Bedwetters' Sleepover

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I’m 16 and have just started HRT. Unfortunately, one side effect of spiro seems to be having to pee a whole lot. And with the way that lots of places want to criminalize being transgender, things are pretty rough. I have to excuse myself from class often to run down to the nurse’s room, the only place I’m allowed to use the restroom. As if that’s bad enough, I can’t even hold by bladder overnight anymore, and have had to start wearing diapers to bed. I wear size XL goodnites, and most nights I wake up with the diaper full of pee. I have a mattress protector to make sure the mattress doesn’t get ruined, but most nights the diaper holds up fine. On those rare occasions, though, I end up having to wash my clothes and sheets.

In all honestly, I’m just embarrassed. The state is treating me like a monster, and I’m forced to wear a diaper to sleep. My relationships have all fallen through, with everyone calling me a tranny and a baby. My self confidence is at an all time low. But, at the very least, I’m allowed to wear cute clothes now, which, honestly? Is totally worth it. Plus I can grow out my hair, be called by my preferred name, and have the correct pronouns used.

“Stacy? Are you busy?” my mom asks as I’m preparing for bed.

I was just getting around to changing into my sleeping clothes, so I ask her to give me a minute. I throw off my school uniform – at the very least, the school allows me to wear the girl’s uniform of a black pleated skirt and white button up with a green ribbon – and pull on my goodnites and a white babydoll nightie that just barely goes far enough to cover my diaper. If I were to bend over, though, my goodnites diaper would be on full display. Once I’m changed, I open the door to my room to let my mom in.

“How are you doing, honey?” she asks, worry in her voice.

“I’m fine, mom. Don’t worry. Things aren’t easy, but they’re better than they were before.”

She nods her head. “That’s good, I guess. Are you getting used to wearing bedwetting underwear?”

“Just call them diapers, that’s what they are. And, yeah, they’re not that uncomfortable once you get used to them.”

“Well, I was just talking to another mother who also has a daughter with bedwetting. And her daughter is really self conscious about it, so I was wondering if you would be up for a sleepover with her. We want to show her that it’s okay to have issues like this.”

“Are they ok with me being transgender?”

“Yes, yes, of course! I guess I forgot to mention that her daughter is transgender, too! If you’re okay with it, can we schedule it for this weekend? I can drop you off at their house tomorrow night, and you can come back Sunday morning.”

“Friday night to Sunday morning? Two days?”

“Two nights, yes; Friday and Saturday. And you’’ll be there the whole day Saturday to get to know her better and have fun.”

I shrug. “Yeah, alright. I have nothing else to do on a weekend.”

I don’t know any other trans people in school, so this girl must go to another school. My mom goes to meetings for parents of trans children, so she’s made some connections recently. I guess she wants me to make some connections, too. She’s probably right, since I just stay home and read all day. I almost spend as much money on books as I do on clothes!

The rest of the week goes by unremarkably… save for one tiny incident on Thursday.

I excused myself from math class to go and use the bathroom. My class is on the third floor, on the opposite end of the school from the nurse’s office. I basically have to run down with how badly I had to pee! And when I got to the nurse’s office, somebody else was already in the bathroom! And judging from the sounds of retching within, they might take a minute or two. With no other option, I ran out from the nurse’s office and into the nearest restroom, which should be vacant at this time of day.

Well, it was vacant, but unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it. Pee ran down my tights and into my shoes. I had to make a shameful return to the nurse’s room, covering myself with my sweater as I waited for her to deal with the puking student. Also, since I peed on the floor of the girl’s bathroom, I had to tell her about that so that the janitor could go over and clean it. The nurse was furious!

“You should be suspended for that!” she shouted at me.

My mother was called in, bringing with her a change of clothes for me. The principal then called us both into his office to discuss things.

“Well, you see,” he said. “I’m all for transgenders and whatnot, but there are certain… uh. Look, certain parents might get mad, right? And if they get mad, you’re not the ones who will get in trouble! We’re being very reasonable here with the nurse situation, but I think that there might need to be a, shall we say… second option available?”

“And what is that second option?” my mother had asked. It was certainly a reasonable suggestion.

“I understand from the guidance counselor, and also my son who shares classes with her – mind you, he’s not very nice to her and I’m sorry, but I can’t control that kid – I understand that your daughter has bedwetting issues. I hate to suggest it, but perhaps, just in case, she should also wear a diaper to school, as well?”

My mother went ballistic. “You expect my daughter to wear a diaper to school?”

“Now, now, she doesn’t have to USE it! It’s just in case a situation like this happens, that way she can worry less about if the nurse’s office is in use! We have other students at the school with incontinence issues–”

They go on forever. My mother argues, but the situation is basically this: either I run the risk of peeing myself again, or I wear diapers. And, ultimately, I’m already made fun of for wearing diapers, so, starting tomorrow, I’ll start wearing goodnites to school as well. Hopefully I won’t be using them, though. Of course, this now means that I’ll be in diapers practically 24/7, with the only exception being when I’m at home. And with the car ride to school, as I don’t live in the school district, plus getting here early, and my mom picking me up late due to work… I’ve got 4 hours a day, on weekdays at least, that I’m not wearing a diaper.

I go to school on Friday, and somehow, everyone already knows that I’m wearing a diaper. As I’m walking up some stairs to my first class of a day, a boy flips my skirt up, and then a crowd behind me laughs.

“So he really DOES wear a diaper to school! That’s so sad!”

I’m picked on for the rest of the day, but at the very least, I don’t have any accidents. My mom can tell that I’m in a bad mood as she picks me up.

“I’m sorry, honey,” she says. “I wish there was something we could do. But at least you have your sleepover later tonight! That should be fun!”

“Yeah, maybe.”

Before that, though, I have homework and stuff to do. As soon as I get home, I get changed out of my uniform, and throw the diaper to the side. It’s been worn, but hasn’t been peed in, so I’ll just wear it again one of these nights. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to do that, but diapers are expensive, so we can’t afford to double up.

It feels kind of freeing to not be wearing a diaper after having been diapered all night, through the morning, and through school. 20 hours straight, I think, minus my time in the shower before school. I’ve brought lots of cute panties, so I’m glad to get some use out of at least one pair now, plus other pairs on weekends. Right now I’m wearing a pair of black panties with white lace trimmings.

Eventually, my mom knocks at the door to my room, and tells me that we’ll be heading over to the sleepover soon. I pack up some clothes to wear, along with some diapers for the night, as well as a sleeping bag, my phone charger, a toothbrush, and a hair brush.we get in the car, and drive 20 minutes to her friend’s house.

My mother knocks on the door, and a middle aged woman with blonde hair comes out and greets her. They hug, and she tells my mother and I to come inside. We sit down on her couch as she goes upstairs to get her daughter.

A few minutes later, a young girl comes bounding down the stairs, excited. She freezes as she sees me. I freeze, too. Her mother comes along behind her, and places a hand on her shoulder.

“Everyone, this is Olivia! Olivia, this is Stacy and her mother! Stacy is the girl we talked about before! Isn’t that nice?”

“Hey, mom? I think you forgot to mention something,” the girl, who looks to be maybe 8 years old, says.

“You seem to have forgotten something, too,” I say to my mother.

The mothers look at one another, as suddenly an understanding dawns on them.

“Oh! Right! We didn’t mention your ages, huh?” my mother asks.

“No, you didn’t!” I tell her.

“I had expected a girl around my age when you said that she was a bedwetter,” Olivia says.

“And for some reason, I expected someone around my age,” I add.

“We didn’t think it was important,” Olivia’s mother tells us.

I sigh deeply. I’m expected to spend an entire weekend with a kid? What is my mother doing?

“Is that a problem?” my mom asks.

I shrug. I don’t even care anymore.

“What about you, Olivia?” her mother asks her.

“Uh. If she’s okay with it, that’s fine. We can still have fun, I think!”

“Great!” Olivia’s mother claps her hands. “I hope you two will have fun!”

“If you don’t mind me intruding, Olivia, I’m planning to stay over, as well,” my mother says. “Your mother and I will be having a kind of adult sleepover.”

Olivia cocks her eyebrow, and turns her her mother. “Is she your girlfriend?”

“We’re still kind of in the talking stages, but we may potentially be girlfriends, yes! So here’s hoping that you two get along!”

Olivia shakes her head. “I’m starting to wonder if this sleepover is more for me or you. Whatever.” She walks over to me, and grabs my hand. I let her drag me up to her room so we can give our mothers privacy downstairs.

“So, my mom tells me that you’re transgender, too? And a bedwetter?”

“Ah, yeah. Since starting HRT I just haven’t been able to control my bladder. I used to have incidents when I was 5 or 6, but I don’t think it was ever this bad,” I admit.

“I guess I can kind of empathize with you,” she says. “I’ve recently started wetting the bed. I haven’t started HRT, yet, of course, since there’s no puberty yet to stop or modify. Nobody knows about this other than you and our mothers. It’s really embarrassing to be back in diapers. I do kind of have to admit that the diapers kind of have cute prints on them. The ones I typically use have Ariel on them, and she’s my favorite Disney princess!”

“Lots of trans people seem to like mermaids,” I note. From what I’ve gathered, it might have to do with the fact that they have no genitals. Then again, lots of girls like mermaids, so who knows!

She shrugs. “Well, I like them. Do you?”

“I guess so.”

“I have The Little Mermaid on DVD if you wanna watch that? Or we could… what do older girls like to do? I was gonna suggest playing with toys, but I guess that might be a bit childish?”

“The movie is probably a fine option. We’ll probably have to go to bed once it’s over, though.”

Olivia lets me sit on the edge of her bed while she sits on the floor. She’s glued to the screen, though I get the impression she’s already watched this movie about a million times before. It’s been a number of years since I last watched it, so I’ve forgotten most of the movie. It’s pretty good overall, though I personally wouldn't be willing to give up my voice for some dude that I barely knew. Nonetheless, it was fun!

Olivia is basically jumping up and down, talking about the movie and how cute Ariel is and singing the songs from the film. Our mothers walk in and clap their hands to get our attention.

“Alright, girls! It’s about time for bed, so how about you two get changed?” my mother says.

The two of them leave the room to give us privacy, and return downstairs to continue their date. I throw off my clothes, and reach into my bag for my sleeping dress – a lavender colored babydoll. Once the dress is on, I pull out a pair of diapers, and pull them up.

Olivia throws her clothes on the bed, and pulls open a drawer. She grabs a pink t-shirt with a picture of Ariel on the front, and a pair of blue shorts. She then pulls open another drawer and pulls out a pair of goodnites size small with Ariel on the front. Once she’s dressed, she turns the lights out, and crawls into bed.

“I haven’t put my sleeping bag out, yet, you know,” I tell her.

“Hmm? I thought you were just gonna sleep in the bed with me?”

“It sounds easier than putting out a sleeping bag. If it’s cool with you, then sure.”

She pats the bed next to her, and I crawl in. It’s a queen sized bed, with pink floral bedding. She has a mattress protector to help protect against bedwetting in case her diaper doesn’t hold up. She only has one blanket on the bed, so we both share it, pulling it up over ourselves. Olivia seems to have taken a liking to me, and cuddles up next to me as I get situated.

It isn’t long before Olivia is asleep, snoring lightly. She sucks on her thumb, which makes me want to compare her to a baby, but maybe that isn’t the greatest idea. I lightly place an arm over her, and hold her tight. I’ve never had a little sister, but the idea certainly seems nice, especially if she’s as sweet as Olivia.

I wake up in the morning with a leg over my face and my dress up to my belly. Neither of us has good sleeping posture. I can also feel that I definitely wet not just my diaper, but that it overflowed onto the bed. Or maybe Olivia’s diaper did. Thankfully the mattress protector did its job in protecting the mattress, but both of our clothes are wet, and the blanket will also need to be washed.

I think the fact that neither of us used the restroom before going to bed, plus having had some drinks during the movie, might be to blame for the overflowing diapers. Based on the wetness around us, both of our diapers seem to have failed.

Olivia wakes up as I pull her leg off of my face, and seems about ready to cry as she realizes what happened. I pul her close, and pat her wet back.

“It’s alright. I wet the bed, too. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Let’s go put these clothes and sheets to wash, then go take a bath.”

We both strip naked, and throw the wet diapers in a plastic bag to take out to the trash after we bathe. We then bunch up the clothes, blanket, and washable bed protector, and take them over to the washing machine in her bathroom. We start the washing machine up, then return to Olivia’s room, and grab our towels and a change of clothes before returning to the bathroom.

Olivia has a pretty nice sized bathtub, so there’s plenty of room for us to sit down in it at the same time once it’s full of warm water. We sit in there for quite a while, just relaxing. We also make sure to lather up with soap, of course, since we got pee on us.

Once we feel we’ve soaked enough, we get out, and get dressed. I wear pink and white stripped panties, a black bra with pink lace, denim short shorts, and a black camisole. Olivia wears pink panties with a black cat paw print on the front, a blue training bra with yellow flowers, a pink t-shirt, and denim shortalls. We go back to her room, and she sits on the edge of her bed as I sit behind her and do her hair in twin braids. Once I finish her hair, she sits behind me, and braids my hair in return.

After I take the wet diapers out to the trash can outside, I return to Olivia’s room, and she seems like she wants to say something.

“Um…” she says, quietly and hesitantly.

“What is it?”

“I know we just changed into our panties, but is it okay if we change into diapers again?”

“Do you need to take a nap or something?”

“No, I just… kinda like how they feel. Don’t tell my mom, but a lot of times I’ll wear the diapers around the house under my clothes. I’m embarrassed by it, but they feel really nice.”

“Can’t you just do that, then? Just do what makes you happy.”

“Yeah, but doing it alone when you’re here and also wear diapers is really embarrassing.”

“I would be embarrassed, too. Wearing it to bed is one thing since we need them, but wearing them just to be around is totally different.”

“But didn’t you wet yourself in school?”

“Why did my mother tell you that,” I groan. “Yeah, fine. That happened, but only because I couldn’t get to a bathroom.”

“Please! Will you please wear a diaper with me!”

I sigh. “Whatever. Fine, if it makes you happy, I’ll put a diaper on, too.”

We strip down before one another again, and then pull on our goodnites diapers. They’re pretty thin, so they’re not really noticeable beneath the shorts, and they also have a low rise so they don’t stick out over the top of my shorts. Neither of us is wearing a skirt or dress, so there’s no chance anyone can get an upskirt. In short, nobody will know that we’re wearing goodnites.

Olivia pulls out a basket full of Barbies, and asks if I want to play with her. Honestly, I’ve never gotten a chance to play with Barbies, so I’m kinda interested, and take her up on the offer. We sit down on the ground, and I’m kind of unsure how to really start. Thankfully, Olivia takes the lead, and for about 30 minutes or so we play an elaborate game involving lesbian Barbies cheating on one another featuring a murder. Our mothers call us down for breakfast, so we pause the game just before the murderer is found.

Our mothers seem to be in quite a good mood. I heard the shower running while we were playing Barbie, and I have a feeling that Olivia and I weren’t the only ones to shower together. I’m pretty sure they also shared a bed. The two of them are sitting right next to one another at the table, smiling and giggling as they eat their breakfast; toast, eggs, and pancakes.

Olivia and I sit across from out mothers, and start digging in. The food is pretty good, and I feel fairly full, though not so full that I can’t move, which is a good thing, because Olivia is suggesting that we go outside and play.

“It is pretty nice outside,” my mother says. “You two should go and play!”

“I have some water guns!” Olivia shouts. “Wanna play with those?”

“I didn’t bring a swimsuit over, but if my mother doesn’t mind taking a quick ride back home, we can grab one really quick.”

“Yeah, no problem!” my mom says. We run home really quick, and less than an hour later, we’re back with a swimsuit for me.

“You won’t be joining us?” I ask.

“Oh, no, sorry, honey! Olivia’s mother and I have things to do inside! You two have fun, though!”

These two are definitely enjoying this sleepover more than Olivia and I are. Still, I’m having fun, so all is well. I head upstairs to change into my swimsuit. Olivia is already there, having changed into a pink one piece with ruffles on the hips and chest. I change into a two piece bikini with a floral patterned halter top and string bikini bottom. Needless to say, we leave our diapers up here for now. We also make sure to put on sunscreen, applying it to one another in places where we can’t easily reach such as my whole back area, from my neck, to my shoulders, hips, butt, and legs. Olivia has a one piece, so I don’t bother with her back, but make sure to get her neck, butt, and legs.

We run to Olivia’s backyard, where she has some water guns waiting. We fill them up at the hose, and Olivia doesn’t even wait until my gun is full to start shooting at me. I yelp in surprise, and quickly finish filling the gun up before chasing after her, shooting at her with the water gun.

Olivia shrieks, and tries hiding behind a tree, but my legs are quite a bit longer than hers, and I’m quickly right up on her, shooting her in the stomach. She fires back by shooting me in the face, and as I wipe the water off my face, she goes running off. She’s shooting at me as I chase after her, but her water gun is running out of ammo, so she has to run to the hose to refill it. I think that might be my chance to get revenge, but she just starts shooting me with the hose instead, soaking me from my hair to my toes in an instant. She giggles, but I grab her in a bear hug, and she’s helpless to get away. I hold her back with one hand as I grab the hose, and let it rip in the back of her one piece bathing suit. I finally let her go, but as she flees, I just spray her with more water, soaking her just as she soaked me.

I’m shivering from the water, but with how warm it is outside, it is pretty nice. A water gun fight was probably the perfect idea, though I have to admit that this has turned into more of a hose fight as we struggle for control of the hose and spray one another down.

After about thirty minutes or running around, Olivia comes up to me, and tells me to crouch down so she can tell me something.

“I have to pee!” she whispers.

“Okay? Just go inside.”

She shakes her head. “I don’t think I have to. I’m already plenty wet right now, so nobody will notice. Just don’t tell anyone!”

As I watch, Olivia starts peeing her swimsuit right next to me. Pee starts dripping down her legs, and puddling around her feet. She then grabs the hose, and washes herself off, as well as the ground by her feet.

“You should do it, too, now!”

I look around. Her fence should prevent anyone from seeing us, and her mother’s room is on the other side of the house. Things should be okay, I guess, though it is kinda weird.

“Do it, do it!” she starts chanting.

“Alright, alright, relax.”

I’m blushing a bit as I try to focus on peeing. It takes a second, but soon enough pee is coming up, and quickly dripping out from my wet swimsuit, down my legs, and pooling onto the ground. Olivia giggles, and then sprays me down with the hose to wipe away any pee on me.

We’re outside for maybe another hours before we’re both just about exhausted from all of that. We towel off as much as possible, then head to the bathroom for a shower. We head into the shower together, and Olivia asks me to shampoo her hair for her. Once I finish that, I turn around and kneel down so she can get my hair. We walk with our towels around us back to her room, and change into the clothes we were wearing earlier, including the goodnites.

Our mothers call us downstairs to watch a movie with them. They put on a family friendly film about some cartoon fish who have to find Neptune’s crown or risk their restaurant closing down, or something along those lines. Our mothers sit on the couch cuddling while Olivia and I sit on the ground right by their feet.

As the movie ends, Olivia jumps on the couch and sits on her moms lap, hugging her tight.

“Mommy! Can we watch another movie! What about The Little Mermaid!”

“Didn’t you just watch that movie last night?”

She hugs her tighter. “Please! I love that movie!” She jumps up and down for a bit, then pauses and looks confused. “Mommy, are you wearing a diaper? It feels soft down there.”

“I’m wearing a pad, honey.”

“Didn’t you just have your period, though?”

“Maybe I should ask you if you’re wearing a diaper. I can’t help but notice that your butt if pretty soft.”

Olivia freezes, and looks over at me. I shrug.

“Are you also wearing a diaper?” my mother asks.

“Yeah. Olivia mentioned that the diapers felt uncomfortable during the night, so I suggested that she wear it during the day more to get used to it. I’m wearing one, too, so that she doesn’t feel like the odd one out.”

“Oh. I guess that makes sense.”

We’re all kind of quiet and awkward for a while, then Olivia’s mom gets up to put on a movie. I can’t help but notice that her butt does look padded, as if she’s wearing a diaper. I don’t say anything, but I share a knowing glance with Olivia.

We’re all kind of tense at the start of the movie, but it isn’t long until we’re laughing and having fun again. Olivia in particular loves the movie, and her happiness is contagious. She encourages us all to sing with her whenever a song comes on, and though I’m hesitant at first, she eventually has us all singing along with her. And, honestly, it’s a lot of fun!

Once the movie finishes, our mothers head off to prep lunch. Olivia points out my mom’s pants, which clearly have some padding beneath them.

During lunch, I decide to ask, “So why are you two also wearing diapers?”

“Well, we felt bad that you two have to be in diapers, including during school for you, Stacy, so we wanted to see how it felt,” my mother explains.

“We felt that it was only fair,” Olivia’s mother adds.

“Ok, but have you peed in them?” Olivia asks.

My mother was in the middle of drinking some wine, and nearly spits it out at that question. “No, of course not! We just wanted a sense of what you felt while wearing them.”

“You can’t get that sense without wetting them,” Olivia challenges them.

Our mothers blush bright red. “We’ll keep that in mind, then…” her mom says.

“How about this,” Olivia suggests with a devious grin, “none of us are allowed to use the bathroom for number one! If you have to pee, you need to pee in your diaper!”

“That’s a bit extreme,” my mother says.

“But asking us to deal with wet diapers and clothes in the morning isn’t?”

Olivia looks at me with puppy dog eyes, asking me to back her up. Part of me wants to say no, but it’s tough to say no to such a cute face. Besides, I’m kind of starting to enjoy wearing and wetting diapers, no matter how weird it sounds.

“I think it’s a good idea,” I say. “You can’t just half-ass something like this, not if you want to understand how Olivia and I feel, and if you want Olivia to understand that there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“There’s nothing wrong with wearing them to bed,” my mother says. “But this seems extreme.”

“Maybe. But you’re the ones who put the diapers on, so you have to deal with the consequence of your actions.”

“You know this would also affect you, right, Stacy?” my mom asks.

“Yeah, but… well, it’s Olivia’s suggestion.”

We all sit around awkwardly quiet once again. Finally, my other says, “Alright. If you think that this is for the best, then I’ll do it.”

Olivia’s mom sighs. “I guess so.”

I feel like we’re all just kind of caving to Olivia’s wishes, but, at least for me, I can’t help but love the idea of it. We finish lunch, then Olivia and I return to her room to play with her Barbie dolls some more. We never did find out who did the murder.

45 minutes and one solved murder later, Olivia sits up on her bed, and looks serious for a second.

“Alright, now it’s time for the meat of the sleepover. Love talk! Do you have a boyfriend at school?”

“No, I like girls.”

“Oh, you’re a lesbian? Me too, I think. Our mothers, too, it looks like.”

“Yeah. But who can blame us? I mean, I love girls so much that I became one!”

“Well, are there any girls in school you have your eyes on?”

“Please! Everyone treats me like a monster! I lost all of my friends. I can’t fall in love with people who act so evil!”

“That’s a shame. There’s a girl in my class who I like. She’s been my friend for years, so she knows that I’m trans. She doesn’t know about the bedwetting thing, though. I think that’s a big thing that’s scaring me off from asking her out, how she’ll react to the diaper thing. Hopefully she can be as open as you.”

I sigh. “I wish there were girls like you in my school. You’re so sweet, and you don’t care about the fact that I’m trans or that I wear diapers. Of course, you’re in the same boat, but still! I wouldn’t be single if you were my classmate!”

“Oh, are you flirting with me?”

“No! I’m just saying, I wish everyone could be as open as you.”

She nods her head. “Yeah. I would date you if we were the same age. Hopefully Emily is open to the diaper thing.”

“You mean in regards to you wearing them?”

“Or hopefully her wearing them.”

“Is that what you’re into?”

She blushes. “What can I say? They’re cute and they’re comfortable!”

“I guess I can’t really deny that,” I mutter. I wasn’t super into them at first, but diapers are really nice.

“You know, it’s a shame that romance talk wasn’t really all that exciting between us. It seems that our moms are hogging all the romance for themselves!”

“Good for them. They work hard as single mothers.”

“Yeah, but still! I want a girlfriend!”

“I feel you. But at least you have that Emily girl, meanwhile I’m here all alone.”

It’s sad to think that a 10 year old might have a better love life than me. I try not to dwell on that too much.

With the romance talk out of the way, Olivia says she wants to play with makeup. She’s too young to actually wear it normally, so she wants me to do her makeup, as well as let her practice on me. I’m not good at makeup in the first place, and I warn her as much. Still, she really wants to do it. So we ask her mother to borrow her makeup kit, and try our best. Admittedly, our best is pretty damn bad.

First of all, I don’t know what half of these things do. Secondly, I don’t know how to apply them. Poor Olivia is looking like a rejected clown after my pitiful attempt at doing her makeup. Her nails are sloppily painted, with more paint on the fingers than the nails!

And, boy, I look even worse off. A different color on each nail, uneven eyeliner, bold eyeshadow, bold lipstick, uneven colors on the blush and other stuff. We laugh at our pitiful attempts, and wash the makeup off. I don’t ever want to try that again. It was funny the first time, but so, so painful. I’ll stick to my natural face, thank you very much.

As we’re washing up in the bathroom, Olivia tugs on my shirt.

“Psst! I need to pee again.”


“Watch me?”

I shrug. Olivia takes off her shortalls, and begins to pee in her diaper. Slowly, it begins to swell. Once she’s done, she takes the diapers off, wipes herself off, and pulls her shortalls back up, now going commando.

“What about you?”

I fidget awkwardly. After seeing her pee, I realize that I need to pee, too. I lower my shorts, and close my eyes. Slowly, my diaper swells up with pee, all the while Olivia watches with interest. Once I finish peeing, I strip the diaper off, then clean myself. As I’m cleaning myself off, my mother opens the door to see if we’ve gotten the makeup off. She sees the wet diapers and my naked bottom, and closes the door.

“It’s not what it looks like!” I tell her.

“Well, we did say that we’re not allowed to use the toilets,” Olivia notes.

“Yeah, but…”

I just groan. This diaper thing is getting out of hand. I pull my shorts up, going commando just like Olivia, and head over to Olivia’s room. There, we both put on fresh diapers. Once we finish with that, my mom knocks on Olivia’s door.

“Just so you know, we’re not mad about any of this. We had agreed to pee in diapers, so of course you would use them. Just don’t make this a regular thing because we can’t afford it. Anyhow, Olivia’s mother and I have also peed our diapers, now, so you’re not alone. I’ll take the bags out to the trash since we need to head out there, anyhow.”

We hand her a plastic bag with the wet diapers in them, and she heads out.

“I think she’s enjoying this,” Olivia says.

“Probably. I think both of us gave really bad excuses in regards to why we were wearing diapers, but we also kind of accepted them. All four of us know the truth: we all just like to wear diapers. And there’s nothing wrong with that!”

“Apparently there is: it’s expensive!”

“Yeah, ok, there’s that. But other than that, it’s harmless fun!”

“Right! We could be doing drugs right now or something!”

“Probably not, but I get your point.”

The rest of the day goes by pretty relaxed. We lie around, read, watch a little bit of TV, have dinner, play with some of Olivia’s toys a bit. Our mothers spend a lot of time by themselves up in Olivia’s mom’s room. Good for them. They can be a bit loud at times, but when they’re too loud, we head outside to play in order to get away from the noise.

When night time comes, Olivia opts to just sleep in her diaper and a lavender colored camisole. I decide to follow her lead, wearing a blue tank top and my diapers with nothing over them. We crawl into bed together, and cuddle under the blankets. Olivia gets a little bit distracted with the diapers, rubbing them a bit, but I tell her that we’re trying to sleep here, so she stops. Eventually, she falls asleep. I’m awake for a while longer, feeling the warmth of Olivia’s body against my chest, the hot air from her breath hitting my neck. She can be a bit troublesome, but she’s truly adorable. She’s like a little sister. If our mothers get together, then I guess she really will be my little sister. I couldn’t ask for a better sister. And I’ll be sure to be a good sister to her. I hold a hand to her padded butt, and hold her little body close as I drift off to sleep.

I kind of regret sleeping with my hand next to her butt. It doesn’t feel wet when I wake up, but it does kind of stink like pee. I pull the covers up and look down at our swollen diapers. Olivia has crawled onto me overnight, and her wet diaper is sitting on my stomach. Her knee is up against my wet diaper. I sit there for a moment, staring at the girl I’ve come to think of as my little sister, lying across my belly, with both of us in a diaper. This really feels like bliss.

Someone knocks on the door, and I pull the cover over us before I call them in. Both of our moms walk in, and tells me that they’re got news for me.

“Are you good to hear the news now?” my mom asks.

“Uh, I think I would like to take a bath first,” I tell her.

“Hmm?” Olivia makes a noise as she sits up on my stomach. As she does, the blanket is pulled with her, revealing the fact that neither of us are wearing anything over our diapers.

“Oh, my…” my mother says, hand on her face.

“I can see why you want to take a bath,” Olivia’s mother says.

“You know, you two look absolutely adorable in your diapers,” my mother adds.

“Maybe we should buy you some matching ones later. Anyhow, we’ll leave you be to do as you please. Come downstairs when you’re ready.”

They leave, and I hug Olivia tight and pull her back down.

“You know, you really embarrass me a lot,” I tell her.

“It’s a good thing I’m so cute, huh?” she asks.

“Yeah,” I sigh. I push her head towards me with one hand, and kiss her on the cheek. “You’re my cute little sister.”

We strip down, and head to the bath. Since we didn’t overflow our diapers today, I plan to take a shorter bath. Of course, Olivia is happy and decides that she wants to take a bubble bath. I decide to spoil her and we take the bubble bath together, playing with some of her toys in the bath for a bit, including a rubber duckie. We get out, then go back to her room to put our clothes on. She wears one of her diapers, a mermaid colored training bra, a pink frilly skirt with hearts, and a pink and white stripped t-shirt. I wear a black spaghetti strap dress with buttons on the chest, a black bra with small red hearts on it, and a diaper.

“You know, you look really cute in a diaper,” Olivia tells me. “Are you sure you don’t wanna go around wearing just a diaper?”

“No, but you’re free to do so.”

She shrugs, and takes her skirt off. She looks at me expectantly, but I shake my head. I then head downstairs to see what my mother has to say to me.

“Morning, sunshine,” my mother says. “I see that Olivia is still wearing a diaper. Are you?”

“Yeah,” I mumble. “What about you two?”

Olivia’s mom nods her head. “Yes, we are. But we’re not here to talk about diapers.”

“Actually, we’re here to talk about school,” mom says.

“What about it?” I ask.

“You’re not fond of your current school, right?”

“Not at all. I hate it.”

“Then how would you like to attend Olivia’ school? She goes to a special private school that goes from kindergarten to 12th grade.”

I look over at Olivia, who looks at me with an excited look on her face.

“We wouldn’t be sharing classes, you know,” I tell her. “But yeah! That sounds like fun! I mean, it couldn’t be any worse than the school I’m going to right now!”

“Great! I was talking to Olivia’s mother about this, and we think it would work out great for all of us! Especially if our relationship continues the way it’s going right now!”

“Yeah, I feel like Olivia is practically already my little sister. So I’m cheering for you two,” I tell them.

Of course, it will take time to make the transfer go through. For now, I’m stuck at my crappy old high school… but, at the very least, on weekends, I spend all day and night with Olivia. And most of the time we’re not wearing any pants!

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