Jewel Box Four - BigCloset Stories Four Years Ago

These are stories that appeared on Big Closet approximately four years ago today.

Ashley Phoenix Riley - 8 - On with Life

I first ran away from home when I was 10 years old, my mom had left two years earlier because of abuse from my dad. My dad's abusiveness didn't, I was his next subject. The first time I ran away, I was caught two weeks later and returned home. The next time I changed my name was when I ran away into New York City.
I became what we called a street rat; living on and under the streets...

until I followed this woman Bridgette too closely.
Ashley Phoenix Riley
Chapter 8
On with Life

by Jessica C.

Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor...Chapters 41 & 42.

Absinthe, Opium & Honor…Chapters 41 & 42.


I get inside the house and close the door my pulse hammering in my ears and through the rest of me. I’m hot…and jeez…I ache, I’ve never been so wet before in my life. I see the girls have been waiting up but right now… right now I need.

“I..I’ll be down in a bit I need to get changed.”

I make my way to my room and get in and close the door and lean on the wall.

My shirt comes off and I shimmy out of my pants and let it all pool to the floor as I shrug out of my bra.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-29

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-29


And she seems to have recovered from her talk with mom and we’re sitting close together hip to hip with all this sweet eye contact and feeding each other choice bits off our plates and sucking on fingers in this amazingly sexual semi-lesbian thing.

I can feel her thinking of my fingers touching her and being inside of her but I’m picturing the feel of her girl delicate fingers wrapping around my cock in almost the same intimate way.


Oh yes…the want of the feel of the pads of her fingers the heat of her touch in so a personal way and place has me so turned on.

And the feeling too of how much she wants to touch and hold and caress my breasts and I want that too…oh I’m getting so aware of my breasts, of the sexuality of being Sh’uan.

“God Kaylee…this, us…I really want to be alone with you.”

Jihad 2.6

2.6 Zahran
by Red MacDonald
Copyright © 2013 Red MacDonald
All Rights Reserved.

The Faithful, North African and Middle Eastern Islamic nations, are plotting to seize the oil resources of the Middle East. By controlling the earth's oil and its major trade routes, they plan to bring the world to its knees. Then, when the entire world is kneeling, the Faithful of Allah will read to them from the Koran, preaching the message of Islam, the True Faith. The Faithful will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. But how far will they go? And how many lives will it cost?

Sarcasm: Becomes Her Again

Evan Sky, lay cuddled in Mysty's arms covered by the satin sheets on Mysty's very comfortable bed. She had been very nervous when She was announced last night upon her arrival, “Miss Eva Skye and her escort Mister Cloud” Her Name and Mysty's, both had new age parents Evan Clear Sky, and Mystery Silver Cloud. Hmm, so easy to think in the feminine pronoun. It was wonderful to be treated so nice.

Karen's Magnificent Obsession - 2

Karen’s Magnificent Obsession - 2

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2013)

(Karen Hansson, now in the early months of girlhood, finds new complications in her life and quickly learns the life of a pretty girl can get confusing. Meanwhile she helps to open up the mind of a co-worker. This is chapter two of the third book in Karen’s life, the first being “To Be Or Not To Be,” and the second “Becoming Karen.” PLEASE NOTE: This chapter has an explicit sexual scene.)

Not Beyond Conjecture, part 2 of 3

The light came back — I had almost forgotten what light and color were. I could begin to put colors to the shapes and sounds of the fish around me. And besides the many small fish, I saw larger shapes as well, swimming toward me or toward the source of the song — creatures with dolphin’s hindquarters and more or less human arms and heads.

The Miracle - A TWILIGHT ZONE story

I wrote this story when experiencing a particularly rough time in my life...I'll not go into it here. When I deal with difficulty, I write. My emotions drag me into the story to a point where I am almost at one with my characters. This story, while it deals with a death, should not be looked at as a sad story. Like much of my writing, it does shine a light on a beautiful life. In my opinion it is a dark, yet lovely story written soulfully to be included in a very strange universe...THE TWILIGHT ZONE.


spooky.jpg"You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination. Next stop: THE TWILIGHT ZONE." - Rod Serling

The Miracle- A TWILIGHT ZONE story
By Anon Allsop


Nash was a foster child who cared deeply for everyone around deeply that in grief, he was transported beyond that of his own life! Just how do you investigate a death that happens inside...THE TWILIGHT ZONE?

Curse the Protagonist 2: Rise of the Antagonist

Curse the Protagonist 2: Rise of the Antagonist

Time has passed since the strange happenings from before and Kayla has become very adjusted to her new self. However, things are about to get a whole lot stranger.

A New Doctor in Town; Who? Part 4

A New Doctor in Town; Who? Part 4

By: Desiree Jones
Who Fan-Fiction

Dr. Who and other recognizable Dr. Who character's are the Property of the BBC, there will be a few original characters which are my own. Princess Tutu is property of AEsir Holdings This story is not for profit but written for my enjoyment as well as those that may read it. Picture is from Victoria's secret ad sent to my email. 

The Angry Mermaid 74 or Y Morforwyn Dicllom 74.

In this chapter, Drustina organises the rescue of the towns-folk of Honfleur by routing the Viking Garrison. Her shoulder is injured during the conflict and she is 'hors-de-combat' briefly while Hengis takes command. The young rape victim Symone proves to be a determined and committed asset for subterfuge and spy-work.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *36* Testing Times

Chapter *36*

Testing Times

“Change of plan for tomorrow.” Dad offered as we slipped onto the autobahn.

“How so?”

“Well I've been asked if you pair would ride the two-up rather than the solo event.”

A personal history of Mutation, or How I spent my teen years. chapter 5.

Chapter 5 already! what has it been, a month? I'm on fire! Once again, standard disclaimers apply, I don't know you or the people you know, so any similarities are coincidence. In this chapter....the dreaded testing.