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Title Code Author(s)
K&P Services Chapter 8 Thu LadyDragon623
Girlerizer -4- Aren't you code in that dress? Thu Girlerizer
SWTOR: The Wish of One Affected the Other: Taris Breaking the... Thu Sara Hawke
The ‘Ndrangheta Countess 9 Thu Sydney Moya
Easy as Falling Off a Bike - Book 3 - NEW! on Amazon Kindle Wed Angharad
I'm Not Leesa Solo Sigh
Life in the city - Chapter 2 Wed Punk Job
Travel Through Time and Space Part 5 Wed LadyDragon623
To the Matt Part 22 Wed efindumb
Gaby Book 17 ~ Seasons ~ Chapter *22* Ironed Out Wed Maddy Bell
Masks 5: Energia - Out of Template's Shadow - Now on Kindle Wed Stickmaker
Complete the Look part 5 Wed flowersissy
Bat Mitzvah Solo flowersissy
Baum Solo Dauphin
How Halloween Became My Favorite Holiday! Solo Claire M
S.P.A.R.C.L.S. by Alecia Snowfall NOW on Amazon! Wed Snowfall
Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 117 Wed Teddie S.
Avenging Angel Chap. 6 Tue LadyDragon623
I'm Still Standing Solo Jennifer Sue
Pillow Talk 7 Tue Michele Nylons
"What on earth ....... Who are You?" Tue Alys Prince
Alone - but God-Fearing ... Tue Alys Prince
Mouikkai Musume, Chapter 08: The Burden Of His Suspicions Mon Rellawing
The Frozen Balance - Kindle Edition Mon Persephone
Elliot: Working for Lioness Investments – 8 Elle Comes to Life Mon Jessica C
Girls Just Want to Have Fun Mon LadyDragon623
Terry and the Wildcats: Spring Break on Kindle! Mon Leslie Moore
The Continuing Adventures of Alexa & Jenny: #1 The Honeymoon Mon Kris Traverse
Mischief 3: The Remedy for Mischief Mon Morpheus
Burger Queen Chp. 10 Mon LadyDragon623
Politics Is… Full of Rules in Need of Breaking [2.10] Mon Nessa M
The Princess Trap on Kindle Mon Tyrone Slothrop, Wanda Cunningham
Dancing to a New Beat 44 Mon Cyclist
Two Auditions and a Fairy Solo Frances Penwiddy
Cross-Over Day at School Mon Alys Prince
Take your Daughter to Work Day Mon Alys Prince
Sarge - Part 3 of 4 Mon SamanthaMD
Constant Craving Solo Drea DiMaggio
Cheer's the Thing: Becoming Robin Book 3 on Kindle Sun Zoe Taylor
The Birth Of A Coywolf Part 20 Sun LadyDragon623
The Trapper Solo Nigel Smith
The Nigerian Scam - Ch03 Sun DarkGreenSingularity
Better Than The Alternative? : Chapter 16 Sun Rebecca Jane
A Second Chance -- Chapter 68 Sun Dawn Natelle
72 HOURS: Strange Love Meets Weird Science - Day 3 Sun Laika
Come Back to Texas Chapter 1: "Smoothie King" (starter) Sat Aylesea
A Summer's Odyssey - Now on Kindle Sat Jennifer Sue
"Look what I've found!" Sat Alys Prince
Why Would I Do That? Sat New Author, Just.lovewriting
Achievement Unlocked 02 Sat Konzill
It was the hummingbirds fault - (The night watchman’s lament) Sat Donna T
Racing Angels -chp 10 Fri WolfJess7
Interview with a Lolita -chp1 Fri WolfJess7
Jem...Chapter 213 Fri Bailey Summers
Sweet Dreams-69 Fri Bailey Summers
Masks 50 Fri Bailey Summers
Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 17 Fri Savannah Maun
Time on My Hands Chapter 36 - 330-343 CE: The Founding of Ramzab Thu Jennifer Sue
Michelle Chapter 3 & 4 Thu Dennis N. Adkins
Tales from the Closet book 01 Candy Cane Part 3 of 3 Wed Sara UK
Virtually Feminine - Part 5 - Passing time Wed Morgan Philips
The White Gull Solo Pipkin Holister
The Girl Who Righted Wrongs - 3 of 3 Tue Drea DiMaggio
Jessica Jade [last chapter] Ch26 Tue Leslie Moore
Basketball Is Life Sun Angela Rasch
Bridges Solo gillian1968
Eve by Melanie Brown on Kindle Fri Melanie Brown
Suspending Judgement Solo Ricky
Cursing Curse Solo flowersissy
Beyond the Yellow Brick Road Solo Jessica C
The Ark Solo Casey Brooke
Shannon's Course by Angela Rasch in Kindle Wed Angela Rasch
The Princess of Q'fahr now on Amazon Kindle Sun Melanie Brown
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

SWTOR: The Wish of One Affected the Other: Taris Breaking the Script

T'aa Onasi knows everything that is going to happen as she finds herself on the way to Tython.

However, she just got forced to switch with the real owner of this body, and wonders how she is going to cope. Can she change things? Will she be fighting against a fate that she does not want and how far will she be forced to follow the script? Not at all, a little, or the entire script?

The events on Taris have broken the script, but have they upset the story? Meeting Darth Nox was she a player character like herself or not?
Will she meet the other player characters and what will she do if she does?

The ‘Ndrangheta Countess 9

The ‘Ndrangheta Countess

Sydney Moya

(c) 2018

This work is the property of the author, and the author retains full copyright, in relation to printed material, whether on paper or electronically. Permission is granted for it to be copied and read by individuals, and for no other purpose. Any commercial use by anyone other than the author is strictly prohibited, and may only be posted to free sites with the express permission of the author.


Interpol working with a multinational taskforce of Anti-Organised crime agencies is closing in on Mario Di Michele and his ‘Ndrangheta crime family, His father, uncles and his three brothers and two sisters have been arrested or killed. He is a wanted man in North America, Europe and Latin America. There seems to be only one way to evade capture or certain death and it is by being true to his nature.

Easy as Falling Off a Bike - Book 3 - NEW! on Amazon Kindle


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How does life keep getting more complicated for “Lady Catherine”? It’s as easy as falling off a bike!

Cathy finds herself in hot water more often than a tea bag, and brews up a steaming “cuppa” trouble! Daring rescues, Telly interviews, flailing yard brushes and leaping dormice — it all seemed like a good idea at the time! Between adventures, there still seems to be time enough to for a poignant interlude with a troubled student, a frightening crisis for Stella, and some sobering considerations of her relationship with Simon.

Our simple girl just doesn’t seem to be able to keep things simple as her ongoing adventures continue!

Life in the city - Chapter 2

I wanted to die, it was all my fault for rushing through the store without taking a better look, I went through all I the clothes trying to find which ones where the most manly of the bunch, if Eliza were here she would be laughing so hard at me, these are the kind of dumb things that always happen to me when I try to act cool, it always somehow comes back at me, making me look like like a fool, I was at least glad that Leah hadn’t found out or she probably would also had laughed at me, in her mind I was still cool, or that’s what I wanted to believe.

To the Matt Part 22

Changes are made in the family and Taylor deals with the lives of others while she reluctantly takes the championship belt until she finds the perfect way of losing it while making it look like it was a natural part of the story. This is a transitional part where the family starts to go beyond just Taylor's issues and builds on their own lives. There's only so much you can say about a wrestler's life without it becoming redundant and boring. Wrestling is repetitive, but drama around their lives isn't (unless you are on a reality show that is!)

Masks 5: Energia - Out of Template's Shadow - Now on Kindle


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The Leader narrowed its pupils, just a bit... the equivalent of a slight smile for its species. The most important of the group were already supporting the plan. The others would go along, eventually. It sat back and let them plot and scheme, only occasionally asking a question or making a suggestion. Yes, this would work well...


Masks 5


Out of Template's Shadow

Rodford Edmiston

Complete the Look part 5

Erica wasn’t sure what to say. “Should I say yes? I kind of like him,” she thought. She kept thinking. At this point Adam turned away in shame.

“You don’t feel the same way, do you?” he said.

“No, I do,” she said, making her decision.

“You’re just saying that because you feel bad. There’s no way you can tell me otherwise.”

“Well maybe I can show you.” She walked up to him and kissed him on the lips. They began making out. The feeling of a strong man’s embrace on her petite body was incredible. A minute or two later, they stopped.

Bat Mitzvah

“I can’t believe it’s coming so soon!” said Jeff’s mom.

“Yeah, the service is tomorrow,” said Jeff.

“Do you think you’re ready for your bat mitzvah?”

“It’s a bar mitzvah, Mom. How do you always get it wrong.”

“I don’t know. Let me think of a way to get it right.”

“Just practice! Seriously how are you this bad!’



written by Dauphin
My neighbour changed everything about me, and I let her
"This is a sad story and once again Dauphin talks about how scociety wants to change people and not accept them" Diana
"Who is the villian in this story" Dauphin

How Halloween Became My Favorite Holiday!

Page 1.jpg


When Joyce told me all the husbands were dressing up for the Halloween ball, I said okay. I wasn't too keen on a costume. Costumes were for kids. But she was so impressed with her new Bridge Club. And when she told me about the good things they did for the community, I didn't want to say no.

I asked her what she had in mind for a costume.

S.P.A.R.C.L.S. by Alecia Snowfall NOW on Amazon!


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Well the oldest back burner project is NOW released for sale on Amazon only. This is not a transgender fiction. Actually it's a mainstream sci-fi romance. Click on the image to buy from Amazon. BTW, BigCloset gets 50% of the royalties on this.


Just to tease and torture, here is a snippet from the book:

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 117

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 117
Suckered in? Tse’ Hone. The research project.

Was the talk we had with Adam's wife, Mary Ann, on the up and up? Then there's the trip to the Petroglyphs with Naainish. Did Dr. Kilmer do anything on this research project? The books. The books. Where are the books?

I'm Still Standing

I’m Still Standing

by Jennifer Sue

Harry was a top notch auto mechanic in northern Lebanon County, Pennsylvania just outside the town of Fredericksburg. By twenty five he had started his own quite successful business, Blue Mountain Auto. Emma ran the office with the assistance of the daughter-in-laws while both sons and their daughter worked in the four bay shop with their dad. The son-in-law joined the business as a body man in a smaller two bay body shop annex. It truly was a family business. The business originally sat on a ten acre plot that was divided into two acre plots, one for the business and four for their homes. Needless to say, it was a solid, often profane, gearhead family.

The extended family was finishing their annual Thanksgiving feast, relaxing, as they enjoyed warm homemade pumpkin pie. Several of the men had to loosen their pants to handle their expanded girth. Everyone sat back smiling as the turkey induced lethargy spread.

As usual, Emma asked her grandchildren what they wanted for Christmas. The explanation was that Grandmothers had a special hotline to Santa. One by one she asked each excited kid as the adults chuckled at their excitement and anticipation. That was about to change.

Pillow Talk 7

Pillow Talk

Michele Nylons

Chapter Seven – CBGB

Michelle is faced with having to help two Mafia thugs rob the bordello where she is the Madame and her mobster boyfriend the owner. Will the thugs keep their part of the bargain and will the FBI keep her safe from Frankie's retribution?

Hatbox Broke Again


Really, really, thanks and hugs to everyone who was able to help.

There's still about $2600 in bills due or owed by this coming Friday and we have about $200 in the bank.

We're still here, still operating a friendly place for authors and fans of TG Fiction. If you can help out, it will be appreciated.


Mouikkai Musume, Chapter 08: The Burden Of His Suspicions

Elliot: Working for Lioness Investments – 8 Elle Comes to Life

Elliot: Working for Lioness Investments
8 - Elle Comes to Life

By Jessica C

Elliot broke the Rose colored glass ceiling…
He’d been an ordinary research and finance person…

Terry and the Wildcats: Spring Break on Kindle!


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Hidden deep inside the 5’10” rock and roll goddess with the dirty blonde hair was an eighteen year old high school senior named Terry Nelson. Tonight he was disguised as Tasha, who's heavily styled punk hair cut was sprayed with bright red highlights. Tasha’s creative eye makeup and pouty, red lips contrasted sharply against her pale skin.

This was Terry’s first time dressed as Tasha playing in front of a full house of crazed Wildcat fans. With his stomach churning, he quivered with excitement and shook with fear.

Pick up this introductory adventure of Terry/Tasha!
Terry and the Wildcats
Spring Break
Just 99 cents!

Price may vary on your local Amazon.

Mischief 3: The Remedy for Mischief

Melissa spends a nice, quiet, uneventful day, shopping with her aunt. At least, that was the plan, but with a codename like Mischief, when do things ever go as planned?


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