Father’s Day Surprise – 7 Epilogue

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Father’s Day Surprise – 7

By Jessica C

Laura and Chad’s wedding was the one project that meant a lot to Heath in the late spring. Darby was pacing herself so that she too could attend the wedding of their daughter’s childhood friend, Laura. But Darby insisted that Heather needed to be in her best appearance for the wedding. She and Heather agreed Heather would not dress up to compete with the wedding party, but to dress in good taste, she needed a nice dress and another salon appointment.

Heather had chosen a darker red dress for the wedding and a simpler dress when she met Laura as she was trying on her gown for her last fitting. Laura got what she wanted as she flirted with the camera during her fitting. Two shots were reserved for Laura in the lingerie she would wear on her wedding night. Laura’s mother was not allowed to be around, only her Maid of Honor and her photographer. Laura was happy that she got Aubrey’s father as Heather to blush to a crimson red.

Heather’s appointment at Guinevere’s Salon this time would take up a good part of Heather’s day. It would include the steam room, a massage, time in the spa’s flowing pool, a brunch, and only then would it include the pedicure, manicure, and her hair and a makeover. How much Heath/Heather had been doing and the toll it had taken, became obvious with her massage. The massage took extra time as her muscles were tight and she needed to unwind.

Gwen dared to whisper to Heather, “Thanks for coming in, you are in great need of someone taking care of you. Do not put it off too long.” Heather did not answer, but to say, “In time, but not yet. Thanks.”

Being at the rehearsal would be short but important for Heather. She would identify the participants and decide where she could station herself during the course of the wedding. This particular pastor officiating the wedding was cool to Heather, but both were professional and would make do.

The Bridal party was beautiful and the Groom was very good, the groomsmen were characters to say something kind. Fortunately, the Bridegroom talked to a groomsman just before he got carried away too far. There was no shortage of good times. The wedding was memorable. Laura and Chad gave Darby and me time for a dance.


A week later Darby’s health took another turn that would send her back to the hospital. Earlier the day before Darby went back into the hospital, Marie DuBois had called asking to speak to Heather. Heath was, in fact, in Heather mode at Darby’s request.

Darby, not feeling well, often wanted the attention of another woman over the image of Heath taking care of her. Come evening and when they were sleeping it was usually when Heath was wanted.

Heather and Marie talked; it was about Heather’s significant other, Walter. Walt had a need to talk to Heather; not about getting together, he was sensitive to knowing that wasn’t going to happen soon. Could Walt call and talk to Heather?

That transpired and Walt was asking to be let go from their agreement to be exclusive. The emotionally charged talk of Walter confirmed he still cared for Heather, but that he too had needs for another person in his life. It was now June and it had been October since they were last with one another.

Heather had dreamt of Walt’s loving presence with her, and it was a source of help, but she wouldn’t mention that as she cared for Walter as well as Darby. They congenially agreed to separate despite their love for the other.

Heather went to the hospital with Darby, Aubrey came soon after and was followed by her brothers Kent and Calvin. Darby was stable but not well. Kent had pictures of grandson Brett and it did bring a smile to Darby’s face.

Darby made it home with hospice care, and even Heath accepted that Darby wasn’t likely to get better or live long. It became a matter of two months; in August Darby died. One picture of Darby and Heath showed his other side in a picture of Darby and Heather dancing at Laura’s wedding.


It was late October before Heather called Walt to see if a date was possible. Walt had misgivings about getting together, but that was before their first dance, and Heather’s passion for him, had them together for the night. They would date the coming year and Heath was now looking more like a male version of Heather.

Aubrey and Kevin would marry in spring with Heath as the father of the bride with a picture of her mother present. Kevin and Aubrey were given the homestead as a wedding present. It would allow a third warm place for family gatherings. Heather had bought a bungalow a block behind the Anders Photography Studios

Calvin and Carla Anders warmed up to Heath being Heather. And when it came time for family gatherings Heather was now usually preferred as she looked more natural. Heath in a suit coat did not fit with Heather’s body.

It was another year before the extended family became comfortable with Heather and Walter as an item.

The End

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