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These are stories that appeared on Big Closet approximately four years ago today.

Twice in a Lifetime - 2

Twice in a
an anthology of sequels to
Chances Are


From Jacki's Chance


He stumbled over the words. Who calls their son ‘honey?’ But it grabbed him; as strong as anything he had ever felt when it dawned on him that he wasn’t calling his ‘son’ honey, but his daughter. For now there would be stumbles and half-starts. He didn’t know exactly what to do when his kids were born, but he learned… and he’d learn about things that girls like or don’t. He’d learn about how some girls like football; that Jacki would never stop rooting for the “Huskers.” That it was okay to want to dress up one day and wear jeans the next. So he tried...

I Ain't Gay! Chapter 2

I Ain't Gay! Chapter 2
Copyright 2013 by Heather Rose Brown

In this chapter, Tanner experiences a nightmarish example of his parent's' over-enthusiastic support of his unacknowledged homosexuality before he meets Mel ... who may or may not be the girl of his dreams.

Starting College My Way

Starting College My Way. A story of fiction by Symphony Simms.

It’s is time for Leslie to go off to college. Leslie is a closet crossdresser. His sisters used
to dress him as a girl when he was young and he loved it, but as he got older his parents
made them stop. He loves wearing dresses, but now has to do it in secret. He hopes that
being away from home he will find opportunities to dress as a girl, but by a strange set of
mistakes and coincidences, he finds himself wearing dresses far more than he expected.

Debriefings 2

The Rev. Anam Chara✠

Along life’s journey we each encounter those events where all that we know, all that we do, and all that we are may change. But even as we approach such events, we don’t always notice their markers until we look behind and see them for what they were.

One boy is about to learn that he has already passed such an event, and nothing will ever be quite the same…

Immortality of Emotion - Part 2 of 6

Immortality of Emotion
by Arcie Emm

Part 2 of 6

We live in a world where emotions can lift people from their sorrows as easily as drown them within. They cause you to strive for something better or hold you back, wielding control both unmeasurable and unmistakable. But what if, for some, emotions held a tangible power, if they could use the emotions of the world for their own benefit? What is the chance that someone would abuse that gift?

Pandora's Trunk: 19

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

In ancient times, when the box owned by the beautiful Pandora, the first mortal woman,
was opened all the troubles of the world flew out and could never be put back.

So what will happen when a trunk with the name 'Pandora Wilkins'
is discovered in a house in North London in 2009?

Pandora’s Trunk
Chapter 19

by Louise Anne Smithson

Copyright © 2013 Louise Anne Smithson
All Rights Reserved.

Jihad 1.5

1.5 Dharan
by Red MacDonald
Copyright © 2013 Red MacDonald
All Rights Reserved.

The Faithful, North African and Middle Eastern Islamic nations, are plotting to seize the oil resources of the Middle East. By controlling the earth's oil and its major trade routes, they plan to bring the world to its knees. Then, when the entire world is kneeling, the Faithful of Allah will read to them from the Koran, preaching the message of Islam, the True Faith. The Faithful will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. But how far will they go? And how many lives will it cost?

Bikini Beach: Visitation Rights

Bikini Beach — Visitation Rights

A man was unjustly accused of domestic abuse to the point that he's divorced from his wife, and legally restrained from visiting his daughter. When a friend takes him to BB on a lark, to try to cheer him up, he gets an idea, and then works a deal with Grandmother to be able to visit his daughter occasionally.

As usual, thanks to a very helpful crew editing and adding polish. I won't name names, for fear they get swelled heads and become insufferable, but I AM grateful.

Starting College my way. Chapter 2. Let’s get this party started

Starting College my way. A story of fiction by Symphony Simms.

Chapter 2. Let’s get this party started.

Sunday September 8th continued.

Cool City



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Cool City

Cool City: A place where only cool people live. Image and reputation are the only things that matter in Cool City, and when people are in the public eye, they're on their best behavior, dressed in their best outfits. In private, it's a different story. The strain of keeping up a false front takes a toll on the citizens. When the facade begins to crack and the true nature of human beings shows through, a certain special someone arrives to give the city a much needed makeover.

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The Death of Angels - 5

Karl’s hand crashed across my face and sent me to the ground and stepped to go past me as I rose and lunged at him with my sword…

You and Michael upset some powers greater than Karl’s wrath…

Glory would soon know of her unknown angelic powers. The first arrow she shot would strike down her intended target…

The Death of Angels
Chapter 5

by Jessica C.

Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

The Angry Mermaid 72 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 72.

Having warned the Saxon king who proves to be preoccupied with pious endeavours, Drustina decides to get proactive and go searching for the Viking invasion fleet. She eventually gathers some news of the Viking activities but nearly comes to grief because of natural, unexpected perils.

A personal history of Mutation, or How I spent my teen years. chapter 2.

And here we are, a bit later than I'd like. Now, in this episode, we answer the question: Do you even lift, bro?

Standard disclaimer rules apply. I don't really know you, nor do I know anyone you might any similarity to such persons, alive or dead, fictional or not, are purely coincidental.

Thank you for all the feedback, I love you all, in a totally platonic way.


by Trish Shaw

Authors note: I've been playing with this idea on and off for ages and have never felt quite happy with the ending but I'm flummoxed as to what to do with it so any idea's would be more than welcome. It was written more as a way of putting an idea down, so if anyone wants to take the idea of the graduate repayment scheme I have come up with and run with you are more than welcome.

Editor's Note: After some e-mail conversation, Trish was gracious enough to give me an earlier draft, as well as answer some questions about some of the characters. When I asked if it would be posted on Big Closet Top Shelf, the answer was no, but I volunteered to do a bit of editing and 'remix' of the two versions to post if Trish so desired. This story is the result of that, and it differs from the version on FM in a number of areas that, hopefully, clarify a few intentions and feelings of some characters. Trish has reviewed the story, and has given a blessing to post this. Any mistakes in editing are purely mine.