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Title Code Author(s)
A Minority Of One : 5 / 9 Mon Iolanthe Portmanteaux
Princess Warrior by Melanie Brown on Kindle Sun Melanie Brown
Alice and Dorothy Take a Wonderful Trip to Oz Solo Drea DiMaggio
Broken! - Chapter 2 Sun Shauna
Molly Grows Up Sun Maryanne Peters
Gaby Book 2 ~ Summer Girl ~ Chapter *21* Sun Maddy Bell
Eerie Saloon 2: House Rules by Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson -... Sun Christopher Leeson, Ellie Dauber
Broken Wings 6 Sun Cyclist
A Night at the Food and Fuel Solo Angela Rasch
New Meaning: Sugar and Spice -25- Sun Jo Dora Webster
Thanks Truck-kun For Making Me A Trader - Part 15 Sun Cassy Bee
KIM'S STORY - How it all began Sun Gillian Chambers
Unaccounted Gains - Book 1 - Part 3 Sun Shiraz
Sixth Sense Sun TGFictionStv
My Super-powered Diary: Chapter 36 Sat Amethyst
Like for Like. Chapter 7 Sat Marianne G
The Patsy Project. Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 31 & 32 Sat Marianne G
“Queen of the Masquerade Ball” Chapter 3 “ Does Anyone Really... Sat Aylesea
Hired Girl by Joyce Melton on Kindle Sat Erin Halfelven, Joyce Melton
To the Core part 99 Sat Morpheus
A Minority Of One : 4 / 9 Sat Iolanthe Portmanteaux
Miss Recudes Solo Angela Rasch
Easy As Falling Off a Bike pt 3247 Sat Angharad
Making Beautiful Music Sat Ricky
For Want of a Comma - Chapter 2 Sat Heather Rose Brown
A Cathartic Run (Flash Fiction) Solo Cassy Bee
Tammy Interludes: Guard of the Thistle - Part 4 Sat Shiraz, Snowfall
County Sheriff - What Goes around, comes around part 1 of 3 Sat SamanthaMD
“ Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!” Chapter 2 “A Day Called Zero” Fri Aylesea
“Who I Am” Chapter 19 (final) “Homeward Bound” Fri Aylesea
The Touch of Satin Solo Drea DiMaggio
The New Kid - Pt 1 Fri Rose
Head Injury Solo Maryanne Peters
Cross Country Disconnect - 8 Caryn Hangs Around Fri Jessica C
The Woman Who Would Be A Spy: A tale of Zhor Fri Christopher Leeson
Anticipation Solo Angela Rasch
Drew Nance 2, Chapter 13: The Mansion and The Ghost Lights /... Fri Roberta J Cabot
Vantier a Whateley Tale chapter 20: encroaching shadows! Thu Shadowsblade
The Hunter, Becomes The Hunted Part 12 Thu LadyDragon623
Tales of Narnia Solo Drea DiMaggio
Sweet little spy pt 20 Thu KymmieLorain
Cousins in arms 3(5) Thu QModo
Fools Rush In: The Day I Had My “Tonsil-mee” Solo Angela Rasch
A Lovely Morning Solo EmmaP
The Courage of Harriet Riley 3 of 3 Wed Drea DiMaggio
Laundromat Solo Maryanne Peters
Project: Stingray Chapter 20 Wed LadyDragon623
Apocalypse Dawn: First Light - Part 11 Wed Amethyst
Life Giver by Melanie Brown on Kindle Wed Melanie Brown
Tracy - 5 Wed Pamela
“Reboot” Chapter One “ Aitakatta” (starter) Tue Aylesea
I Was Promoted from CFO to Secretary Tue Marina Kelly, Monica Rose
Song of the Switcher Tue Melanie Brown
Aurora Solo Rose
The Avon Lady: “Ding Dong, Avon Calling” Tue Donna T
New Forms Solo Maryanne Peters
Heaven and Hell 4: Balancing Act at Amazon Tue Maggie Finson
Princess of Castile chapter 9 Tue Jennifer Reed
Forever the Dragon Princess -chp 14 Tue WolfJess7
Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 252 Tue Teddie S.
A Comedy of Errors Solo Rose
Ignorance is No Excuse for Hating Someone Part 20 Mon LadyDragon623
Father of the Bride Solo Maryanne Peters
Soixante-Trois Airlines Season 2, part 9 Mon Debbie V
Butterscotch -18- Cowgirl Mon Erin Halfelven
Gaby Book 21 ~ Summer Loving ~ Chapter *40* Mon Maddy Bell
Bobbi McGee by Chris Leeson on Kindle Mon Christopher Leeson
Marta Solo Rose
Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 17: An Intimate Brushing Sun Mysterious Stranger
Raquiel Solo Erisian
Castle The Series – 0122 Peppercorns and Anvils Sun Eolwaen
The Three Brothers Solo TGFictionStv
Masks 12 - Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Now on Kindle Sat Stickmaker
Texas Two-Step by Angela Rasch on Kindle Fri Angela Rasch
The Novitiate by Angela Rasch from DopplerPress Wed Angela Rasch
The Station's Late Nite Princess on Kindle Tue Snowfall
Play Macho For Me Solo Trapper Jock McIntyre
One Night in Portland Solo Ellie Dauber
Eerie Saloon - High Noon - now on Kindle Sat Christopher Leeson, Ellie Dauber
Life's a Drag from DopplerPress Thu Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
Easy as Falling Off a Bike 7 -- on Kindle Wed Angharad
S.P.A.R.C.L.S. by Alecia Snowfall NOW on Amazon! Tue Snowfall
PomPom Fortress by Snowfall on Kindle Tue Snowfall
Moxie (Texas Belles #2) Sat Melanie Brown
Texas Belles at Amazon Thu Melanie Brown
Football Girl~Seasons 1 and 2 on Kindle Tue Susan Brown
Fighting the Homm eBook from DopplerPress Mon Barbie Lee, Monique S
Molly by Angela Rasch on Kindle Mon Angela Rasch
Reluctant Series - Book 1 - The Reluctant Girl Friend on Kindle Wed Melanie Brown
Kelly Girl on Amazon Tue Wanda Cunningham
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A Minority Of One : 5 / 9


“Are you kidding me?” she asked, incredulous. “You’re 42 years old!
You don’t need to ask your so-called parents. Seriously!”

“I’m thirteen,” I retorted, “in case you hadn’t noticed. By the way,
have YOU looked in the mirror lately, Mrs. Shearpen?
You’re not a forty-year-old man any more either!”


Princess Warrior by Melanie Brown on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


John was pissed that he died on the beach at Normandy.

Princes Warrior Proof 3 - Kindle Book Cover.jpg

It was June 6, 1944 and to say Private John Burton was unhappy would be an understatement. Even though he had heard General Eisenhower's speech on the radio, he really wanted to be elsewhere. Not that he wasn't a red-blooded American and not that he didn't grasp the importance of the mission. It's just that he was convinced there was a German bullet with his name on it. It was a feeling he just couldn't shake. All the trouble his parents went through to raise him, scolding him into good behavior, getting onto him to make good grades. And then all the money and effort Uncle Sam went through to prepare and train him for this exact moment, everything his life was moving towards would come to a wasted end on a beach in France he'd never heard of. He just knew it. And he was mightily annoyed about it.

Being annoyed couldn't describe how John felt when not even ten feet from the landing craft onto the sands of the beach before being cut down by German machine gun fire. Talk about being angry as he fell onto the sand...

And then even more angry when he woke up in another time and place as a naked teen girl...

Princess Warrior
On Kindle!
by Melanie Brown

Broken! - Chapter 2

After a severe beating by his father, Alex was left in a coma and broken. Will his memory return and what will it mean for him if it does?


Broken LR.jpg


By Shauna

Copyright© 2020 Shauna J. Rousseau
All Rights Reserved.
(All images and artwork are property of and copyrighted by Shauna J. Rousseau.)

Chapter Two


Eerie Saloon 2: House Rules by Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson - Now on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

As the girls of the former Hanks Gang serve their 60 days at the Eerie Saloon, they begin to adjust to their new bodies and make new lives. This being the Old West, there's also a shootout, poker games, and a kidnapping.

Wilma, Jessie and Bridget have new opportunities but old ways of thinking, especially thinking of themselves as men, are hard to break. It's all a question of learning the new rules for how to live as women.

Eerie Saloon 2
House Rules

by Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson

Now on Kindle from Doppler Press!

Broken Wings 6

Ruth picked up on my confusion before my workmates, which didn’t really surprise me, as I was steadily realising how sharp she was. I was having a break from household drudgery (or feeling too lazy to cook for myself) and digging into one of her beef stews when she took a seat across from me, after checking the door.

“Cough, Debbie! What’s got you all twitchy this evening?”

KIM'S STORY - How it all began

The changing room was already empty when I got there, all the others had left, so I stripped off my sports clothes and went in for my shower. After towelling myself dry and brushing my hair I went to get my stuff to get dressed but was shocked to see that my uniform had been stolen and replaced with a girls’ set of clothes, a skirt and blouse. Obviously somebody having a big joke with me. There was nothing for it but to put my sports stuff back on again and go to look for my clothes, but while I was in the shower, someone had came in and taken that as well. I couldn’t stay in here all day, so the only option was to put on the clothes that had been left for me.

My Super-powered Diary: Chapter 36

My Super-powered Diary
Chapter 36
The Tainted


When Maddock Ainsley gets involved in a rescue operation with his unit things go horribly wrong and his life is forever changed. Can the newly minted Merida cope with being a girl and a teenage super hero?
“Aye, an’ wot the bloody ‘ell is goin’ on ‘ere?” I added.

Like for Like. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

I had to sit as I was feeling quite odd, as if someone was shouting at me inside my brain. They sat down and I said “Gwen, for the couple of years I have been thinking that there are things happening that I should tell you but I don’t know why.”

The Patsy Project. Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 31 & 32

Patsy Power Part 31

Friday morning we dressed in casual clothing and went out to the care home. As well Joanne, Minh, Nina, Riordan, Julia and me, we had been joined by Jake and Angela. We had our acoustic guitars with us but left them in the bus as we visited the premises. Riordan and Julia were welcomed as old friends and they introduced the rest of us.

“Queen of the Masquerade Ball” Chapter 3 “ Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?” (starter)

I didn’t get to Haley as she was quickly absorbed into a crowd of girls who looked like extras from a Black-Veil Brides video shoot. Not that I had an issue with goths, but at that moment the spell that I was under, the one that compelled me to get up and walk through the lunchroom. The one that made me think the ocean of students would part and it would just be the two of us, faded away and instead I found myself walking to the door that lead to the lunch line. I pretended that I was looking at the price of Cheetos as Haley was cloaked in a veil of black, red and purple hair.

A Minority Of One : 4 / 9


Lois laughed. “Did you ever read No Exit by Sartre?
It starts off like this -- a guy ends up in Hell,
and the first thing he asks for is a toothbrush.”

“Um, I don’t feel like I’ve landed in Hell,” I told her.
“I hope you don’t feel that way.”


Miss Recudes

The captain of the cheerleaders and the most popular girl in the drama class revolts. After working to win the part, she refuses to play Maria in the school play The Sound of Music. Ryan is deeply in love with their teacher/director. Will the beautiful Miss Recudes persuade him to save the play? This was written as a premium story twelve years ago. It has been updated and edited.

Making Beautiful Music

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

Making Beautiful Music


It's about the oldest continuous memory I've got. Sure, I can remember flashes of stuff like a toy or an animal at the zoo, but this memory is like a movie. I'm standing with my sister in the wings of a stage in a theatre, watching the empty stage as the audience waits for the performance to begin. A spotlight comes on and my parents walk on stage. Dad is in a tux, as an adult I would say he was resplendent in a tux but I was only about six at the time and such words were not in my vocabulary. He was just my father and he was smiling, doing what he loved to do most - make music with my mother.

County Sheriff - What Goes around, comes around part 1 of 3

Thanksgiving was fast approaching. Despite a blisteringly hot summer, there was already some snow at higher elevations just to the west of Denver. Ma had said more than once that this was a sure sign of a hard winter ahead. I knew from bitter experience that her track record in forecasting the weather was better than any of the TV weather women.

The New Kid - Pt 1

Flute and music stand-unsplash.jpg

Author's Note: When the text is alternating colors, please be aware that the scenes are alternating between the heroes.

The New Kid

Patrick Chatham entered the band room and nervously looked around. He was new to the area, as his father was a pilot for an F-35, and had just been transferred to Eielson Air Force Base.. Patrick was two grades ahead for his age, and this was his 2nd semester of ninth grade.

He carried his flute in and went to see the band director, Mr. Thomas. Mr. Thomas had the flutes make room and placed Patrick with the 3rd chair, until he had a chance to challenge.

Head Injury

Head Injury
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

Part 1 - Mike

I remember those few minutes after I regained consciousness so very well.

I opened my eyes and reached to my face. There was a tube in my nose. I knew immediately where I was, I was in the hospital. But then I looked at my hand. I looked at the back of my hand and it did not look right. I found myself thinking that my hand should be beautiful. That is needed to be smooth and soft and that the nails should be shaped and polished.

The Woman Who Would Be A Spy: A tale of Zhor

Posted Aug. 7, 2020
Revised Aug. 8, 2020

On the planet Zhor, as in most pre-modern societies, careers appealing to women can at first seem rather restricted. But in so complex a civilization as Zhor's, a capable woman -- if determined enough --may discover that some rather unique fields of endeavor lay open to her. Lady Caron thinks that she has found one that will suit her nicely.

This story is inspired by Ranbarth's novelette "The Lancer's Tale," available at Fictionmania.

Vantier a Whateley Tale chapter 20: encroaching shadows!

Vantier a Whateley Tale.....Ancient and Powerful Vantier awakens in a foreign world, struggling to find her place in it.

He is saved from the death of his race and start all over again....but can she survive?
A human high school and being a teenager? Will she remember what was? And grow in power?

This Chapter---dealing with life's issues and a hidden danger GROWS!!
dun dun daaaaa!!!!!!

Well its been 2 years since I posted a I guess its time?

The Hunter, Becomes The Hunted Part 12

Tammy spotted two figures trying to sneak up on Kat and Paul. She adjusts her scope and pulls the trigger. She drops one guy, and before he hits the ground, the other one falls as we.

Kat didn’t even hear the two guys sneaking up on her and Paul. She heard them drop as she looked behind her. She was glad, Tammy was an excellent sharpshooter.

“Thanks, Tammy.” Kat moves with Paul through the forest.

“Anytime, Kat.” Tammy had found a nice tree she could shoot from.

Fools Rush In: The Day I Had My “Tonsil-mee”

Seven-year-old Liam has just been checked into the hospital by his mommy to have his tonsils removed. His hospital roommate is the meanest boy in the fifth grade.

A Lovely Morning

A chance to play out many of his feminine desires has our character having multiple traditionally female related experiences at a shopping centre/mall. A morning of feminine self-exploration that he wished would never end.


1 Laundry.JPG
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

Despite the fact that they were the only two people in the laundromat at that hour, she came over to use the machine next to his.

She was tall. Her hair was blonde, in a short bob with slight curls. She wore makeup despite her clothing being casual. She was looking at his load of laundry.

Apocalypse Dawn: First Light - Part 11

AD first.jpg


Part 11: Girls' Day

When Caleb's sister offers to get him and Jess an opportunity to play-test a new Virtual Reality MMORPG, Caleb's vacation just may change his life and the lives of those close to him forever.


“Don’t look at me,” Nishalle stated with a frown. “I’m the younger sister, I was supposed to receive the talk not give it to her.”

Life Giver by Melanie Brown on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


Other Keywords: 

If healing meant changing genders and also species, would you? And how about protecting this new found technology? This gender-bending sci-fi tale takes you to strange worlds as those transformed protect their new people from destructive humans.

Life Giver by Melanie Brown on Kindle

I Was Promoted from CFO to Secretary

To our readers, I would like to introduce a new coauthor Cagivagurl. Do yourself a favor and check out her story page on FictionMania.

We were so impressed with her resume of stories we went out and actively recruited her to join our team. For our faithful readers you might be able to detect a more sensual leaning to this production.

We hope you enjoy this tale.
Marina and Monica

I Was Promoted from CFO to Secretary

Song of the Switcher


Song of the Switcher
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2020 Melanie Brown

It just wasn't Steve's day.

This is a "side-quell" to Switcher as the story takes place simultaneously with Switcher. It helps to read Switcher first -- Ed




A Short Story by Rosemary

August 2020

I was born in the lower 48, back in the 1963. My dad was an engineer for an oil company, and my family moved around a lot.

When I was seven, something happened. I began to realize that I was looking at girls. My mom caught me one day, and told me it wasn't polite. Besides, I was too young to be checking out girls.

The Avon Lady: “Ding Dong, Avon Calling”

The Avon Lady: “Ding Dong, Avon Calling”

A teen boy struggles with a feminine side that he is trying to understand is befriended by a sympathetic Avon Lady that may have had the same struggles when she was younger. Marci wants David to have an easier time getting answers to embarrassing questions; answers about gender identity issues, answers that could make his life easier.


New Forms

The Architect.jpg
New Forms
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

I have to hand it to Caitlyn Jenner. She is not a person that I can agree with about much, but she certainly had the courage to transition later in life. It was her example that persuaded me to take the decision I had been putting off for years.

Heaven and Hell 4: Balancing Act at Amazon


Audience Rating: 


TG Universes & Series: 

Angelique is back. Along with assorted ancient gods and goddesses, a plot to unseat Lucifer from the throne of Hell, and a lot of other fascinating things. She always seems to get the 'interesting' jobs.

Heaven and Hell 4 cover

Forever the Dragon Princess -chp 14

Forever the Dragon Princess

The year is 2024. And one of the greatest archaeology finds of all time is on display at the Smithsonian. No one ever expected to find something buried deep within the caves below Mount Fuji, Japan. Especially not a seven foot tall, fifteen foot wide, two foot thick, one-thousand pound, hand carved red lacquered, ebony wood, bejeweled sculpture of the dragon Toyotama-hime that is over 2000 years old. For 16yr old Tony Watanabe this statue held more than just your normal fascination. It held his destiny.

More DopplerPress

Masks Book 2 - Template The Intrepid: A Learning Experience - Kindle Edition


Audience Rating: 


A school for superpowered children seemed like a good idea and definitely a change from fighting mad geniuses and superhuman brutes. But who knew that helping set up a school for super-powered teenagers would be so challenging? Not to mention dangerous and exciting...

Masks 10- Deepest Danger - Now on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


There's something in the water, no literally! Some THING huge and ugly with destruction on its mind.
It's a fight that's going to require the best the community of masks can muster -- a gathering of heroes like no one has seen before! The call goes out, the threat will be met -- for the world is in

Deepest Danger!

Book 4 - The Reluctant Prom Date

Chrissy is no different then any other High School girl - except that she's a BOY!
But she has the same concerns, classes, cheerleading - and now the PROM!
RPD - Banner.png
The Reluctant Prom Date
by Melanie Brown

Copyright © 2004 Melanie Brown

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