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Apocalypse Dawn: First Light - Part 16

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Part 16: Return to the Glade

When Caleb's sister offers to get him and Jess an opportunity to play-test a new Virtual Reality MMORPG, Caleb's vacation just may change his life and the lives of those close to him forever.


“Is something the matter Sheriff? Is this a no parking zone or something?” I teased.

To Return Home 1.1

To Return Home.pngI'd like to thank Malady for his help editing this.

To Return Home

Chapter 1.1

I dove into the water, alongside my sister, Paula. Neither of us wore any of the diving equipment of old, except for a pair of goggles each. I hated trying to see underwater without them. Many people didn’t worry about them either, but I had hated blurry vision since I was a kid. Before I was injected with nanobots, I was myopic, but the bots had cured me of that problem almost immediately. My vision had been perfect ever since then. To dive into the water and not be able to see was too nerve-wracking. Perhaps since it took me back to the time before I was female? I wasn’t sure, but nevertheless — I wasn’t willing to do it.

Everything Will Be Explained Tomorrow: 3 / 3


I’d already decided to keep Rufus’ information to myself -- at least for the time being.
There was no point in causing a controversy over something I could still manage to not believe.


The Spy Who Loved Me

The Spy Who Loved Me

Part 1

The mouse scratched at the walls of the small Plexiglas box it found itself in. It didn’t seem to notice when the lights in the room dimmed or when a robotic arm with a laser scanner descended from the ceiling and bathed it in a red wave of flickering light. A slight electrical hum filled the room. Moments later a shining object looking rather like a giant sparkplug lowered itself over the mouse.

A slightly hollow sounding female robotic voice echoed throughout the room. “Sequence initiation in three, two, one. Initializing.”



April 3, 2028

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the CEO of Future Global, Malcom Sanders.”

The lights in the conference hall dimmed and a spotlight appeared on a man dressed in jeans, tennis shoes, and a Hawaiian aloha shirt as he walked across the stage. After an initial robust round of applause the attendees fell silent. Malcom Sanders was the latest Silicon Valley technology wizard that had quickly established himself far above his competitors in recent years. His appearances were rare but always accompanied by life and market altering innovations.


The Confederation, a group of independent worlds bonded together for mutual trade and defence, have a dirty little secret in how they make their trading ships - hijacking the souls of dead transgendered. Please follow one subject's rebirth into the Confederation.

 ©2011 Salrissa Jenkins

Dooms Day

Dooms Day

By: Emily Rudgers

In the war hardened lands of future Earth, humanity has been brought to its knees and tested.
The only possible saviors of the world being skilled soldiers whose abilities are put to the test.
This is the story of the remnants of unit 412.

The Living VS The Dead

The Living VS. The Dead
By: Sandy Riedel

I grabbed Lisa’s hand and pulled her into the mansion, gasping for air, and slammed the door behind us. I looked back at her; a mixture of pool water and sweat dripped down her face. She was shivering and I wasn’t sure if it was from being cold or from being scared.

Self-made Man, Umm Person

Self-made Man, Umm Person
By BillieBob


What if it only took the power of thought to make things possible? Just imagine your future and make it real. If you have the tools to do it. Mainly, yourself, and only limited by your imagination!

Momentum Shift!


Momentum Shift!

by Lynceus

Dr. Ronick was a genus. And probably insane. But like a moth drawn to a flame, I couldn't seem to escape his madness! If only things were different, I thought. In another world, another life, I could love someone like him.

Little did I realize that I was about to get everything I had wished for...and a whole lot more!

Market Research

Tom meets an alien who is researching potential trade opportunities and gets a glimpse of more than one new world.

Market Research

By Jamie Lou Wendelin

Thanks to Kristina L.S., Scott Ramsey and another friend for reviewing drafts, finding mistakes and making helpful suggestions - and, oh yeah, Erin for making all this possible.
Of course all remaining mistakes are my own.


The Maiden's Curse

After hiding in a mummy's case, Bob undergoes physical and mental changes. Are they a curse or a blessing? And do they help in the quest to defeat an ancient threat that's fast approaching earth? A prophesy from the time of the pyramid building now has the world in fear. A search for an alien artifact that is crucial for the world's survival is now in the hands of Bob. Is he man enough for the challenge?

The Maiden's Curse

by Prudence Walker

Everything Will Be Explained Tomorrow: 2 / 3


It wasn’t until that evening that I realized neither Evander nor Rufus had returned to talk with us. When I pointed this out to Harvey, he replied, “They both said they’d be back tomorrow.”

“Yes, but today is tomorrow.”


Apocalypse Dawn: First Light - Part 15

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Part 15: Fairy Tale

When Caleb's sister offers to get him and Jess an opportunity to play-test a new Virtual Reality MMORPG, Caleb's vacation just may change his life and the lives of those close to him forever.


“Umm, was that supposed to do something invisible, because I don’t see anything happening,” Grell silently inquired.

Everything Will Be Explained Tomorrow: 1 / 3


An apparently random group of men is abducted by aliens.

They’re angry, afraid, confused.

If only they’d been BCTS readers! They’d have had a better chance of knowing what to expect.


The Woman Who Would Be A Spy: A tale of Zhor, Part 2

On the planet Zhor, as in most pre-modern societies, careers appealing to women can at first seem rather restricted. But in so complex a civilization as Zhor's, a capable woman -- if determined enough --may discover that some rather unique fields of endeavor lay open to her. Lady Caron thinks that she has found one that will suit her nicely.

This story is inspired by Ranbarth's novelette "The Lancer's Tale," available at Fictionmania.

The Letters Chapter 2

The Letters.png

The Letters Chapter 2

Greg turned and looked at the speaker. He saw – himself. He certainly wasn’t expecting such a strange things to happen. It was bewildering.

Do you know what’s going on?” he asked. His voice was a little shaky, and his arms felt like there was no strength in them.

Well, as I said, I forgot to put the belt on and ended up… Well… You. Your arms are really sore, huh?”

Apocalypse Dawn: First Light - Part 14

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Part 14: Growing Up

When Caleb's sister offers to get him and Jess an opportunity to play-test a new Virtual Reality MMORPG, Caleb's vacation just may change his life and the lives of those close to him forever.


“Tooth F…” Rei, who was looking particularly androgynous since she awoke, didn’t even finish the word before staring at me and then sighing. “Okay sweetie, you’ve had your joke, now please let us go back to sleep.”

Viral Hot Spot

Viral Hot Spot
By Ellie Dauber © 2020

A viral hot spot -- not Covid is found on a college campus; as reported by the CDC.

Viral Hot Spot
By Ellie Dauber © 2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed the presence of a Bimbo Virus hotspot at Crayton University in Abadla, Texas.

The Wounded World by Aladdin, Chapter 2

TG heroine Mantra (Malibu Comics) realizes that she is missing six days of time and finds herself living in a completely different (and disconcerting) version of her own life. Is she having delusions, or has the world itself changed into something strange and new?

To Not Let Go 3.8 (final)

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Chapter 3.8

N21_Station.png John and I had a fantastic night. I got up in the morning and sat down at my piano. I hadn’t played in some time, and just let my fingers go, regarding all the feelings I had been experiencing with this crazy situation we found ourselves in.

I felt terrified for my husband. Amos had already killed one half brother. What was to stop him from destroying the other?

Apocalypse Dawn: First Light - Part 13

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Part 13: Daenyss.

When Caleb's sister offers to get him and Jess an opportunity to play-test a new Virtual Reality MMORPG, Caleb's vacation just may change his life and the lives of those close to him forever.


“What’s the veer jayith?” Lissany asked in confusion.

To Not Let Go 3.7

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Chapter 3.7

N21_Station.png ”No!” I shouted at Mom. “I won’t!”

Rosie! Yes, you will. You have to.”

Why?!” I asked, still unable to lower my voice.

Mom gave me a half-smile. “Sweetheart, we don’t know if I can be overpowered by Amos or not.”

A Minority Of One : 9 / 9


I sat there, stunned. This was bad, very, very bad. I was scared,
and for once I was scared for someone other than myself.

If Meredith stole that money -- if Meredith tried to steal that money,
it was bound to end badly for her.


A Minority Of One : 8 / 9


Lois came in and saw my look of confusion. “This is so weird,” I said. “And awkward.”

“It’s only awkward if we make it awkward,” she told me.


The Letters Chapter 1

The Letters.pngAuthor’s note: Many years ago (don’t even think of asking how many) I read a book by David Gerrold, published in 1973, called, The Man who Folded Himself

It was a very different novel, and was actually nominated for a Nebula and a Hugo Award. The idea for this came from that book. Chapters 1 and 2 are loosely based on the beginning, but after that, it goes it’s separate way.

This is a story that will be added to when I have time, so please don’t expect it in any particular schedule.

Thank you to Malady for editing this.


The Letters - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It had been a long time since Gregory had been to the home of his grandfather.

I know. Lots of stories start this way, but this is somewhat different.

Let’s resume.

Greg took the key out of his pocket and looked around. He turned a complete circle as he surveyed the property. There was nothing there except weeds. The mailbox was destroyed entirely. It appeared as though someone had driven by with a baseball bat and smashed it at high speed. The post still stood, although the top was jagged, but the mailbox was nowhere to be seen. He unlocked the door and entered the house.

On his twenty-first birthday, he had gained ownership, which was strange. He hardly knew his grandfather. He would have thought that someone else might have been willed the home, or the old man could have sold it. It should have paid off all debts, but strangely, he was the only beneficiary. There didn't seem to be any bank holding a mortgage, or unpaid taxes. He wasn’t going to argue.

A Minority Of One : 7 / 9


“We have to get you a phone, and I guess we should talk about allowance.”

“What did you give Celine?” I asked.

He laughed. “Celine was a thief,” he replied. “You don’t need to give money to a thief.”


Apocalypse Dawn: First Light - Part 12

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Part 12: Nobody Expects...

When Caleb's sister offers to get him and Jess an opportunity to play-test a new Virtual Reality MMORPG, Caleb's vacation just may change his life and the lives of those close to him forever.


“What the hell happened here?” Pete asked as we looked over the bodies.

A Minority Of One : 6 / 9


In romantic comedies someone holds off telling something important,
and it screws up everything.

You watch the film, and find yourself shouting, “Just say it! Just tell her!”
but they don’t. It’s always “the wrong time.”


To Not Let Go 3.6

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Chapter 3.6

N21_Station.png I rejoined John in observing Sylvia. Our people were being forced downstairs, and we were helpless to stop it. We watched as they came were herded to the palace, and then the throne room. I gasped as the shimmering air coalesced into a man.

"Here they are, my Lord, " he told Amos, who was sitting, once again on his throne.

Shepherd Moon 2: Chapter 8


Shepherd Moon, Book 2:

by Roberta J. Cabot
Chapter Eight

Far, far away, at the edge of known space, an EarthForce expedition makes the incredible, unbelievable discovery that could rock modern Federation life to its foundations: apparently, the Earthers' magical Phase-Wave technology wasn't infinite nor universal, which puts into question a lot of the assumptions that Federation science had made about what the universe was, and how it works.

Also, beyond the boundary of Phase-Wave, the same expedition finds a weird new planetary system, which included three planets which were in what Earthers called the "Goldilocks zone" of the system - the area of space around a star that had just the right conditions for life to flourish. There were two problems with these planets: the three went around their star in the same precise orbit. And they were all frozen. And they shouldn't have been frozen.

And then, on the one they called Terra Dracones, they find an ancient structure under the ice that contained Earther and Elyran statues.

A Minority Of One : 5 / 9


“Are you kidding me?” she asked, incredulous. “You’re 42 years old!
You don’t need to ask your so-called parents. Seriously!”

“I’m thirteen,” I retorted, “in case you hadn’t noticed. By the way,
have YOU looked in the mirror lately, Mrs. Shearpen?
You’re not a forty-year-old man any more either!”


A Minority Of One : 4 / 9


Lois laughed. “Did you ever read No Exit by Sartre?
It starts off like this -- a guy ends up in Hell,
and the first thing he asks for is a toothbrush.”

“Um, I don’t feel like I’ve landed in Hell,” I told her.
“I hope you don’t feel that way.”


A Minority Of One : 3 / 9


“If you walk out of this room, if we never see you again,
I will think about you every day.
I won’t want to, but that’s what will happen.”


Apocalypse Dawn: First Light - Part 11

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Part 11: Girls' Day

When Caleb's sister offers to get him and Jess an opportunity to play-test a new Virtual Reality MMORPG, Caleb's vacation just may change his life and the lives of those close to him forever.


“Don’t look at me,” Nishalle stated with a frown. “I’m the younger sister, I was supposed to receive the talk not give it to her.”


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