A Mime's Job Is Never Done Part 14

Colette and Katrina were out buying new string bikinis. Colette holds up one that caught her attention “what do you think about this one?”
Katrina turns around to look at Colette and the suit she was holding. The color matched Colette’s eyes and the cut of the top section would look nice supporting Colette’s breasts.

“It looks nice. Are you sure you want to wear something so skimpy to your friend’s pool party?”

“Trust me, this is mild compared to what some of the other women wear and what some of the gay guys that will be there. The only person who wears anything smaller is Tina. She’s a ladyboy from Thailand.”

“How did she get here in the states?” Katrina was curious.

“She was a contestant on that drag race program and meet Craig while he was working in California.” Colette knew that when Craig and Tina saw each other, it was love at first sight.

“So, she married Craig?” Katrina knew that was one way to get citizenship.

“Yep, and they have been happily married for the past four years.” Colette picks up a few bottles of suntan lotion. She was almost out.

After shopping for new swimsuits, they visit a gadget store Colette likes going to. Katrina was amazed at the place.

“What are you getting here?” Katrina knew Colette had a lot of places she shops at.

“A few specialties item. I showed Frances’s picture to my neighbor and he said that he looked like the guy that came out of my apartment.”

“So, your thinking it might be Frances?”

“Yeah. What did your criminal search turn up?” Colette knew Katrina did a background search on a few suspects.

“Other then a few traffic tickets. Frances doesn’t have a history of attacking and drugging women.” Katrina was surprised that his police record was pretty clean.

“Well, we’ll see.” Colette buys a few concealable cameras, a special powder that is revealed when you use a special light and another that reveals itself when the body heats up.

Colette was planning on mixing it with her suntan lotion. That way when someone grabs her, the color will give the person away. She wishes there was a way to detect if someone was using a date rape drug in her drink, but there wasn’t.

Katrina was impressed by Colette’s sneaky idea. She wonders if Colette’s plan will work. After shopping for some spy gadgets and chemicals. The two of them stop at a nearby restaurant to have some lunch.

Katrina was glad she took a few days off from work. She was enjoying the time she was spending with her new girlfriend. She was having fun with Colette.

After lunch, and after dropping off Colette’s purchases in her car. They head towards the boardwalk and walk the length of it enjoying the sun.

“I enjoy how nice today is.” Colette looks at Katrina with a smile on her face.

“Me too, sweetie.” Katrina gives Colette’s hand a light squeeze.

The two of them walk together until they get to the end and look out towards the ocean. They stand there watching the seagulls and the waves. There were a few ships out on the water sailing.

“Have you ever been sailing before?” Colette looks at Katrina.

“No, I’ve always wanted too. How about you?” Katrina looks at Colette to watch her facial expression.

“Nope, I wouldn’t mind, though.” Colette would love to go sailing.

“We’ll have to see how much that would cost.” Katrina wouldn’t mind.

Colette leans her head against Katrina and just watch the waves. She has never felt like this about anyone before. They stand there for a while, before turning and heading back towards the car.

The next day, Colette wakes up in her own bed. Katrina had to go to work and fill in for one of the officers. She knew Katrina wanted to spend the day with her, but Katrina was a decided cop.

Colette didn’t mind, because it gave her time to make some adjustments to her straw hat and clean the thermal cup she bought yesterday. It had a hidden camera and recorded voices when it detected someone talking.

Colette throws on a simple camisole and a pair of shorts. She doesn’t bother with a bra or panties. She was going to go commando today. She sits down at her work bench and secure the miniature camera and recorder to her straw hat. She tucks it behind the ribbon that encircles the hat.

Once she finishes with the hat, she puts a GPS tracking tag inside the saddles she planned on wearing to the party. This way, Katrina could track her. She wishes she could get something like the trackers they put inside dogs to put inside her.

Since she never wears any earrings while swimming, she wouldn’t start now. However, she wonders if she could put a GPS tracker inside a small baggy like they use to sell crack in, inside her swimsuit? She grabs her new swimsuit and examine the cups. She might be able to hide a tracker inside the cup.

She walks into the kitchen and grab some plastic wrap and take it back into her work room. She wraps the tracker in plastic and put it inside her bikini top. She tries it on and smooths the cups out to hide the tracker.

After hiding the trackers and double checking everything to make sure it works. She walks into her kitchen and start fixing herself a cup of coffee. She couldn’t wait to trap Frances.

While the coffee is brewing, Colette grabs some frozen chesses toast out of the freezer and put them in the toaster oven. Since she didn’t eat any breakfast, the toast will hold her over until she’ll meet up with Katrina later.

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