(Rewritten) Doom Valley Prep School: Chapter 57

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Doom Valley Prep School
Chapter 57
New And Unwanted Feelings

It was one of my worst nightmares.

I was naked in the middle of a crowded city street and everyone was looking at me. My nemesis, who had threatened to kill me twice, and was just as naked as I was, was holding me tightly against his chest. Our clothes had completely vanished, sucked up by a street cleaning machine, which was going on it's merry way completely ignoring us. And I couldn't breathe.

Reginald had tensed up. His already tight grip had become even harder, making my ribs bend and creak.

Twisting my hand around, I was able to scratch his heavily muscled stomach. His look of shock and horror turned to surprise, when he saw my tear stained face turning purple from lack of air. Jumping to his feet he tried to cover himself with his hands.

Sitting up, I brought my knees up to my chest and hugged them with all my strength trying to protect whatever was left of my dignity. Clarice came running over, and held her hat in front of me. Through my tears, I saw Gold hand Reginald a pink hat. It was the one I'd bought him as a joke, somehow it had been saved from the street cleaner. As if for a cosmic joke, the trainee paladin still had his belt and sword along with a few scraps of his pants hanging uselessly from the belt loops.

“Just wait a moment, I'll get you something to wear,” Clarice said, running into a nearby tourist store.

Reginald stiffly walked to the nearest wall and stood with his back to it. He held the pink hat in front of his crotch. His face was slowly turning a brilliant red as embarrassment overcame his horror.

Gold knelt down beside me. “Here put this on,” he said, handing me his shirt.

Putting it on, I realized my breasts had gotten bigger. They weren't demon size, but they were the big ones Micheal had given me the second time he'd dosed me. They were so big, the shirt was stretched tight over my chest, leaving my bottom uncovered, so I didn't dare stand up.

The crowd was watching with a mix of curiosity, horror, and far too much interest for my liking. A few of them stood around me, facing outwards so it was harder for my unwanted admirers to get a peek. I could still see some of them trying to get a good look at me. Sniffling and hiding my face I felt my ears stretch and my hearing was suddenly a lot better.

I'd been warned that stress would make my RTS come back, and now it had.

What next, turn into a demon and burst into flame?

Clarice came back a few minutes later with clothes for Reginald and I.

While she and a helpful bystander held up two towels for me, I quickly put on the neon green with pink polka dots bikini, matching t-shirt, and flip-flops. Thanks to my new assets the t-shirt was more of a crop top. Looking down at myself, my eyes went screwy from the hideous pattern.

“Sorry, Petra. They were the only thing I could find that would fit,” Clarice said.

“I'm not naked anymore. I can't complain,” I replied, sniffing noisily.

My cat ears bent uncomfortably from the ugly sun hat that was covered in tropical fruit. At least it would help ward off sun stroke. And anyone who tried to get a good look at my body would be sickened by the unnatural colours.

I went over to give Gold back his shirt, and stopped dead in my tracks. Reginald was wearing an outfit a lot like mine. He had the neon green with pink polka-dot shorts and a similarly coloured tropical shirt. On almost anyone else the clothes would be baggy, on him they were skin tight. The bottoms looked like short-shorts and left nothing to the imagination. The shirt couldn't be buttoned up, and the short sleeves had already ripped along the seams. His tanned and extremely muscular body was technically clothed, but he was getting a lot of admiring looks from the ladies, and envious ones from the men.

Looking around, I realized that I was getting similar looks, just with the genders reversed. Hunching down, I whispered to Clarice, “I think we should head back now.”

“I wish we could, but we need to see the other locations,” she said.

“I look like an idiot!”

“We can try to find some new clothes as we go. Come on, we're doing this for you. Suck it up and let's get this over with.”

She was right. This was all for me, I couldn't back out now.

I went over to Reginald who looked miserable. Remembering how he'd just seen me naked a few minutes before, I couldn't look him in the face. Seeing his chest, which was nicely tanned and really muscular, I thought about how it had felt being pressed up against it. That was too embarrassing, I looked lower down, and found myself looking at his ugly and way too tight shorts.

Nope! Wasn't going to look at that.

My eyes went down to his feet. Those were safe.

“Um... thanks... for... um... saving me,” I said. “Sorry... about the clothes.”

“I promised my parents I would help you,” he said. It sounded like he was talking through gritted teeth. “I keep my word.”

“Yeah, I know.” Nervously I began playing with my hair. “We have some more things to see. We shouldn't, you know, let this ruin our day. Right?”

“Whatever you say.”

He turned and started walking the way we'd been heading until fate had decided I needed to be humiliated again. Clarice wrapped my arm in hers, while holding onto Gold with her other hand, and got me moving.

As we walked I couldn't help but look at Reginald who was clearing the sidewalk for us. He may have looked ridiculous, but he was also huge, armed, and probably had an expression that would make a dragon run away. My eyes fell on his butt. It was really, really tight. Even the neon green colour and pink polka-dots couldn't take away from how well muscled it was.

I suddenly realized just what I was looking at, and who it belonged to. Jerking my eyes away, I looked at the colourful stalls and stores that were full of fancy foods, artwork, jewellery, pictures, magical animals, and things that tourists would need or want. I bought a new demon eye so I could keep taking pictures, using Clarice's money for it, since my bag had gone the same way as my clothes.

Still, even as I desperately tried to keep my eyes averted, I kept sneaking glances at Reginald. I couldn't help it. When we stopped to play tourist, I'd see his chiselled stomach out of the corner of my eye. Just moving his arm would make the muscles seem to ripple under his flawless skin that forced me to watch. Crouching down to fix his flip flop showed off thighs that were as thick as my waist, who wouldn't look at that?

What was going on?

I'd never been interested in guys before. Why was I suddenly so interested in a boy? And it was Reginald! He'd tried to kill me twice already. And he was so annoying!

Then some memories I'd tried to repress insisted on popping up. I'd been kind of interested in Rocky and his muscles. When I'd been drugged I'd even called him my precious and tried to make him interested in me.

Did I really like boys?

Had I always liked boys?

I knew I liked girls. That hadn't changed at least.

But maybe this was all down to Micheal's potion. He wanted the perfect girlfriend, so she'd have to like boys. Maybe it had just taken a while to affect me.

Yes. That made sense. That explained everything. It was all Micheal's fault. When I got back to Doom Valley I'd simply have to kill him and hide the body. That would make everything better.

In the mean time, I just had to remember that Reginald hated me and wanted me dead. Sure he was big, handsome, and on his way to being a hero, which I'd always dreamed about. But that didn't matter. He'd tried to kill me. I should not be looking at his chest and remembering what it felt like to have my breasts tightly pressed up against him.

Bad brain! Stupid hormones! They were going to get me killed.

I forced myself to remember the sword going straight for my throat the night before. He was not a good guy. But a stupid voice in my head, said that he had just saved me from being trampled by a dragon. And he had also saved me from being eaten by goblins.

Nope! That did not change the fact that he was certain I was a horrible villain that was trying to 'taint' his bloodline. Or that he was an annoying, egotistical, jerk, who would talk about himself for hours. Or the countless times he'd shoved me into a cave wall.

My eyes went back to his big muscles and really nice black hair.

I whimpered as I realized my hormones were directly opposing my brain and survival instincts. Reginald turned to look at me, curiosity and annoyance clearly written on his face. Blushing, I started playing with my long hair, not sure what to say or do.

Being trampled by a dragon suddenly seemed far more appealing than my current situation.


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Did Reginald Soften a bit?

It took a bit, but RTS was

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It took a bit, but RTS was always waiting in the background.
And Reginald has softened a tiny bit. He's realizing that Petra is not some mastermind or amazing seductress. In his eyes, she's turning into a bit of a vapid teen girl who is ALSO a seductress.


aww, poor Petra, crushing on a handsome guy . . .


Ears are cute!

Love that she got her ears! Must look cute!

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I keep wishing I could draw, so I could make this into a manga. Because some of Petra's transformations, especially the cat ears would be really cute to see.

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Killing Michael now wouldn't help the problem, but it would be a great stress reliever.

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Stress relief is very important.