Jewel Box Four - BigCloset Stories Four Years Ago

These are stories that appeared on Big Closet approximately four years ago today.

Teenager of the Year - A tale of Delacroix High: Book 2

Chapter one:

Life has a flavour to it, at least I like to think so. Psychologists call it "Neuro-associative-conditioning" which tells you absolutely nothing about anything. The gist of it is that as human beings, we experience reality subjectively. And when we experience that reality, we instinctively attach emotions to the experience.

Karen's Magnificent Obsession - 13

Karen’s Magnificent Obsession — 13

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2013)

(Karen’s confusion grows as her desires begin to dominate her life, placing her in troubling, frightening situations. Almost accidentally, she turns to an unlikely way of finding comfort in her new life.)

Somewhere Else Entirely -91-

The final meeting of Blackstone's Town Assembly brings together all those in whose safekeeping Garia will leave her town. Once details have been finalized she hands out as gifts all those objects sent to her during her stay. Then comes the serious business of packing, and finally she and the others must make their farewells to the town she has come to know and love. The company take the road south and make their first night's stop at the new roadhouse.

Somewhere Else Entirely

by Penny Lane

91 - On the Road Again

Duty Calls chapter 34

I left the communications/ control room with my mind searching for answers just as much as it had been when I had entered. Projectiles which were not made of lead and were like “needles”? Why target James and his VP’s? What was so important in his software business that someone was trying not only to kill him but all his higher associates and his/ their families? I would have thought that the software developers would have been more the targets. That thought brought me up short.

Julina of Blackstone - 004 - Zytan

Julina tells us more about some Blackstone traditions, introduces another family to us and clears up something that concerns all Palarand and maybe even all Alaesia! (A little warning — this gets quite technical!)

Julina of Blackstone

Her Chronicles

by Julia Phillips

004 - Zytan

MAU: More Than Meets the Eye - Chapter 16

MAU: More Than Meets the Eye

by Sleethr


While the friends wait for Wheelie to report in, Sadie dips her toes into the girl pool. The team runs into a slight problem with retrieving the MAU and Sadie learns to fly.



Horizons of the Heart - 17

Horizons of the Heart

By Melange
Copyright © 2013 Melange
All Rights Reserved.


When Jaden wakes up, many questions demand answers. The group, still uncertain what to make of the situation, decides to do something about what Jaden and Oleander found in the harbour.

Flashback: A small group of Northern warriors conducts a clandestine meeting in a snowy wilderness. Stann sees something he has long since forgotten.

Chapter 17: Violet Tears

I will start again, make a wish
You can close your eyes, it's over now
Tell me have you ever been afraid like this?

The Bronze Maiden Chapter 2 Part 1

The Bronze Maiden

Chapter 2 Part 1

Doc Savage and Pat Savage are the Property of Street and Smith. Introducing a future time line inspired by Doc Savage.


I am most Grateful to my Beloved Jasmine as she has been a most wonderful muse.

Triple Cross Double Prank

Triple-cross Double Prank
By Paul Calhoun

Something I intended to be a short but became a bit longer. One of the few times I decided to go with something that pretty much exists in its own domain without any sequel hooks.

Two boys disguise their friend as a pretty girl to prank a fourth one, but is that all that's happening?

Jihad 4.7

4.7 Saudi Arabia
by Red MacDonald
Copyright © 2013 Red MacDonald
All Rights Reserved.

The Faithful, North African and Middle Eastern Islamic nations, are plotting to seize the oil resources of the Middle East. By controlling the earth's oil and its major trade routes, they plan to bring the world to its knees. Then, when the entire world is kneeling, the Faithful of Allah will read to them from the Koran, preaching the message of Islam, the True Faith. The Faithful will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. But how far will they go? And how many lives will it cost?

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-11 The Start.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-11 The Start.

*Sam Chase…………

It’s all sort of busy after we’re done talking to Victory. Avery and I get the other kids to call out to their folks and stuff and which doesn’t take too long really since Drew’s not really that talkative to their folks and there seems to be something going on there with like tension and stuff and Cody well he’s pretty much just telling his dad that he’ll tell him later and stuff since his dad works here and for Halo.

Then it’s me sending all the computer files and videos off to get looked at by the Ark Angels and I’m done for the day and I’m pretty wiped out myself so I can only imagine how the others have to be feeling.

Jan's tale 4 - Hospitalisation

Jan's tale cover.jpg
Jan’s Tale 4

Waking up in a hospital is never nice. Waking up to learn that someone poisoned you is worse. There is one positive thing though, you'll have much free time to play MMORPGs. Nonetheless Jan is not happy about his situation. Burnout is never a good thing.

Copyright © 2013 Beyogi
All Rights Reserved.
Thanks to djkauf for editing.
Thanks to my proofreaders Drawflow, landing, DAW, Wrayth and last but not least Sleethr for their help.

Picture Credit to mking2008

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *1* Close Call

Chapter *1*

Close Call

The silly old moo had pulled into the middle of the road, which left me a narrow gap kerbside to head for. There was no time to think about it, flick to the right, hold on tight, BANG! That's her mirror gone. I hadn't even finished passing her before an even loader noise rent the air. Instinctively I hopped onto the pavement and anchored to a slightly panicked halt.

My magical journey

It was finally here, i was going to start highschool in a week i was going to be free of my sisters friends punishment. Maybe i should explain a little. High im Andrew 19 im not really that big i have a slightly effeminate body for my age which might explain why i was stealing my sisters friends clothes to wear.