a head and then life goes on. I have a system, ha... thank you so much Dee for reading... You brighten my day.