Honeymoon Night


Anne is finally married and is confronting her new husband in the hotel room and anticipates the consumation of her life's desire.


Honeymoon Night

by Elizabeth J. McDonald

"This is it!" I said to myself as I entered the bathroom. This was the night I would actually consummate my relationship with my lover, my husband, Mark. We would make love tonight and he would take me and make me his woman. He would spill his seed inside my body and I would willingly take it. I closed my eyes and leaned on the door, taking in a deep breath. Tonight I would be his wife forever. I would be his woman forever and ever. I was thrilled and giddy with delight.

We were now married. Well, of course, I knew there were issues should certain people find out that I was not legally a woman. However, we did have the ceremony. The minister did pronounce us husband and wife. No one in the ceremony found reason to speak when the minister asked if anyone should find reason we should not be joined in matrimony. Everyone in the sanctuary applauded when we kissed as the minister told Mark he could kiss his bride. Everyone who attended the reception was thrilled and happy for us when they came through the reception line. I was still in heaven and Mark and I considered each other married to one another. I was now Anne Marie Matthews. Mrs. Mark Matthews. I was a married woman and would remain so the rest of my life.

The wedding was a fairytale. I wore a gown that was simply magical. Made of raw silk and flowing across my newly found curves, it made me look like a fairy princess. I could not believe that it was me when I looked in the mirror. Martha, my dearest friend and confidant, started crying when she placed my veil in place. I turned and looked in the mirror and immediately drew my hand up to my face. I was amazed and thrilled at the same time. There, before me, was a woman I hardly recognized. There, standing in a beautiful gown of white, was a radiant woman ready to be joined to a man who dearly loved her and wanted to live with for the rest of his life. I felt a tear form in my eye.

"Anne," Martha said, "Don’t cry. It will ruin your makeup and we will have to start over again."

I laughed and she did so in return as well. I reached out to her and we hugged each other, telling each other how much we were glad that this moment had finally arrived. Martha had been with me through my rough times and glad times. We were effectively sisters and had shared each other’s joys and pains for over two years. She was now my matron of honor and I was so glad she could share this joyful event with me.

"Martha," I said as we broke our hug. "You have been so good to me these past two years. I want you to know that I would not be here with what you have done for me."

"Well, I would not have it any other way. You are my dearest friend and I could not be happier for you. You were at my wedding and now I am at yours. Could things be better than this?"

I began crying. I could feel the tears fall down my cheeks. Martha smiled and immediately grabbed a tissue, touching my eyes.

"Now, Anne," she said. "You have to redo your eye makeup, now. You are a complete mess."

I laughed and we headed back to the vanity table.

"Oh, Martha," I turned suddenly and looked at her, with a look that must have shocked her. "Martha, I have never had sex with Mark."

She smiled and almost laughed.

"Anne," she took my hand. "You are going to be just fine. You are just a virgin bride with all the usual butterflies."

"But, Martha…"

"Don’t worry, Anne. You will do just fine and he will be thrilled with you. Trust me."

"Maybe he will be disgusted with my…you know."

"Anne Kirkendall, you are being silly. He understands completely. He is in love with you."

"I want him to be in love with me. I don’t want to disappoint him."

"Believe me, you won’t disappoint him. You are the most beautiful woman in the world today and this evening you will be the sexist woman in the world."

Martha smiled at me and held my hands in hers. I looked at her and smiled back.

"I know you are right. I am just nervous. Actually, I have it all planned out."

"Oh, I believe it, Anne. You can be such a devil. Are you wearing white or black tonight?"

"White. Pure, virginal white."

"And Mark will have a hard-on all day once he sees you. You won’t be able to keep him off you once he sees you come down that aisle."

I blushed thinking about Mark having an erection caused by looking at me, but I laughed with Martha. We just grinned at each other.

"Well, Martha, my dearest and most special friend. You and I have been together for a long time and know everything there is about each other. You have been so good to me."

"I would not have had it any other way."

We hugged, touching our cheeks, holding each other in a long embrace of love and affection.

"Now, lets get that eye makeup fixed one more time."

A few minutes later I was repaired and no sooner had I stood up than came a knock on the door to the room. Martha crossed the room and opened the door. In came my father. I nearly fainted, but I managed to remain standing, looking at him. He was wearing a tuxedo. I had never seen him so well dressed.

"Dad!" I was still in shock. The last time I had seen him he was walking away from me, apparently ashamed of what had happened to his son. I remember having been emotionally drained after that encounter. I never imagined that I would ever see him, again.

"Hello," he said, smiling at me. "I heard this was your big day."

I could say nothing.

"Your mother told me and I thought I ought to be here."

I just stood there, unable to speak and more tears came tumbling down my cheeks. Martha walked toward me, smiling, taking my shoulders in her hands.

"Anne," she said to me gently. "He is here to give you away."
"Oh, dad!" I managed to say the words.

"Anne," he said, walking toward me. That was the first time he had ever called me by that name. I nearly crumbled.

"Anne, you are beautiful. I could never have imagined how beautiful a daughter you could be."

He was standing just two feet from me. I could only raise my hands to my face, covering my mouth and my lips began to tremble.

"Anne," he spoke again. "Please let me walk you down the aisle and give you away to Mark."

My hand still covering my mouth, I nodded, tears falling down my cheeks.

"Yes, daddy. Yes. I would love that."

"Mark is a pretty nice guy, I think," he said, reaching out to touch my cheek, wiping away a tear. "He must be a pretty great guy to have captured your heart."

"Oh, daddy," was all I could say as I melted into his arms and accepted his embrace. I was truly happy. The wedding would be perfect, now.

The wedding went by so quickly that I could hardly remember it. A blur of lace, flowers, music, and the attention of my bridesmaids went by my eyes and senses. I remember saying, "I do" and I remember Mark saying it, too. Then, almost before I knew what was happening, Mark took me in his arms and was kissing me.

He kissed me full on the mouth and I even felt his tongue tickle my lips. Then, as though I was waking up after a dream, I remember hearing the organ begin to play and the applause of all our guests. I looked out at the congregation and saw smiles. I only saw smiles on the faces of my friends. I especially saw the smile on the faces of my mother and father sitting in the front row. Mom was all aglow, so pretty in her beautiful dress and dad in his handsome tuxedo. I gathered up the skirts of my dress and walked quickly down the aisle on the arm of my husband.

"My husband," I said out loud. I was almost embarrassed by saying it, but no one heard me in the excitement of people clapping and the organ music. The photographs showed me smiling radiantly as I walked out of the sanctuary on Mark’s arm, my head held high, proudly celebrating my new status as Mrs. Mark Matthews. I was a married woman ready to take her place in society. I was a married woman ready to submit to her husband’s conjugal desires. I was a married woman ready to start a new home with my new husband. I was a married woman.

I was still wearing the pink suit and white silk blouse of my going-away outfit. I was beautiful. Mom and Martha were right to have insisted that I buy this outfit and wear it as we drove away from the wedding. My pink lipstick and the pink tint of my makeup completed the image of a young, beautiful, virginal, ingénue off on her wedding honeymoon with the man of her dreams. I smiled as I looked at my image in the mirror.

My breasts were heaving a bit under the suit jacket. I was cute, standing there with my hands neatly clasped in front of me, feet firmly together. The pink shoes, four-inch high-heeled pumps, were simply stunning on me, and the white lacy stockings only added to my allure. But, I had to get ready for my husband and he expected a sexy wife to emerge from the bathroom ready for our first night of hot, steamy, passionate sex.

I held my hand up to my mouth as a small gasp escaped my lips.

"I have never had sex with this man," was my thought. I had kissed him. He had kissed me. We had made each other mad with passion after long sessions of hot caressing, but we had never had sex with each other. I was sure he had been with other women. I had been with other men, but this was certainly different. Since I met Mark, I had not been sexually involved with anyone. Tonight I was the virginal bride and I wanted to please my new, handsome husband.

I took off my jacket and hung it on the back of the chair. I looked again at my image in the mirror. My nipples stood out noticeably through my blouse. I smiled, thinking of the time when I had to put small rolled up bits of tissue inside my blouse to simulate hard nipples. These were my breasts and my own nipples involuntarily showing how excited I was on this night of nights.

I unbuttoned my blouse, took it off, and lay it across the chair beneath the window. I glanced into the mirror and saw myself. I saw a flushed pretty face and I smiled. I reached behind myself and unhooked my bra, letting my breasts fall free. Two years of hormones had done their job with a nicely rounded pair of breasts with large, dark nipples ready for my lover to take in his mouth. I could hardly wait to feel his lips touch them and make me want more. I could hardly wait to feel what it would be like to have my husband make me completely his. I could hardly wait.

I reached back and unbuttoned, then unzipped my skirt, letting it fall to my ankles. I also pushed my slip over my hips and let it fall as well, leaving me standing in my panty hose and panties before the mirror. After putting my skirt and slip on the chair with my other clothes, I stopped once again and looked at my body. It was a good body. Still a bit of male presence there, but with the breasts and slight spread of my hips and bottom, clearly female in form. I hoped Mark would still want me when he saw me in only a barely concealing nightgown.

I slipped my panty hose down, flipping them off onto the chair and then, in one quick move, lowered my panties as well. I was still wearing my gaffe and I knew I wanted to leave that on. Although Mark knew fully well that I still had a penis and did not care a bit that it was there, I wanted to present a complete feminine vision to him this evening. The gaffe was flesh colored and pressed my penis tightly back between my legs, also forcing my testicles up between my legs. My own pubic hair was visible, but any vestige of maleness simply disappeared.

I need to make an adjustment, though. I reached behind me and moved the cord to uncover my bottom. I needed to be sure that Mark would have clear access to my love nest. There was not doubt in my mind that I wanted to feel his erect penis inside my body that night and I wanted nothing to inhibit that from happening. While men before had taken me, this was the first time I was doing it with a man who I wanted to be with and doing it completely willingly. I wanted to feel Mark inside me and no one but Mark ever again. I was desperate to feel him slip inside my body and then to come, filling me with his semen. My knees began to shake at the thought of it. We had waited until our wedding night and this was the night. I felt like a virgin and wanted to be his. Only his.

Reaching into my toiletry bag, I took out a tube of lubricant. I put the long applicator onto the tube’s opening and then carefully placed it to my anus. Slowly, I pushed it inside my bottom and, once completely in, squeezed the tube and filled myself with the jelly. It was cool and I shivered briefly, but I knew that it would make the difference in a completely enjoyable time later on. I withdrew the tube and placed it on the sink. I could feel the cool jelly begin to melt and I shivered with the thought that soon it would make possible Mark’s long, hard, thick penis sliding inside my special, warm place.

Then, I took down the nightgown I had hung on the back of the door for just this occasion. It was white satin with small spaghetti straps and fell to mid calf. The skirts were flared slightly, making a sexy swirl as I walked. The bodice was loose and exposed the tops of my breasts, just covering my nipples. I remembered the time when I bought this nightgown. I decided to get it just for this night. I had known that Mark would, one night, want to make me his very own woman, and I wanted a special nightgown for that. I had never worn it to bed before this evening and now was the time. I was desperate for him to enjoy seeing me and to be excited at seeing me when he first looked at me entering the room. I wanted him to see a virginal bride, dressed in pure white with pink lipstick, ready for her husband to take his conjugal rights.

I finished dressing by slipping on a very special pair of shoes. They were a pair of white leather pumps with a three and a half inch heel. Mark loved it when I wore them and always asked me to put them on. Although slightly tight and a bit uncomfortable, I would respond to his every wish this evening. I wanted to exude sex and innocence when he first saw me and want to take me upon first sight.

I checked myself in the mirror, touching up my lipstick and brushing my hair quickly. I was nervous, but radiant, and ready for my husband of just a few hours to see me prepared for him to consummate our marriage in our wedding bed. I wanted him to know that I desired his body and wanted him to desire mine.

It was time to go out into the bedroom.

I came out of the bathroom and looked over at the bed. Mark was lying on top of the covers completely naked. He was gorgeous. I felt a tingle in my tummy and my knees almost buckled. It was almost too much to imagine. Here was a man who actually was interested in me, knowing full well that I was not yet a complete woman. Nevertheless, he wanted me as his woman. I was thrilled and in love.

"Oh, Anne!" he said with a gasp, looking at me. "You are beautiful. You are so beautiful."

I walked toward the bed. I was thrilled that I was pleasing my man. My pure white silk and lace nightgown flowed around my body as I moved. The silken material flowed against my body and highlighted my curves. It accentuated my breasts and assured that he could see my erect nipples. He could not help but know that I was already aroused and ready for him.

I saw Mark look me over as I approached him. He gazed at my face, and then looked slightly lower. I knew he was looking at my breasts. He could see them moving ever so slightly as I walked toward him. The high-heels I had on were accentuating my walk making them jiggle just the way he enjoyed it.

His eyes went even lower where he could see the material of my nightgown pressing between my legs. I knew he could see the dark shadow of my pubic hair and the secrets hidden behind. I could feel my own arousal beginning to spread. I could feel the lubricant in my bottom beginning to melt ever so slightly. I felt moist between my legs and knew that I was ready to please my husband.

He glanced at my feet and smiled.

"Anne, I just love it when you wear those shoes."

I knew he would love them. I was glad to be wearing them just for him. They still hurt my feet, but I would wear anything that made him happy.

"Just for you, my love," I said. Do you like what you see."

He fixated on my breasts. He often looked at my breasts and I thrilled when he did. I was proud of them and thought they were my best and most feminine feature. I changed how I walked for a bit to make them move and jiggle.

"Anne, you are so beautiful. I just love how your breasts move when you walk."

I could feel them move, too, and love the feeling. Unencumbered by my bra, they jiggled nicely as I moved across the room. I glanced down and saw my nipples clearly through the nearly sheer material of my nightgown. I also saw how the skirts of the nightgown flared as I moved my legs. I was pleased that my appearance was something that Mark was excited about. I saw his penis begin to move and knew that it was me who was making this gorgeous hunk of man get aroused and erect. It made me tremble with excitement.

As I reached the bed I turned slightly and sat down next to where Mark was laying. I placed my hand on his chest and ran my fingers through the hair. I loved to feel it. I leaned over and kissed his chest. Then, I moved my fingers to his stomach and my mouth followed, kissing his belly and then running my tongue in his navel.

Mark made a small moaning sound and I knew he was enjoying my ministrations of love on his body. I could feel myself beginning to become excited, too, as my nipples hardened and became more obvious.

Then, the prize of the evening, I touched his penis. It was still soft, but as I touched it with my fingers I felt it leap under my hand. He moved his hips, too, as he savored the feeling. I leaned over, kissed the tip of his penis, and then, quickly took it in my mouth. I wanted to feel him get hard inside my mouth and he began to do just that almost immediately.

I felt it grow in length and girth as I engulfed it in my warm, moist mouth, running my tongue along the enlargening head. I felt it pulse within my mouth and I made a moaning sound to let Mark know that I felt it.

"Oh, Anne, that is so good. I love what you are doing. Don’t stop, please."

I did not and as I continued to hold him in my mouth he continued to grow to tremendous proportions. My mouth stretched to hold him and I was determined to keep this wonderful penis inside until he was completely hard. It did not take long.

He reached down and touched my head with his fingers.

"Anne, this is so good. My God, you can’t imagine how good you are for me."

I sucked hard and felt him pulse his hard love muscle inside my mouth. He groaned once again and his head fell back on the pillow. He bucked his hips up and his penis drove deep in my throat. I let it go despite the urgent gagging feeling, but then, just as quickly as it went in, he pulled it back out slightly. I swirled my tongue rapidly around the tip and he bucked once again, and, once again, pulled out. It was as though he knew I could only hold it in so deep for a second and need relief. I was happy to have the wonderful chance to make him feel so good. I knew he was close to coming.

"Anne, I need to touch you while you are doing this."

I moved around so he could touch my bottom. He kissed my tummy and the inside of my thighs while running his hands across the front of my gaffe. Then, as I continued to hold his powerfully hard penis in my mouth, he ran his fingers between my legs; the satin of my nightgown making it feel so smooth and sensuous.

My own excitement began to grow and I knew I would not be long in coming, too. He touched the tender skin of my upper thighs and rubbed his fingers along the front of my gaffe, exciting me. I could feel myself grow, trapped by the strong elastic. He kept rubbing and rubbing, all the while kissing my belly and the inside of my thighs. I was in heaven and nearly forgot where I was.

Then, before I knew what was happening to me, I did come. I came in a long powerful spasm of delight. I could feel my own moisture spread inside my gaffe, exciting me to think that my man had made me come; exciting me to think that I was moistened just like a woman would when her man was arousing her.

Instinctively, I drove my mouth down on his penis, pushing it deep into my throat. That was all it took for Mark and he began his powerful orgasm, driving his penis even deeper in my throat. I felt him pulse and the semen spilled in my mouth. I tried to swallow, but gagged slightly. Some of it spilled out my mouth and down onto Mark’s pubic hair. I loved the sight of the white semen dripping from my mouth. It was his sperm that he had been saving for me.

I completed my own exhausting orgasm and reluctantly took my mouth away from his penis. I realized that I needed to feel him inside my body. I needed to feel him enter me and become one with me, fulfilling our love and consummating our relationship into a lifelong love and marriage.

"Mark," I was desperate. "Mark, I need you inside me, now. Now."

I lay back and looked up at Mark. He was huge looming over me. The hair on his chest, the muscles of his arms, his amazingly huge, yet well-muscled size made me tingle all over. I spread my legs intuitively and he looked down. He moved his hand between my legs and touched my thighs. I closed my eyes and moaned in pure ecstasy. He moved up and leaned down, touching my lips with his and I instinctively opened my mouth to accept his tongue.

His tongue lashed the inside of my mouth, bringing tingles to my entire body. My back arched in anticipation of the wonderfulness about to happen. Then, I felt it. I felt the hot hardness of his erection touch my belly. I moved my hand down between our bodies and touched it. It was amazingly hard. I had never felt a part of the human body so hard, yet so soft and so warm. I knew I wanted it inside my body and I wanted him to spill his seed inside me.

"Mark," I moaned, hardly able to say a word. "You are such a wonderful man."

He only smiled and then kissed me again. His hand touched my breasts and I felt my nipples harden instantly. He leaned over and, quickly pushing the strap of my nightgown aside, kissed my breast, nearly taking my breath away. I could feel my own excitement building. My own hardness was now obvious to me, trapped as it was behind the tight gaffe between my legs. Then, I knew he was about to take me.

"Oh, Anne, I need to be inside you."

"Yes, Mark." I was breathless. "I want you inside me. Please take me. I need you to be inside me and be one with me."

He moved smoothly, yet quickly, and touched my thighs, again. I spread my legs even farther apart and then, with a quick move, was between my legs with his body. I could feel his hardness touching between my legs. It was hot and hard. I wanted to see him enter me. I had to watch this wonderful man fulfill my dream of my husband mating with me. I lifted my hips to make it easier for him and then, reaching down with my hand, guided him to my ready, warm, wet love nest.

I felt the tip press against my waiting, willing, opening. I relaxed my muscles and then, with a touch of my fingers, urged him to continue inside. He pushed carefully and I felt the flared tip slip inside my body. I let out a loud moan as I realized that this handsome, loving man was actually part of my body, now. We were one and I only wanted more of him inside.

"Oh, Mark," I could hardly get the words out. "I love you so much."

He also let out a low moan and then, with a smooth push of his powerful body, slipped his erect penis completely inside my willing body. I cried out and raised my legs into the air, wrapping them around his waist, not wanting him to be anywhere but where he was. I opened my eyes for a second and I saw my legs in the air, wrapped around his powerful, large manly waist, with my high-heeled shoes almost touching his back. I only wanted to spread my legs farther apart to make it easier for him to enter me. I wanted him deeper inside me…deeper into my very soul to make this wonderful, loving man a part of me forever. I wanted to feel his penis, the very essence of manhood, inside my feminine soul to make us one. We were certainly husband and wife, now. I was his wife and he was my husband. This man was making me his woman and I only wanted to feel this man arouse me forever.

He held his position for a few seconds, and then with an almost imperceptible movement, began to move in and out of me. After a few more seconds of that, I began to move my hips in concert with his, savoring every feeling. He speeded his movements and then, fully engaged with me, he powerfully, yet gently, pressed his manhood in and out of my body. I arched my back, crying out once again, clawing at his back in desperation and joy at the wonderful feeling of this man taking me into his bed and making me his woman.

I could feel my own excitement building; yet, inexplicably I felt that my own hardness had gone away. I was feeling wonderful all over with no feeling centered on my own penis. It was as though it was not there. I felt the excitement throughout my entire body. It was as though I had no penis. The feeling was spread throughout my body and not centered in that one place. Then I realized what was happening. I was no longer a man but truly a woman feeling a man make her complete. This was not a homosexual encounter like those early, shameful times when I was confused. This was different. This was why I existed.

"Yes," I said out loud. "Yes, I am really a woman."

"Anne," Mark responded. "Yes, you are a woman. You are my woman and you will be my woman for the rest of our lives. I love feeling myself inside your body."

"Oh, I love feeling you inside me. It makes me feel complete knowing that you are in there."

I lay there, eyes closed, completely enthralled, and enraptured by the feeling. This large man lying on top of me. His hard penis was filling me up. I could feel every movement inside me as he pushed it in and then pulled it nearly all the way out. He was huge, yet I did not feel pain. I only felt fulfillment, as I knew that the right thing was happening. I had a loving man giving me the most intimate thing that can be given. We were sharing the most intimate thing a couple can share. I loved this man and he loved me, his woman.

I savored the feeling of him working inside my bottom. I wished I had a real vagina for him to fill with his wonderful penis and sperm, but I was excited that he enjoyed what I did have for him. I closed my eyes and just felt the movements of his hard manhood as it slid in and out of my body. I could feel the large glans as it moved in my bottom. I could tell when he pulsed and it gave me special thrills that spread through my entire body. I wanted to feel him come inside me and wanted to know that he was placing his manly seed inside my body. It excited me to think that he loved me so much that he would do that for me and I urgently wanted him to erupt with a huge orgasm. I wanted him complete his orgasm inside me.

Suddenly, Mark’s movements increased in tempo. He was making more noises and he placed his head on my neck, biting at my earlobes. I held him tighter as I felt his tension building.

"Oh, Mark," I said, nearly breathless with excitement. "You are going to come inside me. You are going to fill my body with your seed. You are going to give me your sperm to make me your woman forever. Oh, Mark, please come inside me, now. I want to feel your seed spill inside my body."

"Anne, I am going to come. I can’t hold on any longer."

"Yes, honey. Do it. Come inside me. I need that, now."

And with that, he made a final plunge inside my body and let out a groan that I had never heard from him before. An additional plunge, and then another. I could feel him pulse inside my bottom and I could almost feel the warm semen spill from the end of his penis into my body. Two more pulses and an additional thrust followed by a soulful release of air from Mark signaled the end of his orgasm. I was in complete ecstasy, having fulfilled my man, permitting him to expend himself inside my willing body. I felt him shrink inside me and then, after some minutes, slowly slip out.

Then, I was aware of the moistness around my bottom. His semen and my lubrication were leaking out on the bed sheets. I smiled and hugged him closer to me. We were actually going to leave a wet spot on the bed. The thought amused me as I felt the moistness spread even more.

After a few more minutes he stirred. He kissed me, opening my lips with his tongue. I allowed him entry into my mouth, just as I had allowed him entry into my most private of places. I wrapped around him completely, not wanting him to leave me. I did not want him to leave me now or ever. I wanted us to be together forever. Then, I felt the tears.

He looked at me with concern.


I just shook my head, smiled and pulled his head down to my face. I kissed him and he kissed back. I wrapped my legs around his waist and thrust my hips upward against him one more time. Then, I felt him beginning to harden once again. My desperation grew and my kissing became that of a wild woman.

"Mark," I said, again nearly breathless. "Mark, come inside me, again. I want you inside me one more time. I need to feel you in there forever."

I reached one hand down between us and touched his penis. It was growing. I was amazed at how much stamina he had, but he was almost completely hard. I held his hardening penis in my hand and guided it toward my now very open, very warm, and very wet love nest. I spread my legs wider than ever before and he obliged me by pushing forward.

I felt his manhood enter me once again and I threw my head back on the pillow, gasping.

"Oh, my God, Mark. You are so big!"

His penis was huge and I felt as though I was being split apart. I instinctively spread my legs even further apart, if that was possible. I could feel every little movement as he pressed his erection inside my body.

"Anne, you are so tight. You will always be my little virgin."

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what it looked like. I wanted to see his hard, fully erect penis thrusting inside my bottom. I wanted to know how sexy it was. It certainly felt sexy. The feeling was growing within my entire body. I needed to feel him pounding into me.

He thrust in and out, slowly at first, but then picking up speed. I could not breath for a few seconds as the feeling almost overcame me. His power moved my entire body as his strong thrusts slammed into me. I could feel his testicles slap on my bottom as he drove deeply into me. I let out small groans of pleasure with each powerful thrust.

He actually felt larger now than he did the first time he entered me. I tensed my muscles to intensify the feeling, and I almost came. I relaxed, not wanting to have my orgasm, yet, but then, before I knew what was happening, my eyes saw only fireworks, as it seemed like every muscle in my body spasmed. I tensed and released for what seemed like an hour as I could feel myself releasing pent up energy.

"Oh, God! Mark, Mark."

That was all I could say as I erupted into the most powerful ecstatic orgasm of my entire life. Mark felt my orgasm and it excited him even more. He drove deeply into me with his huge penis and then, he began to erupt, ejaculating more of his precious fluid into my willing body. I accepted him as we melted into each other.

"Oh, God, I love you, Anne. I am coming again…coming inside you."

I began crying, savoring the feeling of his pulsing penis inside me spilling yet again more semen, giving me his life, attempting to impregnate me, even though it was impossible. I cried even more thinking of that.

"Oh, Mark!" I held his face with both hands. "I can’t have your baby. I want so much to have your baby."

"But you have my sperm. Only you have my sperm."

My face was wet with my tears and I was emotionally wrecked.

He looked down at me with a gentle smile.

"My love," he said with the sonorous, loving voice that had seduced me so often before, "I love you for who you are. We will have a baby and you will nurse it. I will see to that. Trust me, lover."

I launched into another jag of crying, but I smiled and held him closely, feeling his still hard penis deep inside my bottom. He pulsed it and I smiled up at him.

"I felt that, my husband. Does that mean you love me?"

He pulsed once again and I responded with a tightening of my muscles.

"Yes, my love. Anne you are my only love. I will never leave you, my wife."

To hear that word from his mouth…"my wife"…sent me into another fit of tears, but completely happy tears as I closed my eyes once again, feeling my husband lay atop me with his penis inside my body. We were one body, complete. Complete forever.

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