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Resolution Revolution

Resolution Revolution

On November 20th at the End of Each Year

More of our Siblings Join Our Honored Dead

By Jo Dora Webster

Will a New Years Resolution Bring the Fulfillment of Transgender Death No More?

Snow Angel: Chapter 45

snow angel.png


Chapter 45: New Blood

Snow's whole life changes when the winter solstice arrives.


“You Angels really made an impression in yesterday’s battle,” Desra offered conversationally as she led us once again through the large and confusing city.

Zofia & Lacey's Resolutions for a New Universe

Zofia & Lacey's New Universe
By Jo Dora Webster

{Z.O.F.I.A. AI Helper ~ All Systems Functioning Within Normal Parameters}

{Ruler Directive 77 Terran Day Start Wake Up Protocol Implement}

[Good Morning. It is time to wake up.]

[Good Morning, Zofia. Do you have something interesting for me from the historical records?]

Snow Angel: Chapter 42

snow angel.png


Chapter 42: Negotiations

Snow's whole life changes when the winter solstice arrives.


Michael loudly interrupted me. “You have said yourself that you have more than one available, you’re just holding this over us so that you can demand better terms!”

Snow Angel: Chapter 40

Gender Panic, part 5 of 5

By the time Stella comes to visit again, the changes are pretty much complete. Daddy, Stella and Quindy go out shopping, and Daddy buys Stella a couple of things too, although the trip is mostly to get new underwear and a new swimsuit for Quindy, and some new pants, too.

Wings, part 62 of 62 [FINAL]

“Yeah, we can only stay about an hour 'cause I’ve got a freshman orientation thing to go to at four o’clock, and I want to allow time to unload the car and do some unpacking first.”

Family Therapy: Nonbinary Reflections

Bonus scene! Bonus artwork! Bonus--well, it’s just those two things, actually. But that’s still pretty cool! After Fraylim got inspired to do some additional artwork for “Family Therapy,” I wanted a way to share it with you. So, to avoid undercutting the original story, I’m offering this as an “alternate ending.” Here, we see a young trans woman on the verge of an important decision as she muses on the unusual road that her life has taken, and the role that her father-turned-mother played in it...and may yet play in the future.

Wings, part 61 of 62

When I’d taken a shower on Friday morning, I found out the hard way that moss is even harder to dry than fur. It took me a long time to blow-dry the moss enough that I could put on my work clothes without getting them damp, and I was nearly late to work.

Wings, part 59 of 62

Dad and I went for a short walk around the halls near his room with the nurse’s aide. He was tired out after going one lap around the nurses’ station. After we got back to the room and the nurse hooked his heart monitor leads back up to the larger machine, he told me, “I’d like to talk more about the transgender thing, if you don’t mind.”

Gender Panic, part 2 of 5

“Are you like that because your mommy or daddy was a beringer, or did you decide to be a beringer after you grew up?”


Mx. Herschel laughs. “I’m glad you think I look that young! No, when I was born I had a girl type body — almost everyone had a girl or boy type body back then. I was several years older than you when I told my parents I didn’t want to be a girl, but they didn’t like that, so I didn’t get to change into a beringer body until I was eighteen.”

Wings, part 58 of 62

“Last time Brenda and I played backgammon,” Grandpa said, “we talked about venning into little bitty bodies, maybe two or three inches tall, and seeing how the board would look from that angle. Big enough to roll the dice and move the pieces, but small enough that it would be as good a workout as an hour at the gym.”

Wings, part 57 of 62

“So Joe was upset, and wanted my advice about what to do. I didn’t know any more about LGBT people than he did, at the time, and I didn’t give him the same advice I would now, but I hope I did sort of okay given what I knew then.

Wings, part 56 of 62

“Have you tried to talk to him about rejuvenating?” Grandpa asked.


“He won’t listen,” Mom said, not meeting anyone’s eyes. “I’ve almost given up trying. I bring it up every few months, still, but...”


We heard a door open somewhere, and changed the subject.

Wings, part 55 of 62

“Oh, good. This feels weird. Not as bad as I feared, though. I know you said I wouldn’t feel paralyzed or claustrophobic, but hearing it is one thing and experiencing it is another. It just feels... sort of normal to not have any arms or legs?”

Gender Panic, part 1 of 5

“Zoe, bring up some pictures of me from about ten to fourteen years ago,” Daddy says to the household AI. Zoe complies, projecting an array of four pictures on the opposite wall. Three of the four show Daddy holding a baby, either Sebastian or his big sister Stella, who lives with Mommy now. In one of them, he’s nursing the baby. “Sebastian, do you see what’s different about me back then?”

Wings, part 54 of 62

I’d originally been going to title it “Venn-Splitting for Long-Distance Relationships,” but Sophia had come up with a snappier title, “Splitting for Togetherness.”

Wings, part 53 of 62

One day in mid-December, a few days after Meredith came home from UNC Chapel Hill for Christmas, I was taking a break at work and hanging out with Genevieve and Terri for a few minutes. Genevieve was a kind of beetle-bee hybrid, with a bee’s striped fuzzy underbelly and a beetle’s elytra over her wings, and a slightly human-ish face. Terri was a big mushroom with a face and arms and four small feet, apparently based on a fantasy creature from a story she liked, “though the ones in the book are a lot smaller,” she said. I was in one of my more outre dragon-like bodies, slender with silver scales and four smaller wings more like a butterfly or moth than a bat.

Wings, part 51 of 62

“I’m not against letting formerly disabled kids compete,” Eric said, “but I’m not sure exactly where you’d draw the line between someone venned into a healthy body and someone venned into a more athletic body.”

Family Therapy


A father and son in crisis reach out to an online therapist who, unbeknownst to them, is actually an artificial intelligence. But after the machine mistakenly deduces that one of them must be transgender—and bound by its programming to maintain its patients' privacy—it ends up feminizing both father and son. When the truth finally comes to light, will this bring the two of them closer together, or tear them hopelessly apart?

The Breeding Chamber Chapter 1

The Breeding Room Final.jpg

Chapter One – Down You Go Ladies

This is a tale of hope and redemption as three women struggle to live in a dystopian war-ravaged future where the world’s female population has been decimated by a pandemic. The precious few remaining females are rounded up and made to serve in ‘breeding chambers’ to produce children. With very few females available to meet the desires of men a breed of transgender women known as Comfort Girls takes their place. But all is not as it seems. The ‘breeding program’ which was created to proliferate the female population appears not to be working. The leader of the new-order city-state is complicit and an anti-establishment revolutionary force suspect they know why and they intend to do something about it.

Wings, part 49 of 62

“So... Lauren, would you mind venning me into a plushie? And then you could change me back before you go home?”


“Sure,” I said, a little surprised but not entirely. “What kind of plushie? I’m not as good at venning people into living dolls as my friend Sophia, but I’ve gotten some practice at it lately.”

Wings, part 48 of 62

Jada was a little demon, only about eighteen inches tall, with short horns, bat-like wings similar to mine, short reddish-brown fur, and cute little hooves. I picked her up and gave her a piggyback ride with her legs around my left neck.


Britt was an angel of the same height, with feathery wings and mostly-human legs with bird-like feet, wearing a white robe. I picked her up, too, and she straddled my right neck.

Wings, part 47 of 62

“There are days I feel more robotic and days I feel more human. People tip more when my body is shaped like a female human, but they also expect me to act in a feminine way. Some days I can do that and some days I cannot.”

Wings, part 46 of 62

Mr. Ramsey was still female, but Mrs. Ramsey had switched back to female already, though her new girl body had blue skin like the guy body she’d worn for a couple of weeks and the body Mr. Ramsey was still wearing.

Wings, part 45 of 62

When they returned, Jada was a cyclopean llama-taur and Steph was an octopus-taur. She was riding on Jada’s back, having apparently gotten tuckered out on the way back — she was surprisingly fast on her tentacles, but they’d tired after walking a third of the way across campus.

Wings, part 43 of 62

Britt and I went on a couple of dates that month, taking Desiree with us and snuggling with her. On one of those dates, we went to the mall in Catesville, venned into little girls, and played on the playground until closing time. We didn’t run into Melinda and Melanie that time, but we played tag with a couple of little girls and then chatted with them after we got tired of chasing each other around the playground, up the stairs and through the tunnels and down the slides.

Wings, part 42 of 62

On Furry Friday, I had Jill venn me into a two-headed creature with a sheep-like head and a wolf-like head. After some practice, I tried talking with my usual voice with the sheep head and with a fake Scottish accent with the wolf head; I would recommend the meat dishes with the wolf head and the vegetable dishes and salads with the sheep head.


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