Jewel Box Two - BigCloset Stories Two Years Ago

These are stories that appeared on Big Closet approximately two years ago this week.

The Return of Nevermore part 15

The Return of Nevermore part 15

In the Legacy Universe, there are very few villains who are as feared as Baron Nevermore. Now Nevermore has returned with a group of powerful allies, and the heroes will have to work together if they are to stand any chance of saving the world from this evil.

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 5: Adding a Wardrobe

Sam and Jenna had their heart to heart about why he lets her do his hair, and his opinions on the girly activities they’ve done. Where we left off, Sam was about to test out an outfit for Jenna. What will Jenna have him wear?

Tea & Red Roses Part 2


But I just couldn’t and I took another sip of tea before I asked. “So I don’t mean to pry or anything but is this your first time at a trans heavy bar?”
She looked like it hadn’t quite occurred to her, then I could see her turn it over and over in her head and she looked at me again and the look was different. The bright sparkle was gone but there was a thoughtful look instead of anything that I’ve seen that might mean trouble.
But her hand slid from mine ending the extended handshake and she looked me over again and this is a look I know, it’s that just found out and seeing if I pass, if she can tell or if she can pick out my many faults and flaws.
“So you’re a trans woman?”
I nodded and took another sip of my tea.
Chris took a drink of her club soda and set it down and looked out to where others were dancing and then back at me.
“So do trans girls dance?”
She offered me her hand and took hers and she led me out to where everyone else was and we started to dance with the crowd.

Welcome to Timber Grove: Chapter 8&9

A Timber Grove Story.jpg"Welcome to Timber Grove"
Timber Grove: Story #1
by TGTrinity

Chapter 8: "The Red Space"; Chapter 9: "Thanks for Visiting Timber Grove"

Welcome to Timber Grove, a lovely coastal town where changes happen everyday. Meet Samantha Brown, an FBI agent who has a life changing experience with her secretary before going missing. Follow Agent Timothy August as he searches for Agent Brown, and begins to find that things in Timber Grove are never what they seem.

Author's Note: This story is a re-imagining of "Timber Grove: Season One" which was posted online in 2013. Chapter nine completes this story, but there is more to come. Over the next few weeks I will be adding the "Timber Grove" series onto BigCloset TopShelf, and I look forward to hearing what the community here thinks.

Righting Wrongs Part 8

The rest learn the big news. School dance leads to a bad night for Reed. Dan hits a new low with the family. Kylie shines among people who knew her past. And new neighbors for the group?

Fiction: Hot girl reality tg (caption short)

crossdressRichard was looking for some fun in his boring life. He was walking down the street when he saw a shop that mysteriously seemed to call to him like a siren's song. He walked in and was greeted by a funny-looking little old man. The man somehow knew of Richard's predicament and exclaimed that he had just the thing to solve his problem. He brought out a device he said that could take Richard to many different realities.

Tape in the Deck

I don't know if you've seen the TG Mixed Tapes that pop up here every so often that I'm occasionally a contributor to. This story was originally going to be a part of that, but those plans changed, so I decided to share it anyway. I like to believe this is an interesting twist on a gender change, but this has probably been done before. Either way, hope you enjoy it!

Magic is.. [1.0]

3.jpg TV personality and Tomb Raider Sarah, along with her faithful camera man Tor went off route in search of their next episode.
Things didn't go quite as planned, and these are the consequences..

Nightmares in Neon and Chrome: Tales from the Edge - Chapter 5

“Seriously, the street gang of Techno-Mage wannabes? That Union? They were kindehackers, as I recall, more into the flash and fun than real running. How the hell could they be behind this and didn’t they vanish about ten years ago?

“They did vanish about ten years ago. The Union I knew couldn’t be behind this but the Union I knew is gone, replaced by street ghosts and phantom whispers of unstoppable Runners and assassins, wraiths in the system so deadly they scared the megacorps and world governments.”

“Come on, Mary. I saw some of those kids with their tophats and steampunk crap, Victorian-era costumes. There is no way they could be remotely involved in this. The kind of tech this body has? If the corps and govs can’t field this shit than how could a former street gang?”

“Understand that what I’m about to tell you is what I’ve heard from people I consider pretty reliable sources, people that have since gone tits up or vanished completely, you copy? Someone is covering their tracks hardcore.”

I looked at her. “If they’re that hardcore how come you’re still drawing breath?”

“Simple: I used to be one of them.”

A Girl for Halloween Part 5: Bonding with Julia

Jason had just completed his date (completely dressed and acting as Jacie) with the cute work friend, Michael. However, Jacie learns that Michael had a sketchy break-up with Leslie after running into her at the ice cream shop. Her date ended with a kiss on the cheek, but the mystery break-up still looms.

Sorry for the long delay! Look forward to more chapters!

Dim prisons and Drakes, chapter 11.

A little early this time! Well, sort of. Already working on a new chapter of something that isn't RiH... but a new chapter of that is coming. For now, enjoy a look at the new old Toledo, courtesy of DP&D. See if any of you can guess where I'm going before I get there. :)

Copyright Nagrij, 2016.

The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon (Owned).jpg The Honeymoon
a Timber Grove Story
by Trinity

A sexually unfulfilled Roger finds that his gorgeous new wife becomes much more sensual on their Honeymoon, but what happens when her newly found sexual appetite turns from men to women? Will their new marriage be able to survive a night of changes in Timber Grove?

Author's Note:
This is the second story set in the "Timber Grove" series, but it is a stand alone story that you can fully enjoy without having read any other stories in the series.

Righting Wrongs Part 10

Kylie has to talk for the first time about Hogan's abuse. William opens up to Kennedy as Kylie makes another friend. Stag and Hen parties lead to guy's night in and Kylie's first slumber party. The wedding day arrives but exactly who is getting married?

The Queen of Q'fahr


The Queen of Q'fahr
Part 1
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2016 Melanie Brown

Q’uarentine returns to Q'fahr.

It is strongly recommended that the 3 part series "The Princess of Q'fahr" be read first. -- Ed

Gaia's Children, Book 1: Riven; Chapter 1, part 1

I'm going to do something here and ask you, the reader, to comment, critique, pick my story apart. I have been writing and rewrting this story since 1991...

The first go took me 6 months and was over 600 pages, hammered out on a old Olivetti manual typewriter, the kind that came with a satchel to carry it around. I had learned to type as a child on my father's old Olivetti manual that came with it's own hard suitcase so hammering on the keyboard was(and still is) second nature.

Righting Wrongs Part 11

Fractures start to appear in the family as moving day doesn't go well for all. Reed and Kylie stop trying to be like others and be their own people. Kennedy and Willie experience more aspects of parenthood to the enjoyment of the kids.

Kayda 7 - Charging Buffalo, Hidden Dragon (part 2)

A Whateley Academy Adventure

Charging Buffalo, Hidden Dragon

By ElrodW

Part 2

(with thanks to EE Nalley and Phoenix Spiritus
for contributed scenes and idea)

The battles were fought and the damage was done
The wars not over it's just begun
The debt that's owed will never be payed
The promised land will never be saved

The curse of curses fire on the land

The Little Toy Gun

Toy Gun.jpgThe Little Toy Gun
a Timber Grove Story
by TGTrinity

Young Dean is presented with a water gun that will change the person sprayed with water into whomever the shooter desires. With this great power he and his friend Eric decide to take turns changing each other into hot girls to explore their bodies in private. Unfortunately, Eric explains to Dean what a bimbo is, and he can't think of anything else once he pulls the trigger.

Author's Note:
This is the third story set in the "Timber Grove" series, but it is a stand alone story that you can fully enjoy without having read any other stories in the series. It includes an appearance by Erika Schimbare, who was introduced in "Welcome to Timber Grove".

Story Themes:
Age Progression
Gender Change
First Time
Loss of Control

Vantier a Whateley Tale chapter 8

Vantier a Whateley Tale.....Ancient and Powerful Vantier awakens in a foreign world, struggling to find her place in it.

In this chapter....Kyley and Becky journey to the Sturgis bike rally. And Kyely gets to see the outside world she now lives in for the first time!

He is saved from the death of his race and start all over again....but can she survive?
A human high school and being a teenager? Will she remember what was? And grow in power?

most of my current stories can be found on Fictionmania

Or if you want to input more?

Righting Wrongs Part 12

Friendships among the kids and teens are solidified. Michael gets put in his place as the true damage done by his teasing is revealed. Kennedy and William testify while Mr. Hogan and Ms. Mead have their day in court. Kennedy suffers a loss while the Penas see the family truly at work.

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 6: Mascara too?

We left off when Sam was in class being complimented by a few popular girls in class about his hair. The girls were comparing him to the “girl” in his secret Instagram account. What will these girls have him do?

Ring the Bell

Ring the Bell

(Author's note: No, this isnt the adventure story. Just a little snippet that came into my head today.)

A young man paces outside a house, arguing with himself.

Finally, He steps toward the house, takes a breath, and rings the bell.

A young woman answers, and says, “Hey! Long time no see.”

He replies, “Yeah, sorry about that. Needed to get my head together after all the ... changes.”

“I totally get that. I was kinda in the same place.”

“So ... we cool?”

“I’m cool if you are.”

Magic is.. not a word I would use to describe prom night.[1.1]

15herrmann-night.jpg A hero isn't born a heroine and growing up can be a bumpy road.
In this instalment we go back a few years.

Events unfold including but not limited to:
A slightly more awake Sarah
(although the benefits of that are debatable)
And Hannah reluctantly goes to prom for a night he should never forget.

Righting Wrongs Part 13- Finale

The teens go shopping but one finds trouble. Kennedy meets with the lawyer and gets a huge shock. The funeral turns interesting. Reed and Kylie break out of their shells.

A Glow in the Darkness part 2

A Glow in the Darkness part 2

Sometimes, the only thing protecting you from the darkness, is an unwavering Glow. This story takes place in the Whateley Universe.

A Girl for Halloween Part 6: Confusing Feelings

After his heart to heart with his sister, Julia, Jason (Jacie) is being helped out with dressing as a girl for work. However, Mom and Dad have just entered, and might have something to say about it. Will they be caught?