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Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade

Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and without.

This is the story of a man who finds a magic box, one that changes him into a Teenage Drow girl (a dark elf) and he has to deal with the very sudden change. Then handle all the memories of a Drow that was 'made' for a long lost war. This new part of him, has 40,000 years of memories of fighting that war. She has to deal with all that pent up PTSD, her enemy is here, but she loves her. Her old Queen is here and she wants to kill, that Queen ohh so bad!

So far in the story, Rohanna is being sent to a high school for mutants. While in school, she has to learn to keep that temper in check and her vast skills at killing others! She has been attacked in Boston while shopping, by her new lover by accident of fate and by an assassin that nearly kills her.

The last major hurdle in her short new life, is that a science project gone mad! Has made an exact clone of her and linked it mentally to her every thought, it reacts like an extension of her body now.

Fighting Syndication

Next day late morning

Both Drow walk into their precinct house dragging butt a bit and Leon is the first to spot them, “WOOF it looks like someone had too much fun last night and I thought you two told me that it was impossible for you to get drunk off booze?”

“Human booze!” Rehanna spat, “and last night did not involve human booze at all!”

“It was Elven brandy,” Rohanna said next with a slight moan of pain.

“More like Elven moonshine!” Rehanna said as she poured herself a cup of coffee and started to pour in a ton of sugar to give her body at least a small kick to get it going from last might!

“Yep I agree...Moonshine it was or is!” Rohanna said sipping from her huge cup of double mountain dew…twice the sugar twice the caffeine!

This time over many other times the twins had done, some other cop brought in the donuts to the twins delight “Ohhhh thanks to whoever brought the sugar hits in circle form!” Rehanna smiled while quickly snatching a pair of the best ones she thought, onto a paper plate in her hand.

“Well you can thank the new rookie for that, we told her where to buy the best like you two do each time you come in and she had zero choice BUT to go there, take the hit in the wallet and live with the damage!” one of the other beat cops gave back with a laugh just before he took a bite of his apple fritter.

“Who is the new rookie…I got a ticket book that needs carrying!” Rehanna jested.

“I don’t carry KIDS ticket books and how are teens in the PD?”

“Mutants babe…you call us to help you out, when an insanely strong brick is ripping your shop apart and your bullets are annoying them less than flies do!” Rohanna barked angrily at the woman.
(just for note again, a ‘shop’ is a cop car)

“And what are you going to do with those old ass 1911 pistols you are carrying over the modern nine mills we all carry? Heck those old things only carry…what seven rounds each?”” she rebuffed back.

“Well this for number one, these 1911’s” she said tapping at her combat style holster, ”hit harder and these are ten round magazines by the way! Way better than the “I am a wimp” ‘nine’s’ you carry, that for the most part takes three shots just to annoy a person! Then add we don’t need the fifteen plus shots, that you surely need just to find the target with that NYPD trigger on that Glock that NO other PD in the whole WIDE world uses! Leave it to the NYPD top brass, a decade back plus to hand out guns with shit triggers and all to keep accidental discharges down, at the COST of hitting civilians by BADLY AIMED SHOOTING GOING WAY UP!” Rohanna spat back at the woman and the room of cops clapped at the facts just given to the young rookie!

“I am one of the top ten for shooting in my class..!” the rookie boasted back.

“You could get me drunk, hit me in the head with a jackhammer and blind one of my eyes and I would still out shoot you from laying down on a sofa while eating a bag of chips!” Rehanna shot back.

“Nobody is that good!” The rookie said to the room and one cop stood up, “Well Kate…they are AND I have seen them shoot no less than twenty rounds into the same exact hole in the target. Then add that you could cover the entire hole with a quarter!”

“Yep…ever see “Lethal Weapon”...the first one? Well this pair could do the “happy face” on the target from one hundred yards easy!” another said with a nod “and besides they have MADE their BONES and you don’t have any…so shut it rookie!” Another cop added with his own gruff bark.

The room instantly quieted down as the watch sergeant came in and barked at the group, “All right shut it and listen up as I read off the list for the day.” He then went down the long list of what was happening today and what happened on the last shift.

As the room broke up into units or teams, he spotted the twins nursing cups of coffee or large sodas filled with caffeine. “So we tied one on last night or are we having one of those kind of days?”

“One of those days.” Rehanna said since she was given a choice and since she can’t lie AND he did not ask a yes or no question. He got the best she wanted to offer at the time!

Kelly slapped Rohanna on the back as he exited the room, “We are going to take it easy and lets see how it goes?”

“Fine by us, time to see how the lower chance at death calls go for a change?” Rehanna said as she filled a travel mug to the brim with even more coffee.

When the pack of them headed into the parking lot Leon was carrying the unit’s ‘go bags’ and guns and that left Rohanna’s hands empty for the first time, so she made a beeline for the driver's door. She hopped in as Leon spoke, “Ohhh no you don’t!”

“Awwww but I want tooooo” she said back, giving him the ‘puppy dog’ eyes of innocence!

Leon gave in with a sigh, “Fine BUT please lets be safe”


An hour plus later

“What are you doing! Are you aiming to run people over!?” Leon shouted from the passenger seat at the teen Drow driving the unit THROUGH central park…ACROSS THE GRASS! And she was chasing a stolen car that was currently avoiding no less than ten other NYPD units at this time. Leon could tell that Rohanna knew what she was doing and was doing it WELL! She drove that SUV like a person that had done hundreds of laps on a race track and in her case, her old human self had done just that in both cars and on bikes for years!

Rohanna knew what she was doing by the days if not months of track time she had behind the wheels of several race cars with even less performance parts and good suspension than this SUV had, heck thirty years ago the handling of this very SUV is what race cars had in the nineteen sixties even in the top most races like NASCAR or Indy 500!

“Nope I am not aiming at the people…” Rohanna said, sliding the NYPD SUV deftly across the grass like a pro drifter would and as they passed by one crowd she swerved away from them with ease, “Well maybe I was aiming for that Mime…I don’t like mimes, they kind of freak me out! BUT Clowns are fine, BUT mimes, all fake inside a box are creepy AND ALL THAT NOT TALKING stuff is just plain weird! Then add the French came up with them…that alone is a crime.” she quipped, sounding very serious on the matter.

“I am too old for this shit and far too close to my retirement in sunny Florida!” Kelly yelled from his seat in the back.

“Ohhh no the world is going to end now, Kelly just cussed…we are all doomed!” Rehanna laughed loving the whole thing fully and wished that she was driving!

“Kelly might I suggest Georgia as a retirement spot, less chance of hurricanes and the same weather for the most part?” Rohanna gave in smiling comments, as she drove the huge SUV and as she helped cut off the stolen car from further escape by giving it a slight ‘nudge’ with the SUV’s reinforced bumper along with three other NYPD units cutting off its only paths to escape.

When the escaping car stopped rolling, the passenger made a break for temporary freedom, but Rehanna was not having any of it. She leapt from the unit’s rear passenger seat and was hot on the guy’s heels like a champion greyhound. She even comically runs up to beside of him and shrugged as she kept pace, “Might as well give up, I can outrun you easy and keep up this pace for about six hours or more even with all this gear on!”

“Aww fuck it!” he huffed giving up as he flopped onto the ground knowing that she had him and the NYPD K9 was coming at full speed and he knew for a fact that those ‘fur missiles’ on four legs BITE real hard.

Rehanna slid onto his back, cuffed him and then yanked him up to his feet, “Thanks for giving up easy like, as beating your ass is tons of paperwork or heck shooting ya is even more if you live!”

“Hey might as well be civil and professional instead of acting all up like the crazy privileged kids all do these days…don’t fight a cop on the street, live to fight the charges in court is my motto!” the middle aged criminal said and Rehanna nodded to that as she noted this guy had an education, most criminals were not this smart!

While the cops figured out who did what and who got the collar for catching the guy, Rehanna was playing fetch with the K9 and his handler stood by and watched, “He never lets anyone else play like that with him?”

“We are Fae creatures and he just knows it, so naturally he just knows by instinct we mean no harm and boooom instant buddy for life!” Rohanna smiled watching on as her twin tossed a ball for the K9 several times, while filling out her section of the report since she was the one driving at the time of the incident.

“Does that mean he might listen to you?”

“If you are referring to one of us twins giving him an order conflicting with one you give…that is a flat yes, that dog will obey us over you humans anyday and that is the gift of being a fae creature.” she added to the cop’s surprise.


A few hours later

The twins were sitting in the stop and go traffic of downtown NYC with Kelly and Leon when a Subaru wagon made an illegal left nearly right in front of them, “Once again, can they not see the cop car only fifty feet away?” Rohanna asked and really expected no answer from the others.

Leon flipped on his flashing lights as he rolled the SUV back a few yards so he could get into the left turn lane and then waited for traffic to clear enough so he could cross. Kelly was busy tapping away on the shop’s computer checking the license plate while Leon maneuvered the SUV behind the car now pulling over to the left side of the boulevard.

Leon pulled the shop up behind the offending car just a little to its right and well enough behind as to let him pull off if need be to get to another call…and give him room if the driver of the Subaru goes over to stupid!

“I got this one,” Rehana said while pulling out her ticket book and hopping out her side of the SUV.

“Got cover!” Rohanna said like someone yelling “I got shotgunn!” as a group of buddies might say piling into a car.

Rehanna made her way up to the car, keeping the ticket data pad in her left hand and tapped the back of the car’s rear hatch as she passed by to ‘mark’ it for evidence. She saw that a young woman was driving “Roll the window down please, driver's license, proof or insurance and registration please.” she asked.

“What did I do?” she asked before even trying to get any of those items in question.

“Left turn on a VERY clear red light and can I have the documents I requested please?”

“Ahhh there is no way I did that…and why are you so young?” she asked, stopping in thought as she noticed Rehanna’s age in looks at least.

“It's a young force miss and I will need those documents. Besides…you backed up mid red light, switched lanes, got into the left turn lane and then bolted across as a truck almost hit you. It's all on my car’s cameras in high def and at least three different views plus the three cameras in the intersection itself.”

The woman was very annoyed now and started to grab all the papers Rehanna had asked for, then handed them to her with attitude. “I might have to talk with your supervisor!”

“You have that right miss.”

“Well go get them,”

“They don’t come to traffic stops and if you want to talk or write them a letter. It's One Police Plaza, the commissioner of police...all in the book or on google.” she said back coldly as she checked the woman’s info with her wrist computer and in the twin’s case the commissioner WAS their boss. The desk sergeant and precinct captain were just go betweens!

The woman remained silent as Rehanna handed her back her papers, then passed a ticket data pad over to her, “Sign here…please, that you will either pay the fines or appear in court to plead your case.”

“And if I don’t sign?” she sassed.

“You get out of the car, I cuff you, take you in for processing that might take up to three days and a trip to Rikers Island for holding and that might add three or more days and then you still sign off on the tickets or wait till a judge can see you….in about a week at best past that? Ohh and we impound the car and that will net you hundreds in tow and storage fees.”

The woman signed the ticket pad and handed it back to Rehanna, then Rehanna printed out the lady’s copy of the ticket and handed it to her, “Thanks Ma’am…have a fine day!” She smiled at the woman and all she got was a frown back.

Rohanna was laughing when she slipped back into her seat, “Ohh the color drained right out of her face when she added up all the days for not signing the ticket book!”

Leon shook his head at the fun the teen was having as he pulled the SUV back into traffic and headed towards the ‘wall street” area to hunt morons! And it was not too long after entering that section of NYC till they all spotted the next moron or what would end up being the worst offender of the day!

Rohanna was the first one to spot and point the car out, it was a race ready GT4 Porsche with a full race exhaust and everything else! Why it drew immediate attention was it zipping in and out of lanes, even going on the wrong side now and then to beat traffic. The driver even blew two red lights before Leon could get it cornered behind a stopped semi truck!

“My turn!” Rohanna said with glee, “and call a flat bed as this one is going to get impounded for the exhaust alone!”

Rehanna was right behind her twin as they both exited the car and this time Kelly opened his door, as he figured out what was coming by running the car's plates. So far he found the car’s out of state tag was expired, no insurance on file that he could find and to top it all off the registered owner was on a suspended license on a DUI for driving with a BAC of 3.8 only last month…three weeks ago! Then add was known to be violent and armed.

Kelly spun the data terminal over to show his partner as he exited the shop, “WOOF a 3.8 and he lived?” Leon whistled out slowly as the electronic voice of the computer added in next in a very buzzy voice, “Owner Twenty five year old MALE, License status suspended, Warrants for violence, known for carrying weapons, known drug offenses, know to traffic in illegal drugs, known to harm officers…you are about to have a bad day officer…sorry” it droned out and Kelly and Leon looked at the terminal “DAMN AI’s!” Leon barked at it.

Once out of the shop, Kelly clicked his mike three times and Rohanna looked back his way for why he had warned the pair…Rehanna’s eyes never blinked or left the car, she was checking for danger as Rohanna looked back to see what Kelly wanted. Kelly tapped his left arm’s data pad and Rohanna read the info just coming over to it from Kelly of what he had found out about the car and its driver.

She pocketed her ticket pad into her jacket as she finished her walk up to the Porsche’s side knowing that this stop was not going to be ‘just a ticket anymore’. Inside the very expensive car, the man was sweating bullets and then add Rohanna could smell fear on the man as she stepped up to his window. Rohanna took a look all over the car’s inside for anything that was dangerous or out of place before she even spoke to him.

“Sir I am going to have you step out of your car while we go over the long list of items illegal about your vehicle and then the reasons why I am giving you a ticket for your horrible driving habits.” she smiled lulling the guy into a false sense of security that he was getting off easy and that Ro was just yet one more a stupid cop that he could fool.

“Sure officer, anything to help.” he innocently said, getting out of his car.

As he got out, he grabbed at a waist pack that Rohanna instantly snatched from his hand, “Nope you are not going to need that right now…maybe later?” she said tossing it back into the car.

“But my ID is in there?”

“You can get it later after we go over this long list of things,” she said, holding the door open for him and when he was fully out of the car, she slammed the door shut and shoved him right up on his car.

“WHAT GIVES!” he barked in anger as his body slammed against his car’s side.

“You give me both of your hands…you are getting cuffed.” she barked.

He tried to shove his body back up with both arms like a push up, but even though he being taller and bigger than her did not budge an inch! “Keep struggling and this will not go easy and you will regret it!” she added in a cold voice.


“Nope and don’t care! NOW give me that right hand and put the other one behind your back or else!” she warned.

He tried again to get off his own car and still could not budge, then add she had his right wrist in a death grip now. Finding that he was not in control was something he was not used to being a top athlete and almost always stronger than the ‘other guy’ was for all of his life past his teen years. He knew the fact that bench pressing over two hundred pounds was easy and in this position he should be able to easily push her off his back…heck he should be able to push start a car this way!

“Hey I am the best wide receiver the Jets even have! Let me go or you’ll be sorry! I’ll have that badge!”

“Already sorry…for the Jets that is!” she sassed back.

Rohanna grabbed for his left hand and almost had it as she spoke, “Give me that left arm or my partner comes over and you might get it hurt or get a busted arm or wrist while we cuff choose if this goes easy or hard…your loss of pay and gain of pain!”

He gave up, but not fully easy and each inch he tried to fight back…she surprising to him…won? She was that much stronger than him, he found out to his personal shame!

“There we go, don’t feel too bad about losing to a chick, I was going to win no matter what!”

“Who are you?” he had to ask.

“More like a what am I?” she grinned evilly.

“Ohhh a Fucking mutant…yep figures that was the only thing it could be, you gene slime bitch!”

“Now now language around the ladies…please manners please!” she tisked him like a small child! Then Rohanna keyed on her radio, “One felon for transport”

“Why am I going to jail?” he whined out.

“Driving on a suspended license, reckless driving, no insurance, no valid tags on the car, car is illegal to drive in this state in its current mechanical condition,” and as Rohanna went over her list Rehanna had the car door open and was going through the car already…”Add illegal drugs in federal trafficking amounts and a gun with a filed off serial numbers to that growing list” the other twin added.

“You planted that!” the driver insisted with a shout of anger.

Rehanna instantly laughed out loud at the idea of having to plant any evidence, “What?” she asked while holding up and describing to all around in earshot what she had just found in the man’s car with video running, “two kilos of drugs and a ten pound AK style machine pistol with a one hundred round drum magazine and wear would I hide all my hat? The gun would be legal IF the serial numbers were still there buddy! to be you!”

A short time later a NYPD prisoner transport van pulled up to the two vehicles, many cops called these units 'slammer vans’ in a slight german accent. Another officer got out of the van and smiled at the pair of twins, one of them was busy typing out an arrest report on a data pad while the other one was busy bagging and rechecking all the car’s evidence.

Rohanna spoke up and gave the new cop the long list of charges so far, then added “You want this collar, you know we don’t care about the numbers…not like we are going to get a raise from the one buck a year they pay us, to two whole bucks…Whooooopeee!” she grinned while spinning a finger about in the air to represent having a ‘fun’ time.

“Fine by me, just have your side of the report done and in this guy’s case be ready for some court time as he will try to spend his way out of this mess is my bet.” the other cop added as her partner opened the van’s door and then grabbed the driver sitting in the back of the twin’s shop.

As the cop helped the football star out of one NYPD unit to the other, all he could do was make threat after threat, “I’ll see you in court”...”I will sue you personally”...”I will get you fired”

All the twins could do was giggle at each threat in turn. One they did not care about time being wasted, as a trip to court would be fun. Two ‘suing’ the twins would lead to nothing gained by the driver, as they had no real money to give ‘on paper’ and what they did have was protected by law, then lastly adding in they had much BIGGER lawyers backing them up! Next, number three, they did not have a job with the NYPD and only did it for fun to get out of school, to help others and see the world.

The pair went back on patrol with Leon and Kelly, after the driver was taken away and his car towed away on a flatbed….that was a sad thing to see. Watching such an expensive car being towed away to be put in a storage yard where it will rot for months awaiting its owners court date, versus being driven VERY FAST on a track where it truly belongs.

Over the next hour the twins patrolled in their unit and never had to respond to any calls as it was a very quiet day, they pulled over a few cars for doing REALLY stupid things like left on a red or double parking or the last one was a very lost tourist family that went down a one way street for nearly a dozen blocks till they got spotted!

The next car stood out for its violation by almost hitting a pedestrian crossing in a clearly marked crosswalk, when the small crossover SUV finally came to a stop. The twins hopped right to the job as Leon and Kelly spoke over what to have for lunch.

Rehanna took the lead and approached the SUV’s driver’s side window, “HI can I have your drivers…” She started and was interrupted by a man behind the wheel. “You are harassing me, you mutant hating assholes!” he shouted and Rehanna noted his skin looked kind of scaly and was a bit more of a rainbow in color as she got closer and added with his window rolled down it showed even more…she loved the look if it all instantly!

“Sir till I stopped you and you literally rolled down the window. I didn't know that you were a mutant…but.” she started and was interrupted again by the guy in the passenger seat that had a slight blue glow to the center of his eyes . “You bastards are always on our mutant necks and trying to kill us all!”

That is when Rehanna leaned into the SUV’s window and let her spell glamor fall away and showed all the guys in the car that she was a DROW! “Listen here you two fuckers I am a mutant too…so SHUT THE FUCK up and take the ticket and make this easy for me!” she warned.

“Ohhh shit you are one of us?” he asked.

“I am one of ME, a very proud Sidhe, a fae or DROW and give me some credit and give some to the NYPD as they have MUTANTS on the force too!” she growled back as he handed over his info and she ran the offered card with a quick swipe on her data pad, then started berating the driver again, “Ahhh I see why you are so mad…unless all of these over three dozen felonies are false and I seriously doubt it…you bring each encounter you have with the NYPD on yourselves when you STEAL! So cut out the “I am a victim” crap PLEEEEASSE!”

A few minutes later Rehanna was done filling out a ticket for failing to stop and she handed the data pad over to the driver, “Sign here as a promise to appear and I will print you a copy….and here is my contact card if you feel I was singling you out because you are a mutant…this card IS me, use it and make a complaint.”

Just after lunch the unit/shop was rolling down a side street off one of the main avenues of the island when a SUV just flatly blew a stop sign right in front of them and while speeding! Leon was instantly on its tail and it pulled over to a few “whooops” of the shop’s siren.

Just after the SUV stopped, Kelly was working on pulling up its plate info and the twins stepped out of the back seat, “We got it.” Rohanna said, taking the lead towards the driver’s door with Rehanna covering the side.

At the SUV’s rear Rohanna stopped at the bumper and tapped a small clear sticker to the tail light, most cops tapped a finger to leave a print as evidence that “this is the car that shot me!” but in the twins case they did not have fingerprints to leave…so they had these stickers made up before their first day on the job with the NYPD!

“It’s armored like a tank” she gave her twin next, “and I am not liking this one for some reason?” she gave her twin mentally, as normally a driver would have rolled their window down by now or at least look like they are getting paperwork ready…this guy was doing none of that so far.

Rehanna heard that and gave Leon ‘three’ outstretched fingers to show code three or Ohhh shit! to him. He “ahhhh hummed’ over to Kelly who was preoccupied with working on the shop’s computer and he stopped tapping on the small terminal instantly. Kelly took the hint and yanked the unit’s rifle free of its mount as he stood up out of the unit’s door and kept his eyes glued to the SUV! Next Rehanna gave the SUV a knock on the rear to tell him it was armored.

Kelly nodded back and leaned back into the unit, opened the glove box where the extra ammo was kept and pulled a red marked magazine from the holder there. He swapped out the rifle’s existing ammo mag for this one and racked a new round into the chamber, then went back to low ready with the rifle out of sight of anyone in the SUV.

Rohanna kept walking to the driver’s window slowly after Rehanna told her mentally “everyone is ready back here” as she got nearer to the window it started to roll down to half way where it stopped and she spoke, “Ahhh driver roll that all the way down if you can, we have paperwork to do for that stop si…” is all she got out before a short barreled machine gun slid out of the barely open window and started blasting away at her!

She dropped her ticket pad from her left hand on the spot and whipped up her arm to form a magical shield on it to stop or at least deflect the rain of bullets. Even with her speed three shots struck her body, one mid chest that blew right through her NYPD issued vest like it was not even there and that one hurt badly. But her own magical armor she wore under her uniform shirt saved her from death on that bullet. The next one just grazed her side doing nothing and the last one blew through the ticket data pad and hit her shoulder with a glancing blow that would leave a bruise for all to see tomorrow!

Her free right hand thought to go for her sidearm, but she knew even the cannon forty-five she carried could do nothing versus this tank and even if she carried armor piercing ammo in the darn thing, most armor used on a SUV this big would stop even that!

At the same time Kelly sprayed the whole back window of the SUV with his rifle, he noted as the bullets stuck that it shattered far too easily like normal glass would and as it fell to bits, the hole the bullets made revealed that there was a huge armor steel bulkhead covering the whole rear of the SUV…this was a common thing to do for vehicles like this, as the rear would receive the most shots in a running gun fight!

So with her gun being next to useless, Rohanna fell back to what a Drow would do versus what a human cop would and drew her sword from nothing, then shoved it into the side panel of the driver’s door right where the chest of the driver should be…right at level with his heart! The blade’s point was shaped to pierce armor but even with that Rohanna had to LEAN in hard on the blade's hilt to get it shoved past the composite armor that most likely was made up of a sandwich of high grade steel and ceramics.

Just as Rohanna rammed the blade home, through the driver and man shooting at her, Leon stomped on the gas of the police unit, as he at the same time put out a shouted call on the radio “Shots fired...officer hit!” and rammed the rear of the SUV hard shoving it into the rear of the parked car sitting in front of it. Rohanna held onto her blade for dear life as its fine honed edge sliced through the SUV’s door like a steak and cut the man in the driver’s seat in half, just inline with what was left of his already skewered heart…he was VERY dead now, anyone could see by how he slumped in the seat and finally his top part toppled forward over the steering wheel looking like a freshly chopped ham.

As the driver slumped over the wheel nearly split in half at the chest, the window rolled back up shutting off anyway for the twins to get inside the SUV without doing some hard work and as it shut Rohanna jumped back startled at the action.

When that happened to her twin, Rehanna got a bit closer to the SUV’s rear window on the passenger side and with her keen Drow eyes she could see well past the extreme dark tint of the blackened glass. Inside she could only make out one other person, a woman readying yet one more short barreled rifle that looked like a bigger ‘M4’ that the army might use and it was certainly a bigger caliber than a stock gun of that type.

Rehanna SCREAMED at the SUV’s window as she wove a huge spell that glowed to anyone watching…even to the sight of regular non-magic using humans, “Either you drop the weapon, open the door and come out with hands up OR I WILL BLOW OPEN YOUR RIDE WITH AN EXPLOSION SO BIG IT WILL MAKE MICHAEL BAY CRY THAT HE DID NOT GET IT ON FILM!”

The woman in the SUV was just staring at Rehanna till a thud on the other side of the SUV spun her head around to see what it was. The LARGE thud was Rohanna stabbing her blade through the driver’s side rear passenger door with a shouted warning, “One way or another you are coming out or we are coming in…whether or not you live through that process is all up to YOU!”

Rehanna got in on the attack now by blasting the side of the SUV with an arcane bolt that shook the car, “I am going to crack that window sooner or later and rip your body right out of there…living or not!”

Then Rohanna gave the SUV’s door yet one more stab right next to the first one, her plan was to make a hole ‘just’ big enough for Violet to slip in and then let madness rain as the Pix was let loose on the woman who just tried to murder her named Drow sister! Violet mentally shouted to Rohanna as she worked the blade free of the door and rammed it home again, “A few more like that and I can get in there and skin her alive!”

The woman inside the SUV could see that Rohanna was making progress at the door and that Rehanna was blasting the other side of the SUV with yet one more spell that was bigger than the last one…It was clear that a few more blows by spells or stabs from that blade, that one of them would get into the SUV with her and then death by their hands was a very possible outcome.

Knowing defeat was coming the woman shrugged, yanked the magazine out of her rifle and tossed it down in such a way that Rehanna could clearly see it, “I give up!” she shouted, “Don’t shoot me when I open the door?” she asked…begged knowing all too well after her partner blasted away at a cop with a machine gun on a city street, any cop shooting her right now would not even get questioned on the matter of her death.

The rear door of the SUV opened nearest Rehanna and she yanked the door handle out of the woman's hand as she drew her sidearm, “Get out, hands up and don’t even think to get froggy!” she barked angrily.

Kelly saw that the attacker was coming out and quickly came up to the side of the SUV covering Rehanna’s backside. On the other side of the SUV Leon grabbed his own rifle and leapfrogged forward to cover Rohanna on the street side in case someone in the SUV was hiding from sight.

As the woman fully exited the SUV Rehanna reholstered her gun and grabbed the woman like a rag doll and spun her towards Kelly, “You cuff her, as I am thinking to hurt her real bad for trying to kill my other half!” that is when the first cars among many rolled up and both cops lept out to cover them,

Kelly was on the woman slamming her onto the SUV’s side, “Don’t even think of doing something silly will end badly for you if you do!” he growled as he cuffed her and gave her a quick pat down looking for weapons.

Rehanna sent Lilac buzzing into the SUV, as the smaller Pix was an insanely small target to even be hit by anyone and she cleared the SUV in a second without exposing anyone else to the danger that might hide inside it. Lilac gave Rehanna a mental sigh, “all clear…no stinky humans left in here!” and that is when Rehanna keyed her mike, “All clear code four”

With the SUV clear, Rehanna hit the door’s unlock button opening the all the SUV’s doors and with a ‘click’ Rohanna yanked open the driver’s door to check on the driver she had cut nearly in half, “Yep he is going cold, call the morgue guys to pick this one up and they will need two bags for this one or a board to hold all of him together!”

Rehanna grabbed the woman’s rifle off the SUV’s floor and found it was a new fifty caliber Beowolf with armor piercing rounds in the magazine. If this rifle had hit either twin, it would be only their use of magic shields that saved them from harm or death.

Leon ran over to Rohanna’s side instantly, “You good?” he asked, starting to rip off her body armor vest to check for any wounds. He did this as a person that is shot might not even feel until they drop unconscious or dead!

“I am fine Leon buddy,” she said, helping take off the vest, “My own armor saved my hide…your darn NYPD vest could not stop shit in my opinion!” she barked rubbing at the growing bruise in the middle of her chest.

“You good not any cracked ribs or anything else?” Leon had to ask after seeing her slightly pained face from her rubbing the spot in question, right where the bullet landed.

“Not me, my darn bones are stronger than steel. BUT it hurts and I so want to bust up that chick cause this guy is dead!” Roahnna growled as she started to take pics of the whole SUV inside and out, making sure to grab where each weapon was found and note who had it or more importantly used it. She went inch by inch over the SUV with pictures to make sure the ‘defense’ would not have a leg to stand on that anything was planted by the twins!

Kelly waved Rehanna over to him and the woman, “Give her the once over and be very thorough…we gotta note everything!” he said, taking out his own camera as Rehanna went through the lady’s pockets. At each step or item found it was bagged and tagged all by itself and then all noted and placed in one more sealed and signed off bag so that each time the evidence is interacted with it can be tracked. If a cop did not seal and track each and every piece of evidence correctly from the start, it was a ‘get out of jail free’ card in most cases.

All of them had barely got through the first step of gathering evidence before the first of a dozen plus NYPD units showed up behind the first unit to get there. If a cop put out a call of “shots fired” and then added “Officer hit!” that basically kicked the top off an ant hill and even the commissioner of the whole PD was going to show up REAL SOON!

Rehanna went over the woman once again after she had just finished to be VERY sure, she even checked her mouth and teeth for hidden poisons! As that is what Rehanna would use on herself in the past, if she had failed to kill a target and got caught! She even went over the woman suspect two more times and was now VERY sure the woman was disarmed and thoroughly checked for evidence, “All done, I even know your underwear size and girl please how do you afford two hundred dollar silk underwear?” she got only a smile back versus and answer

That is when she videotaped and had Kelly video tape her giving the woman her rights off a printed card and Rehanna stuck to the card’s each word.
“So do you understand your rights and wish to give up your rights and want to talk to us?” she asked, hoping this woman ws stupid and wanted to get chatty.


“You sure? Rehanna asked again.

“Fuck you…lawyer!” is all the woman barked.

After the first few units showed up, the watch sergeant showed up next and was checking on even before he did anything else, Rohanna, “You good?” he had to ask after seeing her dressed in just her own magical armor and no NYPD vest or issued shirt.

“I am fine, “ she said, pulling the bullet that had hit her from the last layer of the NYPD armor, “If I had not been wearing my own under your issued stuff, I’d be hurt or very dead!”

“Good to hear…after the detectives get here from IA and go over the shoot. You go to the hospital and get checked out and photographed for that bruise I bet you have under that armor of yours?” he said next, then pointed to the bullet, “Make sure that gets tagged as coming from your vest and take pics! Heck just bag the whole vest and the bullet!”

After talking to Rohanna he waved to the next pair of cops that had arrived, “Follow her as she gathers evidence and make sure it's all done right AND check off each item with her…I DO not want this asshole woman walking on this!”

Not too much longer the detectives for IA and officer involved shooting showed up and one opened the drivers door as his first item to check on, “So you stabbed and cut this man in half over just shooting him with a gun?” he asked. (IA or internal affairs…AKA the cop’s for COPS!)

“Yep and if you didn't notice ‘buddy’...” Rohanna said sarcastically, “This thing is a FUCKING TANK and a department issued sidearm is not even denting it…so YES I stabbed him with my pointy stick to save my life!”

“Hey I just had to ask…it’s all policy,” he said moving on to the shooter’s rifle and he took it’s magazine off, then popped a round off the top of it, “Sheeesh this guy wanted you very dead! These darn things will blow through a vest easily. So what stopped him from killing you?” he asked, puzzled.

“My own armor I…no WE wear under NYPD issued and then add my magic shield I tossed up. Without that magic shield of mine, even my own armor would not have lasted through all the bullets he sent flying at me!” Rohanna said, pointing out her own personal armored top and the mark the bullet made on it.

“So let's start going over each step, then take you over to the hospital to get checked out and pics taken…then we videotape an interview on this and finally write it all out” he sighed knowing this was going to be a long day, a VERY long day.

As the detective said that he wanted the one of the twins to go to the hospital as part of the report, Leon grabbed his phone and called his nephew at Whateley, “Hey Tony ahhhh one of the twins got shot,” he started before his nephew interrupted him worried, WHO…what!”

“It’s fine…she is fine. I just need to know who to talk to at your place on this?” he asked,

“I’ll get a call over to Sam…the head of security and have her give you a call!” and he hung up right then.

It was not even twenty minutes later when Leon’s phone rang,”Hello?” he asked the unknown and unlisted call.

“Officer Leon, this is Sam Everheart and I run a certain school’s security. I am told that you are dealing with one of my injured students?” the female voice on the line asked and stated.

“Yes I’m Leon and she is just fine.” he said.

“So what is going on then?”

That is when Leon went over the whole encounter as quickly as he could and added that Rohanna had to go to the hospital soon to get checked and have pics taken for evidence.

“I understand and will be there in about twenty minutes!” Sam told him.

“That fast?”

“I have been working on this since Tony told me what happened to the twins and we have other porters available than them…I need your address please to get to you? She asked and he gave their location.

Not even ten minutes had passed by when a blonde girl came up to Leon, “Officer Garibaldi?” she asked.

“Yes…and please stand back, we are still active in gathering evidence.” he said flatly, keeping an eye on the work being done by the twins and the detectives.

“Leon, I am Sam from the school, I told you I would be coming to be sure my students are cared for and protected legally.” the blonde said and the girl looked more teen than a person that ran a whole private school's security department!

“They are over there and just finishing up on their part of evidence e gathering and next they will go to the hospital to get checked out. Then we all write reports on this mess for the rest of the night till noon is my bet!” he sighed out long and hard…certainly exhausted by the whole thing and what was to come.

Not too much later one of the detectives broke away from the evidence gathering with the twins and strolled over towards Leon, “No we go down there and take a few pic’s” is what Sam overheard the lady detective say as they came nearer.

Leon stepped up to the three, “This is one of the legal guardian’s of the twins and she will be accompanying us to the hospital to protect the twins rights as minors.” he said flatly, as if it was a fact and not in question…at all in his mind.

“As long as she doesn't get in the way.” the detective said.

“I will ‘get in the way’ all I want or this ends right now and you get nothing!” Sam barked as an ex-SEAL only could.

The detective looked at Rohanna and she shrugged back, “Don’t look at me…she has an army of lawyers on her side and tons of law books that say she is right.”

“But you are a NYPD officer first.” the detective stated.

“Nope she or they are protected TEENS first!” Sam barked in response!

All the detective could do in reply was sigh in defeat, Sam knew the laws better and had the legal muscle to call any bluff made on this point by any cop, the NYPD and most of the federal government!

Sam smiled to lure the detective into a VERY false sense of control,“We will cooperate as long as certain VERY certain conditions are met and they are not that bad. I will go over them all with you after we get to the hospital…so where is your car so we all can get started on this?” Sam added in next in a more friendly tone, as she had laid the groundwork of a person not to be messed with and was the clear winner of the debate!

The defeated detective waved over to her car and Sam rode to the hospital in that car, as the twins rode in with Leon in their unit and shortly they would all arrive at the hospital. But before leaving Leon checked that all the shop’s cameras were unplugged and tossed all their body cam’s in a box in the shop’s rear before they drove off. Then asked the pair as he drove, “Now that we are alone, are you okay?” he asked kindly, worried about the pair.

“This is not even close to our first rodeo coming close to death and we have been far far closer and hurt far worse.” Rehanna said watching the sight of NYC pass by her window.

“I’ll get you the video of the last time ONLY for you and Kelly if you understand that we protected our own and are not monsters or murders” Rohanna added.

“That bad?” he asked.

“Very bad, they wanted to charge us with murder, till someone pointed out we stopped a massacre during our own self defense.”


“Yep ohhh like in ‘ohh whoops sorry’ as in today was not the only time we cut a guy in half or blasted a person to bits with a spell Leon…life is not a safe thing to us and that is why we like this job. We can possibly stop someone else from having a bad day like we have had in our past, by working with and for the NYPD…like the New Jersey kidnapping deal we just did!”

Once at the hospital Sam pulled out a data pad from her messenger bag and handed it over to the detective, “Read and sign this or we stop right now.”

The detective read off the legal document quickly, “What do you mean only one pic of the damage to her body and only one printed copy that YOU give me that MUST not have copies made or the NYPD is liable for millions!?” she asked if this was true or a joke?

“Yes, you get ONE picture for both the prosecutor and the defense, no copies, no xeroxes and no digital prints are to be made EVER and after the case is done one way or the other, WE get that ONE copy back.” Sam said flatly and the tone in her voice was not giving an inch!

“I gotta send this up to the DA to read over.”

“Well send it, there is a box right there for an e-mail to be sent of all of this contract, just enter the address. As I knew you could not go forward alone without someone higher up signing off and please note that I am always one step ahead of you all at all times!”

As the detective sent the e-mail and waited for a response back, Leon arrived with the twins and stepped up to Sam’s window, “What is the hold up?” he asked as Sam tapped the window switch down.

“Waiting on legal stuff as the twins are not your run of the mill NYPD cops and I know you understand why…personally Leon. I do this for all my kids.” she said without saying that she protected his nephew too, but did not say it with words or names, to protect him and the boy silently!

“Got it Sam”

“But you can go in and find the doctor we are going to see and make sure they are fine with seeing a mutant and have a private lockable room ready for any exam that I will witness as their guardian.”

“Got it!” he said walking off with the twins in tow right behind him and once inside he asked about the doctor from the ER desk nurse. Leon walked down the long ER room to where the doctor was at with another patient and waited for her to exit that exam room.

“Are you Doctor Quinn?”
(dr Quinn medicine woman, note I actually knew the man that did sound mixing for this TV show)

“Yes officer and if you are here for that exam, we are ready for her in room four.” she said walking along with Leon and looking back at the twins, “So which one of you got shot and where?” she asked even though Rohanna already had her top off and was showing her own leather armor at the time.

“This one doctor,” Leon said as they all filed into the room and Rehanna closed the door behind them. “And do you know that they're both mutants and you are okay with that?”

“Yes I know that…heck it's obvious to anyone with them being teens at best and cops! Only mutants get to do that job anytime before they become full legal adults.”

“I was told to ask about this and a few other items…does this room lock so that this is all private and we have to wait for their guardian to come. She is just outside doing some paperwork.” Leon added in.

“I can wait, but not all night I have other patients to get to.” she said walking into another exam room to handle that patient while Sam was coming.

Shortly Sam came walking into the ER and the detective did not look happy, “Looks like she is not happy with signing off on a stack of my school’s paperwork!” Rohanna sassed as they came closer.

“Darn right…I just signed off on my life, all to get just one picture in this case.” the detective growled back.

“Protection of students is all I am asking…simple. It's not a pound of flesh?” Sam told her back.

“Let’s get this done, so we can go get the ton of reports on this mess finished before I graduate!” Rehanna sighed long and hard, as she knew hours of tapping in a report on a computer lay ahead for all.

Both twins led the way into the room with the doctor right behind them and next was the detective, with Sam. Leon stayed outside the exam room, being the only guy around and he set up guarding the door as Sam asked him to as she closed the door plus locked it.

“So I am guessing that you are the one that got hurt by you not wearing a vest anymore?” the doctor asked.

“Yes,” Rohanna said as she sat down on the exam table’s edge.

“Can I see the vest and the bullet?”

Rehanna handed over the vest still bagged as evidence and the detective handed over a sealed evidence bag that held the spent bullet, “My my this looks to be armor piercing and went right on through your issued vest…how did it stop before it killed you?”

Rohanna opened up her armor’s top with a pass of her finger that glowed with a spell and as she let her glamor spell that made her look like a blonde cheerleader down. “I am a Sidhe or Fae to you humans and my armor is magically enhanced to take a few hits like that one…several more would have not been fun at all. This one as it is, hurts and BOY look at that bruise!” she said upon seeing the damage the bullet had made for the first time tonight!

The doctor is understandably taken a bit back by Rohanna’s very sudden shift from teen human to scary Drow, “Well this is a first for me…nice skin color though…I really like it!” the doc says as she starts to examine the wound in the center of Rohanna’s chest.

As the doctor works on Rohanna, Sam pulls out a laptop and gives the doctor a camera that was part of the machine’s side panel, “Here…for evidence, one picture only and please let's mask off the rest of her body for privacy reasons.”

“Okay…” she says while grabbing a simple surgical kit and unwraps a paper surgery mask that has a huge square cut out of it, in the middle and places it up to Roahnna’s chest. “Does this work for you?”

“Just fine.” Sam smiles back watching the doctor at work and making sure that all is done to her own satisfaction.

The detective holds a paper measuring tab next to the wound to show its size as the doctor snaps just the one picture that Sam told her too and Sam checks the picture out on her laptop, “Is this good enough? She asks, studying the picture.

“Well it's fine, in focus and covers the whole area. Just what I will need in court to show that she was injured by the shooting.” the detective says and gets out her small notepad and remembers that Rohanna got hit on the shoulder too, “BUT can we get one picture of her arm too, as that is a separate wound.”

“Okay, just the one and the same way we did this one” Sam says in a voice that is more ‘telling’ and not giving an inch!

“If we have too,” Rohanna sighs as she once again uses a spell cast on her finger to open her armor’s top even farther to expose her right side and arm and this time she is a bit more upset at being this uncovered to strangers. “This picture better never get out in public…OR!” she warns all in the room.

“Chill Ro,“ Sam says, “I got this and will handle it all.” she asks in a calm voice.

The doctor takes one more picture that the detective’s checks out to be sure it meets her needs and wants for the case. And with a nod of agreement Sam has the combo laptop printer spit out a single copy of each picture. “Here you go and keep an eye on those or face the consequences in court!” She warned again as she handed over the copies and made notes to the files that these were the ones signed for, then had the detectives sign off on that too…Sam was one that ‘kept all receipts!’

With the pictures all done the doctor started to clean the wound on Roahnn’s chest and was about to give it a cleaning of the dried blood it had covering it, “Doc?” Rohanna said, stopping her hand. “Please use only alcohol or iodine, as any other ointments my sensitive skin might not like. Artificial ingredients can burn Fae skin real easily and it hurts,” she warned.

“Okay…I am learning new things with each second I work on ya. This blood of yours is certainly strange and I noticed your ribs are very strange…and that breast bone too?” she asked the teen

“Overlapping ribs in two layers, all joined by a connecting tissue and each section of my lower abdomen is covered by a separate joined plate that kind of floats a bit.”

“Very interesting, I’d love to see your x-rays?” the doc asked and Sam shook her head to the question, “Not going to happen, if you need something that involved we will go see our own medical staff for it,”

“I understand,” she said, cleaning up the bruise and it certainly stung a bit for Rohanna, “All done on my end.” the doc added as she cleaned up the area and Rehanna grabbed any swabs or wipes that had even a hint of blood on them…gotta keep anything from falling into someone’s hand and being used in a spell that would hurt them. Blood based magic is a very bad thing to Fae and is very deadly in the wrong hands!

“Are we done, now so I can get all this mess written up so the DA can let that woman out with a slap on the wrist and a nice chocolate chip cookie?” Rohanna asked and jested about how lenient crime was punished in NYC!

“We are all done here, so let's get back to the precinct and get to those reports. Gotta be all done tonight,” the detective nodded to the question and added in the work ahead for all.

The twins were first out the door after they got dressed back up, not wanting to wait around a hospital any longer than they had too. Leon was waiting just outside and knew what both were just dying to hear, “Let’s get back to the station to meet up with Kelly and Sam you can ride with us…as I just know the detective has to get back to the crime scene.”

Once back at the precinct house, the pair of Drow listened in on one of the detectives interrogate the woman from the SUV and all she ever said was one sentence with slight variations, “Where is my lawyer” or “I say nothing till my lawyer is here”

“Well she certainly clammed up!” Rehanna said, switching off the speaker from the room, “Let one of us in there free rein and she will SING like a bird in about ten minutes max!” she grinned evilly.

“We don’t torture our suspects Rehanna,” Kelly said.

“Who said anything about physical harm…the best info is gained with a bit of mental pressure. The human mind is so very easy to influence in certain ways.” Rohanna said speaking from experience!

“I don’t want to know…do I?” he had to ask.

“Nope…best you don’t,”

As they exited the room overlooking the interrogation room with its trademark one way mirror. The woman’s attorney finally showed up and wanted the room to talk to his ‘client’ in private. “Hummm that lawyer almost works exclusively for ‘The Syndicate’ and basically is their best. I wonder who or what is funding him for his time with this small fish? That guy costs about a thousand per hour!” Leon said.

Rehanna mentally noted the lawyer for later, with his suit that cost at least five thousand and a very collectible Rolex watch that had to worth over three or four hundred thousand easy. Surely the pair would see people like him in the decades to come, if they stuck to a path of maybe doing some work for “The Syndicate” in the transportation of people or items? They had already been contacted a few times so far for that type of work!

So for the next two hours the twins worked on a report of the whole SUV shooting mess and had to make sure that they kept one twin’s viewpoint totally separate from the other on one report being written and doing just that was hard at times because the pair was blended just that much when it came down to combat. In other situations, the pair were growing to be two VERY separate individuals in many ways!

Both Kelly and Leon checked over the pair's work and their own several times, as a case like this was going to be under a microscope at best. Sooner or later several detectives would go over the shooting and death of the man. The way that Rohanna had ended the man was strange and not exactly by the book, but when the NYPD recruited mutants onto the payroll, they understood that strange incidents like this would happen more and more over the years.

Kelly, being the most senior officer of the four handed all four stacks of reports over to the watch commander, “All done and checked three times.”

“Thanks Kelly, I know you did your best and tell the twins that the commish asked if they were okay. He just got busy holding back the media waves that heard about a guy getting cut in half at a shootout…you know them, strange things on TV sells airtime adverts!”

“You got it and I’ll tell the twins they have desk jobs or just not to come in tomorrow and go back home. I really hate doing that to them, this job gets their minds off other things grinding on them I am sure and it's like a mini vacation to them as strange as it sounds?” Kelly said, clearly not happy over the matter, but the rules of the NYPD on shooting were laid out in stone decades ago.

With his chore done handing in all the unit’s reports on the incident, Kelly walked back into the break room where he knew the twins would be hanging out with Leon and the Pixies chowing down on donuts or other sugary snacks to get recharged after all the madness of the day.

“Well we are all done for the day, we have desk duty till this clears up and you two can do what you want to. Stay and be bored to tears or leave and have some fun before you go back to school?” Kelly said, pouring himself a cup of coffee and grabbing a granola bar from the basket of them on the counter.

“Awww SHU!” Rohanna signed, and Rehanna got “VITH” out as her protest. “We wanted to work the whole weekend and not go back to school half done, why did that guy want to die?” (Shit–fuck translated from drow)

“Who knows?” Leon shrugged, “They still might get something out of the woman in the back seat even though she lawyered up?”

“We can only hope it pans out, but since we gotta go? You can catch us in town till we leave in the morning!” Rohanna said as she stood up leaving with her twin on the way to the parking lot.

“You know guys, let us all go home, get showered and clean up AND DRESS UP a bit you two. You both grab the wives and let’s meet up at our hotel, then we treat you all to dinner?” Rehanna said with a smile, that kind of smile that did not take a ‘no’ as answer well!

Leon shrugged to Kelly, “Why not, it will get my wife off my back for not taking her out as much as I really should!”

All Kelly could do was smile, “Meet you two in about three hours?” he asked and looked at his watch, timing out mentally how fast he could get home, clean up and grab the wifey!





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NYC Traffic Rules

FYI, a right turn on a red light, after stopping, is illegal in NYC, unless signage explicitly authorizing the action is present.

I highly appreciate the action in this episode.


Did I miss a chapter somewhere?

Rereading this and just noticed how the woman enslaving them never was solved just skipped right by

she is still there

shadowsblade's picture

she is still there,

I just don't have her in each story as she does not use them that much, but she still hold them as slaves to her will and I am working on that story can find small hidden hints on this placed here and there....very well hidden!

Proud member of the Whateley Academy Drow clan/collective

Did I miss a chapter somewhere?

Rereading this and just noticed how the woman enslaving them never was solved just skipped right by