The Girl


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The Girl

Tanya Lynn

I don't know why I have to keep several series going on at once, but this one's been burning a hole in my brain for a while. Do Over almost went this way, but found it's own identity. If you haven't seen the Bruce Willis film "The Kid", you won't know the plot anyway, but you really should rent it.

Politics is... pretty international at times. [2.2]

ASE.pngOpen Sky.jpg

Politics is like a river... no, that’s not right?
Politics is like a cess pit... closer, but no.
Politics is... is...
I have no idea, I guess?

Maybe we’ll get an answer to that question eventually, huh?

Events unfold including but not limited to:
John screaming,
Metal walls being dented badly,
and Hannah gets distracted at a bad time.

Sister of my Heart

December 2017 Christmas Dreams Story Contest Entry

Heart of the matter.png

Sister of my Heart

I am most assuredly back Dear Reader!
As promised, the snow has begun to fall once more and so must the lamp-lighters and narrators apply their trade.

Welcome to hopefully the first of many 'Narrator Fellow's Christmas Omnibus's!

December 2017 Christmas Dreams Story Contest Entry


Let the right one in

.Let the Right one

Written by Dauphin
A boy is bullied because he is different, but has one person that is his friend, although no one
can see her

"AHorror story woth heart. I was in suspense all the time and had my hankies out." Diana
"The original movie had a big impact on me, i just had to be influenced by it" Dauphin

Living in a World with X-Men

Warner Wallace lives in a world where to be recognized for anything you have to be a mutant or beautiful. What will happen if a bullied nerd suddenly became the most powerful and beautiful mutant of them all?

Magic is.. getting an after-credits scene? [6]

After-credits are practically expected these days, as are inevitable sequels used to set up wider universes over time.
Don't blame me, blame Marvel!

That being said, sometimes an after-credit scene or twelve can help soften the blow of a rather abrupt ending, right?

Events unfold including but not limited to:
Not telling!
Nuh uh, you'll have to read and find out!
Okay, okay.. Jeez..

So there's this bit where at least one person reads this part before chapter [5.11] and gets horribly confused in the comments.
You KNOW you want to scroll down and see if I'm right now, don't ya? :)

'Nobodys perfect' - Silly September Entry

PREPARE TO BE BOARDED.png “Well.. we're not exactly scary are we?”

“What the hell are you TALKING about Reg? Of course were scary, we're pirates!”

“..we're floating about in a merchant ship full of rats and expired cabbage..”

“We have a Black Flag and a Canon! We're scary damn it!”


Staying in Character Part 1

Staying in Character Part 1

By Paul Calhoun

A trade with Dieter Schaumer.

An actress playing a queen being slowly turned into a legendary wolf has to wear her costume home for budgetary reasons. Her boyfriend isn't very happy and after he refuses to have sex with her she has an idea to show him what it's like.

Angel - Season One - Pilot (Parts 1-3)

---"Angel" Season One Pilot---

Mission commander Michael Owen is on the verge death after a failed mission in space to save the planet earth. Saved by what he thinks to be an angel, this friend from another world offers Michael the opportunity to save his planet by endowing him with great power, but at a great personal cost.



Written by Dauphin

"A fanfic of a TV show, this story has enough magic for everyone. One wonders what happens in Dauphins' head?" Diana
"It was fun to write and does not follow TG stories, as there is a bit of everything. I suppose this is why some did not like it" Dauphin

The Girl

I don't know why I have to keep several series going on at once, but this one's been burning a hole in my brain for a while. Do Over almost went this way, but found it's own identity. If you haven't seen the Bruce Willis film "The Kid", you won't know the plot anyway, but you really should rent it.

The Girl

Tanya Lynn

Milissa and Dandy - Part 1 The Beginning

Dandy was getting ready to go to Atlantis through the Stargate. As the team went through there was a power surge, then the gate went dead. Dandy was thrown on a planet 2 billion light-years from her original destination and 500 years into the future, but she did not know about the temporal time difference at the time. Dandy looked around and saw a decimated landscape like a war just happened. She tried to contact her team but no answer. She also tried to contact Stargate command but no luck there.



Written by Dauphin
A young boy enters a reality world, and finds that he can be anyone
"It is not about blue people, but a person who finds out who he is. So sweet " Diana
"Some of us would love this game as some find it hard to be accepted in reality" Dauphin

I "Saw" That

I “Saw” That

A TG take on Saw
By: Willy Mays Hayes

The man walked down the street, it was a dark, cold night. The man’s name was John Cornell and he was a pedophile. He had molested over seventy small girls and had yet to be caught. He fancied himself and expert, having honed his “craft” over many years. His methods had never changed, on nights such as this, he merely walked until finding a suitable target. Not that they were hard to find, there were many homeless girls living in the shadows of the alleys of the city. And this night was no different.

Desert Misstake

This is a work based on one of the most famous movies of all time. Those who have seen the movie will, no doubt, recognize some of the names and situations described. For those who haven't seen the movie, the title is at the end of this story.



Written by Dauphin
Sandra and Taylor find a game that will change their lives forever. This game is dangerous as it will doom them or make them happy. If the twins ever needed themselves, it would be now!
"One of Dauphin's stories inspired by a film, these really change the film! I wonder how many readers want the game!" Diana
"Some people hate this story and some love it." Dauphin

TV Star

Drabble Theatre: The Shnozberries Taste Like Shnozberries!

Romeo Cassanova was really starting to regret ever finding that golden ticket. After that incident thirty years ago no one had so much as heard from the Wonka company, but with the reopening came the contest...

Mary white dissappeared down the cream sluice, Ollie Line vanished during the tour of the new sweet-E internet HQ, and he'd last seen the other two in the room with all the fizzy lifting drinks.

The man in the purple suit turned to him. " And lastly, our new line of edible underwear."

'Oh, no.'



Another BigCloset TopShelf story. A tough choice for Bond–kill the villain and maintain the status quo? Or, let the villain go, and improve the world? The adventure concludes–part three of three parts.






Another BigCloset TopShelf story. To Bond or not to Bond? Michael is offered the role of a stunt double for the female lead. The remuneration and the prestige of the James Bond films is tempting, but is Bondage worth the potential embarrassment? The adventure continues–second of three parts.




Strange Wine


Kent is in the city to pull off the biggest job of his life, but when his girlfriend, Rose, sends him a strange bottle of green wine, he's in for a big shock. Now the stakes are much higher. Kent isn't out just for the money, he needs his life back.

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