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Title Code Author(s)
Work/Life Romance by Maryanne Peters on Kindle Wed Maryanne Peters
Girltime at the Hideaway 5 Wed Sabrina G Langton
The First Mother - Chapter 9 Wed cemma2035
The Wedding Dress Solo Maryanne Peters
Rainbows in the Rock 67 Wed Cyclist
Courage Wed Sunflowerchan
Whatever Next? Chapter 32 Wed Angharad
Easy as Falling Off a Bike 15 on Kindle Wed Angharad
Can You Lend a Hand?: A Gradual Feminization Novel (Ch. 3) Tue Mysterious Stranger
A Girl, a House and a Secret, part 3 of 7 Tue Trismegistus Shandy
The Times, They Are A' Changing. Part 3 of 4 Tue Marianne G
Surprise Offer - Part 10 of 10 Tue Becky Reus
Masks 21 - Scavenger Hunt by Stickmaker on Kindle Tue Stickmaker
What’s It’s Like for A Girl Book 2 Chapter Seven Tue LadyDragon623
The Thirteenth Witch: 5 Seduction of Magic Tue Raine Monday
Parallel Lives Chapter 16 Tue LeftyPosting
Best Student Solo Teek
What The Eater Wanted Mon Malady
Minnifer by Angela Rasch Mon Angela Rasch
If Wishes Were Horses Solo Emma Anne Tate
Mates 22 Mon Cyclist
Only Sixteen 20 Mon Susan Brown
Between Roles - 16 - Sleep Mon LariUmbreon
Changing My Image Solo Teek
Dragon's Fang by Shauna Rousseau now on Kindle Sun Shauna
Arctic Fox Book 3: Pursuit of the Dream - Chapter 30 Sun Rose
Poor Krissy Is Willing 2 My Lady’s Helper Sun Jessica C
The Faerie Blade: Chapter 16 Sun Amethyst
Freedom of Naethari: Chapter 14 Sun Amethyst
I Don’t Like You Chapter 11- Burned Sun Aylesea
Reset Switch by Melanie Brown on Kindle Sun Melanie Brown
Mum's Encouragement Chapter 36 Sun Lucy J
All Souls Requiem Sun Sunflowerchan
Gaby Book 26 ~ On The Edge ~ Chapter *13* Sun Maddy Bell
Leonora's Journal Volume 2 Part 2 Sun Bronwen Welsh
Let's Get Crazy Solo LadyDragon623
The Reluctant Co-Ed by Melanie Brown now on Kindle Sat Melanie Brown
When Stories Collide Solo Teek
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 3413 Sat Angharad
Royal Frills 3 Sat Victoria Temple
Rays of Light by Joyce Melton on Kindle Sat Joyce Melton
Underthings, Part 4 Sat magicshoppe
What Would You Do? (2) Sat Sunflowerchan
New Resident Solo Teek
Katie Ann - Chapter 42: Presence is Demanded Fri Becky Reus
Special Someones by Melanie E on Kindle Fri Rasufelle
The Guilty Are Always Caught Chapter 7 Fri LadyDragon623
The Suitcase - 10 Fri Pamela
Lilith's Despair Chapter 7 Fri Su Shi
The Station's Late Nite Princess Fri Snowfall
Diva Dismayed 21 Fri Erin G
Holidays Suck Solo LadyDragon623
Talk with an Angel Solo Teek
Chameleon - Part 5 Thu SamanthaMD
Hard Time by Melanie Brown - now on Kindle! Thu Melanie Brown
Toni With An i - Part 7 Thu Ms Woolly
Essentially Egg. Part 39 0f 39 Wed Marianne G
Practical Joke Solo Maryanne Peters
Boys Don't Cry on Kindle Wed Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
All Changes yet Remains the Same Solo Eolwaen
On the Eve of my 19th Birthday Solo girlinthelight
Butterscotch by Joyce Melton now on Kindle Tue Joyce Melton
Aria - Book 1 - The Holly and the Ivy by Emma Anne Tate Mon Emma Anne Tate
Big Book of Heaven and Hell by Maggie Finson on Kindle Sun Bek D. Corbin, E. E. Nalley, Maggie Finson, Rasufelle
Cinderfella Solo Estarriol
Arctic Fox Book 2 by Rosemary Howell now on Kindle Fri Rose
Parables Solo Emma Anne Tate
I Won't Take No For An Answer Solo Patricia Marie Allen
A Summer's Odyssey - Now on Kindle Wed Jennifer Sue
Demon Stalker (I Wish 4) by Amethyst on Kindle Wed Amethyst
Dreams of Future Past by Kevin McCarthy on Kindle Sun New Author, Kevin McCarthy
Andy and Dawn by Angela Rasch on DopplerPress Sat Angela Rasch
Everything's Sunny with Sarah - Zoe Taylor & Ashly... Fri Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
Menace of the Mechanical Master -Masks 20- by Stickmaker on... Thu Stickmaker
Brainjacked! by Melanie Brown on Kindle Wed Melanie Brown
Being Invisible Now On Amazon Tue Leslie Moore
Family Matters by Maryanne Peters on Kindle Sun Maryanne Peters
Switcher by Melanie Brown on Kindle Sat Melanie Brown
Masks 19 - Keeping the Peace - A Disturbance of the Peace on... Fri Stickmaker
Racing Hearts by Melanie Brown on Kindle Wed Melanie Brown
Hired Girl by Joyce Melton on Kindle Mon Erin Halfelven, Joyce Melton
Jane Tue Erin Halfelven
The Frozen Balance - by Persephone - Kindle Edition Mon Persephone
Duets by Emma Anne Tate Sat Emma Anne Tate
Cindy's Prom and the Unwilling Princess by Melanie Brown... Sun Melanie Brown
Her by Angela Rasch from DopplerPress Fri Angela Rasch
I'm With the Band Wed Melanie Brown
Shannon's Course by Angela Rasch in Kindle Sat Angela Rasch
The Princess Trap on Kindle Fri Tyrone Slothrop, Wanda Cunningham
Valor by Melanie Brown on DopplerPress Fri Melanie Brown
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Girltime at the Hideaway 5

new 5ss.png

Girltime at the Hideaway (Episode 5)
by Sabrina G. Langton


Author's Note: Hmmm, we are ending this episode with a plan, an idea, a little sexual interlude, oh and some music, of course. Something crazy, fun, and feasible, ha... I hope You like it... and thank you for joining me at the end of the bar for some much-needed Girltime...

Episode 5



The First Mother - Chapter 9


Things didn't improve between Will and I until 8 months into my pregnancy. Over those months, we sort of just devolved into coworkers again.

He'd still kept me off work duties but suddenly it didn't feel like it was for my protection anymore.

Rainbows in the Rock 67

I was back in the Brenin two days later. The trip back up had passed in almost complete silence, and it was only that evening that my self-absorption had lifted enough for me to realise that my sense of loss must be weighing at least as heavily on her parents as it did on myself.

Mam had been her usual self, bringing a mug of hot chocolate to my room as I lay dry-eyed on my bed. Sitting down beside me, she put a hand to my shoulder and squeezed.

Molly by Angela Rasch on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


Pat, Sam, and Barbara form a highly malleable triangle. Fate steps in, and a small, not very happy boy becomes a pioneer. Will Pat even recognize himself when his destiny is complete?

A tale about deception in the 1950's advertising jungle. Imagine that!

by Angela Rasch
A DopplerPress Book
Molly by Angela Rasch


An BigCloset TopShelf Exclusive Story

I took a deep breath as I peered toward the plain, copper protestant cross that stood on the altar. The air inside St. George's Episcopal Church was cold, just like the weather outside. A rare snow storm had moved in from Tennessee bringing with it not only snow, but a bitter wind that cut one to the bare bone. The Rector of St. George, Fr. George Stonewall had yet to turn on the heat. And thus the only warmth was from the tip of the altar candles.

Can You Lend a Hand?: A Gradual Feminization Novel (Ch. 3)

Anderson is temporarily filling in as a beauty product influencer... but can he pull off such a feminine side hustle? And what if he ends up thriving?

Anderson’s Aunt Trinity is an up-and-coming beauty influencer — testing out makeup, hair products, and clothing. That is, until an injury takes her out for the entire summer, rendering her unable to pose or post. Fortunately for her, Anderson is fresh out of nursing school and fully equipped to be her caretaker. But as for her blossoming beauty business? She still needs someone to carry on the work. Maybe Anderson can lend her a hand — as long as he’s okay with just a few feminine changes…

This is the last sample chapter of the 249-page, ~62,000-word novel, available in its entirety for Kindle. If you like the start, I'd love if you give it a try! Just $3.49 on Kindle or Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Thanks to everyone already who's already read on Amazon and helped launch it to #1 in the genre!! :)


Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Can-You-Lend-Hand-Feminization-ebook/...


A Girl, a House and a Secret, part 3 of 7

For reasons that seemed obvious at the time, I dreamed about my grandfather again that night. He and the other old man I’d seen in my previous dream were sitting around a fire, talking in low voices, frequently glancing at me where I was tied up and struggling to get loose.



The Times, They Are A' Changing. Part 3 of 4

Chapter 3

Going back into the house, I helped with the dinner, and we sat to enjoy the meal. Mum had found a bottle of white wine which had been in the fridge, and we had a glass, each. It wasn’t bad. I had baked a cake, during the week, so we each had a slice, covered in custard out of a carton.

Surprise Offer - Part 10 of 10

Surprise Offer

Lance sees a makeover offer at a costume shop that he couldn't pass up. Unfortunately, he didn't have the money to pay for it, but the store owner was willing to make a deal.

Becky Reus

The Thirteenth Witch: 5 Seduction of Magic

When a mountain downpour forces Lydia and Thomas Thompson into a cavern's shadowy embrace, Lydia's touch upon ancient runic inscriptions awakens her latent power and identity. As they emerge to find the enigmatic town of Sælicbrook—a nexus of realms and magic—Lydia is transformed into her destiny as its guardian. But as the cosmic entity Nyarlathotep stirs, intent on unraveling the threads of reality, will Lydia's newfound power be enough to stand against an eldritch horror bent on devouring all? The battle for existence looms, and only the guardians of Sælicbrook can safeguard the world from the impending darkness. Will they triumph, or will everything they know be consumed by the infinite appetite of the Crawling Chaos?

Parallel Lives Chapter 16

The pen on the other side of the table tapped constantly against the cold wood beneath it. With it, Natalie’s legs bounced, restless and anxious.

“So, Nathan.” The interviewer said. “Tell me about yourself.”

In the past, Natalie had never been one to struggle with that kind of question. She always aced it without a hitch.

Now, of course, things were very different.

What The Eater Wanted

The Eater

What The Eater Wanted

With assistance from Sunflowerchan! And Bing Image Creator, for the "Eldritch Black Red Orange Starving Dragon Head on a black background, Symmetrical".

As above, so below,
The Eater, his sister’s shadow.
He wanted to grow,
So friend became foe.

Mates 22

It was a day that left me more than a little out of sorts. I had smiled at the way Steph’n’Geoff danced attendance on each other, but each little moment raised Caro’s memory. That could, should, have been us, was my first thought, which was then kicked well into touch by the simple understanding that it HAD been us. The wave of loss left me silent most of the way back to Sheffield, and after Kul dropped me off I waited at my closed front door before he had turned the corner, then walked to the local convenience store and bought a half bottle of Grouse and a bottle of dry white.

Arctic Fox Book 3: Pursuit of the Dream - Chapter 30

The Arctic Fox 3.jpg

Cover photo by Jonatan Pie. Downloaded from Unsplash

Marcia is seventeen, and along with Darryl, has moved south in Alaska to attend the Anchorage campus of the Alaska State University. She wants to pursue her dream, but will it pursue her instead?
I want to thank Malady, once again, for his help checking through this story for the many errors I frequently insert, as well as listening to my sometimes completely crazy ideas about the direction of the story and telling me how crazy they are!

Darryl pulled the Mustang into the parking lot at George Pratt’s office. It was a nice building; definitely upscale. He and Marcia got out and went inside where they were ushered through to Pratt’s private office. Pratt, Heather Shore, and a social worker they hadn’t met were present. Pratt introduced her as Caroline Ogilvy.

Heather was seated in a chair, looking very sullen. Marcia sat down beside her and asked how she was doing.

Rather than answer, Heather just shook her head. She didn’t want to talk.

Poor Krissy Is Willing 2 My Lady’s Helper

Fate brings Christopher back to Lady Mariam whom he has long admired...
Reality means she gets to live a fantasy...
Christopher becomes Kristina...
A servant girl to Lady Mariam who she long adored...
Being a Lady's helper pleased something deep inside...

The Faerie Blade: Chapter 16

Faerie Blade.png


Chapter 16: Kaelyn and the Fading of Lorai

Kaelyn was just trying to fill her belly, but she got a lot more than she bargained for when she decided to save the life of a Faerie.


“Lorai? That was her name?” I asked as I looked down at the Nymph’s body nestled among the flowers. “I… I am truly sorry that I was not able to get there to help sooner, maybe I could have saved her.”

Freedom of Naethari: Chapter 14



Chapter 14: Encounter

Naiya and her fellow Naethari have killed Edward Pierce and gained their freedom, but there are others who want the Naethari for their own ends. Can they keep their hard-won freedom?


She was apparently too surprised to speak at the moment, so it was the man who asked, after a strange look in her direction, “Hi, you’re American, right?”

I Don’t Like You Chapter 11- Burned

Just blow out the candles
Oh little boy, when will you learn?
You don't play with fire
Unless you wanna get burned
Wanna get burned

The brawl in the hall was the top subject from a lot of mouths. Some embellishments were made. I did not know how to perform a shoryuken and Anthony did not pin me against the wall only for me to vault over him. I got a few glares and a few asking why I didn’t try out for wrestling, but I waved them off.

Reset Switch by Melanie Brown on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


TG Universes & Series: 

The Switcher virus wasn't done with Harry Grant...


Reset Switch
by Melanie Brown
Buy on Kindle

Harry Grant at 25 fell victim to the international criminal, Ron Simon, AKA the Switcher. Poor Harry had been mind-swapped with an old man of 65. Forty years of his life stolen in a moment…

Mum's Encouragement Chapter 36

Chapter 36

On arriving home mum didn't waste any time in telling me to have a quick bath ready for my date that evening. Rather than argue, I did as I was told, as I actually felt like I needed a nice hot relaxing bath to soothe away the stresses of the day.

As I lay in the bath, I checked my legs to see whether there was any hair growth and was relieved to find only found a few rogue hairs. I used mum’s lady shaver to remove the offending hairs and lay back in the bath and enjoyed the hot bubbles.

Gaby Book 26 ~ On The Edge ~ Chapter *13*

book 26 print cover_1.jpg

Book 26
On The Edge

by Maddy Bell
Copyright© 2021 Madeline Bell

Seventeen - it's a birthday overshadowed by its predecessor and successor and Gaby's looks set to follow that pattern. There are however big decisions to be made, should she grab life by the horns and experience everything it has to offer or take the more conservative, safer route through life. This volume, the 26th in the Gaby series has all the elements of classic Gaby, bike riding, teenage angst, developing relationships, grist to the mill for our heroine as life in the Ahrtal ticks on.


The Reluctant Co-Ed by Melanie Brown now on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


It's been a series of madcap adventures for Chrissie, starting in middle school when she posed as a Reluctant Girlfriend and on through her high school career as a cheerleader.

Now she's in college! Can you get a degree in crossdressing shenanigans?"

The Reluctant Co-Ed
by Melanie Brown
Now on Kindle

When Stories Collide

*-*-*-*- Teek's Short-Story Collection -*-*-*-*

When Stories Collide
By Teek
770 words long

Summary: When I am writing one story and another story idea starts bubbling up in my head, it is not always a peaceful co-existence or handoff. Sometimes, the characters from the two different stories try to dominate my thoughts. The winner gets me to finish their story first. This is the tale of when Amanda, from my story, True Self Syndrome, started to fight for my attention, while I was still working on a story called, Teacher's Recommendation (note that story is still unfinished and unposted). Marla and Elizabeth from that story confront Amanda.

Royal Frills 3

Royal Frills
Chapter 3 - Natural Sissy

Prince Taylor is now getting used to the new school and all its strange ways. He is worried that the school is changing him, and he is becoming something he would have hated a few months ago

Underthings, Part 4

The Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally a day one avoids shopping centers unless one has a specific deal they wish to take advantage of. Not Faith. Faith loved Black Friday, as it’s known – the hustle, the stampede of shoppers – she loved it.

She dragged me to the mall to buy me more clothes. She was not happy with the style she assumed Shelly inflicted on me. She said, “I can’t accept you as my older sister with the conservative clothes you wear.”

“They aren’t conservative.”

What Would You Do? (2)

What Would You Do?
Part Two
A Cerridwen Solo Special

A few seconds later another stagehand a brunette woman with longish hair came beside me and ushered me from the front stage to the back area. She guided me down a long, dark hallway that was lined with doors. I could not tell the doors apart, one looked very much like the other. Finally we reached a room, she pushed the iron gray door handle down and the door flew open. She then reached one arm inside and flipped a light switch.

Katie Ann - Chapter 42: Presence is Demanded

Katie Ann

Nineteen-year-old submissive Kathleen was sick of men who only wanted to be her master for sexual reasons, but when she responded to a message from a gentleman on a matching site, she didn't realize how life-changing their relationship would be, and how right it would feel.

Lilith's Despair Chapter 7

Sara and Margret

Margret was standing next to the window with Sara when they felt the explosion. Sara tackled Margret to the floor away from the windows. The shock wave broke the windows. Shattering all the glass into the apartment. Sara screamed as she collapsed onto the ground. They both fell silent as they hit the floor. Luckily, the shield blocked the radiation, but it could not block the pressure waves that followed the explosion.

Holidays Suck

Super Speedway Gas Station, Yorktown, Va.

Jada couldn’t believe she had to come in and work on Thanksgiving. She turned and returned to the manager's office to find out why she had to work.

“Bruce, why am I working on Thanksgiving Day from two until closed? I thought I was going to have it off?” Jada stands in the doorway of Bruce’s office.

Talk with an Angel

*-*-*-*- Teek's Short-Story Collection -*-*-*-*
Talk With An Angel
By Teek
1,660 words long

Summary: God offers a toddler with autism a choice between two possible futures. Now the parents and the child's guardian angel must cope with the decision.

Image by brgfx on Freepik

Essentially Egg. Part 39 0f 39

As I said at the beginning of Chapter One, I have to thank Jill and Eric for their input into this story. I hope that I achieved something we can all be proud of.

Chapter 39

The upshot of the whole thing was, as usual, a lift in sales of all the albums that Josie had been on, even the forgotten one she did with the girl group in L.A. I got Allan to put all my part of those sales into a trust fund for the twins, which also took the proceeds of the sale of their family home, as well as their shares of the estate.

Boys Don't Cry on Kindle

All Johnny wanted to do was take ballet classes, like his best friend Christina. He couldn't stop thinking about pink tights and tutus. Even though his brother and father tormented him, he longed to be more like his sister LeAnn.
Maybe he was much more like her than he knew.

Johnny eventually realized he wanted to be a girl, and chose the name Sarah. With help from her friends, and older sister, Sarah was able to face her toughest battle yet.

Boys Don't Cry

All Changes yet Remains the Same

All Changes yet Remains the Same

I’m Hermione Clearwater and I’m about nineteen maybe twenty. I have an IQ that’s off the scale and a drop dead gorgeous body most women with give all they have to possess and all men would give even more to possess my body too, which can be seriously inconvenient.

More DopplerPress

Swifter, Higher, Stronger on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


When Tony's attempt to follow in his father's footsteps on the football field comes to nothing he gives his undivided attention to a different sport - gymnastics.

His unorthodox training leaves judges bemused but coaches impressed enough to give him an opportunity. With the Olympics in his sights a twist of fate has him seeing things from a whole new perspective, one that will affect the rest of his life.

Book Cover artwork for Swifter Higher Stronger rendered as virtual Paperback and Tablet editions - Cover art is girl, doing a gymnastics move, on her toes, with one arm in the air, and the wording Swifter Higher Stronger at an angle on a black background slightly overlapping the girl
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