Bikini Beach Rules and Guidelines

Bikini Beach -- Story Guide

As one of the reviewers of stories for Elrod, I've been asked about guidelines and such. Elrod had a bunch of material on his web site, but he took that all down. I had printed some of that out. I also reread all of his stories. I'm treating the material I printed, his stories, plus those stories of mine that he had reviewed for me, as "canon." Here it all is.

If you have a story you'd like me to review, in keeping with the wishes of Elrod some years ago, feel free. That's why I'm going through all this.

In either case, my e-mail is [email protected]. I'll try to get back to you quickly. Please remember, that I'm trying to have a life, and other things may get in the way.

Elrod's e-mail is [email protected]. He's also getting energy to write back, and will also review and comment on stories seeking approval.


The One Big Rule: Stories about the park don't have to be upbeat, but they should not be vicious in tone. No gratuitous violence or rape, either. The two stories that almost made Elrod close the park involved one with a slasher lose in the park and one where someone who wanted to dynamite the park and murder the Old Woman, her granddaughter, and the rest of the staff.

Also, while sex happens in these stories, it's pretty much low key and often "off camera." There's description of the excitement and the emotions, not of the athletics or the plumbing.

* * * * *

At first glance, Bikini beach looks like just another water park along the side of the highway in an unspecified, southern coastal city. On second glance, an observer might notice that most of the people going into the park were women, many of them young, scantily dressed, and very pretty.

If you parked in the lot and tried to get in, you'd be told that it was a private park, but that passes from one day to lifetime, were available. The park was for women only, but men could buy a pass. That was why there was a smaller Men's Dressing Room just inside the gate.

If you bought a pass, you'd be told that you a local health department regulation required you to shower after you changed into your bathing suits. The dressing room has banks of lockers, with benches nearby, and a row of showers along the far wall. There are mirrors on the wall with the door leading into the park. If you try to skip showering, the door won't open. Also, no matter how busy the park was, you (and your group) will be alone in the dressing room.

The water in the showers is comfortably warm. The showerheads can be adjusted to pulse, so the showers are very relaxing.

So relaxing that you won't notice the odd, pink steam that rises from the water. You will notice eventually that the water is changing you into a female. The change may start while you're still in the shower or after you get out, depending in part, on how long you stay in. If you're with others, you'll probably notice the change in them before you notice it in yourself. You may also notice the change — ongoing or complete -- in the mirrors first. Some people think that their reflection is another person at first.

You'll also find that your swim trunks have become the panty of a two-piece female swim suit, most often, a sexy bikini. Someone, usually the Old Woman who owns the park or her granddaughter, will be standing in the room with the matching top. That person will explain that the Old Woman does not allow topless bathing in the park, even for girls too young to need a top. They'll also explain that the Old Woman built the park as a refuge where women could come and not be ogled by men. The park magically changes any male who enters into a female for the length of the pass plus about twelve hours.

That's if you think to ask. Some men become mindless bimbos, women with very sexy bodies, a very low IQ, and a very high libido.

The magic of the park is pre-programmed. Most men become the sort of women they'd like to meet, often their female counterpart, although more attractive. A man looking for a sexy bed partner and nothing more will become just the sort of over-endowed bimbo he was looking for. The park "reads" the man's mental picture, which can be influenced. In "Bikini Beach: Nerds -- Fundraiser", several men voluntarily transforming were shown pictures of strippers or PLAYBOY playmates just before they went to shower and become VERY well- endowed.

New women are usually given what the Old Woman calls "training wheels", knowledge of how to dress in feminine clothes (including bras), how to fix their hair and make-up, and how to walk in high heels. When they look, they'll find that the clothes and personal items they put in their locker have become the feminine equivalents.

Grandmother and Anya use a spell that allows them to read minds. They've been fooled in the past by people who wanted to use the park's magic for bad reasons, so they use the spell to find out the truth. (See my own stories, "Bikini Beach: Mama's Boy" and "Bikini Beach: Child Star.")

The magic can change a male's personality or memory as well as his body and clothes. It can also alter his reality, so that, for the length of the pass, he was born and has lived his life as the female he has become.

The male (or someone else who knows about the park and speaks to the Old Woman beforehand) can "customize" the body (and mind) of the person the male becomes. Age and race can easily be changed. If the new woman becomes pregnant (unless the man and the Old Woman had intended this before the change), the woman cannot change back.

The pass can't be transferred or returned. There was one case ("Bikini Beach: Gift Certificate") of a man buying a pass and giving it to a friend who used it. The friend was changed, and they had a night of sex, but the pass then corrected the situation. The friend changed back, and the one who had bought the pass was changed.

Price of the pass is never mentioned. It's high, but the price can be changed to make it more reasonable if the Old Woman or Anya want to get a particular person. The Old Woman also offers a special rate for them members of military families (whether any are male or not). She also has a special single mother rate for a lifetime pass for a mother and young child or children. This rate can also be used by a wife wishing to change her husband into a young daughter. It includes day care for a "Mommy's Day Off."

The water in any of the rides will also change a male ("Bikini Beach: Midnight Swim). The magic usually only works once, but the Old Woman can modify the change, affecting personality or age of the transformed woman, for example. Water from the park will even change people outside of the park. ("Bikini Beach: Revenge of the Nerds")

Woman, who have longer than a one-day pass, use the Women's Dressing Room on subsequent visits.

Males will be alone when they transform, but may find other women in the Men's Dressing Room when they are dressing to leave the park.

Staff members wear swimsuits with pink T-shirts that have the park name written in a script in a different shade of pink. The park logo is painted in pink on the side of the green pick-up truck that JENNY MICHAELS drives.

The park is open from 10-6 on Sundays, 11 to 9 Monday through Saturday. It closes during heavy rainstorms, especially lightning storms.

The city has some military bases, and is a destination for northern college students on spring break. That's ALL that's every specified. Don't guess or name a city or drop in any recognizable local landmarks.


THE OLD WOMAN is a magic user of considerable power and indeterminate age. She sailed for America in her teens aboard the Titanic. She was involved many years later in a tremendous battle with her daughter, a powerful, evil, and power-seeking wizardess, that left her traumatized and somewhat weakened, so that she is now restricted in her magic to the gender-changing (and related) magic she uses for the park. She also is under a sort of "probation" by the Wizards' Council. The SRU Wizard, an old friend, is watching her for them.

No one knows the Old Woman's name, not even ANYA, her granddaughter. Read "Bikini Beach: In the Beginning" by Elrod for details (also about the Old Woman's powers, the battle, and her status with the Wizards' Council). She is referred to as the Old Woman, Grandmother (as a sign of endearment by many who know her), or Boss (by her employees. She looks about sixty and a bit overweight, though her magic could change her appearance. She is not unattractive, but mostly doesn't care how she looks. She can dress as the consummate professional when she needs to. She treats her staff very well, offering meal breaks, free drinks on hot days, study time for employees still in school, and very good medical and dental benefits, including pregnancy and maternity care.

Grandmother is very proud of the park. She works at making it an enjoyable experience for all her customers, even the born women, who never experience the magic. She has sent ANYA to look at other water parks around the country and is currently planning a major expansion with RONNIE HARRIS financing and GREG working as part of the design. She lives in one of RONNIE HARRIS'S condos across the highway from the park.

She uses her magic to protect the park and the privacy of its patrons. She's also built a very high fence around the park and won't install security cameras (not even when someone was vandalizing the park in "Bikini Beach: A Private Matter.") She can be vengeful or nasty, but she also has a mischievous sense of humor. All these are reflected in the "automatic" version of the magic that performs the transformations.

They are more apparent in some of the stories, where she takes a hand. In "Bikini Beach: Skinheads", she turned three tattooed, arrogant neo-nazis into a Black, a Latina, and an Oriental who would only cause trouble for the "men who get them pregnant." Those three kept their memories. The two males in "Bikini Beach: Gatecrashers" forgot their original identities becoming boy-crazy teens. She also has a soft side. In "Bikini Beach: Sugar and Spice", she used the park's magic to save a marriage and a family by changing a toddler who'd become retarded because of a botched surgery on his genitals when newborn into a girl who'd never had the surgery. The girl was a bright, happy child, not the male child whose mental problems had caused a severe strain on his family.

The OLD WOMAN has been horribly hurt by men ("BIKINI BEACH: CUSTOMER SERVICE"). Sometimes, if she loses her temper, this has been reflected in her transformations. This worries her. There is a "dark side" to the magic she uses (much like the Force in STAR WARS. Giving in to anger or fear allows that dark side to influence the magic user, and THE OLD WOMAN fears this happening to ANYA -- or to herself.

ANYA is the OLD WOMAN'S granddaughter and a powerful magic user in her own right. The OLD WOMAN has trained her in both magic and the business of running the park. ANYA has traveled to other cities to check out other water parks. She is a very attractive brunette just past her 23rd birthday. At 23, a magic user gains the ability to move between realms, which means that she can get advanced training in wizardry. She's "on the cusp of new powers.... [her] values and judgment are going to be tested in ways... [she]could never predict...[and] be confronted with forces and people who as night,...trying to turn...[her] to their own evil ends." (from "Bikini Beach: In the Beginning")

In the past, she's deferred to her grandmother's decisions, but she's begun questioning decisions (transformations0 that she disagrees with and setting up a Bikini Beach Support Group (for transformees stuck as women and having trouble adjusting to the change; "Bikini Beach: Customer Service") against her grandmother's wishes. Thus alarms the OLD WOMAN who remembers the rebellious attitudes of ANYA'S mother. (Again, see "Bikini Beach: In the Beginning.")

For the most part, ANYA is a happy well-adjusted young woman, if a bit exuberant. She has her own sense of humor and sense of justice, and these have been seen in the stories. Anya likes to relax and party, often going out clubbing with Dani from Spells 'R' Us, ELIZABETH NELSON, JENNY MICHAELS, and VICKY MARTIN. She's had a number of boyfriends and is sexually active. One previous boyfriend, Jake, was voluntarily transformed into a woman. She kept the new reality and, as Jana, is now Jana, a rising police officer. Her current boyfriend, Greg, is also aware of the park. He often transforms, picking different female shapes and spends time with ANYA as Gwen. They are somewhat serious in their relationship.

ELIZABETH NELSON was born Arnold Nelson, an old man suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. ANYA took pity on him when she saw that his family was tired of caring for hi and wanted him to die. The magic of the park transformed Arnold into a 19-year old woman with no trace of the disease. ELIZABETH isn't a knockout; she's more the wholesome, "girl-next-door", tall and slender, well-tanned, with her long dark blonde hair worn in a ponytail. She's an enigma to the guys she meets; wise beyond her tears, but innocent as a girl. Arnold Nelson grew up during the Depression and was a Marine in World War II. Elizabeth (named for Arnold's wife) is the chief lifeguard. She teaches swimming classes every weekend (and during the summer) at the park's Junior Lifeguard Academy. ELIZABETH lives in one of the condos in RONNIE HARRIS' building.

was Jim Michaels, an unemployed middle-aged handyman. Kim grew up on his family's farm. When the family lost the farm, he did a few years in the Navy before coming to the city where the park is located. He's a skilled jack-of-all-trades, but he lacked the formal education to get a good job. When Grandmother hired her to care for the machinery of the park, she became the youthful JENNY. JENNY takes after Scotty in STAR TREK: the park's machinery is her "baby", and woe to anyone who damages anything. JENNY has long, wavy red hair; a modest figure; but perky breasts; narrow waist; well- rounded butt; and long, sexy legs. Her voice is soft and feminine. She is still having trouble adjusting to her new sexuality and is somewhat attracted to both men and women, but more-so to women. JENNY also lives in one of RONNIE HARRIS'S condos, and has personal use of the truck she drives for the park.

four frat boys from the local college snuck into the park late one night with VICKY MARTIN to try to ride the rides because they couldn't afford passes. ("Bikini Beach: Midnight Swim") They did damaged several of the rides, total cost almost $20 thousand. The water they came in contact with changed them all into girls. Grandmother threatened them with arrest, and they agreed to work of the damage. It will take at least two years of part-time work, and they'll be female until the damage is paid. Everyone remembers them as girls, and they've adjusted to the point that they're all dating, though not seriously. It's likely that they won't want to change back when they've paid their debt. The four girls, who do various jobs around the park as needed (work at the gate, cashier in the restaurants, clean up the trails, etc. are:

Belinda (Bill) - long, straight locks of brunette hair long enough to touch her round, full breasts. She has a narrow waist and well- toned body. She is a computer science major.

Norma (Norman) Greene
- short, dark hair cut in a pageboy. Slender arms, but a full, Rubenesque ("Earth mother") figure; good legs and a delicate, "girl-next-door" face. She is an education major, minoring in English, which she wants to teach at the high school level.

Marta (Mark) - a thick wave of auburn hair that hangs across her face and short, wavy bangs on her forehead; large, round breasts capped by large brown nipples; soft, delicate hands with long fingernails. Marta is majoring in business administration.

Holly (Hank) - long, fine, sandy brown hair that hangs down past her shoulders with very little curl. It's parted in the middle and swung back behind her ears. She has a long neck; not too big, perfect, perky breasts; a narrow waist; wide, round hips; and long, slender legs. She has "definitely green" eyes; a small, upturned nose; and full lips. She is studying electronic engineering.

VICKY MARTIN was Vick, a practical joker in high school ("Bikini Beach: Midnight Swim" and "Vicky's Tale"). His best friend, Jim, persuaded him that they should both masquerade as girls and enter the spring pageant. They bought their costumes at SRU and, at midnight, Jim became Tanya, a flighty girl with no memory of her male past. Vick had substituted a brunette wig of his mother's for the blonde one the Wizard supplied. His body and past were changed, but VICKY remembered who she had been.

She hated her new life and fell in with a rough crowd. She got into college based on Vick's grade, but she became a party girl, having casual sex, smoking, and taking drugs. When she realized where she was heading, she managed to turn her life around. She's become a good student, though she switched her major from engineering to history/pre-law.

After the accident in "Midnight Swim", she confessed her past to ANYA. ANYA would like to help her change back, but the SRU spell and the OLD WOMAN'S magic have made this VERY unlikely.

She is very cautious about her relationships with men. She is a friend of the members of NU RHO DELTA having helped them several times. ("Bikini Beach: Nerds - Holiday Queen" and "Bikini Beach: Nerds - Date Rape Avenger") She and Rob are attracted to each other. She likes him to the point that she worries about NOT wanting to change back if ANYA ever figures out how to do that. They've talked her past (and possible male future) at length, and they are starting to date.

VICKY is a perky brunette, with not too large/not too small breasts, a small waist, and a round, feminine ass. She has shapely legs and is about 5-foot 7.

RONNIE HARRIS was Ronald Harris, a lecherous, politically powerful developer, who built a condo across the highway from the park so he could spy on the women in the park from his penthouse ("Bikini Beach: The New Neighbor"). The OLD WOMAN tried everything she could to stop him (gaining a number of new lifetime members in the process), but nothing worked. Seeming to give up, she offered Ron a lifetime membership in return for four units in the condo and discount on memberships for condo residents. Ronnie agreed and was transformed. RONNIE is just as formidable a business woman, but she's now a gracious lady and a great friend of the park and its members, using her influence to protect their privacy, to help the park in the proposed expansion, and on women's issues in general.

RONNIE has shoulder length brown hair, swept behind her ears and curled under at the tips. Precise bangs hang down to just above her eyebrows. She isn't a teen beauty, but is drop dead gorgeous with looks that belie her years (she could be thirty or fifty). Her breasts are average size, but very firm, cones, with no sign of sag, and large, dark nipples. Her narrow waist shows no sign of fat or stretch (no childbirth). She has a soft green eyes; a small, perfect nose, and soft, full lips. She has no visible wrinkles. Her voice is a soft, pleasant alto.

RONNIE sunbathes nude on the balcony of her penthouse and exercises regularly. She dates, sometimes being seen with a young "boy-toy."

is the park's on-site doctor. The OLD WOMAN could get a sizeable discount on insurance if there was a doctor on site. Dr. Middleton, a very competent physician, applied because he didn't want to be treating "diseases of the rich" or waste all his time going through bureaucratic hoops to get permission to do medicine. His family is wealthy, but he doesn't talk to them much. He was taken aback by the transformation, but decided to give it a try.

He warmed to the changes when he met and fell in love with the lesbian Daphne. He now spends Monday and Tuesday as Daphne's male husband and best friend and the other five days of the week (when the park is busy enough that she might be needed) as her lesbian lover. Changing more often than that could be dangerous. She wears a bright orange (easier to spot) T-shirt with very short sleeves. The T-shirt has the Bikini Beach logo on one shoulder and a red cross in white circle (standard symbol for medical personnel) on the other.

Her credentials are as CHESTER MIDDLETON. Her male persona has privileges at the local hospital closest to the park. This hospital is a major facility that even does organ transplants. ("Bikini Beach: Organlegger")

Daphne's family, which had been very upset about her sexual preference, only know -- and have happily accepted -- her male husband. She's wealthy, also. Her father owns the company that manufactures the pumps and other hydrological equipment that make the park work.

DR. CHESTER is a tall, handsome, man about thirty, with an athletic build. CHASTITY is also tall for a woman, with a supple, athletic body. The OLD WOMAN doesn't "touch" his mind, so both have the exactly the same personality (including sexual interest in women). Daphne is a willowy blonde.

NU RHO DELTA FRATERNITY -- NRD ("The Nerds"), a frat loosely based on the heroes of the REVENGE OF THE NERDS movies. They live in a house that they converted from an old gym and are familiar with the magic of the park and have used it to their advantage on several occasions. The members include:

Brandon - a nerdish type who fits the stereotype to a tee, and Robert's best friend and roommate. Robert and Brandon grew up together. Brandon is a computer genius, but is very awkward around girls.

Robert - Not quite as nerdish as Brandon, but still awkward around others, especially girls. His talents lean more toward the sciences such as Chemistry and Physics.

Bertram Smythe - Robert and Brandon's other roommate. From Britain, Bert is an ardent chess player. He is often rather contemplative, and has a sharp wit.

Arnold - He was late to be recognized as gifted, and as a result, got into trouble in high school because he was bored. Now he uses his talents and sense of mischief to help the gang.

Chuck - A Navy veteran and electronics genius. Chuck spent time as a soundman in submarines, where he honed his electronics skills. He is looked up to as kind of a mentor. Like Arnold, he is prone to pull pranks just for fun, although his pranks tend to be more sophisticated.

Chuck, Rob, Brandon, Bert, and Arnold are the executive committee of the fraternity.

Fred - A sixteen year old early graduate from high school. Very gifted, but socially awkward.

Greg - Anya's boyfriend, and long-time friend from 'back home' ("Bikini Beach: Anya and Me"). He's studying entertainment architecture at the U, and did a project for the old woman for an expansion of the park. He helped the nerds with a fund-raiser pin-up calendar of their members (transformed into supermodels by the park), and they accepted him into the frat.

Paul -- a member of the fraternity changed into Melanie Keilani Lewis, a slender and athletic looking, half-Polynesian girl with dark wavy hair framing her face, so the frat could enter a contestant in the Winter Festival Pageant. She won and had to stay female for the rest of the school year. Melanie was "seduced" by her new popularity and shunned the frat, hanging out with the snobbish members of the Gamma sorority. She recanted and is now Vicky's roommate.

Dean Howard Livingstone - A long-time educational bureaucrat, the dean actively supports fraternities, with the exception of the nerds. His reasons are unknown. He is an honorary member of the Alpha Sigma Sigma fraternity (an "in" frat known for partying), and is their faculty advisor.


Bikini Beach is a large-fenced in water park not far from the actual beach. The fence is almost 20 feet high to discourage both voyeurs and gate crashers.

The park is across the highway from a large, upscale, high rise condominium owned by RONNIE HARRIS. Only women can own units in the condo. The OLD WOMAN, ANYA, ELIZABETH, and JENNY live in three of them. RONNIE HARRIS lives in the penthouse. She sometimes sunbathes there in the nude.

The park is rectangular. The entrance is at the southeastern corner. There's a large parking lot against the southern and eastern sides. The park is divided into four play areas for all ages. A park expansion is under construction, which will result in the park being L-shaped, with new themed areas of "The Ancient World" and "Jungle Adventure". Greg had a major role in the new design work.

(The descriptions below are mainly from the Old Woman's First Advertising Brochure.)

South Seas Adventures

A tropical paradise for the whole family, with something for everyone from swimming to surf, from rafting to body slides. Age and height restrictions are posted on all rides.

_he Lagoon: a 35,000 square foot swimming pool surrounded by white, sandy beaches and tropical foliage. Polynesian Tiki statues hide water cannons and fountains, while two body slides wind through the palm trees and splash into the pool.

Tropical Waves: a 20,000 square foot wave pool, featuring 5-foot waves breaking every few seconds towards the sandy beach. From the deep end for advanced swimmers to the 1-2 foot depth for children and beginners, the waves are fun for all.

Pele's Race: 6 slides race in parallel down the volcano summit in a near-vertical plunge, then glide to a refreshing, watery finish. Tame enough for kids, but fun for all ages.

Lava Run: Race down the lava run slalom course, riding fast mats, from the volcano rim to a watery splashdown. Twist and turn as you race down this adventurous course.

The Pipeline: Drop nearly four stories from the volcano summit in a near-vertical plunge, then glide to a refreshing, watery top. Not for the faint of heart. (Bikinis are not recommended for the modest.)

Wild Luau Raft Ride: Groups of 4 ride a raft down this wild, twisting and turning slide down the side of the volcano. Nearly 60 feet high, the ride's 950 feet of watery excitement are fun for the adventurous, yet tame for the family.

Polynesian Plunge Tube Ride: Ride a tube raft through a twisting whitewater slalom course, winding through the Tiki statues, catapulting over waterfalls, and gliding gently to a floating stop in a picturesque island lagoon.

Outrigger Canoe Tube Ride: Ride two in tandem on a tube raft down a mild course, with dips and twists to thrill all swimmers, yet gentle enough for the kids.

Tahiti Twister: Starting nearly fifty feet high, twin corkscrew tubes carry the adventurous through a twisting ride, speeding and splashing in near total darkness to a final drop into a watery lagoon.

Recreation: Play volleyball in the shallow pool or play on the sparkling white sand. Enjoy a relaxing lunch in a grass hut, or eat dinner under the Tiki torches amid the coconut trees. Kick up your feet in a comfy hammock and relax to the sound of the waters.

Wild River Fun

A wilderness river adventure-land, with swimming, raft rides, and steep slides. Age and height limits are posted for all rides.

The Old Swimming Hole: A 35,000 square foot pool area, with sandy river banks for sun bathing. A rope swing straight out of Tom Sawyer, and three slides to give plenty of action for the young-at- heart. A hot tub nearby for the older and weary in its bubbling warmth.

Ole Man River: Nearly a half-mile in length, this gentle river ride winds around the Wild River area for a relaxing inner-tube ride. Numerous stops allow entering and exiting the river near favorite rides.

White Water Family Raft: Starting almost 60 feet above the river, the white water rapids raft carries up to four as it banks, twists, and turns down to the placid beaver dam below. Younger riders must be accompanied by an adult.

Spillway Slide: Slide freely down the wide and slippery slideway, gliding through the dips and bumps, to a big splash in the cool water below.

Dambuster Raft Ride: Ride the raging torrent as a damburst of water carries the raft down the twisting, winding stream. Not recommended for the faint of heart.

Mountain Runoff Raft Ride: The stream is flowing fast as it carries the two-person raft down its winding, twisting path. Fun for the adventurous, yet tame enough for the greenhorn.

Otter's Run Body Slide: Feel the rush of air around your body as you drop nearly 50 feet and hurdle over the twin humps. The sensation of plunging in freefall is a thrill only for the most adventurous. (Bikinis not recommended for the modest.)

Gold Rush Slide: Ride the chute down from the gold mine, twisting and winding down the mountain slope to the stream below. A challenging ride not recommended for the inexperienced.

Recreation: A water volleyball pool tempts all to a friendly game. Dine on the docks of the river landing or catch some sun on the fishing pier. Or just kick back and relax in the shade of the many verandas, each with a special view of the water activities.

Kiddy Play Land

For the non-swimming tots. Activities for toddlers to six years, with parental supervision only. A sign on the path to this area says, "Kiddy Playland is for Non-Swimmers and Beginners. All Children Must Have Adult Supervision." [Note: this section has the only two magical rides in the entire park.]

Frog Prince Splash Pool: A wading pool for the youngsters with whimsical frog statues spraying unpredictably.

Glass Slipper Slide: A gentle water slide for the little ones.

Magic Carpet Slide: A slightly more challenging slide for the older kids, with bumps and dips for added thrills.

Fairy Godmother Tube Slide: A gentle slalom ride waving among magic wand fountains, which spray the riders with a special kind of magical fun.

[Note: Here's my description of this ride from "Bikini Beach: The Children's Hour", a part of "Octet."] "It was a long ride that dipped and waved between a multi-colored columns that squirted water as each tube passed. A stream from one hit Meghan. In an instant she changed into a zebra girl with dark brown stripes, her hair became a blonde mane.

"You look silly," Bree shouted from the tube behind her. Then the water hit her. She became a Dalmatian puppy-girl, all white fur and a scattering of black spots. She looked down at herself and giggled.

The effect lasted the thirty seconds or so it took until they hit the water. Both girls were human again when they came up for air."]

Carriage Ride Tube Slide: A magical ride on a tube raft down a gently twisting, bumping course.

[Note: There may be real magic in this ride, but the fact has never been established. My notion, as I write this guide, is that there's a magical warp to this ride. As it starts, the child turns into an adult, and the ride becomes a exciting, long, twisting plunge. A teen or adult taking the ride becomes a six-year old on the short, gentle slope described in the brochure. The rider changes back to her normal age as she slides out the bottom into the water.]

Fairy Tale Splash Pool: A large water playground and fairy tale castle, with water cannons to spray those nasty witches, drawbridge slides down to the moats, floating alligators, and spraying fountains.

Junior Lifeguard Academy

For the intermediate swimmers, this area provides some adult-free dun and challenges. Ages 6-12 only. LIZ NELSON, the chief lifeguard, hold swimming classes here at noon on Saturdays during the school and weekdays during the summer.

Safety Scramble: Balance on the tortoises, using the overhead safety net, and try to cross the pond of peril.

Splashdown Slide: The escape slide glides down the included cable, leaving the riders dangling from the handles, twisting and bobbling wildly until the final, refreshing splash in the water below.

Waterfall Plunge: Twin slides plunge straight down a hill, ending in a catapult launch in the pool below.

Mountain Climb: Climb the face of the mountain, a thirty-foot climbing wall -- if you can -- and avoid plunging into the water below. Those reaching the top get a ring that's redeemable for a dish of ice cream at the Tiki Hut or the River Landing restaurant.

Olympic Training Pool: [This is mine.] All the rides described above end in an Olympic-sized pool with room for just swimming and one end deep enough to practice diving from the 1-meter and 3-meter boards.


Food Services: are located at the Tiki Hut Restaurant (South Seas Adventure area), the River Landing Restaurant (Wild River Fun area), which feature full menus (including salads and vegetarian burgers). Sweet potato fries, as well as those from regular potatoes are served. The same food is sold at both restaurants. Some food is also available at the main concession stand near the entrance.

Beverages: are available at all three food sites. Souvenir cups with unlimited refills at any site in the park can also be bought at all three sites.

Lockers and Changing Rooms: are located by the entrance and described in detail above. Free towels are found in boxes similar to sidewalk newspaper boxes (to keep them dry) are located strategically throughout the park. Damp or soiled towels can be deposited in the clearly marked nearby bins.

Merchandise and Souvenirs: The main concession stand also sells sunscreen, beach hats, park souvenirs (hats, T-shirts, and towels with the park logo), etc. One use cameras and film are sold, but only close-up shots of the person or group buying these will develop properly.

Assistance: Lifeguards and other staff will gladly assist with misplaced children or other personal items.