The Story Continues

A Sequel To Thrown Away Like Trash

The Brooks Range, Alaska:
Stacy spots the fake blind someone had setup to conceal an area. She approaches carefully and notices that someone had gone to great lengths to hide their presence out here. The fake blind went all the way around a twenty-foot area.

Not only had they set up a fake blind to hide their presence but they set warning alarms as well. She managed to locate all of them and stepped over them. She finds a place where she can sneak into the area portioned off without being spotted. She spots the tiny log cabin and smells the smoke coming out of it. She moves carefully towards the cabin and peeks in through a crack.

Stacy spots the fugitive she had been sent to apprehend and take back to stand trial. She scratches the door and watches what he does.
Steven Weslock turns towards the wooden door of his log cabin when he hears a scratching noise. He knows it has been months since he escaped from the prison transport taking him to court. He has been monitoring the news as law enforcement looked for him in Washington.

No one knew he had been learning to live off the grid for years. Not even his bitch of a wife that he murdered knew he had planned all of this. He grabs his hunting rifle and walks over to the door. Maybe it was a rabbit or something.

He walks over to the door and opens it. No sooner does he open the door than he feels something stick to him. Everything goes dark as he falls face-first towards the ground.

“Timber!” Stacy watches as Steven Weslock falls forward from the drug she just used on him. She preferred to bring her bounties in still alive.
She walked inside the log cabin and noticed it wasn’t very big. She spots a sled he uses to bring supplies and other items to the place. She grabs that and secures him to it. She gathers up all his weapons, ammo, and ammo making supplies.

She goes through the cabin with a fine-tooth comb, and once it is bare of anything man-made, she tosses two concussion grenades into it and blows it up. She made sure she was a safe distance away before throwing the grenades.

She tears down all the blinds Steven had put up to conceal the cabin and burns them. She pulls her cell phone out and contacts her partner.
Chuck hears his cell phone ringing. He notices it was the ringtone he and Stacy used for their business. He pulls his cell phone out and answers it “yeah?”

“Hey, Chuck. Come and get me. I got Steven Weslock.” Stacy pulls a strip of beef jerky out of a hidden pocket on her cold-weather suit and munches on it.

“Did he give you any problems?”

“Nope, he didn’t even know I was there.” Stacy takes a bite from the beef jerky.

“Alright, I’m on my way.” Chuck climbs into the helicopter they rented and starts it up.

“I’ll meet you at the agreed-upon rendezvous spot.”

“Alright, see you there.” Chuck hangs up.

Stacy puts her cell phone back into her suit and zips the pocket up. It was nice that their cell phones had satellite capabilities. She would be up shits creek if they didn’t.

Stacy looks down at Steven’s unconscious form. “You’re lucky. I have to do all the hard work now.”

Stacy starts pulling on the reins on the sled. She knew it would take her a while to get to the location. She heads back to the route she took to go into the woods. She was glad that her suit provided her warmth and that the snow boots she was wearing were keeping her feet warm and dry.

She pulls another strip of beef jerky out of her pocket and chews on it. She knew it would take her at least five hours to arrive at the meeting spot. She trudges onward as she thinks about going home and relaxing in her hot tub. Gina said that after this bounty, she and Chuck were allowed to take a few days off to recover.

If it wasn’t for Mrs. Bounty bailing her and Chuck out of a sticky situation. They would be worm food right now. How that mafia group got the drop on them, she’ll never know. They were meticulous in going after them.

After five hours of dragging the sled, she spots Chuck flying towards her in the rented chopper they got. She had Chuck fly her out here, but a way off so Mr. Weslock wouldn’t spot them or get suspicious.

Stacy watches as the helicopter lands. She pulls the sled over to it, and with Chuck’s help, they load Steven Weslock into the helicopter and fly back to the airport.

“I can’t wait to get back home and relax.” Chuck looks at his wife.

“I agree. I hate cold weather, but this job was worth it.” Stacy looks at Mr. Weslock and thinks about the crimes he committed and the innocent
law enforcement officers who were killed.

“Well, he’ll be getting his due.” Chuck flies to the airport and turns Mr. Weslock over to the US Marshals waiting for them.

Once all the paperwork is done, Chuck and Stacy board their private plane and fly home. Stacy removes her cold weather suit and boots. She sits in the co-pilot seat in just the lingerie she wore under her cold weather gear.

Chuck glances over towards Stacy and smiles “I see you’re wearing the lingerie I bought you for your birthday.”

A smile forms on Stacy’s face as she turns to look at her husband “I like wearing it. When I wear it, I think about you.”

Chuck smiles at Stacy as he continues to fly the plane. He watches as she covers up a yawn. After about an hour, Stacy was off in la, la, land. A smile appears on Chuck’s face.

Chucks and Stacy’s Ranch, Eugene, Oregon:
Chuck lands their Lear Jet on the private airfield at their ranch. He presses a button in the cockpit, and the hangar door opens. He parks the jet inside the vast hangar. The hangar door closes as the plane comes to a stop. He starts shutting everything down.

He reaches over to Stacy and shakes her gently. “Sweetie, we have landed.”

Stacy slowly opens her eyes as she yawns. She looks through the cockpit window and notices they are inside the hangar at their place.

“What time is it?” As Stacy starts getting up out of the seat.

“Two in the morning.” Chuck helps Stacy up out of her seat.

“I’ll get everything out of the jet tomorrow after I wake up.”

“Okay.” Chuck helps his wife to the Range Rover they left in the hangar.

Once inside, Chuck opened a smaller garage door drove out of the hangar, and drove towards the house. It doesn’t take them long to arrive at the main home. Just before he leaves the Range Rover, he looks at his wife. “you do know it's forty degrees out?”

“And it's only a short sprint towards the front door.” Stacy was still wearing the lingerie.

“Alright.” Chuck gets out of the Range Rover and walks towards the front door.

Stacy shivered as she got out and sprinted towards the front door. She passes her husband as she sprints up the steps and into the house. She stops once she is inside the house. She knew she should have gotten redress, but she didn’t want to.

Ceres knew Chuck and Stacy had landed. One of her bedroom windows faced towards the airstrip. She had stayed up to wait for them to arrive. She looks towards Stacy as she stands in the foyer wearing one of her favorite lingerie.

“You have to be cold.” Ceres looks towards Stacy with a smirk on her face.

Stacy hears Ceres' voice and smiles at her. She was a tall, muscular woman that lived with them. Compared to Ceres, she looked like a child.

“I wanted to be comfortable on the way home.” Stacy felt restricted by her cold suit.

Ceres shakes her head. She knew Stacy was weird. The thing is, she was thankful to Stacy and Chuck for saving her from an old-fashioned gladiatorial fight ring she was forced into. She had been kidnapped when she was young and forced to fight other kids. The people who sponsored the fights were fans of old-style gladiator games and loved forcing kids to fight other kids.

As they got older, the owners would modify their fighters. She was one of the unlucky ones who won every fight she had been in. Sometimes, she barely won or was seriously hurt that she wished to die.

“Did anything exciting happen while we were away?” Chuck closes the front door behind him.

“Nothing. You have the next few days off.” Ceres acts as a secretary for Stacy and Chuck.

Her official job was housekeeper, but she did much more around the ranch. She helped Stacy and Chuck track down people and researched their subjects. She handles their transportation arrangements and sets up safe houses for them.

“I’m going to take a shower and head to bed.” Chuck covers up a yawn.

“I’ll join you.” Stacy follows her husband towards their bedroom.

Ceres knew those two wouldn’t be getting any sleep any time soon. She turns the lights off and heads back to bed. She snuggles up against her husband, who happens to be as muscular as she is.

Ralph turns around and wraps his arms around his wife. His dark skin resting against her lightly olive-tanned skin was weird to some people.

“I take it that Chuck and Stacy have come home safe?” Ralph loved holding his wife and feeling her muscles.

“Yeah, and they are taking a shower right now.” She wiggles her butt against his manhood.

“Maybe we should follow their example.” He kisses Ceres' neck and squeezes her against his body.

“I agree.” As she turns around to face him. She wasn’t wearing any panties, so he had direct access to her womanhood.

She feels him enter her body as his fingernail digs into her skin. She loved feeling him impaling her. She loved how rough he was with her during their lovemaking.

While Ceres and her husband were having rough sex in their bedroom, Stacy and Chuck were doing the same thing in their bedroom. Where Ceres loved her husband being rough with her. Stacy liked to be in charge during her and Chuck’s lovemaking. She raises and goes down hard on Chuck’s manhood as she rides him. She loved looking into his eyes as she rode him hard.

The two couples finally fall asleep around four in the morning. Ceres ignores the alarm clock as it goes off at six in the morning. She was tired and sore.

She finally gets up at eight o’clock and puts her house robe on. She’ll hop into the shower later; for now, she wanted to feel Ralph’s deposit inside of her body. She grabs everything she needs to make a nice stew for dinner tonight and puts everything into the crock pot to cook on slow.

She goes about making sure the house is cleaned and checking for any new assignments or jobs from Gina. Sometimes, Gina would hire her and her husband as escorts or in positions that fit their talents and skills. She doesn’t spot any jobs from Gina Bounty.

A few days later, as Stacy checks her email, she notices an encrypted email from Gina. She opens the email and starts reading it. Gina wanted her and Chuck to locate the parents of Hunter Allen Hansley. She also wanted her to find out why they abandoned the poor child on the side of a highway during a snowstorm. She notices that Gina has given her all the information she had gotten from her sister Alyona about this Hunter kid.

Stacy looks over the information she has so far. The kid was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. His birth parent’s names were Kaley Sweeney and Joesph Hansley. The stepfather’s name was Tam Sparks. According to the child Alyona found. His birth father died when he was six years old from a heart attack.

Gina listed the burial place of Joesph Hansley and a copy of the death certificate. She also included Hunter’s school record and birth certificate—also the last known address of where Hunter lived.

“Morning, sweetie.” Chuck walks over and places a kiss on Stacy’s cheek.

“Morning.” Stacy returns the kiss.

“Watch you looking at?” Chuck notices the email on the screen.

“Gina has a new job for us.”

“Oh? What does she want us to do this time?” Chuck wonders what the job is.

“She wants us to track down the parents of a child who was left on the side of the highway a few days ago.” Stacy leans back in her chair.

“A few days ago? Did she adopt another child?” Chuck knew Mrs. Bounty had three daughters and three newborn baby boys.

“Nope, her sister in Detroit did. She found the poor child on the side of the highway during the beginning of a snowstorm.” Stacy looks at her
husband to see how he felt.

She knew he had seen a lot of carnage on the battlefield and other places. He and his Army buddies have come across villages filled with beheaded men, women, and children in Afghanistan. Sometimes, he woke up from nightmares of the people he saw murder for no reason at all.

Chuck noticed his wife looking at him, and he knew why. Unlike her, he has had a rough life while in the military. He and his team had to deal with a sick group of Afghan insurgents who had gone around killing people who didn’t follow Islamic laws or who helped Americans in their country.

“So, what does she need from us?” Chuck knew Gina only gave them dangerous jobs to complete.

“To track this child’s parents down and bring them in for justice.” Stacy knew she wouldn’t kill them because of the way she was raised in Thailand.

Stacy had a problem with killing people. Years of Buddhist teaching and being raised by them were ingrained in her. Everything she was taught about religion crafted how her life was going to be, even when she decided to become a katoey.

“So, we are heading toward Detroit, then?” Chuck was going to have to prep the jet for the travel.

“I’m afraid so. Why can’t Gina send us some warm this time of year instead of all these cold places?” Stacy wanted to go somewhere she didn’t
have to bundle up all the time.

“Well, you can always wear another of your favorite lingerie underneath.” Chuck leans down and kisses his wife’s cheek.

Stacy closes her eyes when she feels Chuck kissing her. She loved how he treated her and didn’t mind that she was once a male. If they ever reached the time where they wanted children, they planned on adopting.

While Stacy plans out how she is going to tackle this job, Chuck goes about loading their jet with everything they will need. He also tells Ceres to arrange for transportation and a place for them to stay when they land.

“You got it, boss.” Ceres was wearing a form-fitting dress that showed off her huge breasts.

Chuck sometimes wonders what Ceres’s master was thinking when he pumped her full of steroids while increasing her breasts. She was nothing but pure muscles with two huge globes on her chest. She stood as tall as he was.

His wife was five feet and seven inches tall. He, Ceres, and Ralph were almost seven feet tall. It went Ceres at six feet and five inches tall. He stood six feet and nine inches tall, and Ralph was six feet and eleven inches tall.

Ceres was of Mediterranean descent with blonde hair and green eyes. Her husband Ralph was of African-American descent and kept his head bald. He had brown eyes like a dog and had been modified like Ceres. He could extend his fingernails like claws and was as muscular as his wife. He had black hair and grey eyes. He had an athletic build as well, but not like Ceres or Ralph.

All of them had scars that covered their bodies except Stacy. His scars are from the injuries he received while serving in the military. Ceres and Ralph’s spots were from their time being forced to fight for their lives.

Ceres makes arrangements for Stacy and Chuck’s stay in Detroit. She arranged for them to stay at one of the nice hotels. Stephanie, Alyona’s wife, will meet them at the airport and lend them one of her vehicles to use. She hasn’t met Stephanie or Alyona yet. She met Gina when she went with Stacy and Chuck to Montana when Mrs. Bounty invited them.

While Chuck and Ceres made arrangements for their visit to Detroit, Stacy was selecting what clothes they should take with them. She figures she might have to break into a few government agencies to get the necessary information. So, she packs the specialty suit that protects her in extreme weather. It was similar to the suit Val Kilmer’s character wore in the movie The Saint.

Once she was done packing their luggage. She goes into their armory and selects what weapons she will take with her. They had all sorts of weapons, but she preferred the ones that didn’t kill people. Her husband, on the other hand, chose the ones that did.

She selects both of them and grabs her husband's specially designed-body armor. It was more like the body armor SWAT wore. She holds his utility belt with the dual holsters.

Once everything is selected and ready, she goes looking for Ralph.

Stacy spots Ceres making arrangements on the computer. “Hey, Ceres, where is your husband?”

“He’s out in the backfield getting the cattle ready to be shipped to the butcher. Why?” Ceres looks at Stacy.

“I need help getting everything out to the jet.”

“I got time. I can help you.” Ceres didn’t mind helping.

“Thanks, I could use the help.” Stacy carries everything out to the ranch truck and loads everything in the back.

Once everything was loaded into the truck, Ceres and Stacy drove over to the hangar. They spot Chuck prepping the jet. She pulls into the hangar and parks the car nearby.

Chuck turns around when he hears the ranch truck pull into the hangar. He spots Ceres and Stacy inside the truck. When they exit the car, “What brings you ladies over here?”

“I’m helping your wife with your things.” Ceres walks towards the back of the truck and grabs all the heavy stuff.

“I would have helped you, sweetie.”

“I know. I didn’t want to bother you as you prepped the jet.” Stacy grabs the rest of the gear and follows Ceres with it.

Later in the evening, Ceres makes country-fried steak with collar greens and whipped mashed potatoes. She hears her husband moan as he bites into the steak and mashed potatoes.

“You did good, sweetie.” Ralph loved the food his wife cooked.

Ceres has been taking cooking classes and watching a lot of Food Network shows to learn how to cook. He knew her favorite show was Beat Bobby Flay.

“I have to agree with your husband, Ceres. You’re getting better and better.” Stacy typically cooked Thai food.

“Thanks.” Ceres didn’t have many domestic skills because her life has always been about fighting and training to stay alive.

The diet her master had all his fighters on was the same stuff gladiators of the past ate. It also included lean meats and things that weight lifters today eat. Those fighters who didn’t do so well during their match were given mush and porridge to eat.

Sometimes, her master would starve the fighters and force them to fight each other for food. The winner would be fed, while the loser would be left hungry and given molded bread and stale water.

After dinner, Stacy helps Ceres with the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. She didn’t have to because it was Ceres’s job, but she couldn’t stand by and not too.

“What time are you guys fling out tomorrow?” Ceres looked at Stacy as she was handwashing a pan at the sink.

“After breakfast. It is only a few hour's flight to Detroit.” Stacy already spoke to Chuck.

“How long do you think you’ll be gone?” Ceres needed to know just in case a job became available.

“Hopefully, a week or two.” Stacy wasn’t sure how long the job would take. They had to track down a couple that had a good lead on them.

AVFlight Airfeild, Detroit, Michigan:
Stephanie watches from the airfield as a silver and black Lear Jet descends from the sky and touches the runway. Her wife was at home with Hunter, giving him a placement test to see what grade he should be in. She and Alyona were concerned about the results of the physical examination on Hunter.

It seemed that Hunter had been abused his whole life. The doctor who examined Hunter was surprised he survived some of his injuries. When she and Alyona were told what the doctor found, she wanted to go and see Hunter’s parents to show them what old-fashioned torture was like. Things like the Iron Maiden and The Judas Cradle were like.

She walks back into the rented hangar under one of her false identities. Gina had said she would take care of it, but since this was for Hunter. Alyona and she were picking up the tab.

Chuck spots the hangar where he is given directions to park his jet. Stacy had spotted snow on the ground piled up. She looks at her husband. “I hate snow.”

A smile appears on Chuck’s face as he parks the lear jet in the hangar and starts shutting everything down. Stacy gets up and walks towards the door, and opens it. As she opens the door, she spots a woman with shoulder-length light brown hair. She was wearing a heavy winter jacket and wearing a pair of skin-tight pants that showed off her legs. She also had on a couple of boots as well.

Stephanie smiles at the young woman when she sees her. Gina had given her a picture of the people coming to Detroit to locate Hunter’s parents.

“Hi, I’m Stephanie Bounty. You must be Stacy Katz. Welcome to Detroit.”

Stephanie noticed that Mrs. Katz was young and looked Asian. She matched the pictures Gina sent to her and Alyona.

“I am. How are you related to the Bountys?” Stacy was curious.

“I married into the clan. My wife is Jack’s daughter Alyona.”

“Ah, the Russian chess player and high school teacher,” Stacy remembers meeting her at the Phoenix Foundation fundraiser.

She noticed that Alyona had a Russian accent. She asked Gina about her, and Gina told her that Alyona was her younger sister and was studying to become a high school teacher. She also remembers spotting Alyona’s picture in a chess magazine.

“Yep, that’s my wife. So, Gina said you and your partner needed transportation while you were in town. I hope this SUV will work for you.” As
Stephane escorts Stacy over to a grey Mercedes Benz SUV.

Stacy looks at the SUV and liked how it looked. It was big enough for their needs.

“You’ll like this SUV. It has hidden departments and is lightly armored as well.” Stephanie opens the rear door and shows Stacy the hidden compartments.

“I’m impressed. Where did you manage to find something like this?” Stacy examines the inside of the SUV.

“I took it from a drug dealer. He was smuggling drugs in the hidden compartments and the fuel tank.” Stephanie busted one of the top drug
dealers in Detroit. She kept the money from his stash houses and several of his vehicles.

“And the cops let you keep this?” Stacy looks at Stephanie when she asks that question.

“They don’t know about it.” A sly smile appears on Stephanie’s face.

Stacy shakes her head. Chuck finally emerges from the plane and spots his wife and another woman talking near an SUV he figures might be for them. As he walks closer, he catches the last part of their conversation. A smile appears on his face when he watches his wife shake her head.

“We need to get our gear unloaded.” Chuck looks towards his wife when he says that.

“Coming.” Stacy turns to walk towards her husband.

“I’ll give you guys a hand.” Stephanie follows as well.

MGM Grand Detroit:
Chuck checks their weapons while his wife sets up their field laptop. She was still wearing the clothes she had flown in. She plugs the thumb drive into the computer and opens the files about Hunter. She scrolls down until she comes across the file she was looking for.

As she opens the file, she writes down the address Gina had sent to her. She looks at her husband. “Are you up to a ride?”

“Sure, but are you talking about going out or a little hanky-panky?” Chuck wiggles his eyebrows.

“That’s for later.” Stacy smiles at her husband as she grabs her gear.

A playful laugh erupts from Chuck’s mouth. He knew how much Stacy loved sex and how she always had to be in charge. He hasn’t figured out if it's because of her upbringing or something more about her. He knew she worked as a ladyboy for a while before they fell head over heels for each other.

“Where are we going?” Chuck grabs his gear.

“3145 Heidelberg Street.” Stacy had looked the address up on google Maps.

“Is that where this Hunter kid used to live?” Chuck wonders why people who have kids treat them like they do sometimes.


“Alright, let’s go.” Chuck grabs the key fob to the SUV.

“Okay.” Stacy walks out of the hotel room first.

She liked having her husband walk behind her. She puts a little bit more sexiness in her walk. She loved flirting with her husband.

3145 Heidelberg Street, Detroit, Michigan:
Thirty minutes later, Chuck pulls into the driveway. The roads from the hotel weren’t too bad from the snowstorm. Most of them had been cleared, except the ones that led into the neighborhood they were in.

“Bbbuurrr!!! I hate cold weather.” Stacy hated how cold it was outside.

“You could always return to the SUV and wait while I look around.” Chuck knew his wife wouldn’t.

“No thanks.”

As they get closer to the house, they spot a foreclosure sign tacked to the door. Stacy tries the doorknob while Chuck looks inside through a window.

“Man, this place is a pig pen.” Chuck couldn’t believe how messy the place looked.

The smell coming from inside nearly knocks Stacy over. Her husband wasn’t joking when she walked inside. The place looked like a hoarder lived there. There was junk and motorcycle parts all over the place.

“Man, I feel sorry for the kid that lived here.” As she makes her way deeper inside the place.

Stacy and Chuck split up to look for clues about where the occupants could have gone. The kitchen had dirty dishes stacked in the sink and garbage that needed removal. There was one bedroom that looked like it was used for sex acts.

They find the closet the young boy was forced to sleep in. There was a baby mattress lying on the floor and a thin grey blanket covered with a ragged-looking quilt. Stacy couldn’t believe what she was finding.

Chuck was looking around in the garage area, and he couldn’t believe all the crap he was finding in there. It looked like it was some workshop. Motorcycle parts and automobile parts were hanging from the rafters and stacked up.

It takes them about four hours to dig through the trash and go through each room. Whoever Hunter’s mother was, she loved playing the lottery. According to how many tickets Stacy found in the garbage, she spent five thousand or more per ticket.

Chuck and Stacy compare notes inside the SUV, according to what Stacy managed to find out. Mrs. Spark won an online game and arranged for them to stay in Las Vegas, Nevada, as for why they wanted to kill the child. There was nothing Stacy or Chuck could find.

They left afterward and headed back to the hotel. When they got back to the hotel. Stacy started working on Mrs. Sparks's background.

What she could put together from the way the child was treated. The mother was only using him to collect social security and survivor benefits to live on. As for the man she married, secretly. He was wanted on several charges of abuse and endangerment. He had anger issues and would strike out at anyone who made him angry.

Hunter’s mother came from a poor family. Her mother and father were abusive, and according to her mental files, she had been molested by her father and her two older brothers. She had run away from home and was picked up by a pimp named Big T and pimped out. She met Hunter’s birth father and was stolen away from the pimp.

While she was married, she became pregnant and had Hunter, according to Hunter’s medical records and child protective files. She was an abusive mother but knew how to play the game with CPS. She attended the mandatory classes Judge Ronalds made her take.

Stacy leaned back in the chair she was sitting in. She couldn’t believe how this child was treated.

“What did you find out, sweetie?” Chuck comes walking back into the room with their dinner.

“That the child Mrs. Bounty adopted was fucked from the beginning.” Stacy wonders why Mrs. Sparks didn’t just give the child up.

“I hope he has a better life with Mrs. Bounty.” As Chuck lays out everything.

“I think he will.”

“So, where to now?” Chuck figures they might have to go after Mrs. Sparks.

“I’ve already told Gina we have to go to Los Vegas.”

“What did she say to that?” Chuck knew Gina Bounty didn’t care how much a job cost as long as it brought results.

“She asked when are we leaving?” Stacy knew Mrs. Bounty would ask that.

“All right. I’ll prepare the plane tomorrow.” Chuck had to file a flight plan and make sure they were filled up with fuel.

“I already ordered the fuel.” Stacy did that while her husband was getting dinner for them.


The rest of the night, they spend going over everything. Afterward, Stacy puts on her thong one-piece swimsuit and swims in the pool. Her husband joins her in the pool area. Many monks may have raised her, but when she discovered she should have been born a woman. She went with how she felt.

She started down that path when she left the monastery. She was lucky to run into several ladyboys who took her under their wing. They taught her how to act, dress and what she might have to do to earn money to continue her journey.

She met her husband when he came to Thailand to forget about what he had seen and was forced to do. It was like the two of them were meant for each other. He didn’t care she wasn’t a complete woman and spent several nights locked in his hotel room screwing like rabbits. Just before
Chuck was scheduled to return to the States. The two of them got married.

While he would go and do jobs for the military, she would learn more about what she wanted to do. The monks taught her some valuable skills, but finding the right job profession to put those skills to use was the problem.

That was when she learned about Black Jack Investigations. It was a private investigation and bounty-hunting company. A group of ex-military and law enforcement people owned it.

She told Chuck about her new job and how much she liked it.

She met Gina Bounty at a law enforcement convention and learned that she owned several companies that did the same type of work she was doing. The thing was, she was happy where she was but thought about joining one of Mrs. Bounty’s companies.

While she and Chuck were chasing after a bail jumper who worked for the mob, she and her husband had been set up and would have died if Mrs. Bounty and another relative of Mrs. Bounty hadn’t bailed them out.

As it was, she had to spend two weeks in the hospital due to her injuries. During that time, she was approached by Mrs. Bounty and was offered a job within her organization. She and her husband talked it over and accepted the offer.

After her and husband’s swim, they returned to their hotel room and spent part of the night exploring each other’s bodies. She loved feeling Chuck inside her slim body and kissing him.

In the morning, Stacy and Chuck pack up everything, contact Stephanie, and inform her where she can pick the SUV up.

Once their flight plan is submitted and they are given clearance. Chuck flies them to Los Vegas. When Stacy contacted Gina Bounty and informed her where they were heading, she was approached by a trusted informant who worked for Mrs. Bounty.

The informant was going to meet them at the private airfield. Stacy was sent another image of who the person was but was warned that sometimes the person dresses in disguise, so be prepared.

“I wonder who this person Gina is sending to us?”

“Who knows.” Chuck has never heard of the person.

Sky Ranch Airport, Los Vegas, Nevada:
When they land at the private airport, they taxi to a private hangar Mr. Bounty owns. Gina had informed them that they could use the family hangar that Mr. Bounty owned. Chuck went about securing the lear jet.

Stacy spots a person in an old-style baby blue CJ7 jeep approaching the hangar. The woman had some light blue hair she had never seen before. When the jeep stopped before the hangar, Stacy and her husband could tell the woman wore a skintight faux leather bodysuit. They also spotted that she had three breasts as well.

Carrie had been contacted by Gina Bounty’s assistant, Mia, and asked to do a job for them. She didn’t mind because she could use the money to buy a diamond necklace the pawnshop had for sale. Other than Mrs. Bounty and a few other people, she did jobs for. She primarily relied on the performances she did on the strip.

“Hi, I’m Carrie Underwood.” A smile appears when she notices the reaction of the people she was sent to help.

“Any relation to the singer?” Chuck was curious.

“Sorry, no. But I do have some info for you if you are who I was told you are.” Carrie looks at the Asian woman and the black-haired guy.

Stacy had to think about what the code was. She finally remembers it: “The sky over Montana is always blue.”

“And the weather in Vegas is always hot.” Carrie smiles when she says that.

“So, Mrs. Underwood. What have you learned so far?” Stacy wanted to capture Hunter’s parents.

“The people you are looking for are staying at the Aria. They have been doing pretty well at the Casino.” Carrie has been keeping track of them since she was contacted.

“Good. By the way. If you don’t mind me asking, why do you have three breasts?” Stacy was curious.

“Well, one for the shock value I get from people. The other reason I have three breasts is that I think they look cool.” There was a smile on Carrie’s face.

“Are they real?” Chuck was curious.

“Yeah, they are real. I used the Blue Lace drug to change my body to develop them and permanently change all the hair on my body to what you see.” Carrie had paid a lot of money to get the drug and have it programmed to how she wanted her body reshaped.

“Okay, that is something new.” Stacy wonders why any woman would want three breasts.

“Well, here is the keys to the jeep.” Carrie hands the keys to Stacy.

“How are you going to get back?” Chuck was curious.

“Oh, I have a friend coming to pick me up. So, I’ll see you later.” Carrie turns and starts walking away.

“When do you want to apprehend these people?” Chuck looks at his wife.

“Tonight.” Stacy walks over to the jeep.

Chuck drives them to the Aria Hotel and goes about getting a room near the one Tam and Mrs. Sparks were staying in. Stacy checks to see if they are there before entering and planting a few small cameras. She and Chuck were going to apprehend them at an awkward moment.

Stacy looked at her husband as they waited in their hotel room. “Too bad we can’t do any gambling. I would love to win some money.”

“Maybe we can take some off and return so you can?” Chuck hasn’t been to Vegas since his senior year in high school.

He and some of his friends came out to Vegas to celebrate that they were graduating. Out of all of them, he had increased his money by tenfold.

“Well, I can think of something we can do until we arrest them.” Stacy gets a goofy look on her face.

“I’m game.” As Chuck sits back and watches Stacy as she slowly starts dancing for him.

Around Three In The Morning:
Stacy and Chuck are alerted that their prey returned to their hotel room. Stacy felt energized by what she and Chuck did while waiting for them to return. She watches on her tablet, and Mrs. Spears and her husband start kissing each other. They fall to the bed, and Mrs. Sparks gets on all fours as her husband gets behind her.

“Now!” As Stacy and Chuck enter the room.

Tam turns around to see who just entered their room. He was buried deep inside of his wife.

“Did we catch you at a bad time? Because I see you are packing your bags.” Stacy couldn’t resist the pun.

“What do you want?”

“You’re under arrest. Now, why don’t you pull out of your wife and put these pretty bracelets on?” As Stacy dangles a pair of handcuffs.

Tam slowly pulls out of his wife and allows himself to be handcuffed. He watches as the big man handcuffs his wife. He and his wife are escorted out of the hotel, taken to the private airport, and flown back to Detroit to stand trial for what they did to their son.

A Few Weeks Later:
Ceres looks at Stacy as she relaxes in the hot tub. She saw how relaxed Stacy was.

“I take it everything has worked out?”

“Yep, and with what Mrs. Bounty has paid us. We don’t have to take another job for a while. She is giving us a week off before assigning us
another job.”

“This should be fun.” As Ceres heads back into the house to finish up her house work.

A smile appears on Stacy’s face as she relaxes.

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