Jewel Box Four - BigCloset Stories Four Years Ago

These are stories that appeared on Big Closet approximately four years ago today.

Extra Time 52

I was being pulled in so many directions at once I felt I might tear down the middle.

“Stop fussing, Neil. It’s a bloody wig; they don’t get ‘conditioned’, OK?”

Mam was sat at the dresser doing things to herself while Larinda shepherded the girls next door, but Nelly just HAD to help me, as he saw it. I turned to face him, taking his hands.

“Girl stuff, pet. We take our time but we get there in the end, aye?”

The Taylor Project - Part 21

Scott Taylor Miller is tired of being known as Snotty. On New years Day he resolves to take control of his life and make himself into Taylor. However, Scott is unaware that his new asthma medicine will change him in ways he cannot foresee. Forces both within and without will try to define him. If he doesn't want to be Snotty any longer,
...just who exactly is Taylor?

The Taylor Project
Part 21

by Tracey Willows

Copyright © 2013 Tracey Willows
All Rights Reserved.


Edited by S.L.Hawke
Image Copyright © 2012 Tracey Willows

The Angry Mermaid 64 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 64

In this chapter, Drustina enforces a workable treaty between four competing tribes, namely Saxons, Friesians, Franks and Gauls. In so doing, she teaches the widowed Queen Dalcimon the rudimentary elements of diplomacy and how to play off male conceits against each other by dint of feminine charms and wiles.

Pandora's Trunk: 11

My first few weeks at work

In ancient times, when the box owned by the beautiful Pandora, the first mortal woman,
was opened all the troubles of the world flew out and could never be put back.

So what will happen when a trunk with the name 'Pandora Wilkins'
is discovered in a house in North London in 2009?

Pandora’s Trunk
Chapter 11

by Louise Anne Smithson

Copyright © 2013 Louise Anne Smithson
All Rights Reserved.

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 53: The Question

"Hey Andrei," Steph said with a poorly veiled sense of trepidation. "I got a major 411. Ollie heard through the grapevine that the cops found Christina's car last night. They had it towed to the lot at public services."

"They found her?" he said in disbelief. Andrei did not notice that the rest of the family, including the large German Shepherd that was lurking behind the couch, took notice.

"No," Steph answered. "They just found the car. No Christina."

Being Christina Chase
Chapter 53 - The Question

by Admiral Krunch

Copyright © 2007,2013 Admiral Krunch
All Rights Reserved.

The Heir

The Heir

When 16 year old Josh's aunt dies, he is surprised to be named as her sole heir. He is even more surprised to discover exactly what that means. This story was originally written and posted in 2005.

I Bump Back Part-1

I Bump Back
Part One


Misty Curtis' punishment is almost at an end
and her life might finally go back to normal,

that is if Fate doesn't interfere.

Cherchez la femme:

When I first heard her talk, I thought her voice was changing and I was right. Her voice changed, but it didn't get lower, it got higher. Joan also has a nice figure."

"Son, are you gay?"

"No, sir. I don't know why I noticed Joan out of all the natural girls in the school. We're not in the same classes. She's a freshman and I'm a sophomore. I'm going to be sixteen this year, and I am starting to notice girl shapes more and more. It was Joan that I noticed, though, and I was wondering if I could be her boyfriend."

Cherchez la femme
Chapter 1

by Barbara Lynn Terry

Copyright © 2013 Barbara Lynn Terry
All Rights Reserved.

MAU: More Than Meets the Eye - Chapter 1

MAU: More Than Meets the Eye

by Sleethr


Greg’s humdrum and normal life as an accountant takes an unexpected detour when his construction worker roommate brings home a strange metal box.




The Disposal Room

The Disposal Room

Welcome to a place where things can mysteriously go missing. Does anyone out there have anything to lose?

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Camp Shoni - Part 5

Denied the opportunity to enroll in Camp Dan as one of the older campers,
Lorin figures out another way of attending the summer ending cotillion
with the girls of Camp Shoni!

Camp Shoni
Part 5

by Pamela

Copyright © 2004,2011,2013 Pamela
All Rights Reserved.


Transitioning To College 4

In this concluding chapter in the story of Taylor’s
unusual strategy to get into Northwestern University,
the pretending becomes so much more.

Saturday night, as a guest at a wedding,
becomes a date with fate!

Transitioning to College
Part 4

by Nina Adams

Copyright © 2013 Nina Adams
All Rights Reserved.

Angel Season One, Episode 16 Finale (The Hero and the Terror Part II)

Angel Season One,
Episode 16 (Season One Finale, The Hero and the Terror Part II)

by G.M. Shephard

Copyright  © 2012 G.M. Shephard

Michael, now able to see his wife and daughter through an unknown power, assumes the identity of Angel in order to stop Dwayne and save the two he loves. The exciting conclusion to Season One of Angel.

The Death of Angels - 4

I had stepped out for some cool air and was coming back in when I saw Karl and the young woman entering the dimly lit hall and his silhouette all but disappeared. He had a spiritual presence that stunk with an ugly stench of evil. Suddenly I knew Marie’s name and asked her to leave him, “Marie, I encourage you to leave, Karl’s promises are not worth it.”

“Woman, I do not know who you think you are, but this is none of your business and I can crush you if you do not shut your mouth. If she leaves you can take her place.”

The Death of Angels
Chapter 4

by Jessica C.

Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.