The Prom Statement Chapter 6

Nina Adams


In the heat of debate, Clarence makes a Prom
Statement that would change his life forever.

Part 6 of 7:

-------------My Day at David’s Bridal Boutique----------------

Red Shoes - Part 1

Red Shoes
by KaylaKayKee

These are the diary notes of a young man whom after taking a summer job experiences changes beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. It also suggests that there may be magic out there, not in the form of dramatic hocus-pocus but a more subtle one.

And sometimes that magic can come from something as inconspicuous as a pair of — Red Shoes.

The Prom Statement Chapter 1

Nina Adams


In the heat of debate, Clarence makes a Prom
Statement that would change his life forever.

----------------Standing Up For Some Ideals---------------------------

Mission Impossible? Part 6

Chapter 10

“We are waiting, princess,” Tad shouted from a table in the center of the deserted nightclub.

A very un-lady like retort came to mind; Amber bit her lip. She simply tugged at her mini skirt’s hem once more then she jogged from the dressing room out to center stage. Her crimson crop top with white piping proudly displayed the team name Cavaliers in bold white script across her chest while the low-rise matching skirt barely covered her red spandex undies. Red laces tied her white tennis shoes and a blonde wig fell in waves similar to Carrie Underwood.

Mission Impossible? Part 5

Mission Impossible?


Chapter 9

Amber woke slowly; her mouth felt like an aspirin bottle–dry and stuffed with cotton. She moaned, sat up, and pushed her hair out of her face. She wanted to retch. She moved to the edge of the bed, forced herself to stand and stumbled her way into the bathroom where she splashed cold water on her face to help her focus.

Mission Impossible? Part 4


Angel watched Amber fawn over the dancers on the floor below a few moments; his fingers stroked his thin moustache and then he cocked his head to the right slightly. His eyes flowed up Amber’s legs to her mini skirt’s hem and continued up her thighs as she leaned farther out to look at the crowd. Angel’s eyes traveled up her slim body to where her t-shirt fitted tightly over her pert breasts. He took another long sip of his beer.

Mission Impossible? Part 3

Mission Impossible?

Chapter 7

Amber sat back, closed her eyes, and hoped it would be over soon. A technician with spiked hair quickly and expertly plucked Amber's eyebrows into two feminine arches. She stood back and looked at Major Brewer, for approval.

"Great job. Very nice," Major Brewer said.

"Let me see. Oh Clare, you always leave a little too much on the end. Clean it up here and here," the makeup artist said.

"Yes, Bobbi," the girl said.

Mission Impossible? Part 2

Mission Impossible?

Chapter 4

The Major gave the CID officer a harsh look and stood up. She tossed her blonde hair back and walked toward the hotel door. Amber and the CID officer walked behind her out the door and to the black government sedan in the parking lot. The Intelligence officer opened a rear door and Amber was pushed into the back seat. Amber's head dropped to her hands and she began to cry. The man slammed the door shut and turned to face his partner.

Mission Impossible? Part 1

Mission Impossible?

by Amber Lynn Kain

The yellow, convertible Mustang cruised along the straight stretch of highway, eating the miles. The 302 hummed quietly; its owner took very good care of the car. While not mechanically inclined, he appreciated a fine tuned machine. Arron made sure his "stang" was cared for. He smiled, turned up the CD player louder and pushed down on the gas pedal.


The Ice Tiger - Chapter 7

The Ice Tiger

“…a veiled threat...”
by Kelly Blake

edited by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Artwork adapted by
Belle Meade


Along with continuing thank yous and blessings to Drea and her extraordinarily talented staff, I wish to express my deepest thanks to Khadijah for reviewing this part and making very constructive and informative comments to add to the theme of this tale. May one thousand blessing be hers and may she know only peace. This part of my tale is dedicated to her.

Knowing Yourself

Knowing Yourself:

Original Challenge by
Lilith Langtree

premise expanded by
T. D. Aldoennetti

This is but one response to a challenge made by Lilith Langtree who created a marvelous beginning which I simply could not pass up.

While there are many possible stories available from this beginning, this is but one of them.

T. D. Aldoennetti

Symphonic Seductions

Symphonic Seductions

By Paul Calhoun
With illustration by Turkranma

Dear reader: It's not exactly accurate to say that Turk illustrated this, as the story came second. Better to say that the comic inspired the story. Anyway, you can find him at

Down to Earth - Part 10

Down to Earth

by Andrea Lena DiMaggio
Someday, when we are wiser
When the world's older
When we have learned
I pray someday we may yet
Live to live and let live

Draihoidel - The Practice of the Old Arts

Head Case

Head Case

By Paul Calhoun

Summary: Another crossdresser, this time more experienced, tries a new thing and gets into more trouble than he'd expected when his fursuit head gets stuck. Illustrations done by the same person as who did WVI, and so once again you can extend this story with money or illustrations.

With Voyeuristic Intention

With Voyeristic Intention

By Paul Calhoun

Dear reader: This story is noticeably unfinished. That's because I decided to leave the decision on what happens in the next part to whoever could decently illustrate either this part of the story or the section they're asking for. Or you could just use money; I really don't care either way. You may notice images already there, but those are part of an art/lit trade with someone who I don't mind doing shorts for, but I'm not too enamored of his quality (as you might notice, he didn't quite follow the story's descriptions).

Oh, right, the preview. A guy sees something sexy and becomes it.

Changing Room

.Changing Room
Written by Dauphin
Strange things happen to two boys in a changing room
"Bade boys to good girl. Sometimes it takes magic to make boys behave " Diana
"This was a quick story, and i often think which boy would i react as?" Dauphin

Aliens at Roswell: A Cosmetic Conspiracy

Roswell, New Mexico, July 1947: Did a flying saucer crash there? Were aliens, live and dead, found? Would you want your son to marry an alien? What was the government covering up? I know that I swore off conspiracy theories, but as the world’s most infamous TG investigative reporter I have a duty to publish the Truth about Roswell (which I discovered by accident). Why? Because my findings have Universal (or Cosmetic) implications for our understanding of gender.

Sex and the Little League

A tale about Little Leaguers, eleven-year-olds, having sex? Nope. This story is about the sex (or gender) of the players who played youth baseball before girls were officially admitted to the program in 1974. It’s about one particular girl, Kelly Rodman, who may have been the first of her sex ever to play in the Little League World Series. Those who know my stories will appreciate that there must be a twist — a curve ball — to this tale. After all, it does come from Texas, the land of Pecos Pete and other tall tales.

Sex and the Little League
By: Dawn DeWinter

Emerging from the Bushes: The first 'female' president of the USA?

Another, earthshaking scoop about US politics (a 2.5 tremor on the Rorschach scale occurred as Somer wrote this). Here you will learn about a secret society that created the Bush political dynasty, and about its plan to elect a third Bush as President in 2016 (or 2020) by countering the generalized feeling that the first two Bushes were too macho for the job.

Emerging from the Bushes: The first ‘female’ president of the USA?
By: Somer Knight

Anything for a Moped, Part 4

In the first three parts, Barb capitalizes on her son Kyle’s desire for a moped (a motor scooter) to propose a deal: If he wears girls’ clothes for a month, then he can get one. He makes the deal on the understanding that he can choose the clothes. He figures he will be able to find a masculine look, just as long as he wears sweatshirts bulky enough to hide the bras his mother adds to the deal. Kyle sees an easy win; his mother hopes that somehow the knowledge that he is wearing girls’ clothes will tame her boy.

Quillian In COLOR! -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 2-

Quillian in color just adds another dimension to the art, doesn't?

This isn't fully rendered yet, I'll upload a better copy later. This is flat color like they used in the sixties.

The Samantha Project - Chapter 16 - 20

An epic story of power, money, politics, deceit and love. Samantha makes a very successful debut(ante) and is tempted by Lisa’s plotting to extend an encore.

The Samantha Project by G. L. Hudson

The Samantha Project - Chapter 11-15

An epic story of power, money, politics, deceit and love. As Sam begins practicing for his favor, and (unwittingly) for his future life as a girl, doubts begin to surface; but Lisa is prepared with a surefire solution.

Femdom, crossdressing, hair and hair salon, corseting, heels, appliances attached, sex, illustrations.

The Samantha Project by G. L. Hudson


Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 9- Morning Becomes Her?

Something you don’t see every day -- a carnivorous eggplant doing a Homer Simpson impression.


Book 1 - Teenager from Hell

Page 10 - A Tail to Tell

by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 8- Breathless Escape

That monster is really falling for her.


Teenager from Hell

by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 7- Kicks are for Twids

That's gonna hurt, with some hurt left over.



Teenager from Hell

by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 6- Ptarrodonus Interruptus

Some monsters won't let you get a word in edgewise.


No, it's not misspelled

Teenager from Hell

by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 4- Would Like to Meat

A late night arrival sometimes needs a snack...


Messy Eater

Teenager from Hell

by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford

A story for kimmie

(posted with permission by given by kimmie for me to repost)


It really was my fault I wound up cross-dressed for a full year. The truth be known though, it was my sister’s fault I got into this situation in the first place. To add to the list of those I can blame for my predicament is my mother. She convinced me that thinking of others more than thinking of myself was the true Christian thing to do.

Teacup Roses, Guitars, a Bus Pass and a Mistaken Identity

Teacup Roses, Guitars, a Bus Pass and a Mistaken Identity
(A Danny Fairchild Story)

by Bobbie Cabot

This little interlude is set somewhere in the middle of the events of Chapter 8 of the still unfinished story, “Danny.” This does not materially contribute to that story, but is more like “a day in the life” type of story of the main character, Danny. This story can stand on its own somewhat, but it would be good to read Danny, unfinished though it is, to get a background on the story and characters (see


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