Phillipa Scoff Part 2

When Phillip had got home and explained to his wife what had just happened. She had just rolled her eyes and carried on getting ready for a girls dinner she had planned. Phillip had a brief conversation with his agency and they simply repeated what Stephan had outlined at the meeting. Phillip had spent his time over the next few days mentally preparing himself for just how silly he would look presenting Loose Women, and Ruth’s teleshopping shows on QVQ as a presenter who was used to being on much larger shows.

Sunday morning rolled around and a taxi arrived outside of Phillips house, he got out of bed quietly so not to disturb his sleeping wife. As Phillip got into the taxi he was met by Natasha, one of the coordinators at Loose Women who he had seen before. Natasha was blonde and quite pretty, she was noticeably taller than Philip who stood at just 5’10. Quite frankly it had been hard to miss Natasha as she had had rather large breasts and he had often seen her running down the corridors of ITB clutching ahold of her chest as she did so. She must have been aware of the unwanted attention her chest would bring, as she had had a breast reduction only a year after joining. Phillip began to consider whether maybe he just had not noticed her around ITB studious of late due to her breast reduction attracting her less attention.

Natasha was smirking as she passed Phillip a latte “Morning hun, we have quite the day ahead of us to get you ready for next week, so get some caffeine in you! Driver can you take us to ITB studios please.” Natasha seemed very excited to see him and Phillip could not help but blush with all the attention she was giving him.

It was a short journey to Phillips usual workplace, and as they arrived Phillip spotted the broadcasters producers Katie and Jessie waiting outside to greet him. The two producers looked dressed down from their usual work attire, Jessie wore a more casual dress which showed off a lot of her cleavage, the top of her white lacy bra was also exposed, and Phillip had to do his best to focus on her eyes as he greeted her. Katie wore leggings and a tank top which left little to the imagination, as she seemed to be wearing a very thin bra which had her “pokies” protruding as people in the entertainment business would say. They exchanged pleasantries and Phillip noted how they both kept grinning at the each other as they walked down the corridors towards Phillips dressing room.

Phillip was already feeling unnerved as the two very attractive women, who were now somewhat in charge of his career, led him to his dressing room. The walk down towards the dressing room had been distracting enough with Jessie’s deep neckline exposing her large breasts, with each step she took Phillip could not but help but notice Jessie’s substantial breasts bounce and jiggle. As Katie opened the door three more women were now in Phillips presence.

Katie introduced the three women “This is Alisha she will be taking your measurements and will be in charge of your hair, and this is Megan she is helping us today from QVQ she will be your stylist for the week, oh and this is the lovely Daniella she is makeup”. The three women all smiled kindly to Phillip “now we have a tight schedule today so let’s get a move on girlies, first things first we need you to have a shower and then we will do measurements”.

Phillip tried not to blush even more as three more beautiful women stood in front of him, two of the girls Phillip had noticed before but Megan he had not seen before. All three women were very well endowed, with Megan’s bust looking particularly impressive as she had a very small frame. Alisha was blonde and stood several inches taller than Phillip, she was was more on the curvier side than Megan and Daniella, but her large chest helped balance her curves out. Daniella and Megan were both about the same height as Phillip, though Daniella wore much heavier makeup and was blonde. Whereas Megan had dark brunette hair, wore less makeup but was dressed in a more stylish skirt and blouse, while the other two girls wore leggings and T-shirts.

Phillip’s new dressing room had its own ensuite shower, and so far Phillip didn’t see how the next week would even be so bad, hell he even had a whole team of people who were meant to be making him look good. Katie asked him to have a 15 minute shower while they prepared the room, and she handed him a pink bottle of body-wash and a gold bottle of shampoo. She emphasised that she wanted Phil to use the body shampoo all over his body and to massage it into his beard , as he was going to have a light spray tan after his shower. Phillip didn’t take this to be anything to worry about, it was normal in showbiz for male presenters to have a light tan, and even to wear light makeup and have their own stylist.

Phillip quickly got in the shower and followed Katie’s instruction to use the body-wash all over his body, as he was doing so he couldn’t help but feel as if the next week would not be so bad, he was getting if not more attention than he usually would, and the next week could be a chance to reach a new audience. These thoughts soon passed as he felt a strange tingling on his body and he slowly realised what little body hair he had was draining down the sink. Phillip quickly rushed out of the shower and looked in the mirror to see that his body hair was completely gone, and even what little peach fuzz he did have was also gone.

Jessie knocked on the door and told him to hurry up as they needed to get the spray tan done as soon as possible. Phillip sighed and dried himself off, he went to reach for one of his bathrobes and saw that it had been replaced with a lilac silk gown. Phillip sighed again and put the unmistakably feminine robe on and opened the door to his dressing room.

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