Between Roles - 12 - Name Game

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Art by LariUmbreon

Art by LariUmbreon

I thought the names were clever. "Between Roles" being stories from my life and bits that happen between voice, relationship, and personal roles, and "Between Rolls" being well, what happens between the dice rolls in a fantasy Dungeons & Dragons setting based on Baldur's Gate 3. Love that kind of synergy.

Wonder how Castina and me would actually get along? What, with her being a gender goddess n' all. I do feel like if I did meet a time-dimensionally displaced duplicate of myself who could change people's bodies and such on a whim, we'd get on very well. Especially if we could have some fun and help people get the bodies they want in the process!~


Panel 1

Robin: "Uh... Don't you think that's gonna get confusing?"
Castina: "Hey, don't look at me. It was NOT my idea."

Panel 2

Robin: So, uh... Since you're here... You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"
Castina: "No, but I can read your mind. Yes. I would like to cause some Gender Chaos!"
Robin: "That's the spirit! I knew I liked you."

Panel 3

Ka-girled Random: "What?? No way! Really??"

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That's kinda funny, but of course you'll change that person back if they don't want it right?

I know who I am, I am me, and I like me ^^
Transgender, Gamer, Little, Princess, Therian and proud :D

RE: xD

LariUmbreon's picture

Oh but, of course! If they don't want it they don't keep it!