Beware of unexpected post, part 1

Beware of Unexpected Post......

It started innocuously enough, a jiffy bag arrived in the post. Inside were a pair of panties, not skimpy lacy ones but full, figure forming ones, like Spanx Pants, but in a solid thin blue latex.

You look at them, feel them, caress them, smell them, you note they have a small nub at the rear of them, but dismiss it as a joining point or seam. They are lovely, you think, but I didn’t buy them.

You investigate the package and find the packing slip, “Welcome to our introductory gift, from the Latex Warehouse Partwork Collection.” Odd you think but ok. You handle the panties some more before thinking, what the hell.

They feel divine, they grip you and warm to your skin temp, and hold you tight and firmly, as if you are being groped all the time. And the meaning of that little nub becomes obvious, every time you sit down in them you feel just a little cheek separation and as if a finger was lightly stroked across your rear hole. They are delicious, you feel you never want to take them off. But you do, later, but even as you go to bed they seem to be calling you…..

You spend a week like this, wearing them around the house, taking them off to wash them, deliberately going without them even though you know you want to wear them. It was while handwashing them in warm water you make the next discovery, if you twisted them just so, the nub would expand, filling with water, not a huge amount, but noticeably.

You smile at the idea and carefully drying them without removing the water filled nub you put them on again, now you can feel that rear tickle as you walk and as you sit a slight pushing into your bumhole. Nothing too extreme but a nice cheeky feeling.

Exactly one week later the next package arrives, a little bigger this one barely fits through your letterbox. You rip it open to find a jumble of latex and another packing note. “Part 2 od the Latex Warehouse Partworks, enjoy the bra and stockings. Part 3 will need a signature and someone home to receive it.”

You look at them, they are the same blue latex, and feel just as delicious in your hands. You shower, wanting to experience them fully and carefully dress yourself, you pull on your panties, savouring their feel, then a thought strikes you and you wonder.

Yes, in the bra cups are more of those strange little nubs, you put the bra into warm water and twist and caress and notice that they too fill up with water. You smile as you put it on, taking a few moments to work out how as it has a complex arrangement of crossover straps but no buckles or fastenings. It feels delicious, the water even ripples you move, caressing your now hard nipples and the enhanced breasts seem to bring your form into even better shape.

You pull on the stockings, again that tight grip as they slide up your smooth legs is delightful. And once on it feels as if you are being caressed all over by soft hands, every step, twist or turn, brings a whole new sensation of being stroked and wrapped in this fine latex….

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