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Title Code Author(s)
The Voyage of the Visund -22- Fri Penny Lane
Twisted Hacker Fri LadyDragon623
CMC 19: Mom, Dad, and Who Cindy Goes Home With (final Chapter) Fri Teekabell
Masks 22: Part 9 Fri Stickmaker
Boys Don't Cry Fri Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
The Night I Escaped From The Zoo : 2 Fri Iolanthe Portmanteaux
Helen's Diary: New Haircut Fri Helly92
A Walk To A New Life Fri Gillian Chambers
Babs' New Year's Resolution 11 Fri Beverly Taff
Stone-30 Thu Dawn Natelle
Just a Paragon Girl - chp. 19 (of 39) Thu Willow_AE
The Final Wish Chapter 10 Thu Theresa Black
Castle The Series - 009 Helen The Camp Thu Eolwaen
To the Core part 43 Thu Morpheus
The Lost Queen Chapter 3: The market and a meeting Thu Elsbeth
From the Streets - Chapter 2 Thu Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
Undercover Girl - Chapter 14 Thu Katherine Day
The Violinist Chapter 4 Thu LadyDragon623
Katie Ann - Chapter 28: Who Is Dorothy Wed Becky Reus
Not What We Expected - 03 Wed TiffQ
Mlague Solo Eolwaen
Gaby Book 19 ~ Girl’s on Fire ~ Chapter *39* BlauHase Wed Maddy Bell
Back to School Chp. 16 Wed LadyDragon623
The Last Priestess -09- Victory! (Last Chapter) Wed Sasha Nexus
The Star Tue Julia Michelle
Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 12 Tue Marina Kelly
Minnie the Moocher Tue New Author, Aron Jones
The Cold has Never Bothered Me Solo Elsbeth
Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 203 Tue Teddie S.
A Life Like That Solo Rasufelle
“Brilliant Disguise” Chapter 2 “Human Touch” (starter) Mon Aylesea
Pioneers, part 08 of 15 Mon Trismegistus Shandy
A Grumpy Old Man’s Tale 09 John & George Mon Eolwaen
Racing Angels -chp 31 Mon WolfJess7
Project: Night Bird Chapter 8 Part 2 Mon LadyDragon623
Stick Her Shock 2 - Part 13 Mon commentator
Summer with Em - Part 34 Mon Julie D Cole
The Bootlegger - Part 3 of 5 Mon SamanthaMD
revenge chapter 2 Sun Julia Michelle
“flashback” Chapter 1 “Time Steps” (starter) Sun Aylesea
An X is a Kiss but not when playing Scrabble Solo Laika
Call Of The Light - Part 3 Sun Erisian
Lifeline 25 Sun Cyclist
The life of Riley - part 5 Life is often unfair Sun Anna Olivia
Labor Day Weekend at the Beach 8 – Time to Be Sat Jessica C
The Other Woman Chapter 3 Sat Julia Michelle
Yeah, so What Sat Sarah Goodwoman
In the Bin Solo Eolwaen
Revisionist History Solo Kat Walker
Roomies - Part 20 Sat Kat Walker
A High School Romeo and Juliet Sat Bronwen Welsh
The Big Wait Sat Rasufelle
The Cheating Husband chapter 3 Fri Julia Michelle
Warriors way chapter 8...they use twins in magic shows! Fri Shadowsblade
“Girls” for the Summer Club (revised) Fri Donna T
Leases in Hell chapter 5. Fri Nagrij
School-gate Mum Solo Gillian Chambers
Sissygeddon Solo Bryony Marsh
The Flower Solo Melanie Brown
Irrational Fear Solo SamanthaMD
Annia's story Solo Dorothy Colleen
Easy as Falling Off a Bike 6 Fri Angharad
Becoming Joanne Solo Gillian Chambers
Masks -10- Deepest Danger - Now on Kindle Mon Stickmaker
All for Love - 'The Kiss' & more - A Melanie Brown... Sun Melanie Brown
Pick-Up Line Solo Ellie Dauber
Wildcats 4 Mon Leslie Moore
Texas Belles Sun Melanie Brown
Easy as Falling Off a Bike 5 - 12th Anniversary! Tue Angharad
The Frozen Balance - Kindle Edition Sun Persephone
Ma Cherie Amour on Kindle Thu Angela Rasch
Suit Your Self by Lainie Lee Sat Lainie Lee
Football Girl~Seasons 1 and 2 Fri Susan Brown
Masks 9 - Business as UNusual - Now on Kindle Wed Stickmaker
Heaven and Hell 3: A Hellmaid's Work is Never Done Mon Maggie Finson
Life's a Drag Sun Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
Mindful Sat Beverly Taff
Noel by Christopher Leeson now on Kindle Solo Christopher Leeson
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

The Voyage of the Visund -22-

Ursula is forced to rest for a few days until her body recovers. As she does so, she contemplates what has changed since she arrived on Anmar. She finds time to speak to Duban about medical instruments, learn the local letters and discuss porcelain bathroom fixtures!

grakh on parch full_0.png

The Voyage of the Visund

A tale of Anmar by Penny Lane

22 - Kicking Her Heels

Twisted Hacker

Aisha pets her cat Felix as he laid at the corner of her desktop at home. He was stretched out near her keyboard as she worked on the game code she had been hired to do. She already had sixty hours working on the game.

“So, what do you think Felix. Do you think we’ll get this game finished on time?” She reaches over and pets her tabby color Maine coon cat.

CMC 19: Mom, Dad, and Who Cindy Goes Home With (final Chapter)

Cindy at Music Camp

By Teek
© 2019

Chapter 19
Mom, Dad, and Who Cindy Goes Home With

Summary: Camp is over and it is time to go home. Cindy's future is in the balance. Where is Mom and how will she impact Cindy's future? Dad stood up to Mom at the concert, can he keep it up? A surprise guest shows up who will change everything.

Masks 22: Part 9

Part Nine

Somebody must have called ahead, because the rear gates were open and embassy staff members were standing outside, ushering the rig in. Vic was very glad the service entrance was double wide. Blue Impact, Energia, Gadgetive and - of course - Vic were allowed onto embassy grounds. The gates were then shut solidly behind them.

Boys Don't Cry

All Johnny wanted to do was take ballet classes, like his best friend Christina. He couldn't stop thinking about pink tights and tutus. Even though his brother and father tormented him, he longed to be more like his sister LeAnn.
Maybe he was much more like her than he knew.

Johnny eventually realized he wanted to be a girl, and chose the name Sarah. With help from her friends, and older sister, Sarah was able to face her toughest battle yet.

Boys Don't Cry

The Night I Escaped From The Zoo : 2

The Night I Escaped From The Zoo : 2

By Iolanthe Portmanteaux

Personally, I’ve never found “watch out!” to be a particularly useful warning, mainly because it’s so lacking in details. In the present case, it was no help whatsoever.



Let’s see if I can get the next chapter out a little sooner: Dawn.


Chapter 30 – Finally, on the road

Stone had planned to leave at first light, but the sun was already fairly high in the sky when the wagons finally started to pull out. There were the two caravans, 12 wagons chartered by Stone, mainly filled with bags of coal, and five other wagons joining the train to take advantage of the 8 soldiers Stone had hired.

Just a Paragon Girl - chp. 19 (of 39)

Chapter 19

Dear Diary, November 20 –

I haven’t updated this in a while, but it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

Adamast Cross started a new tradition back on the 6th. He decided to do the friendly thing and buy me a Japanese lily from the store we’d passed. He said it was a simple thank you for helping him learn new tricks with his ice powers. While the flower sat in my room over the next week, I found myself aiding another hero who isn’t in the League.

The Final Wish Chapter 10

The Final Wish

by Theresa Black

Copyright 2019

Chapter 10

“Well, what did you think of it?” said Frankie. She, Jamie and the other hostess at the orgy had only made polite small-talk during their journey to their respective homes. Now she seemed nervous, perhaps guessing that Jamie was not happy.

Castle The Series - 009 Helen The Camp




“You are mothers to be.” Gosellyn had explained, “To the Folk, both you and your unbirtht are precious. Don’t be surpriest if you receive an offer of marriage from someone you have never met before, and don’t reject it out of hand. Say you will consider it, and then have spaech with one of us or a member of the Master at arms office if you need advice. We have a lot of men who loes their wife to the fevers a year over. Their year of mourning is now over, and many are seeking a wife and a mother for their children. Your pregnancy makes you very attractive and desirable as a wife to our men, and you will be well come to their families, kin, clan and kith. The Folk value a mother and her children.”

From the Streets - Chapter 2

Here we are again!! Chapter 2 of From the streets, Just wanted to give a big shoutout thank you to everyone on bigcloset and to all those who support us on Patreon!!! To those of you who buy our books from Doppler press! Zoe and I thank you all!

“Hello Mrs. Murphy?” Amanda spoke. “This is Amanda Davenshaw , I spoke with your assistant, Mary-ann, she said to call your extension.”

“Ah yes, hello Miss Davenshaw, what can I do for you today?” Mrs. Murphy asked. She had the demeanor of a school teacher, which Amanda supposed suited someone with child and family services.

Undercover Girl - Chapter 14

Undercover Girl – Chapter Fourteen

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2019)

(A young social worker enjoys his time as a pretty young woman, and finds he is involved two frightening cases that have him overcoming his own sense of weakness.)

Katie Ann - Chapter 28: Who Is Dorothy

Katie Ann

Nineteen-year-old submissive Kathleen was sick of men that only wanted to be her master for sexual reasons, but when she responded to message from a gentleman on a matching site, she didn't realize how life-changing their relationship would be, and how right it would feel.

Not What We Expected - 03

NotExpected 03

Not What We Expected

by Tiffany B. Quinn

"I don't know," she admitted, "but I promise that this will be the last time that I bother you about getting pregnant. If this doesn't work I will quit trying and we'll find happiness without children. We will continue to be best friends."

"You promise?" I asked to make sure.

"I promise", she sighed with resignation.

Chapter 3


Early in July, men started dying from what we were telt was a virus and there was no cure or immunisation. Men died, boys died, baby boys died, even baby boys in the womb were still born. It was happening all over the country. Then we heard it was all over Europe too, and within a fortnight there wasn’t anywhere on the globe unaffected.

The Last Priestess -09- Victory! (Last Chapter)

The Last Priestess

Chapter Nine : Victory!

By Sasha Zarya Nexus

A fan fiction sequel to Jonathan Betuel’s

The Last Starfighter

Completed Novella

Jeff Rogan, was a boy whose life seemed to be going nowhere fast. He loved escaping from life into acting roles both for the stage and also in games. His hopes were upon an application to a boarding thespian high school to escape to the promise of the life as an actor that he dreamed about. But the gift of a new VR game from his mother changed his life in ways that he could have never imagined to become "The Last Priestess".

The Star

The star

By Julia

Chapter 1

Pete was told that these people were going to help him get back on his feet. He was told there were great opportunities here. What he did know was that his wife Jackie had sold him, and that once he went there, he wasnt going to leave. He was going to be enslaved, abused and made into a porn star.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 203

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2019 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 203

I’m a boy dressed as a girl?
Spirits from the courtyard fire pit.
I want to talk to him first.
In charge of the barbecue?

I’m a boy dressed as a girl? Of course I am. ~o~O~o~ FBI Special Agent Adams? ~o~O~o~ The spirits in our fire pit are strong. ~o~O~o~
Another meeting with a misguided student. ~o~O~o~ Off to a barbecue.


A Life Like That

A Life Like That
By Melanie E.

A short story I'd cooked up as a bonus piece for my next published book. Unfortunately it doesn't fit the theme of the book itself -- "Enamored," coming to a Smashwords near you in a few days! -- but I still wanted to share it, so here it is!


“Brilliant Disguise” Chapter 2 “Human Touch” (starter)

Human Touch

Four years later, I graduated from MSU with a degree in engineering and a unique knowledge of Japanese anime thanks to the revolving door of roommates who insisted that we watch “just one more episode” and they would then leave copies of videotapes. I could have opened my own “Bootleg Blockbuster Video” store.

Or at least I could have refreshed the video store back in Caledonia.

I came home for a week or two and then left for Memphis, Tennessee.

Pioneers, part 08 of 15

Was he into me? It kind of looked that way. Not that we could do anything about it; I was grounded indefinitely, and his parents would never let him date a trans girl.

A Grumpy Old Man’s Tale 09 John & George

George shrugged and said, “The last time I’d felt like I was in the cross hairs of a rifle sight I was in uniform in Northern Ireland, but I had a load of mates who could shoot back there. Scary. I didn’t like it at all.”

It moved the Landrover thirty-odd feet. That winch had no chance of doing anything. We looked at each other and I shrugged my shoulders and said, “You can’t lose them all either, but hell that was lucky.” I think we both got the shakes a couple of hours later.

Racing Angels -chp 31

Racing Angels

Webster’s dictionary defines Speed as the fallowing: the rate of change of position along a straight line with respect to time over a set distance. In other words, the quicker you can get from one place to another. The question is what would you do, when your family has spent the last two generations in search of ways to accomplish this goal faster and faster. Would do you do when the family business is the search for more Speed. For Robert ‘Robby’ McGuire the answer is easy. You grab your sister and strap on a pair of Formula One racecars then go for broke.

Stick Her Shock 2 - Part 13

Chapter 43

Cindy had closed her office door but Tess could tell by volume that a heated argument was going on, she just couldn't tell who was arguing with whom. All she knew was that Barbara seemed mollified and Anna looked like the cat that caught the canary. At least Barbara wasn't grumbling about Tess being on reception and even covered for her lunch. Tess was sure she was going to hold that over Jackie's head on Monday.

The Bootlegger - Part 3 of 5

The girls took it in turn to doze until late afternoon. They’d found an old logging track that was suitable for the car and not axle deep in mud. It allowed them to hide out of sight but it also allowed then to keep an eye on the minor road off of which they were parked. Hardly a vehicle passed while the girls were resting. That suited them and their purpose perfectly.

As the sun went behind one of the hills, Ethel roused Stella.

“It is time doll.”

Stella laughed.

“Just like old times eh?”

“Not quite but remember the last time we were around here? You were the ‘Doll’ all right.”

“We have both changed a lot since then. The world has changed even more I’m afraid.”

“From what we are reading in the news, the boys back in Chicago don’t seem to think so…”

revenge chapter 2


By Julia Michelle

Aisha goes down memory lane in her old house where it all began decades ago. She discusses her history and how she got here, then began making plans with her leader Berna on how to settle some old scores
She ends the chapter purging all of the memories

Chapter 2

An X is a Kiss but not when playing Scrabble

And Lo, the traveller came at last to the sky's edge. He put down his staff + poked his head thru the fabric of space, beholding the mighty clockwork of the cosmos, the great turning gears, the merry go round and the ferris wheel. He smelled the heavenly corndogs and heard the calliope music. And he said, "Hey wait for me you guys!"

Call Of The Light - Part 3

Call Of The Light

Call Of The Light (Part 3 of 6)

by Erisian

Chapter 11 - Choices

“Dammit August! Tell me where she is!”

Snow and wind assaulted the far corner of the cafeteria where August liked to eat quietly away from everyone else. Today that peaceful solitude had been bulldozed by a rather agitated young fae.

The plate of creamy chicken alfredo sadly offered no defense.

The life of Riley - part 5 Life is often unfair

For a moment I wasn't sure what was happening to me. It felt like I was dreaming a bizarre dream. A dream where I am the main person but also just a bystander. It was simply a paradox. Impossible. But the drama was unfolding in front of my eyes.

Students and teachers came running to the hallway so that they could figure out where the noises were coming from. Sammy and her friends arrived first. They looked confused and shocked when they saw a boy who was wearing a football jersey lying in front of the lockers, screaming in pain and holding his bloody face.

Labor Day Weekend at the Beach 8 – Time to Be

Labor Day Weekend at the Beach
8 – Time to Be

By Jessica C


Jack said, “I could be there in an hour or so, but I thought you’d have a football game to go to.”

The Other Woman Chapter 3

The Other Woman
By Julia Michelle

Williams revenge begins to take shape and the princess issues her offer to William and he finds out what the Princess hopes for him

Chapter 3

Yeah, so What

Simon Harper came into the bar and his first order of business was to order a round of shots. The offer was good to anyone in the group who wanted to join the newcomer in a drink. He was just in a happy mood and wanted to spread the cheer by saying cheers with his companions for the night. Most of the gang quickly said yes to Simon’s gesture of comradery. Only Liv Perry quickly turn down the kind offer. The lady was also disappointed by her fiance, Joe Wyant, not joining her in restraining from the shot.

Roomies - Part 20

A number of weeks later, we had a real holiday. A national holiday, or as they call it in some countries, a bank holiday. Nothing was open. Including Tina & Zoe's coffee shop. Dave announced he was closing the shop & invited Tina, Zoe and the rest of his crew to a cookout at his place. He also instructed Tina & Zoe to drag me along too.

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Easy as Falling Off a Bike 5 - 12th Anniversary!


Audience Rating: 


It's the 12th Anniversary of the longest* story on BigCloset —maybe even the longest on the internet!

And we're celebrating with a new Kindle version of chapters 251-300!

Angharad's Saga

Easy as Falling Off a Bike

Life's a Drag


Audience Rating: 


New from DopplerPress on Kindle by Ashleigh and Zoe...

Fast! Furious! Fun!

Life's a Drag  on Kindle

Sarah "Angel" Miller was a teen racing sensation who had it all - friends, money, and a really fast car. There was just one problem. Legally Sarah Miller didn't exist, and she was one crash away from being found out.

Swifter, Higher, Stronger


Audience Rating: 


When Tony's attempt to follow in his father's footsteps on the football field comes to nothing he gives his undivided attention to a different sport - gymnastics.

His unorthodox training leaves judges bemused but coaches impressed enough to give him an opportunity. With the Olympics in his sights a twist of fate has him seeing things from a whole new perspective, one that will affect the rest of his life.

Book Cover artwork for Swifter Higher Stronger rendered as virtual Paperback and Tablet editions - Cover art is girl, doing a gymnastics move, on her toes, with one arm in the air, and the wording Swifter Higher Stronger at an angle on a black background slightly overlapping the girl

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