The Forgotten One

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Billy takes his house key out of his pants pocket as he enters from the back door. He was soaked from the rain and wanted to take his wet clothes off and jump into the tub. Since the laundry room was nearby. Billy strips out of his wet clothes and tosses them into the dryer.

He spots the basket of clean clothes that belonged to his mother sitting on top of the dryer. He picks through them and finds a lacy pair of thong panties she loved to wear. They were made of silk and came from his mother’s favorite lingerie store.

He takes them upstairs to his bedroom and lays them on his bed. His parents won’t be home anytime soon. Hell, he has to take care of himself most of the time because his parents ignore that they have a child. He heard his parents arguing a few times about him, mainly when they wanted to join some of their rich friends on a cruise or some European trip.

When they did leave him alone, he would spend it with his friend Markus. Marcus and his lover were two successful gays that he met during their annual Halloween party. They were always throwing parties, and he was always invited to them.

The last one he went to, he dressed up in his mother’s cheerleading outfit she wore in high school. He found it upstairs in the attic while looking for some old records he knew his parents kept. Some of them were for sentimental reasons, and some of the records were one of a kind. His father loved to collect valuable items that were highly sought after.

Billy adds some of his mother’s expensive bath beads to his bath water and pours a glass of her favorite wine. He knew his mother loved to soak in the tub and drink a glass of wine. He started drinking his mother’s wine when he was ten years old. That was when he first started to wear her panties.

Somehow, a pair of her panties ended up in his clothes. When he touched them, he loved how his fingers rubbed against the material and how silky they felt. When he tried them on, he got shivers as they rubbed against his legs. When he finally got them all the way up around his waist, he loved feeling the silkiness rub against his privates.

He didn’t get a stiffy from wearing them, like most boys or men would. He was born without testes. The family doctor thought his testes hadn’t dropped and did an ultrasound. He didn’t find any in his body. That was another mark against him with his parents. He was born prematurely by two months and spent several weeks in the ICU.

His mother said she couldn’t have any more children because of him and was thankful. The scar from the emergency C-section the hospital had to do to get him out of her womb. She had work done, so it was less visible. She loved having the sexy body she had and didn’t want the scar to spoil her image.

Both his parents worry about how they appear to others. They had to have the finest of everything. They were like the Trumps and Kardashians of the Midwest.

Billy finishes drinking the wine, and when the water gets cold. He gets out and empties the tub. He cleans the second wine glass that matches the one his mother uses. He walks into his bedroom after drying his long brunette hair. He rubs some facial cream on his face and the skin cream onto his hands and arms. He knows some girls in his class were jealous of his appearance.

His parents gave him a credit card in his name to purchase whatever he needed for himself. He had another credit card from a bank account he set up for himself. He was diverting money from his parents' account into the other account. He knew sooner or later his parents were going to discover his secret life.

He puts on the thong panties and the nightshirt he was given by his friend Marcus and crawls into bed. Tomorrow, he was going to have Marcus drive him to another town to have some work done on his hair and maybe go to a club afterward.

“So, how do I look, Marcus?” Billy turns to face Marcus as he drives the car.

Marcus looked at Billy and couldn’t believe the hairstyle he got. Billy looked cute with his new hairstyle and getting his ears pierced.

“You look extremely fuckable, Billy. How are you going to hide all of this from your folks?” Marcus knew Billy was left by himself a lot.

“Easily, my parents are going on a two-week cruise with some wealthy friends and won’t know about it. Also, majorette additions are coming up at school, and I want to join the team.”

“Doesn’t everyone in school know who you are?” Marcus looks at Billy, trying to figure out how he plans on doing this.

“Yes, but if I put your address on the paperwork for the other school outside my district. I can attend that school without anyone knowing who I am.” Billy bates his eyes at Marcus and gives him the best puppy dog look he can.

“Oh, no. That’s not going to work.” Marcus didn’t want to get dragged into this mess.

“Oh, come on, Marcus, Please????” Billy flutters his eyelashes at Marcus.

“You still have the paperwork and such.” Marcus couldn’t believe he was getting suckered into this plan.

“Don’t worry about it. I have everything covered.” An evil smile appears on Billy’s face.

Billy submitted the paperwork to have his name changed to the courts. He only keeps his middle name but changes his middle and last names. Marcus puts Billy in touch with someone sympathetic to transgender people. The person changes the sex on his new birth certificate, even though he hasn’t had his gender changed yet.

Once Billy gets his new birth certificate and the court order. He also mails them to the Social Security Administration to have his social security card changed. Billy makes sure to keep copies of everything on a portable thumb drive.

All of this happens with his parents away on their cruise. He puts the paperwork in to have all his school records changed to his new name and sent to the new high school he wants to attend. Billy knows once his parents come home, they will be busy with meetings and other business matters.

Billy downloads as many majorette videos as he can for the rest of the summer and practices the moves. It takes several tries, but he manages to master the moves. He also rehearses more complex movements to impress the person deciding if he’ll be on the team.

While doing all this, Billy keeps his parents in the dark about his actions. He gets his learner permit with the help of Marcus. Marcus quizzes him and teaches Billy how to drive. When Billy went to get his permit from the DMV, it was registered in her new name.

Billy goes dressed up as a girl. She has been practicing with the makeup she bought herself and with advice from Marcus. She also learns how to speak like a girl and walk with help from Marcus and from some videos Marcus suggests she watch.

Billy wants to know more about drag, and Marcus takes her to a few drag shows. He introduces Billy to some of the local drag queens. She was only sixteen years old, but after seeing some of the queens perform, she was bitten by the bug and wanted to go up on stage and perform.

A Young Drag Queen named Monia Cup Cakes takes Billy under her wing and becomes her drag mother. When school starts, Billy additions to join the majorettes. She impresses the judges with some more complex moves she has been practicing, including twirling two batons on fire.

She even juggles a few knives to impress them while performing acrobatic moves. Some other ladies on the team were a little jealous of her talents. The judges liked her addition and asked her to join the group.

When her parents return from their cruise, they don’t bother to check on her or see how she has been while they are away. Which Billy knew was a common tactic for them. She stays out of their way as they go about their life.

She lies about her age to get a job at Hooters. Between the majorette training/ performing and the job she gets at Hooters. She has to stay fit. Her drag mother, Monia. She manages to hook her up with a person who sells estrogen tablets.

The person warns Billy that they are strong and will change her body significantly. She doesn’t care and starts taking them. The first few weeks, she doesn’t notice anything different about herself. Monia tells her it will take time to affect her, even with her not having testes.

During the first six months, she is busy with school, working at Hooters, and going to the gym to stay in shape. She noticed that her appetite had increased. She knew Hooters and her coach for the baton squad wanted her to be in tip-top condition. Hooters had a strict physical fitness image that you had to meet and maintain.

One night, while she was working. Her father and several other men entered the Hooters she was working at. They were escorted to her section of the store and seated. She was nervous, but with the way she was made up. There was no way her father would recognize her.

She learned that the younger man who was with them was getting married, and this was his bachelor party. She has worked a few parties, while working at Hooters and knew what to expect from them. She serves them and flirts it up with all of them. They had rented a private room, so
whatever went on in the private room was out of public view.

She gives the man who is getting married a good lap dance. After him, she provides several other men lap dances, including her father. All of them shove bills into her bra and panties.

Her father offers to pay her a thousand dollars if she would give the bachelor a blow job right there. She couldn’t believe her father was willing to pay a thousand dollars to see a woman give another man a blow job.

“Sure, why not?” Billy gets the man worked up, takes his manhood into her mouth, and gives him her best blow job. She’s been practicing with a massive cucumber at home.

She does it the way Marcus suggested she does it. In no time, Billy could hear the man moaning and grabbing her head as his hips bucked into her mouth. She nearly chokes on his massive cock, but manages not to. She feels him erupt in her mouth. She swallows everything. When she turns around, she notices several other men, including her father, watching her ass and stroking their manhood.

“Next,” as she crawls over to the next guy.

When she comes to her father, she gives him the best blow job he has ever had. She feels someone put their hand into her shorts and stick their finger into her anal opening. She moans while sucking her father’s cock. The next thing she feels is someone lowering her shorts just enough to fuck her. She feels a massive rubbery-covered cock press against her anal opening.

She stiffens as her anal opening is penetrated. Whoever just entered her was huge, and he went to work on her ass. In no time, she feels him erupt through the rubber. She also nearly choked on her father, exploding in her mouth. He held her head against his groin area until he was utterly done, erupting in her mouth.

When Billy is done with her father, she pulls her shorts up. All the men in the room had shitty ass smiles on their faces as they handed her a bunch of bills. All of them stumble out to waiting cabs.

One of the other servers comes into the room where she is. She had a smile on her face. “I take it you gave them excellent service?”

“Yeah, you say that.” Billy couldn’t believe she had given her father a blow job.

Debbie shakes her head as she helps Billy clean the room up. She waits until she is ready to leave before counting the money stuffed into her bra and shorts. A hefty tip had been left for her to split with the bus boys.

She goes into the women’s bathroom and fixes herself. She redoes her makeup and straightens out her uniform. The fake breasts she wore until her own started growing in felt warm against her skin. She could feel the weight of them pressing against her chest. She adjusts her bra and returns to the floor to finish her shift.

By the time she clocks out. She is so tired and ready to call it a night. Marcus’s boyfriend, Juan, shows up to pick her up. She falls asleep on the way home.

Juan looks at Billy as she sleeps next to him. The poor girl was so tired. He knew she was busy with school and work. That doesn’t include her time at the gym working out to stay fit and meet Hooter’s body measurements.

He gently shakes Billy’s shoulder when he pulls into the driveway of her home. “Wakey, wakey, Billy.”

Billy wakes up and looks at Juan. “Are we there yet?”

“Yes, sweetie. Why don’t you go inside and get some rest?”

“Sounds good to me.” Billy hugs Juan and stumbles towards the back door.

She knew her parents were sound asleep. She quietly makes it to her bedroom and strips out of her clothes. She could hear her father snoring up a storm. A smile appears as she lays down on her bed and covers herself. She was completely naked.

In the morning, she stumbles towards the bathroom and removes all her makeup. She was going to leave the fake breasts on. She jumps into the shower and takes a nice relaxing shower. She knew her folks were already gone, which was OK with her. She doesn’t know if she could face her father knowing what she did to him last night.

She gets ready for school and catches an Uber to school. She didn’t even bother to count the money she made last night. She’ll have to go by the bank later to deposit it.

Practice was hard as they learned a new routine for a match coming up. Her school was also participating this year in the St. Patrick's parade the city was doing. The city chooses a different school to participate in the parade each year. This year, they were it, and she was to perform some tricks during the parade.

After practice, she was invited by some of the girls to a college party. At first, she resisted but gave in to it. The ride to the fraternity house was a good hour's drive. But when they arrived, the party was in full swing.

She saw some of the girls she came with disappear and wondered what they were up to. She finds them giving head to some of the young men. A smile appears on her face as she slowly shuts the door and turns to leave.

She finds herself looking at a tall, muscular guy. He stood at least six and a half inches tall.

“Did you like what you saw?” A smile appeared on Jacob's face.

“That depends. What did I see?” Billy knew what she saw.

“Why don’t I show you?” Jacob leans forward and kisses Billy on the lips.

Billy returns the kiss. She wraps her arms around his neck and feels herself picked up. She keeps kissing the guy as he carries her to a room. The two of them start having sex. At first, she didn’t want him to know she wasn’t a fully functional woman, but he didn’t care. He does use precaution as he takes her from behind, rough and hard.

After he is done having his way with her ass, he makes her suck him off while another guy takes his place. The guy doing her from behind doesn’t use any rubbers and erupts inside her body. He takes Jacob’s place in her mouth, and she ends up sucking him.

Several more guys join them. A few of them do her two at a time and slap her ass hard. A few of the bigger guys roughly use her, and none use any protection. She sometimes takes two or three guys in her mouth at once and nearly chokes from it.

Someone gives her something to drink between guys. It was a strong drink, and she could taste the alcohol in it. She loses count of how many guys use her body for pleasure, not that she wasn’t enjoying the attention.

Sometime early in the morning, she wakes up and finds herself snuggled against a big black guy. Her lightly tanned skin was a light contrast against his dark, well-built body. She goes to move but is stopped by him. He starts kissing her and forces his tongue down her throat.

He forces her down towards his thick cock and makes her take it into her mouth while moving her head up and down roughly. When he goes to erupt, he holds Billy’s mouth tight against his groin area and shoots an intense load into her mouth. Afterward, he releases her head and smiles.

“The fellows were right. You give good head.”

“You didn’t need to be so rough with me.” Billy was trying to get her breath back. She nearly choked on his massive manhood.

Rodney pulls Billy back up his chest and kisses her. He could taste his cum in her mouth. He didn’t care as he squeezed her ass cheeks hard.
Billy nearly passes out from this guy, kissing her. She could feel his manhood hard already again. She straddles his waist and inserts it into her cum filled anal opening, and starts going up and down on him.

She felt him meeting her as his hips pumped up to meet her. He flips her over and pumps hard inside her body in no time. He roughly uses her, and afterward, the two of them take a shower together, where he uses her body again.

Later, she gets redress but can’t find her panties or bra. She looks around, flashing Rodney with her ass.

“What are you looking for?” Rodney loved watching Billy’s ass move around.

“My bra and panties.” Billy stands up and looks at Rodney.

“Their house property now. They are trophies of every girl we had fun with.” He wanted to say fucked, but didn’t.

“Great.” Billy was pissed.

Rodney walks over to Billy and wraps his arms around her waist. He pulls her to his body. “You don’t need them, baby.” As he kisses her again.
Billy melts from his kiss. She leans into his muscular body and enjoys it. He stops kissing her when she is nearly blacking out due to the lack of air.

“Come on, I’ll give you a ride home.” Rodney takes Billy’s hand and escorts her out to his car.

She gets a few looks from some of the other guys they pass. She blushes from their looks because she knows what she did with half of them last night.

“Make sure she comes back, Rodney. We had fun with her.” Chris enjoyed using the girl’s mouth.

Rodney shakes his head at what Chris said. He escorts Billy to his car and stops at a McDonald’s for her to get some breakfast. He watches as she scarf down two sausages egg biscuits.

Billy gets Rodney to drop her off a few doors from her home. She wasn’t sure if her parents were home or not. She kisses him before she gets out of the car and watches as he drives off. She carefully makes her way home. Neither of her parents was home. She manages to make it inside the house and up to her bedroom.

She spends the day at home relaxing. Her body was sore from all the sex she had last night. She should work out, but she didn’t feel like it. She had the day off from work.

She grabs her mother’s thong bikini and lays outside for a while. She would work on her tan since she had the house to herself. She falls asleep and gets red as a lobster on her back and front.

When she woke up, she nearly screamed at how red she was. Even with the suntan lotion she put on, she was still red. She gets up and makes her way into the house. She knew she would have some severe tan lines from the sunburn. She sprays herself with the Solarcaine. She was so thankful they had several cans in the house.

The next following months are rough on Billy, between spending time with Rodney and the guys at the frat house. Plus, going to their games and celebrating afterward with them. It was taking a toll on her. She also had her job at Hooters, where she met two older gentlemen who became her sugar daddies.

Plus, she was always tired from baton practices and shows they were involved in. Her drag mother thought she was stretching herself too thin. When the holidays arrived, she took time off from work as one of her sugar daddies paid for her SRS surgery. Her other sugar daddy bought her a condo and a brand-new car.

The estrogen shots she has been taking caused her breasts to fill out a triple-D bra. Her hips filled out nicely, giving her a nice, hour-shaped figure. When she had SRS surgery, she also had some facial surgery and her lips done. She didn’t need to use so much makeup to disguise who she was now.

Her facial surgery had changed how she looked. If you looked at her old school pictures and the pictures from her performing. You wouldn’t see the same woman anymore.

Her sugar daddies enjoyed taking her to parties and paid for her to stay at some of the best hotels. She went to one party with her sugar daddy and ran into her parents. Her mother gave her some looks like she was trying to place her. On the other hand, her father was undressing her with his eyes. She noticed the woody she was giving him.

An evil smile appeared as she danced with her sugar daddy. She knew he was married and had four children. It bothered her that she was taking advantage of him and his wealth, but she figured he knew that already. As for the other older gentleman she was dating. One night, while they were visiting Washington, D.C., and having sex. He died from a heart attack while coming down on her.

She inherited a lot of money from him. The condo and car were hers, free and clear. She also inherited his yacht as well. She couldn’t believe her luck on that. She knew his children wanted it. However, she knew the old man loved it very much.

She had some fun with it and loved it. As for Rodney and some of the guys at the frat house. Most of them were picked or scouted by football teams. She was proud of them and let them have one more round on her.

As for Marcus, his boyfriend, and her drag mother, she invites them to spend time on the yacht with her. They planned out a trip to celebrate her inheriting it. While they are traveling, she tries to figure out what she will do. She gave up her job at Hooters and hasn’t decided if she will go to college.

“Are you going to tell your parents what you are doing?” Juan looks at Billy as she sits nearby in just a thong bikini.

Nope, because if my father saw me, he would likely be walking around with a massive woody. I told you I gave him a blow job while working Hooters, didn’t I?” Billy couldn’t recall if she did or not.

“You’re joking?” Marcus looks at Billy when he says that.

‘Nope, I’m not joking. They were throwing a bachelor party for one of his friends. I was their server, and since we were in a private room. I gave all of them a lap dance and blow jobs. When I got to my father, he didn’t realize it was me. From how he responded to it, I think I did better than my mom.” Billy could still remember the night she sucked her father off.

“Talk about keeping it in the family. So, he has seen you dressed as a sexy woman but didn’t realize it was you and had his cock inside your mouth and had his mind blown.” Marcus couldn’t believe it.

“That’s about right. I bet if he ever found out, he’d be majorly embarrassed.” Billy would love to see how her father would react to it.

Both men shake their heads at the image they are getting in their heads. They wonder how they would feel if their child did that to them. They could tease Billy’s father about it. However, that would cause problems for Billy, and the last thing they wanted to do would do that to her.

Billy and her friends spend a week out at sea. They visit a few places and by the time they get back into port. Marcus, Marcus’s boyfriend Freddie, and her drag mother have to go back to work. Since she enjoys pleasing men, she gets a job as a high-class escort.

She is informed that she wasn’t allowed to have sex with the clients on company time. However, what she did on her time, was up to her. A lot of her clients were foreigners or older men just looking for some company while they were in town. Which was fine with her. She didn’t have a problem with that. She gets to travel a lot and go to a lot of fancy and high-class dinners.

One night when she arrives back at her apartment. She receives a message from the agency she works for. A new client to the agency was requesting her and they wanted to know if she would be available.

Billy checks her schedule and notices she has nothing lined up for the week. She informs the booking agent that she is available for the whole week. She puts her cell phone on the charger and takes her clothes off. She walks into her bathroom fills the tub with hot water and tosses a few bath beads she bought while in France.

In no time, the air in the bathroom is filled with the scent of the bath beads. She relaxes to some soft music playing from hidden speakers. Her apartment was set up just like the condo her first sugar daddy bought her. Her other sugar daddy was taking a break from her but still deposited money into her bank account.

While she is relaxing, Billy hears her cell phone ding, letting her know a text message has arrived. She doesn’t get out of the tub until the water starts getting cold. Once she dries off, she checks her cell phone and notices she was scheduled from Sunday to next Saturday. An evil smile appears on her face when she notices the address.

“Oh, this is going to be fun.” She recognized the client and couldn’t wait to have fun with him.

Billy sends her reply to the booking agent at the firm she works for. She sits down and just looks at the client’s name. It had been years since she had seen her father and wondered why he was going through an escort agency. She knew her parents were still married. A friend of hers kept her informed about what they were up to.

She couldn’t wait to have fun with her father. He won’t recognize her after all these years. Her appearance has changed since leaving home and when she worked at Hooters. She prepares to meet him as she packs several bags to stay at a nearby hotel.

Billy was going to do whatever her father wanted her to do, but will insisted that he do what she wanted on the final day of their business week. On the day she is to meet her father, she shows up at his hotel room. She is surprised to learn it was one of the suites at a high-class hotel she has been to before.

Billy shows up dressed in one of her body-hugging dresses, that showed off her figure and her perky breasts. She was wearing Flowerbomb Haute Couture perfume that cost her sugar daddy a lot of money. The cost of the perfume was three thousand dollars for a 1.7-ounce bottle.

Once Billy was set to show up, she took a private driver she could trust over to the hotel where her client was waiting for her. She gives her driver a hefty tip as she exits from the car and enters the main lobby. She looks around cautiously, to make sure she isn’t walking into a trap. Lately, law enforcement has been setting up traps to capture human traffickers using young women and teenage girls for sex.

She heads towards the bar area to wait for her father to show up. While she is waiting, she orders a glass of wine. She was a little early, but that didn’t matter. She enjoys her wine and five minutes after their agreed meeting time. Her father shows up. She had to admit that he looked buffed and well put together in the suit he was wearing. He didn’t look anything like he did back when she worked at Hooters.

A smile appears on Billy’s face as she finishes her drink and is approached by her father. He sits next to her and they chit-chat for a while. As they are walking out to a limo waiting for them. Billy’s father looks at her “I heard that after business hours are available for additional service.”

“They are, but I have a condition. I’ll do anything you want me to do for the next six days, but on the seventh day. You have to let me do what I want to you.”

“I don’t know. What will you want me to do?” Henry was being cautious about this condition.

“I promise, it won’t be anything too sick or harmful. Besides, I’m letting you do whatever you like to do to beautiful women, with only two conditions.” Billy didn’t feel like dying and that was one of the conditions she placed.

The other conditions were nothing that would physically disable her or scar her. That left opened a lot her father could do to her, but she would manage that later. Also, she didn’t do scat either. The first time a client wanted her to do that, she tried it and got sick later. She would never do that again.

“Alright, I agree as long as you hold up to what I want and as long as I want.” Henry figures he could get the most out of her.

“Deal, now, what is it you have planned for tonight?” Billy smiles sweetly at her father.

“I think you’ll enjoy our evening.” He holds out his hand for hers.

They leave the bar area and go to an opera and later they go to a five-star restaurant Billy knew well. She knew her mother and father loved
coming here along with a few other clients she has met before. The food was good, but not hearty. The price they charged, for the amount of food they served, was a rip-off.

When they get back to her father’s hotel room. He has her undressed and put on a young girl’s outfit. It barely covered her ass or her perky breasts. She learns that night how perverted her father was. Also, he loved being rough while having sex. She ends up spending the night and the next day, they leave early for another location. While they are flying he has her wear exotic lingerie under a dress she brought with her.

The panties she was wearing had a secret vibrator hidden in them. It came with a remote app on his cell phone. At odd and embarrassing times he would set it off. The place he took here was a nice resort.

After spending the day and eating very little, he takes her to a mansion and makes her undress in the car they came in. He inserts a butt plug in her ass and a vibrator into her vagina. He could control the vibrator with his cell phone.

Inside the mansion, there were all sorts of women, teenagers both male and female that were naked wearing decorated butt plugs and such. Some of them were busy servicing their owners or who happened to be both men and women.

She was instructed what she was supposed to do. The rest of the afternoon and the evening, well into the early morning she had sex with over fifty men and numerous women. The men’s ages vary from teenager to the age some of her sugar daddies are. The older men appreciated how well she serviced them. They stuff large bills and such into her vagina. One stuffed several small bars of gold into her ass and vagina.

The next days she leaves with her father, realizing she never knew how much of a pervert he was. It didn’t matter, because she had some ideas about what she was going to do with him on her seventh day. She saw that he liked being in control and having fun with beautiful women and even a few shemales as well.

The next four days Bill and her father would visit places and later have fun either with each other or places she heard existed but never went to. She was amazed at some of the places and the different environments they tried to recreate for their scenes and plays. One scene she saw recreated an underwater environment where the people were dressed as mermaids and mermen. They would have sex like that.

On the seventh day, back at her father’s hotel room. She has him undress and kisses him. She then blindfolded him and covered his ears, so he couldn’t hear anything. Once he was deaf and blinded. She invites in some men that she knew that had big thick cocks and have them force them down her father’s mouth and into his ass as well.

She could tell her father didn’t like it at all, but she counted on that and gave him a shot that weakened him. For the rest of the night, she records the performance of her dad getting his ass fucked and creamed. She also records him being forced to swallow the cum the other guy doing in his mouth. She has them trade up, so her father gets to enjoy everything.

During their loving making and various locations, she had recorded everything. She had videos of everything she experienced with her father. The various earrings she would wear had a camera built into them and would transmit the signal back to her cell phone.

Once the night was over her father was well worn out from his experience. She got her money from his wallet and left a kiss on his cheek. Just before Billy leaves, she turns to look at him “Love you, Daddy.”

She walks out of the hotel room with a smile on her face. She could use all the footage she got to blackmail everyone in them, but she wasn’t. She’ll hold onto it and see what the future holds for her.

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I wouldn't doubt some of this goes on. I hope Billy enjoys her life.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.