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Masks Chapter 20

Masks Chapter 20


Okay, I feel better now…I feel more grounded and more like myself than I ever had. We do facials and mani-pedi’s and I’m surprising them in just how much I know.

Hey when you’re a girl, you’re a girl and if you’re like me and actually like hair and make-up and the girly stuff the stealth or not odds are you’re going to know it even if it’s your first times. I’ve lived a hundred thousand little girl snippet lifetimes already.

I want the whole thing, I need it.

I’m going to…

M.J. comes in with popcorn and Aunt Els is putting on Season one of Gilmore Girls and we sip all together in this pile on the bed in the bag on the floor and pillows and comforters.

This…so much this…


Masks Chapter 21

Masks Chapter 21


“Stephanie…..!” She cries and I cry and we glomph on each other and we get that bad we have to stop and go back in the store to use their bathroom and fix our make-up.

Crying in public and not getting shit for it, being this close with my best friend and doing this and not having the sky come falling down on me is.

Well it’s past awesome and when we get back out and ready to go I see Mom looking at me with this look like the kind that Dad gave Steven.

But it’s the that’s my girl look.

It feels so damned good and really so big…I mean this is kind of this first thing that I’ve done that is all me and that made her look at me like that.

I smile and take a breath getting into the car and I feel a little bit stronger inside for it.

*And Now…

Unicorn Power

Unicorn Power

By Paul Calhoun

This is the unicorn story. Two guys, a unicorn suit, a scheming prince, a wizard and everyone with a plot to rise in station.

So ... almost 30,000 words. It could have been a full length novel, but I didn't want to get into a project like that.

Through the years: Halloween 1983

--SEPARATOR--Editing by Djkauf

This is kind of a one shot Tracy story, but will fit in when I reach October 31st of 1983. I have added some new people, and yes, Tracy will meet them in the coming chapters of Through the years. I have done my best to keep spoilers out, but this post focuses on her feelings in October.


The Maiden of Bronze Chapter 3 Part 3

The Bronze Maiden

Chapter 3 Part 3

Doc Savage and Pat Savage are the Property of Street and Smith. Introducing a future time line inspired by Doc Savage.

By: Desiree

I am most Grateful to my Beloved Jasmine as she has been a most wonderful muse.
I apologize for the delay in posting as Fantasy Hero: Game Changer sort of distracted us, and still is.

Severance Pay (Chapters 13 through 18 0f 78)

Jessica puts Patricia to the test, as does Sister Carmela of St. Ann's. Patricia returns the favor and makes initial contact with her target, Gretchen Hobbes. Themes and Elements listed apply to entire story, Rating applies to this submission. Thanks to Marina Kelly for editing assistance.

It Was All a Mistake

It Was All a Mistake

Two long-time friends get tickets to a rather unconventional Halloween costume party, but then mistakes seem to be happening to make their plans for fun seem downright strange and a little unnerving.

This is a very out-of-comfort-zone story, in a sub-genre that I've NEVER written in. I would hope that you remember this fact if/when you decide to write any comments. This is a huge psychological risk for me to venture into this uncharted, unexplored territory, risking biting, discouraging, negative comments. Please bear that in mind. If you don't like the story, please keep it to yourself. Sorry to seem so paranoid, but after the last year of my life, taking this chance is a huge step that I almost didn't take.


Masks Chapters 22 and 23

Masks Chapters 22 and 23


It’s tricky to get the white gauzy stuff to sit right and to fight with it on the sewing table but I just get it done around supper or rather when Mom’s watch goes off.

It looks good now…kind of this shiny blue top with a white gauze shirt that trails down to mid thigh and looks like Alice in Wonderland from like Disney and a little like the movie and at the same time sort of like a ballet costume too.

With the stockings and the slippers and the right way to wear my hair.

I’m grinning.

This, this will look awesome.

*And Now…

We Need to Talk

Any marriage is an adventure. But I being a non magically talented person I married into a magical talented family. After three blissful full years I was not prepared for our adventure on steroids. This all started on the high Holy Day of October 31.

Which one is a Good Fit?

Which one is a good fit?

By Jennifer Sue

Halloween: Fourth Grade: Helpless as a Turtle on It’s Back

It was his first year going out without a chaperone. Jimmy had his doubts about the costume. After all, it had been his father’s from when he’d been Jimmy’s age like 30 some years before! How creepy was that? His dad, Don, simply went on and on about how much fun he and his buddies had when they’d worn the costume trick or treating. Naturally his mom, Jenny, took dozens of pictures. His jock buddies laughed at him when they saw his costume. Jimmy was humiliated. As he went door to door with his classmates, many of the homeowners chuckled and just had to reminisce with the boys about the time they had dressed as the mutant turtles. Jimmy usually got more goodies than the others at those homes which angered his buds. By the fifth time that happened, they jumped him, pushing him into bushes, cracking the turtle shell and stealing his goodies. They ran off leaving him scratched and bleeding in a broken costume.

Duty Calls chapter 37

The intruders reached the house. That was when I discovered something I hadn't realised before; there were no cameras positioned so to allow us to watch what someone might be doing once they reached the house. With a shock I suddenly noticed every camera pointed out, with none of them pointing in

Masks Chapters 24 and 25 the Finale.

Masks Chapters 24 and 25 the Finale.


But….Then there’s Randy Sweet, the captain of my hockey team and he stands and he beckons me over where the other guys are at.

Where all the team is at for a change.


I head over and look at them and Nick asks.

“It true?”

“Is what true?”

“Are you gay?”

I look at them and I really don’t know what I can say, there’s some pretty fixed faces there.

*And now…

The Lonely Mask

The Lonely Mask

Loneliness has only one cure.

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The Special Ones

It's been nine months since we last saw Petra and Catarina and life has been good. But ghosts of the past have not forgotten them and storm clouds are gathering. Can their love survive?

Although 'The Special Ones' can be read as a stand alone I would suggest reading 'The Special One' first as there are a number of references to the earlier story.

I consider myself very much a beginner and always looking for ways to improve my story telling. This time I am trying a few pictures, they take an age to do and I would love to know if you feel they add to the story or distract? Any comments gratefully received, though please be kind there is a fragile newbee's ego on the line here :-)


Day One

Day One

Charlie has decided to bring out his female side "Charlotte" after posing as her for nearly two years in secret. He chooses the Halloween dance at school to do and is in for a night of his life he'll never forget.

Whose Irish Eyes Be Smiling? 8

Whose Irish Eyes Be Smiling?
Anam Chara

While Sean is wearing his cousin’s cheer uniform, his sister has her own issues with clothes. Sean must avoid Fiona at the Café while others make plans for his future. Meanwhile, concerned fathers seek their children out.

Ashley's first kiss.

The dance was in full swing when Ashley walked into the side entrance. The swish of the petticoat under her skirt was driving her mad. With every movement she knew she was a girl, the petticoat didn't let her think of herself in any other way.

Usually when she walked in to a dance she was all hip swinging ready to dance or host a show. Today she was almost shy in the way she moved. She didn't understand it, it was almost like the simple act of dressing more like a daddy's girl had changed the way she was and that was just not possible.