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Title Code Author(s)
One For The Team - Chapter 6 Fri Michele Nylons
Suddenly Royal - Chapter 11 Fri Tiffany Shar
The Courage of Harriet Riley 2 of 3 Fri Drea DiMaggio
The Bunny Journals, Journal Entry 11 Fri LadyDragon623
Ian, part 16 Fri Debbie V
The Station's Late Nite Princess Fri Snowfall
Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt.20 Fri Fibaro
Dearly Beloved - 27: A Dresden Files Fanfic Fri Raine Monday
Princess School 1 Fri Jennifer Brock
Blessed Event Solo Drea DiMaggio
Summer's Current: Chapters 7-8 Fri R.G.Beyer
Fighting the Homm Fri Barbie Lee, Monique S
Covid 19 Past the finish line. Fri Beverly Taff
A Wish Unwanted - Chapter 15 Fri Limbo's Mistress
Woman in the Corner Office - 19 Fri commentator
"How dare you! I'm NOT Gay!" Fri Alys Prince
Moxie (Texas Belles #2) Fri Melanie Brown
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe part 3 Thu Lethaldaza
Camelot Network Solutions Chapter 13 Thu LadyDragon623
A Princess in the Age of Science: 6 / 6 Thu Iolanthe Portmanteaux
Butterscotch -2- Traffic Thu Erin Halfelven
Stone-69 Thu Dawn Natelle
Heaven and Hell 4: Balancing Act Wed Maggie Finson
Toni Ch. 3 Rumors, Novel, and Narrative Wed Pablo Sands
Where there's a will .... Solo Alys Prince
Legacy II - My Father's Legacy Wed Maryanne Peters
I Wish Book 3: Chapter 15 Wed Amethyst
Gaby Book 2 ~ Summer Girl ~ Chapter *1* Wed Maddy Bell
Gaby Book 21 ~ Summer Loving ~ Chapter *21* Wed Maddy Bell
Lost in the Mists of Time - Chapter 5 Wed Fiona Murray
Off the Front Part 3 Wed sarah hillcrest
Football Girl~Seasons 1 and 2 Wed Susan Brown
Ignorance is No Excuse for Hating Someone Part 18 Wed LadyDragon623
A Different Key - D Minor Tue Wendy Coomber
Sweet Little Spy pt 10 Tue KymmieLorain
Legacy Tue Maryanne Peters
He shouldn't have teased his sister chapter 11 Tue Jasmine Monica
Hatter’s South American Safari Chap. 4 Tue LadyDragon623
S.P.A.R.C.L.S. by Alecia Snowfall NOW on Amazon! Tue Snowfall
The Interview - Epilogue Tue Audrissa
Not TECHNICALLY Crossplay | Chapter 1 of ? Tue Vilastis
The Patsy Project: Book 1 - Part 29 & 30 Tue Marianne G
The Excursion in Spain. Chapter 11 Tue Marianne G
My Name is Miranda. in depth part 3 Tue Anistasia Allread
Life Imitates Art Solo Maryanne Peters
Taylor, Part 1 Mon Leslie Moore
PomPom Fortress by Snowfall Mon Snowfall
Susie Mondays Mon Tick
Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 242 Mon Teddie S.
Wayward Part-1 Mon Enemyoffun
To the Core part 93 Sun Morpheus
Wildcats 4 Sun Leslie Moore
2020-04 The Reluctant Princess Contest Sun Erin Halfelven
Someone Else's Story 6 Sun Drea DiMaggio
Neuron Transfer Solo Maryanne Peters
What Story - Part 1 Sun SamanthaMD
"My name's Francesca. I'm so glad to meet you.... Solo Alys Prince
Q-Men (screenplay) Sat Aylesea
Church Lady Solo Pamela
The Reluctant Birthday Princess Solo Dorothy Colleen
The Adventures of Cerridwen Circle Whitethorn (6) Sat Sunflowerchan
Sunny-09 Sat Dawn Natelle
Scald-Crow 1: Chapter 11 - Speak Softly Fri ShadowedSin
“Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop: Searching for John Louis” Chapter 2 “... Fri Aylesea
Vive La Difference Solo Eolwaen
Laura, part 23 Fri Debbie V
Holly Potter - Heiress of Slytherin Chapter 19 Fri Mudge
Molly by Angela Rasch on Kindle Fri Angela Rasch
Heaven and Hell 3: A Hellmaid's Work is Never Done Fri Maggie Finson
Will I be ... glamorous? Solo Alys Prince
The Governess's Child Solo Andragyne
Uncivil by Angela Rasch Now on Kindle Wed Angela Rasch
The Frozen Balance - Kindle Edition Tue Persephone
Changing Things Up Solo Dee Sylvan
Midnight Prowl Solo Princess Chelsea
The Trial of Elizabeth Solo Alys Prince
What If? Mon Monique S
Venuslandia Solo AuPreviner
I can't get dressed. Solo Alys Prince
Texas Belles Sun Melanie Brown
Born to Race Solo Bob Arnold
Kelly Girl on Amazon Fri Wanda Cunningham
All for Love - 'The Kiss' & more - A Melanie Brown... Thu Melanie Brown
Boys Don't Cry Tue Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
Life Giver Mon Melanie Brown
Mindful Mon Beverly Taff
Easy as Falling Off a Bike 7 Sat Angharad
Frills Fri Snowfall
Life's a Drag Thu Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
Masks 11 - Complicated Life - Now on Kindle Tue Stickmaker
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

One For The Team - Chapter 6

Chapter Six -- Smells Like Poison

As the search for her killer commences we find out how Charlotte became enmeshed in the web of prostitution and how she and Wendy created their 'Gentleman's Club'. We also learn that the two detectives assigned to the case are amorously involved with each other.

Suddenly Royal - Chapter 11


Suddenly Royal

Chapter 11
by Tiffany Shar

Edited by Carla Ann


Alan and his best friend Ellie are enjoying being able to hang out on their summer break. Ellie has known about Alan's desire to be Allie for several years, and they plan one of their many shopping trips to the mall while their parents are at work. Little does Allie know that her simple day of secretly being out with her best friend would suddenly spiral into a whole new life!

Easy as Falling Off a Bike - Book 3 - NEW! on Amazon Kindle


Audience Rating: 


Other Keywords: 


How does life keep getting more complicated for “Lady Catherine”? It’s as easy as falling off a bike!

Cathy finds herself in hot water more often than a tea bag, and brews up a steaming “cuppa” trouble! Daring rescues, Telly interviews, flailing yard brushes and leaping dormice — it all seemed like a good idea at the time! Between adventures, there still seems to be time enough to for a poignant interlude with a troubled student, a frightening crisis for Stella, and some sobering considerations of her relationship with Simon.

Our simple girl just doesn’t seem to be able to keep things simple as her ongoing adventures continue!

Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt.20

Chapter 22

Marcy woke up with a loud groan. Sleep had not come easy last night with how horny she had been, the fact that her butt had remained filled up, her sore throat and that chastity cage that seemed to hurt a lot more than it used to. On top of the difficulties falling asleep she was now woken up way too early. She had to since she was supposed to start working at 8 o’clock.

Dearly Beloved - 27: A Dresden Files Fanfic


Part Two. Harry is no longer who he once was. The "new and improved' Harry must track down all the pieces of the puzzle before time runs out for Susan. Can she get back to who "he" once was? Contains mature themes, descriptions of sex, and transformations of all sorts. Spoilers for all Dresden Novels

Princess School 1

purchased with standard license from
Princess School
I. Preliminary Interview
by Jennifer Brock

Kayden Winne’s family is poor so when he gets a scholarship to a prestigious private high school, he is at first happy about it. Then he realizes he knows just enough French to translate the name of the school, L’École pour les Dauphines, to English: School for Princesses. (story squib by Erin)

Summer's Current: Chapters 7-8

I felt his arms wrap around me from behind. That was when I realized there was more of me than I had observed!
As Grub lifted me to a full standing position, I could feel him at my back. It was then I realized there was more of him than expected, also!
“Is that what I think it is, Grunfuller Lokust?” I asked timidly as my cheeks went aflame.
“Sorry, buddy, but you wouldn’t blame me if you saw what I do right now!”
“And just WHAT do you see, Grunfuller?” I growled.
“Ummmm. We have to get back to your place, Chance! You can find out then. Come on!” He said as he began to pull me toward the compartment door.
If he hadn’t been holding tight, I might have fallen and sprained an ankle or even broken one when I tripped out of my standard issue work boots!
“Leave them! We have to get you out of here!”

A Wish Unwanted - Chapter 15

What's a girl to do? The boy I thought I was falling for isn't mine anymore and I'm not sure I want the boy who is. The weight of this new reality presses down on me and I turn to the one person who might understand: Pee-Jay's mom.

Woman in the Corner Office - 19


Chapter 69

I'd changed my wifi password the day she'd turned me away. I never expected she'd ever see it. Well, my secret was out now. I looked at her to see her reaction. At least she wasn't shaking her head no. Instead she was clutching the small bit of paper to her chest like her favorite doll.

"How dare you! I'm NOT Gay!"

How dare you. I’m not gay!!

I knew at school that I was different. I was called ‘gay’ just for being different – cruel, ugly, untrue. Although I’d admit to being a bit puzzled about, erm, some aspects of life – yeah, alright, sex. Then things really got strange when I was at college and stayed with Aunt Maddie. And I learnt more than I ever expected about girls – in a new and different way. A story in two distinct sections.

Moxie (Texas Belles #2)


Audience Rating: 


The sequel to Melanie Brown's Texas Belles is now on Kindle!


by Melanie Brown

Ayumi did it before, can she do it again?

Moxie on Kindle

She stayed in Japan after the breakup of her first J-Pop band, Texas Belles. The other American members went their own ways, some of them back to the states.

But no one in Japan ever knew Sam, the American bass-playing boy who joined his sister’s band and helped make them a hit. Sam is Ayumi now, as real as a girl can get. And she wants to keep doing what she does best.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe part 3

Under the bronze Jenny was brought down by the vampire minions and she was taken into the main room she was blind folded by the minions and soon they undid her blindfold”. Jenny saw a blond man and saw another female it was Drucila, Jenny got herself release and grab some wood and stake a minion and it was dust soon Drucila came and she was staked.

A Princess in the Age of Science: 6 / 6

A Princess in the Age of Science: 6 / 6

By Iolanthe Portmanteaux

At two weeks into his recovery, Georgia made a startling confession.
Nothing in Mrs. Vendall’s scientific studies could have prepared her for Georgia’s revelation,
but soon her own eyes verified the truth of the matter.

Legacy II - My Father's Legacy

My Father’s Legacy
A Short Story following upon “Legacy”
By Maryanne Peters

Do you remember me? Some time ago I told the strange story of what happened after my grandfather, a famous drag artiste, died and the heirlooms that he left behind. Things that changed my life forever. Those things and meeting my grandfather’s … well sort of his adopted son, I think – Rodney Gaspard.

I Wish Book 3: Chapter 15

Shannon O'Reilly was bullied and everything his older sister wasn't. When his sister Sarah gives him a chance to change things through a single wish things don't go as planned.


I Wish: Book 3
Chapter 15
The Party

“There, your appointment with Lois Lane is all set up Shannon,” my girlfriend/assistant/Familiar said with a groan and rolling eyes as she approached. “Hey, who were you talking to?”

Lost in the Mists of Time - Chapter 5


Lost in the Mists of Time – Chapter 5

By Fiona Murray

Well better late than never I guess, 8 years since the last chapter was posted. While I don’t think my writing skills have improved any, I did get a recent request to continue this (the only one in 8 years). Why? Well I was told they enjoyed the story. Since I am stuck at home I figured why not. So warts and all, here it is. Please forgive the warts Oh and before I forget I created space for Erin

Off the Front Part 3

Stacey and Brita rolled into the parking lot of Campus Cycles a few minutes early and immediately felt like they were on another planet. There were three distinct groups gathered in the parking lot, A tight group of athletic riders in skintight lycra stood around with sleek high tech bicycles that looked more like something from the future. A second group of riders mostly on similar bikes but with less uniformity in clothing style and body shape formed a second group, and a third group appeared to be composed of more women in far more casual clothing and bikes more like hers.

Ignorance is No Excuse for Hating Someone Part 18

Carla’s and Angela’s townhouse:
“I can’t believe you got hurt again.” Angela looks at Carla with anger in her eyes.

“I didn’t mean too, sweetie. The organization sent one of their nastiest bounty hunters after me.”

Angela looks at Carla and knew that the organization wasn’t ever going to give up on trying to kill Carla for what she has been doing to them. If Carla had never saved her or quit their ranks. They would leave her alone. It also didn’t help that Carla kept blowing their places up and killing their people.

S.P.A.R.C.L.S. by Alecia Snowfall NOW on Amazon!


Audience Rating: 


Well the oldest back burner project is NOW released for sale on Amazon only. This is not a transgender fiction. Actually it's a mainstream sci-fi romance. Click on the image to buy from Amazon. BTW, BigCloset gets 50% of the royalties on this.


Just to tease and torture, here is a snippet from the book:

The Interview - Epilogue

Three Months Later

I still hadn’t gotten used to the blue sky. The puffy white clouds overhead, the yellow-white sun glaring brighter and hotter than anything Ereen ever had to offer. For the first few weeks I’d worn sunglasses, like the ones Kerra had given to me on Ereen but gradually I’d learned to discard them.

Not TECHNICALLY Crossplay | Chapter 1 of ?

Alex stared at the mirror, trying to size up his potential cosplay.

I think having my hair like this should work. And I think that plucking my eyebrows helped. I should probably watch some makeup tutorials though.

Taylor, Part 1

Hi Gang! I hope everyone is staying safe and feeling well. I've attached the beginning of a new novella that I'm running by the readers here in hopes that I will get some feedback and constructive criticism on making this good enough to publish.
Speaking of publish, I have a new book up on Amazon called Collected. If you have the time, look it up and read those first chapters to see if it tickles your fancy. BTW, does anyone know what that means?



PomPom Fortress by Snowfall


Audience Rating: 


Young Kyle struggles to make it through the school day without being noticed, but others intend to make him the center of attention. A beautiful coming of age story with a difference. Now available to borrow from Kindle Select for Kindle Prime members.

The PomPom Fortress by Snowfall

PomPom Fortress

Susie Mondays

I've read through this once, with some slight editing, but it's mostly un-proofread.
Another day in Susie's life, see Saturdays and Sundays before this.

David yawned as he stepped into the kitchen, and gave his mum a sleepy hug.

"I thought you might sleep in a bit today?" Georgie asked her slowly waking son.

"Bad habit this waking up stuff." David replied with a touch of cheek, as he dropped some bread in the toaster and continued, "My alarm doesn't seem to understand pupil free days. Maybe I'll have a nap later to make up for it."

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 242

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 242

We are four.
Fostering! Why?
The Yei spirits and the girl.
Someone is pregnant.

A last meal. ~o~O~o~ They are so cute! ~o~O~o~ I get christened. ~o~O~o~ A talk about the girl, the Yei spirits, and me. ~o~O~o~ We have special friends.


Wayward Part-1

Part One


Madison used to have this great friend Charlie, they did everything together. Then Madison moved away. Now returning home, Madison seeks him out. The only drawback, Charlie didn't know Madison was a boy. Madison didn't know Charlie had a secret too.


Neuron Transfer

Neuron Transfer
A Novelette
By Maryanne Peters

For my 100th story posted on Big Closet, here is a novelette. Please read my blog "One Hundred"

When I died I was John Pierpont Morgan Backhouse. I was a successful businessman, although not as successful as my namesake. I was a father, but not a good one. I was a husband – definitely a bad one. In short, I was an asshole.

What Story - Part 1

[At the offices of a Sunday Newspaper in London]

The Editor had called one of his reporters in to see him.

“Kim, very well done for your last story it went down very well. The reader feedback was very positive.”

“Thanks Sandy. It was touch and go for a bit but I got to the bottom of it in the end.”

Sandy Wynn, the Editor smiled back at his reporter.

“Are you ready for a new assignment?”

“As I’ll ever be? What is it all about?”

Sandy leaned back in his chair with the tips of the fingers of both hands touching.

Q-Men (screenplay)

I have always been a Sentai fan since I saw the animated versions of GForce (The Science Ninja Team) and Voltron and when SABAN brought it to the US in the form of Power Rangers, I had to wonder what if such powers were given to others who weren’t exactly “worthy”...but that’s another a story that I’m trying to complete. “Q-Men” uses a mix of Sentai, James Bond, and budding superheroes formed under former MI-6‘S “Q”.

More DopplerPress

Masks 3 - Template and Energia - published on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


A school for superheroes seemed like a good idea at the time. Template is on the faculty and her niece, Energia, is a student when they find out that not everyone agrees on the wonderfulness of education.

High level conspiracy? Alien technology? Is someone trying to kill off the superschool? And the supers with it?

It all started with someone launching a killer missile at Template's secret identity, Jenny’s aunt-er-uncle, Randy...


Now on KIndle...

Heaven and Hell 3: A Hellmaid's Work is Never Done


Audience Rating: 


Other Keywords: 

Angelique is coming into her own, which involves lascivious dwarves, an amorous angel, and a hellhound or two. Things get complicated but it's not her fault, she's sexy, hot as hell, and inclined to violence as the solution to certain problems. Maybe it comes from being half-succubus and half-hellmaid?

Heaven and Hell 3

Heaven and Hell 3 - Now on Kindle

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