Between Roles - 9 - You Can Do That?

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Art by LariUmbreon

Art by LariUmbreon

So, funny story. I first learned about transition through a doc about detransitioners. There I was at the age of 12, in the middle of the night watching TV in my room, and the news started this special on the three people. I was, for lack of a better word, enthralled. Of course I'd seen it in cartoons and movies, but I didn't think that you could ACTUALLY become a girl. It was very eye-opening to me, and it became an obsession throughout my young teens. It was about at this point I started to understand what being trans even was, and started looking up all sorts of things about transition and found my way to stories about boys turning into girls and the like. It was certainly an eventful time for lil' me, and the start of a very long journey. Even found myself here on Big Closet to read a lot of crossdress and TG fiction; so thank you BC for helping me find myself that early in my gender journey~ ♥


Panel 1:

TV: "Tonight on LMNOP News: We explore the lives of three different men. Who each became women and went back. -- "So here you are having gotten breast implants after being on hormones, working your way through reassignment surgery --""

Lari: "Wait... You can do that? Whoa... You can change your body THAT MUCH?"

Panel 2:

TV: ""And after a while, I realized that I was still fairly unhappy. I realized that being a woman wasn't for me." -- "And he went back to living as a gay man. Hoping that maybe he could find someone who wouldn't mind that he's still physically female downstairs.""

Lari: "But why would you go back to being a boy? You were so pretty... I wish I could be that pretty..."

Panel 3:

TV: ""There really was no going back at that point. These surgeries are permanent. Bit it's what I wanted at the time, even it's it's hard sometimes now. I just hope I can maybe find the right guy who can look past it." -- "There are times that I miss being 'her,' but I don't think it'd be worth it to risk losing my friends and family over."

Lari: "I'd be so happy if i could have all of that and get to be a girl! I'd never go back!"

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