Jewel Box Four - BigCloset Stories Four Years Ago

These are stories that appeared on Big Closet approximately four years ago today.

A Boy and his Dog, Chapter 10

When I woke up that morning I thought my life was normal, little did I expect that shortly I would have to deal with kidnappings, evil cults, assassination attempts, mutant rock stars, strange powers, mud men, and my own body doing a flip on me, and that doesn’t even touch on my dog!

Man, I should have just stayed in bed!

A Boy and his Dog
Chapter 10

by Landing

Copyright © 2013 Landing
All Rights Reserved.

The Awakening of a Vengeful Phoenix - Part 7 - Chapter 11 & 12

A man is feminized by his wife and his business partner and framed for embezzlement. Can he survive the humiliations his wife intends to subject him to and start a new life?

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Authors Note: I couldn't sleep last night. Once again the nightmares and the fear of them got to me. I decided it was time to write it all out in an attempt to give myself some closure. This is the events of the past year and a half in my life and while there are some happy times this is far from a lighthearted tale. Please don't read if you're not prepared for it.

Five Candles

Sometimes we'll do anything not to rock the boat.
But what happens if despite everything it does rock?

Then everyone ends up in the water.

Five Candles
by Bronwen Welsh
Copyright © 2013 by Bronwen Welsh
All Rights Reserved.

A Very Special Valentine

A Very Special Valentine

by Lesley Renee Charles

I was getting ready for a date with my favorite Valentine, Ciaran. We were getting real close since Christmas where I quite literally crashed in front of his house. He let me stay there for at least a week. I discovered that he was a sweet man, the first man I ever dated as I was just discovering myself and who I wanted to be.

Truth Or Consequences: Chapter 1

The sequel to 'Death By Misadventure'


By Touch the Light

I dole out snippets of my invented past, each sounding less fraudulent than the one before.

If you tell a lie often enough...




Julie O




Features characters from The Julieverse

Normally the nightmare ends when you wake up. For Rob, he was about to discover that it was just the beginning

Acting Dominant: Part 1 of 3

Tyrone is a highly skilled and very talented theater actor. Unfortunately, he is also broke, out of work, near eviction from his crappy apartment, and too short for the type of leading role worthy of his talent. Just when he's on the brink of being forced to give up, his best friend comes to him with a very unusual acting opportunity. He might even make some money on the deal.

Acting Dominant
Part 1 of 3

by Tigger

Copyright © 2008,2013 Tigger
All Rights Reserved.

Pandora's Trunk: 2

My fantasy could become a reality — at least for one night

In ancient times, when the the box owned by the beautiful Pandora was opened
all the troubles of the world flew out and could never be put back.

So what will happen when a trunk with the name 'Pandora Wilkins'
is discovered in a house in North London in 2009?

Pandora’s Trunk
Chapter 2

by Louise Anne Smithson

Copyright © 2013 Louise Anne Smithson
All Rights Reserved.

Truth Or Consequences: Chapter 2

The sequel to 'Death By Misadventure'


By Touch the Light

The tall, strongly-built young man standing next to the capstan has already smiled in response to Niamh’s precocious body language.

“Not my type,” I maintain, but before I can embellish this statement I realise that I know who he is...

Ashley Phoenix Riley - 3 - Learning Curves

“All three results saw you as a very mature person who has characteristics
of both male and female people. The short time we already have had together
indicates you are indeed quite a capable and feeling person.”

“While becoming a young woman may not be the easiest journey;
I think it is one that well suits you.
Your mixture of thoughts, feelings and experiences
in growing into who you are is comforting to me
but no guarantee.”

No Way to Turn

When Mrs. Hejak thinks her daughter Kera is being mistreated by her boyfriend, she turns him into a girl and gives him an ultimatum - break up with Kera when she gets back in town, or be stuck as a woman forever.

Daughter of Mars Part 3

Daughter of Mars
Part 3

Captain Andrew Ross USAF, whose brain has been transplanted into the body of the beautiful red Martian princess, Vali Dar, has been attacked by an assassin but complications arise when she wants to learn to defend herself.

The story is written as pulp fiction and is an attempt to copy the writing style of the early twentieth century. As in most of Edgar Rice Burroughs stories, the heroes are strong, faithful, and valiant; the women are beautiful, virtuous, and adored; while the villains are cruel, cowardly,and despicably evil.

In the end good always triumphs over evil.