Tammy's Spirit


Can Tammy's spirit bring justice to her death? Will Jim, become Heather, and allow Tammy to inhabit her body? Will Eve accept Heather?


Tammy's Spirit

We stood at the window, and the woman with us pushed a button on the
wall. The curtain pulled back, and on the Gurney, on the other side of
the window, lay Tammy. She looked just like she was asleep, but I knew
she was dead. My friend Phil, almost collapsed from the pain of seeing
his wife.

A little over an hour ago, I had received a panicky call from Phil. The
local police had called, and told him that his wife had been involved in
a bad traffic accident, and they needed him to come to the hospital. He
had called me, saying that he didn't think he could drive, and could I
go with him.

I then called my wife, Eve, and told her about Phil's phone call. And, I
also told her that this didn't sound good. Eve said that she would try
and meet us there, as Tammy was her best friend.

When I picked Phil up, he was a nervous wreck, couldn't talk, and was
crying. When we arrived at the hospital emergency room, they told us
that things had taken a turn for the worse, and took us to a small room.
Within minutes, a doctor, and a nurse joined us. When they told us that
Tammy had passed away, Phil became a major wreck. Tammy and Phil had
been a couple since high school, one of those real love stories.

Eve showed up a few minutes later, and even though she was also wreck,
she helped comfort Phil. The nurse stayed with us. Then told me that
someone would have to identify the body. I looked at Phil, he had
overheard the conversation, and said, "Jimmy. I don't know if I can do
it. Can you?"

"Phil," I said, "I think we need to do this together. You need to see

He looked at me for a minute. And, the nurse added, "Mr. Rockland. It
really would be better if you did this. Your friend can come along."

After we had made the identification, a police officer explained what
had happened. There had been a one car crash on the Interstate, and
Tammy had died instantly.

Eve and I took Phil back to our house, and made him stay the night in
our spare room. And, then we helped him with the funeral arrangements.

A week after the funeral, Eve had left for work, she has an hour drive,
I work four blocks from the house, and usually walk. Just before
leaving, I walked back into our bedroom, and there was a red satin thong
and matching bra laying on our bed. I recognized them right away. They
were part of my collection that I kept hidden very well in the attic.
How did they get here? Had Eve found them? She never goes to the attic.

I took the bra and panties back to my hiding place, and put them away.
Nothing else appeared to be disturbed.

Okay. Yes, I'm a crossdresser. Eve doesn't know. And, I'm not able to
dress very often, only when Eve is working over, or out of town on
business. When I dress, I like to go the whole way. Open bottomed
girdle, thong, nylons, bra, breast forms, skirt, blouse, wig, high
heels, and makeup. I really love doing my makeup, and have gotten good
at it.

Over the next few weeks, other strange things happened. Lights would
come on, or go off, all by themselves. Pictures on the wall would move.
We would feel cold drafts. More of my stuff would appear on the bed.

Eve was starting to really freak out over all of this stuff. And, was
almost to the point where she didn't want to stay in the house any
longer. I tried to put it off, as the house settling. But, how much can
a one hundred-year old house settle. And, how did the clothes make it
from the attic to our bedroom. I was beginning to feel like she did.

Eve had picked this house out, as her dream house. It's a farm house,
more than one hundred years old, and sits on ten acres of property.
We've completely renovated it. And, neither of us wanted to leave.

So, Eve, did something completely out of character for her. She's a
scientist. So, what she did was very strange for her. She contacted a
woman, who said she could contact the spirt world. I was completely
against it, and Eve had to do some fast talking to get me to go along
with the idea.

I finally relented, and on a Friday evening a Mrs. Sloan arrived. As
Mrs. Sloan walk into the house, she stopped in her tracks, and said, "Oh
my. There's a real strong presence in this house. I've never felt
anything like this."

Eve got a somewhat panicky look on her face, and Mrs. Sloan said, "Don't
worry my dear. We'll figure this out. Can I look around the house?"

"I guess," Eve said. And, she followed Mrs. Sloan as she walked through
the two stories, attic, and basement, of the house. I waited for them in
the kitchen. When they were done, and back in the kitchen, Mrs. Sloan
asked for a cup of tea, and we sat at the kitchen table.

Mrs. Sloan started with, "First, I'm not a medium, or anything like
that. I don't use a crystal ball. I just have the ability to sometimes
contact the soul of people who are still here. Some people have called
me a spirit guide. But, I'm here to just help those souls."

"Souls that are still here?" I asked.

"Yes. Some souls don't cross over, for various reasons. Some just don't
want to. They stay, and watch over their loved ones. Others, have a
mission to accomplish before they can crossover."

I guess I looked at her a little skeptically.

She continued, "I know you're skeptical of me. And, that's all right.
I've helped some police departments, and they were skeptical at first."

"So," Eve asked, "Do we have a spirt in this house?"

"Oh yes, my dear. A very strong one. But, one that appears to be
friendly to you. And, that wants to communicate with you very badly."

"With me?"

"Yes dear. A very strong want to communicate."


"Can I ask the two of you some questions?"


"I have a feeling that you recently lost someone very close."

Eve nodded yes.

"A friend or relative?"

"A friend," Eve replied.

"I've heard the initials, P and T."

"Phil and Tammy."

"Tammy was that the friend that you lost?"


"She's the one that wants to communicate with you."


"I don't know."

"How can she?"

"I'm not sure. But, I get the feeling that it might be through another
person. Maybe a woman. Do you know a woman whose name begins with an H,
like Heather, or Harley, or Heidi, or Holly, or something like that?"

My stomach got a knot in it, with the mentioned of Heather. It's the
name I had picked for my feminine side.

"Well there's a Heidi at work."

"No. Someone closer. Very close."

"No. There isn't anyone that I can think of. Can you Jim?"

"No.... No, I can't think of another woman we know with a name beginning
with H."

I felt a cold draft. And, so did the two women.

Mrs. Sloan looked at me, and said, "Are you sure? It appears to be
someone that is very close to you."

"Close to me? I can't think of anyone," I replied.

"For this spirt to contact you. You have to find this woman, and bring
her here. Then the spirt should be able to contact you."

"I'll try. But, what do we do once we've found her?" Eve said.

"Let me know, and I'll be happy to come back. But, do not let her come
in the house until I'm here."

After Mrs. Sloan had left. Eve and I sat, talked about this, and tried
to figure out who we knew that had a name beginning with H. I didn't say
a word about Heather. And, again we felt the cold draft, and Eve said,
"Honey. Go, and make sure we closed the attic door."


I ran upstair, checked the attic door, and it was closed. As I was
walking past our bedroom, I looked in, and stopped. On our bed were more
of Heather's clothes. I got a cold chill. And, I quickly gathered them
up, and hid them. Then, went back downstairs.

Later as we were going to bed, Eve went upstairs first, as I checked the
doors, and I heard her yell down, "Jim. Jim, come up here!"

I thought, 'Now what?' and yelled back, "Be right there."

"Now!", was all I heard back. So, I almost ran upstairs.

I found Eve standing at the foot of our bed looking at something. And, I
said, "What's wro..." I stopped mid-sentence, when I saw the clothes on
the bed. The red satin set. My open bottomed girdle, nylons, a blouse,
skirt, heels, wig, and my makeup case.

"Whose are these?" Eve asked.

"I ... I don't know."

"Are you sure?"

"Y ... Yea."

Again the cold draft. Enough to make the curtains move.

"Jim. What's going on?"

"N ... Nothing."



"Why do I get a feeling that these clothes have something to do with the
spirit, Heather, and you?"

Again the cold draft.

"Nothing really."

"James Edward Hillman. Look at me."

My full name. I'm dead. I looked at her, and she said, "Now tell me that
you don't know."

I just looked at her.

"I thought so. Who is she? What's going on?"

I looked at her, then the floor, and just said, "Me."

"You! How can she be you?"

"She just is."

"What are you telling me?"

"All right. I'm a crossdresser."

"A crossdresser. You?"


She sat down on the bed, just looking at me, making me very nervous.
Finally she said, "A crossdresser. You wear women's clothes?"



"I like the feel of the clothes, and the look. I just like looking like
a woman."

"But, you're not gay. Are you?"

"Eve! I'm not gay. You should know that."

"Yea. You're not gay."

"Do you want to be a girl?"

"No. I like who I am."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I don't know. I figured you'd laugh at me. Or, leave me. Or,

She didn't reply to that, but asked, "Who's Heather?"

"That's my fem name."

"Your what?"

"The name I call myself when I'm dressed."


"I guess because when I'm dressed, I can't think of myself as Jim."

Again, she just sat there, looked at me, then asked, "How long have you
been doing this?"

"For as long as I can remember."

"When do you do it?"

"When you're out of town, or working late."

"So, all of this is yours?"


"And, you wear all of it."

"Yes. And, other things."

"How much do you have?"

"A lot."

"The makeup case. Do you use makeup?"


"And, the wig?"


"You don't go out of the house do you?"

"No way."

She wasn't yelling, just asking questions. My stuff was still laying on
the bed, and she said, "I'm really tired, and I need to sleep on this.
You'd better put your things away. So, we can go to bed."

"All right. It'll take me a few minutes to move it all back up in the

"Why the attic. Just put it in your closet, and chest of drawers."

I looked at her, and said, "The closet, and chest of drawers?"

"Sure. They're your clothes. Might as well put them in your closet and
chest of drawers."

"If you say so."

With a little smile, she said, "I do."

I found places for these clothes, and put them away.

We got ready for bed, and as usually happens on weekday nights, she was
asleep in seconds. I laid there just thinking of what had happened. We
had been told that supposedly the spirit of our friend Tammy was in our
house. I felt a cold chill when I thought 'supposedly'. My wife, because
of this, had found out I was a crossdresser, and she didn't go
ballistic. And, Tammy needed to talk, so to speak, with Eve, and needed
to do it through Heather, my fem side. Why Heather, and what was going
to happen? How could Eve sleep?

The following morning, as usual I was up well in advance of Eve. When
she came into the kitchen, I was just fixing us brunch, another usual
late Saturday morning thing. She walked over to me, gave me a kiss on
the cheek, and said, "Good morning, Heather."

"Good morn ... Heather?"

"That's your other name isn't it?"


We sat, ate brunch, and I finally broke the silence with, "Why didn't
you go ballistic when I told you I crossdressed?"

"I sort of wanted to, but something kept me from doing it."


"Yea. I don't know what."

"So. You want me to get rid of all my things?"

"I don't know yet. But, we do need to try and find out what Tammy's
trying to tell us."

"Like how?"

"I had a dream last night."

"I don't think I'm going to like this."

"I think you need to become Heather."

"I don't know." And, another one of those cold chills. So cold that I

"You cold?"

"No. Just a chill."



"Think it might be her saying, 'I didn't like what you just said.'"

"You're beginning to believe in all of this, aren't you?"

"Aren't you? Can you explain any of the things that have happened around
here? And, don't give me the story of the house settling."

"I guess I can't. Especially after last night."

"Though so."

I just sat there thinking, 'Eve wants me to become Heather, to see if
Tammy can communicate through her. But, how is she going to communicate.
What's going to happen to me?'

"What are you thinking about?" Eve asked.

"About what you want me to do."

"Become Heather?"


"And, you don't want to?"

"Kind of." Another chill. "I'm kind of afraid of what she'll do."

"Are you afraid that she'll hurt you?"

"I don't know. Maybe." Another chill.

"I don't think Tammy would. She liked you too much."


"Besides. In my dream, I saw Heather. And, I want to see if I'm right."

"You really want me to do this. Don't you?"


"Didn't Mrs. Sloan say that she should be here?"

"Do you think she needs to be here?"

"Yes! She said not to let Heather in the house until she was here."

"She did say that, didn't she. All right. I'll call her. When do you
want to do this?"

"Never." Another chill. "But, I guess if we are, then the sooner the

Early that afternoon, Eve called Mrs. Sloan, and told her that we had
found the woman, Heather. She didn't tell her that it was me. Mrs. Sloan
again told Eve to not let Heather into the house until she was there.
They set up a time for early this evening.

I was nervous as could be for the rest of the day. Trying to run through
my mind what was going to happen. Not only was Eve going to meet
Heather, but what was Tammy going to do?

Mrs. Sloan was right on time. And, as she walked into the house, she
smiled, and said, "Your friend is happy that you've found Heather. What
time is she going to be here?"

Eve looked at me, and said, "In a way, she's already here."

"What! She's not in the house yet is she?"

"In a way, yes."

"In a way?"

"After you left the last time, we had more strange things happen. The
biggest, was a lot of women's clothes appeared on our bed."

"Women's clothes?"

"Yes. And, after talking to Jim for a while, I found out that they were
his. He admitted to me that he's a crossdresser, and uses the name

"A crossdresser. That explains why I felt that the woman was close to
him. Interesting."

"And, I had a dream about Heather, and Tammy."
"A dream?"

"Yes. We were sitting, and having a very nice talk. I couldn't tell what
we were talking about, but it appeared to be something important."


We just sat there for a few minutes, before Mrs. Sloan said, "This is
interesting. Tammy wants to speak to Eve through Heather, who's Jim. She
must feel comfortable with the both of you. Jim, did she know about your

"No," I said, "no one did until last night."

"And, Eve, how did you feel when Jim told you about Heather?"

"It was strange. I felt like I wanted to yell, and scream at him, but I
couldn't. Something kept me calm, and made me think before I talked."



"Jim. How do you feel about this?"

"I'm not sure," I replied, "I'm worried what she'll do."

"I don't feel that she'll hurt you. I just think she needs you to be
able to talk to Eve. Besides, I felt relief from her, that she's finally
going to be able to talk to Eve."

Eve finally asked the big question, "When do you think we need to do

Looking at me Mrs. Sloan said, "The sooner the better."

Eve asked me, "Honey. Will you do this?"

I thought for a bit, and said, "I guess."

"Is there anything we can help you with, or get you?"

I looked at her, and said, "A good stiff drink."

Mrs. Sloan asked me, "Is there a point where you feel more like Heather,
then Jim?"

"I guess when I finally apply my lipstick."

"Then why don't you come back here when you're at that point."

I sat there, looked at Eve, looked back at Mrs. Sloan, and then back at

Eve said, "Honey. I don't think Tammy will hurt you. She needs to talk.
There's something very important to her that she needs to tell."

I took a deep breath, got up, and said, "I'll be back."

I slowly walked upstairs, and heard Eve ask Mrs. Sloan, "He'll be all
right. Won't he?"

"He'll be fine," Mrs. Sloan replied.

I really hoped that she was right.

I walked into our bedroom, and I guess Tammy had chosen my clothes for
me. Laying on my bed were my red satin bra and thong set. My high waist,
side zippered, open bottomed girdle. Nylons. Breast forms. My brown and
white print, silk, broomstick, skirt. My dark brown, long sleeved, off
the shoulder blouse. My black wig. And, my wedge sandals, with three-
inch heels, were sitting on the floor. I looked at Eve's dressing table,
and my makeup case was sitting there. This makeup case was large, and
held not only my makeup, but other things, such as jewelry.

I just stood there. Took a deep breath, and undressed. I slipped the red
thong up my hairy legs. I'd never gotten brave enough to shave my legs.
I got everything comfortable, and pulled the thong up tight to hold
everything in place. Next came the girdle. I did my usual tug and pull
to get it on, fastened the hook and eye closure, and pulled up the
zipper. Something felt unusually good. Next came the nylons. I sat on
the bed, rolled one of them up, slipped it over my left foot, and
unrolled them up my leg. I carefully straightened them, and fastened the
three garters. Then I did the right leg. There was just something about
the tug of the garter straps.

Next was the red satin bra. I put my arms through the straps, reached
behind, and fastened the hook and eye closures. I adjusted it a little,
and pulled what little extra chest flesh that I had into the cups. I
added my breast forms, and now had 38C breasts. I picked up my black
wig, walked over to Eve's dressing table, and sat down.

I looked in my makeup case, and found one of my wig caps. I carefully
put it on, pushing my hair up inside it. I looked at my face, trying to
decide if I wanted to arch my eyebrows, or not. I reached for the tape,
carefully placed one strip on my forehead just above where I wanted the
arch on my left eye, and attached the other end of the tape to the wig
cap. Then did the same to my right eyebrow. I looked at my brows, took a
pair of tweezers, and cleaned them up a little.

I started with a moisturizer, then foundation, and a soft blush. Then I
did my eyes, a liner on both the upper and lower lid. A combination of
soft earth tone eye shadows. Then my mascara, I use a lengthener, and a
black color. Then a very light color on my brows, just to make them
stand out a bit. I usually add lipstick at this point, but because Mrs.
Sloan had said to do that in front of her, I didn't.

I then carefully put the wig on, and brushed it into a nice style. This
is a real hair wig, and holds whatever style I brush into it, if I
lightly spray it with hair spray. Which I did. I dug through the makeup
case looking for a certain set of earrings. I wish my ears were pierced.
But, I had found some really nice clip on earrings. I found the set I
wanted, and put them on. Next was a couple rings, a bracelet, and a very
fine neckless.

I don't normally wear glasses. But, I had found that a pair adds to my
feminine look. I'd found a place that would furnish frames with plain
glass in them, and ordered a couple pairs. My favorite pair, was a pair
with rectangular black frames. I took those out of my makeup case, and
slipped them on. I was seeing Heather.

I got up walked back to the bed, slipped the skirt, and blouse on. I
adjusted the blouse so that one of my bra straps showed. Next came the
shoes. I stepped into them, and fastened the ankle straps.

Normally I don't do my nails. But, something in the back of my mind
said, why not. I had found some really nice press on nails. Their
largest one was perfect for my thumb, and they looked very nice. The
other nice thing about these was the adhesive. It was water soluble.
When you wanted to remove them, all you had to do was soak your hands in
water for a few minutes. I carefully took out a set, and attached them
to my own nails. My hands looked very feminine.

Now, like a lot of women, I had a problem choosing the color of lipstick
I want to wear. I must have two dozen tubes in different shades. I
started looking through them, and chose a bright red. But, something
made me put it back, and chose a very dark red. One I didn't remember
having. I almost started putting it on, but stopped.

I walked over to Eve's full length mirror, and took a long look. Heather
looked back at me. I took a deep breath, walked out of the bedroom, and
back downstairs to where Eve and Mrs. Sloan were. As I walked into the
room, Mrs. Sloan was the first to see me, her eyes got big, and her
mouth dropped open. Eve, who'd been talking, turned, looked, and got a
look of, who's this.

Mrs. Sloan said, "Heather?"

I looked at her, and finally said, "I guess."

Eve finally found her voice, and said, "Jim. I ... I can't believe this.
You look so much like a girl. How?"

"I guess, I just learned over the time."

"Your makeup is so nice, your clothes, and your jewelry. You should be
buying my things. And, you learned this all by yourself!?"

"Thanks, I think. I did a lot of reading, and trial and error."

"I just can't believe how good you look."

I was beginning to feel embarrassed. I knew that I had perfected a look
that I liked. But, hearing this from my own wife, was really nice. And,
she still wasn't yelling. Then she added, "Why didn't you ever tell me
about this part of you?"

"Like I said last night, I figured you'd laugh at me, leave me, or

She walked over to me, gave me a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. Just like
she does to her girl friends.

Mrs. Sloan was finally able to say, "Jim. I am totally surprised. To be
honest, I thought I was going to see the guy in a dress thing. But,
that's not what I'm seeing. I've not seen many, or really any,
crossdressers before. And, I can only say, wow."

I actually think I blushed a little. So, I guess I do a good job of
changing myself. I didn't think it was really that good. But, these two
women were impressed.

I looked at the lipstick tube in my hand, then at the two women, and
said, "I'm not really sure I can do this."

"Jim," Mrs. Sloan said, "I'm sure that Tammy won't do anything to harm
you. But, I have to be honest with you. I've never seen or heard of a
spirt taking over a body this way. So, I don't know what will happen."

I looked at Eve. She smiled, and said, "Honey. It's entirely up to you.
But, from what Mrs. Sloan has told me, Tammy's spirt won't be able to
rest until she's fulfilled her mission. Whatever it may be."

I smiled nervously at her, and said, "You really want me to do this
don't you?"

"I want to help Tammy. But, I don't want to hurt you. And, I don't think
Tammy would do that. But, it's entirely up to you."

I took a really deep breath, turned, and walked toward the small
downstairs bathroom. With the two women following me. I turned on the
light, looked in the mirror, and saw Heather. And, then I saw something
else in the mirror. It was a figure, but just a quick vision. I spun
around, but there was nothing there.

Eve said, "What's wrong?"

"I thought I saw something behind me."

"There wasn't anything there."

"You sure?"

"Yes, honey. We didn't see anything."


I turned back toward the mirror. Took the cover off the tube of
lipstick. And, it was like I wasn't doing it, but watching someone else
apply the lipstick. I knew it was my face, or Heathers, but I wasn't
applying the lipstick, she was. I felt strange, and there was an aura
around me.

Then, I felt like I was inside someone else's body. Looking out through
their eyes. I was no longer in control of my actions. I couldn't talk,
or move. But, my body was moving, being controlled by someone, or

My body turned toward Eve, and Mrs. Sloan, and said, "Oh Eve. Thank you
for helping me."

"Tammy?" Eve said.

"Yes, honey."

"How can I be sure?"

"There's something that only you and I know. I can whisper it to you,
but Jim will find out."

Eve got a little bit of a worried look on her face, but said, "I guess
he can know my secret. I know his."

My head leaned over next to Eve, and whispered, "You and I are lovers."

My wife and her best friend were lovers!

Eve then looked at Mrs. Sloan, and said, "It's Tammy."

"Tammy," Mrs. Sloan said, "What can we do to help?"

"Can we go sit in the kitchen?" Tammy asked.

"Sure honey," Eve answered.

We walked into the kitchen, and Eve asked, "Would anyone like a cup of

Mrs. Sloan said, "That would be nice."

Tammy answered, "I don't need anything like that anymore. But, Heather
might like one."

Finally we were sitting at the table. Everyone had a cup of tea, and Eve
asked, "Tammy. Honey. What can we do to help you?"

Tammy said, "The accident wasn't an accident."


"I was driving on the Interstate, and another car ran me off the road."

"Are you sure?"

"Very sure."

"Do you know who was driving?"



"Phil's girlfriend."

"What! Phil's girlfriend?"

"He's been having an affair for the past couple of months. He was
careless, and I found some emails between them. I was going to confront
him, but didn't get a chance."

"Oh, honey! Why an affair? Why didn't you tell me? You two have been a
couple since high school. But, why would she run you off the road?"

"I guess I just wasn't good enough anymore. She wanted him to leave me.
And, he wouldn't. I wasn't a hundred percent sure until the day of the
accident, or I'd have told you. I guess I should have said something to
you earlier."

My body started to cry at this point. I was actually feeling Tammy's
emotions. Eve reached over, touched my hand, and I felt a lot of love
between the two of them.

"So, she did away with you, to have him to herself."


"What do we need to do?"

"We have to get the police to reopen the investigation. And, somehow get
them to look at the car again before it's destroyed. There's damage to
the left front, which they never found."

"How can we do that?"

"Ah ... ", Mrs. Sloan said, "Maybe I can help. Was it the Highway
Patrol, or the local police?"

"The local police."

"Good. I've worked with them before. Maybe they'll listen if I'm with

"There was also damage to the right rear of her SUV. She's had it fixed.
So, I don't know if they can find anything."

"Well sure try."

"Who's the bitch Phil, was having the affair with?" Eve asked.

"You'll never believe it. Susan Barns."

"Susan Barns. That little slut from his office."

"Yea. I don't know what he sees in her."

"Me either. We'll get her."

"I hope. Then I can pass into the after life."

I saw Eve start to cry. And, once she'd settled down, she asked "I have
to know something."

"What's that love?"

"Why Jim, and why Heather?"

"After I died, I couldn't rest because of what happened, and how the
police handled it. Phil was really hurt by it, but Susan has already
moved in with him. I needed help in trying to correct this, and also
needed someone that I could trust. So, I naturally came here. I tried a
number of ways to contact you, and couldn't. But, one day, while you
were gone, Jim dressed up as Heather, and I had an idea. I needed a body
that I could enter to talk with you. And, I knew when Jim became
Heather, he really took on the persona of a girl. I also knew I could
trust him, and really trust you.

"I wanted to appear to you as a girl, and I had to get him to dress as
Heather, with you here. So, I started doing things. Moving pictures.
Turning light on and off. Getting his clothes from the attic to the
bedroom. You should see his wardrobe, it's better than yours.

"You contacted Mrs. Sloan, with a little help from me. And, she was able
to sense that I was here, and that I wanted you to do something with a
girl whose name began with an H. And, once I got Jim to admit to you
that he was a crossdresser named Heather. And, you put two and two
together. I was able to talk with you. And, no Jim, honey, I'd never
hurt you."

Eve sat there nodding her head yes, then asked, "Can Jim hear us?"

"Yes. And, sense everything that I do."

"Let Mrs. Sloan, Jim, and I, try and see if we can get the police to
reopen your accident investigation. Where's your car?"

"It's at the State Wide Wrecking yard in East Lake."

Mrs. Sloan said, "Wouldn't it be better if you came with us, Tammy?"

"It might."

Wait. I thought, 'How is Tammy going to be with us?'

"Wouldn't that mean that Jim would have to do this as Heather?" Eve

"I would feel better that way," Tammy said.

I thought, 'Wait. What about me? Don't I get a say in this?'

"I don't think he'd mind," Eve said.

'Maybe I would,' I thought.

"I think I'd better let Heather come back. I feel she's getting
restless. I'll know when you're going to talk to the police, and I can
come with you as Heather."

Eve got up, as did I, or was it Tammy. Eve gave me a big hug, a kiss on
the cheek, and whispered, "I really miss you." I, or Tammy, returned the
hug, and kiss. And, whispered, "I'll really miss our times together."

I felt strange again, and there was an aura around me again. When the
aura was gone, I was back in control of my own body, and still hugging
Eve. I whispered, "You're a lesbian?"

Eve whispered, "You know better. Bisexual. I'll tell you later."

Eve and I sat back down. And, Eve asked me, "You heard everything.

"Yes. I sure did. Phil's an ass. I've seen Susan Barns. And, she has to
have something on him. She's a real slut puppy. But, how about you
letting me make my own decision if I want to go through with this

"I'm sorry. Was it that bad?"

"No. But, the emotional roller coaster was something else."


"I could feel everything that Tammy was feeling."


"Including her love for you."

Mrs. Sloan said, "We won't be able to do anything with the police until
Monday when their record's office is open. But, I've worked with them
before, and I think that'll help us."

"Good," Eve said, "If Jim will let us take Heather with us, we can
probably stop at the State Wide Wrecking yard, and see if Tammy's car is
still there."

"So, I'll see you two on Monday. With Jim or Heather?"

"We'll see," I said.

Mrs. Sloan left, and Eve and I sat in the kitchen. I finally asked,
"Care to tell me?"

"Tell you what?" Eve asked.

"You and Tammy."

"Oh that."

"Yea, that."

"Tammy and I had a thing in high school. And, it just carried over after
we were both married."

"Even though Phil and Tammy were such a couple?"

"Yes. He had no idea. We just had our times alone, and were very

"Did you love her more than you love me?"

"No, sweetheart. Our love was different. I can't explain it. But, it was
just something special that Tammy and I shared. You mad?"

"No. A little hurt, I guess."

"At least we know each others secret now."


"And, by the way. You do look very good."


"Now you tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"About Heather."

"What about Heather?"

"How she came about."

"I guess I owe you that, don't I. Well.... My two older sisters, and one
of their friends, had a game they played, called put the boy in a dress.
The first few times they played it, I really didn't like it. But, all
three girls were stronger then I was, and mom had always taught us to
play nice. So, I put up with it. After the first few times, I more than
put up with it, I started looking forward to it.

"They would chase me around, catch me, and completely undress me. And,
then put panties, and a red satin dress on me. The only thing I really
hated was being completely naked in front of the three girls. One day,
Nancy, the friend, put makeup on me. I think she'd used makeup since she
was born, as she was always wearing it. At least lipstick.

"They wouldn't play this game often. In fact it got to the point that
they didn't play it often enough for me. So, I started borrowing things
from my older sister Jan. We were, and still are, about the same size.
It was hard to dress very much, as there was always someone home. But, I
did what I could.

"My sisters started getting the typical teenage girl's magazines, and I
would read them when I could hide one in my room. I loved reading about
clothes, makeup, and such things. The older I got the more I want to
dress in the pretty clothes, and look like a girl.

"In my teens, when I was home, I'd dress. And, I got braver and braver.
I'd slip into panties, and a bra. Then go into my sister's room, and try
different makeup ideas that I'd read about. I even tried keeping my
eyebrows neat. I loved doing different looks with my eyes, and got good
at it. And found an over all look that I thought was good for me. Jan
was the only one that ever knew.

"In college, at least for the first couple of years, it was impossible
to do anything. I shared a room with two other guys. In my junior year,
I was working enough to be able to get a small apartment, and that's
when I started buying my own things. I even got brave one day, and went
to a wig salon, and asked about wigs. The woman was very nice, and
helpful. She helped me pick out a wig that looked good on me. That's
where I bought my good wig a couple of years ago.

"I'd never go out. I'd just dress at home, or in my apartment. I was
still dressing even after we moved in together. I was just very careful
about hiding my things. And, when we got the house, the big attic was a
perfect stash for my things."

We just sat there and looked at each other for a few minutes. Then, Eve
asked, "How did Jan find out?"

I smiled thinking about it, and continued, "One day, while I was still
in high school, I was in her room doing my makeup, and I didn't hear her
come in the house. When I was done, I heard a cough. I looked at the
door, and there stood Jan. She said, 'I wondered who was using all my
makeup.' I couldn't say anything. But, she was smiling.

"She walked over to me, looked closely at my face, and said, 'Not bad
little brother. I'd use a little less eye liner. And, your eyebrows need
more shaping. But, not bad. In fact you look cute.'

"I just looked at her. Still not being able to say anything. Then with a
grin, she said, 'I guess our game, of put a dress on the boy, had an
effect. And, I guess living with all sisters doesn't help.' I was
finally able to say something, 'I'm sorry. I won't use your things
again.' She said, 'Jimmy. It's all right. I don't mind. In fact I think
it's kind of cute. But, don't let dad catch you.'

"I guess the look on my face was shock, as I said, 'You don't mind?' She
answered, 'No. And, if you need any help, just ask.' I replied, 'You're
kidding me?' And, she said, 'No. I'm not kidding.' And, she turned, and
walked out of her room. She stuck her head back in, and said, 'It's
really a cute look.'

"I sat there for a few minutes in shock. Then, took off my makeup, put
my own clothes back on, and got out of Jan's room. It was weeks before I
dressed again. When I finally did, I looked in Jan's makeup drawer, and
there was a note card with my name on it. I opened it, and it said,
'Jimmy. Look in my bottom drawer. There's a bag, and what's in it is
yours. We shouldn't share makeup or panties. Love, Jan.'

"I looked in her bottom drawer, and like she said, there was a bag. In
it was makeup, a lot of makeup. Foundation, mascara, eyeliner, a number
of lipsticks, different eye shadows, blush, brushes, tweezers, and two
pair of panties. And, another note that said, 'Enjoy, and have fun. But,
be careful with my clothes. Jan'

"I took everything out of the bag, set it on her dressing table, and
just looked at it. She had chosen the colors that I loved. I carefully
applied my makeup, and was happy with what I saw. Jan and I became
closer than we were before."

Eve was smiling at me, and said, "I thought you two were close.

"So, how do you feel about this? You mad?"

"Mad? No. I little unhappy that you didn't tell me earlier? Yes. And,
actually, you look very cute, and very feminine, sitting here. How do I
feel, knowing my husband is crossdresser? I'm not sure yet. Something
inside says that it's not a problem. I still have my husband, who I love
very much."

"Is Tammy telling you that this is all right?"

"I'm not sure. But, something inside is saying, that there's nothing
wrong with what I'm seeing."

"So, you don't have a problem with this. From what I've read, it won't
go away. We're stuck with it. Or, at least I am."

"Why wouldn't I be stuck with it?"

"If you ... left me."

"Love. I'd never do that. I love you too much."

"Me Jim, or me Heather?"

"Silly. Isn't Heather a part of you?"


"And, if I love Jim. Doesn't that mean I love Heather?"

"I guess."

"You guess. Love, believe it."

"It's ... It's that you just accepted this so quickly. I figured that if
you ever found out, that you would really be upset with me."

"Maybe it has to do with the way I found out. In the past few days, I've
learned there are really spirits, I've spoken to a friend's spirit,
found out that someone killed my best girlfriend, and found out my
husband is a crossdresser. And, being a scientist, the first two go
against all my training. The third was a major shock to everything I
hold dear. So, maybe your feminine side was the least of the shocks."

"So, I figure that we're going to help Tammy prove what Susan did?"

"You better believe it."

"So, Monday, you want Tammy to go along with you, and Mrs. Sloan, to the

"I think it would be best."


"Not sure about it?"

"I don't know about the emotional roller coaster. I can do Heather. But,
letting Tammy in is another thing. I guess I can try it again, and see
what happens. But, if I say I want out, I hope she'll understand."

"The emotional roller coaster?"

"Yea. When she took over, I felt everything she did. The hurt from what
Phil did. Her hate of Susan. And, her love for you. It was really hard
feeling all of that."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. And, I'm glad you told me about the two of you. I won't say I
understand, because I don't. But, I'm all right with it."



She got up, and gave me a very deep, slow, kiss. Then said, "I love

I stayed as Heather the rest of the evening, and it appeared that Eve
was comfortable with it. And, as we were getting ready for bed, she
watched me carefully as I went through my makeup removal routine. When I
was done, she said, "Now I know why your skin is so soft."


"You do a very proper job of cleaning, and moisturizing, after you
remove your makeup."

"You can thank Jan for that."

"I will."

We made love that night, and it felt special. Eve took control, and we
did things we hadn't done for a long time.

On Sunday morning, after breakfast, Eve said, "You know, if you go with
us on Monday, it'll be your first time out of the house."

"I know," I replied, "And, I'm scared to death."

"You should be fine. Tammy should be in control. And, when she was with
you yesterday, your femininity was really evident. And, your actions
were completely feminine."

"I know. I felt it."

"Did you like it?"


"So, are you going to do it?"

"I guess. I think Tammy deserves justice." I felt warm inside.

"Do you have a pants suit, or slacks, or something with pants?"

"No. Only skirts, and dresses. Why?"

"Your legs are hairy."


"We could go shopping for some slacks?"

"I don't like slacks."


"They're not feminine enough for me. Shorts are all right."

"Have you ever shaved your legs?"



"I was afraid that someone would say something, and that you wouldn't
like it."

"Why wouldn't I like it?"

"I don't know."

"Have you wanted to shave them?"

"Yes. I hate my body hair."

"So. Do it."

"Really?" I again felt something warm inside.

"Yes. In fact, I'll run to the drug store, and get some dilatory if you
want. It'll be quicker, and the newer ones help retard hair regrowth."

"You'd do that?"


Later that morning I was minus basically all of my body hair. Eve had
talked me into doing my back, and chest. And, it hadn't taken much
persuasion on her part. My arm hair was fairly fine to start with, so we
didn't have to do anything to my arms. But, Eve did have me shave my
underarms. Being minus my body hair felt strange, and at the same time
very good.

Eve looked at me, smiled, and said, "Much better. No more ugly body

"You really think so?"

"Yes. In fact you should keep it this way."


We were eating dinner, and something hit me. Nothing strange had
happened in the house today, and I said, "Honey. You know nothing
strange has happened in the house today. I wonder if Tammy is still

I shouldn't have opened my mouth, because the kitchen lights flickered.

"She's here," Eve said.

"I guess I should have known."

On Monday morning, both Eve and I called into work, and took a days
vacation. Mrs. Sloan was going to be here at ten, and we were going to
the police department, after a stop at the wrecking yard. When I went
back up to the bedroom to dress, Tammy had already picked out my
clothes. A different bra and thong set. My open bottom girdle, she must
know that I love these. Nylons. A gray, straight, knee length, skirt.
And, a plain, but pretty, white blouse.

After I had completely dressed, and put on my makeup, I picked up the
same lipstick as Saturday. I looked at it, and without any hesitation, I
went to apply it. And, again it was like someone else was putting it on,
and I felt the aura around me. I was Heather on the outside, and Tammy
on the inside.

I fussed with my hair for a second, and Tammy must have been happy with
everything else. I got up, and went downstairs to where Eve was waiting
for Mrs. Sloan. Walked up behind her, put my hands on her shoulders, and
gave her a kiss on the cheek. She turned around, smiled, and kissed me
on the lips. I felt Tammy's love, as well as mine, for Eve.

Just then Mrs. Sloan pulled in the drive, without any hesitation on my
part, we walked out, and got in her car. Mrs. Sloan said, "Good morning
ladies. Is it Tammy or Heather?"

I looked at her, and answered, "Good morning. It's Tammy."

"Good. But, we'd better call you Heather. Where are we going first?"

"To the wrecking yard. To see if my car is still there," I answered.

We headed to the wrecking yard, and it must have been a sight to see
three women looking for a car in the yard. It took us about forty-five
minutes to find it, but we did. And, it was lucky that they hadn't
destroyed it yet, and that it was in a place that we could get a good
look at it.

The car was a mess. You could see where the fire department had done
their work getting Tammy out of the car. But, you could also see the
damage caused by the crash, and could tell that no one could have
survived it. I felt Tammy's pain in seeing this.

The front end of the car was a mangled mess, and it was hard seeing
things. But, Tammy showed us to a place where we could see the front-
left fender, and pointed out some paint on the fender. We looked
closely, and sure enough there was a scrapped and dented area, and
silver paint on her black car.

We found the man running the wrecking yard, and told him that we were
going to the police, to try to get them to reopen the accident
investigation. We slipped him fifty dollars to make sure the car wasn't
destroyed. And, he agreed that it wouldn't be. Who could turn down three
such lovely ladies?

It was then off to the police department, and as we were driving, Mrs.
Sloan said, "I called, and talked to Sergeant Cameron. He remembered me
very well. I told him that we had some additional information on Tammy's
accident. So, he's expecting us."

I said, "I hope we can convince him."

"Tammy honey," Eve said, "I feel that we will."

Mrs. Sloan then said, "Let me do most of the talking. We don't want him
knowing about Jim/Heather, and Tammy. So, it needs to be just Eve,
Heather, and me. We'll tell him that Tammy had told Eve about the affair
that Phil and Susan were having, and how Susan had wanted Phil to leave
Tammy, but wouldn't. And, how that you had contacted me about some
feelings you were having about the accident not being an accident, but
being caused by someone. And, how we stopped, checked out the car, and
found the paint on the car."

As we were leaving the police department, Mrs. Sloan said, "That went
better then I had expected. The Sergeant took everything we said as
close to fact as he could, until he checks it out. I think we'll know
something by the end of the week."

I said, "I sure hope you're right about that. I don't want Phil being
with that slut. He really deserves better."

"Tammy, honey," Eve said, "Even after what he did to you?"

"Yes. I still love him." And, I started to cry.

Mrs. Sloan, "I think we need to get some lunch."

Later that afternoon, after Mrs. Sloan had left, we were sitting in the
kitchen, and Eve said, "Is Tammy still here?"


Eve took my hands in hers, and said, "Jim, I hope you don't mind me
saying this. But, Tammy love. I really do miss you."

"I know I miss you too. And, I don't think Jim minds."

For some reason I didn't. I really felt the love these two had for each
other, and the sorrow that Tammy was gone.

I got up, went to Eve, bent down, and gave her a deep kiss. I could feel
the sexual tension building between us. Eve stood up, and gave me a very
deep, sensual, kiss. That kiss turned into passion. I'd never felt
anything like this before. I could feel how Tammy felt about Eve, and
the love of one woman for another.

Eve took my hand, and led me to the bedroom. I hesitated at the door,
and said, "What about Jim?"

"I ... I don't know. I just need you one last time."

"But, it won't be the same. Remember Jim's body is under all of this."

"I know. But, your spirit is also in there."

The emotions that I was feeling were overwhelming. I actually wanted Eve
to have Tammy again. And, I guess what I was feeling, Tammy was also
feeling. Because, Tammy finally whispered, "Jim want's this to happen."

My arms wrapped around Eve's neck, and we were in a very deep kiss. The
kiss turned into heavy petting, which turned into our clothes ending up
on the floor. Eve was naked, and I was down to a panty and bra. I had
performed cunnilingus on Eve many times, but feeling it from Tammy's
point of view was mind opening. I learned how a woman feels giving it,
and how to do it from their perspective. What Eve did to me was out of
this world. She had performed fellatio on me a few times, but now it was
like she couldn't get enough. And, what I was feeling was mind blowing.
It was like multiple orgasms. She even ventured to places, with her
fingers, that she'd never ventured too before.

We laid in bed for a long time afterwards just holding each other. We
kissed, and Tammy finally said, "Eve, I love you so much. But, I have to
go. And, I'll be back soon." And, I heard her think, 'Jimmy. I love you

Eve said, "Tammy, please don't go."

"Honey. I need to. I will be back. I promise."

Eve started crying. I touched the side of her face, and said, "Honey,
please don't cry. Jim loves you as much as I do. He's here for you, and
always will be."

I felt the aura again, and Tammy was gone. That left me, looking like a
disheveled Heather, holding Eve while she cried. I said, "Sh. It'll be
all right. I love you."

"Jimmy," Eve said, "I love you so much. Thank you."

"For what?"

"For letting Tammy come back."

"If it makes you happy, it makes me happy."

We laid there awhile longer just holding each other. And, Eve quietly

Later as we getting up, Eve slipped on a robe. And, I started to put
Heather away. Eve said, "You don't have to put Heather away unless you
really want to."

"You don't mind?"

"No. I think I'd enjoy having her around today." And, she handed me one
of her robes.

I straightened up my makeup, and hair. And, we had a very simple dinner
that evening. Afterwards we just sat listening to music, and nothing was
said about the days events. We went to bed early. I did take the time to
remove my makeup, and moisturize. But, I slept in my bra and panties.
Eve cuddled closer than she ever had.

Tuesday and Wednesday, were normal days for us, but we knew that Tammy
was around.

Thursday, when I arrived home from work, there was a message on the
answering machine. It was from Mrs. Sloan, and she had heard from
Sergeant Cameron. The police were reopening the accident investigation,
as they had found the unusual damage on Tammy's car. And, they were
looking at Susan as a person of interest. As I listened to the
recording, I could sense something in the room. I thought, 'Tammy was
hearing this.' Eve was working late, so I called her, and told her. And,
you could hear the excitement in her voice. She just asked one question,
"Will Heather be there when I get home?"

"Do you want her to be?" I asked.

"It would be nice."

"I'll see what I can do."

"Good. I'll see you in an hour. And, I'll bring Chinese."

I decided to be sexy tonight. I don't know why. But, I did. I got one of
my mini skirts out, and a low cut blouse to match. A matching black bra
and thong set. No girdle. No nylons. A pair of red, three inch heels,
drop dead sexy, pumps, with ankle straps.

I got dressed, and did my makeup. It was a sexy look, with heavy eye
makeup. And, this time a bright red lipstick, and there was no aura of
Tammy. But, I sensed her presence. I did my hair in a sexy way, with
part of it partially covering my right eye. And, I went to the trouble
of the stick on nails, in a color to match my lipstick.

I finished dressing in time to set the table, just before Eve walked in
the door. She looked at me, smiled, and said with a smile, "God,
Heather, you are hot."

"Just for you love." And, I kissed her.

We sat down to eat, and Eve didn't eat much.

It didn't take me long to ask, "Honey. What's wrong?"

"I'm just a little sad."


"Just knowing that when the police finish their investigation, and they
arrest Susan, as I know they will, that Tammy will be gone forever."

"I know. You loved her, and it's hard to let go,"

"You do know, don't you?"

"Yes. I've felt her love for you, and the emotions that were there. And,
I can understand why she loved you the way she did. I love you the same

"You do?"

"Yes. I've always loved you very deeply. More then I can say, or show."

"You know. I'm sitting here looking at a very pretty woman, and this
woman is also my husband. It's strange, but I love both of you. I want
both of you."

"You want both of us?"

"Yes. I want to make love to my husband, and to this woman."

"I can be Heather for you any time you want me to."

She finally started to smile, and said, "I know love. But, there's
something else. And, I'm not sure what it is."

Two weeks later we heard from Mrs. Sloan. The police had arrested Susan,
she had broken down under interrogation, and admitted too deliberately
causing the fatal crash. She hadn't wanted to go through a trial. So,
she pled guilty at her arraignment, and was going to be in court on
Friday to be sentenced. And, she thought Tammy might want to be there.

Even though I'd become Heather a number of times during the past two
weeks that Friday was a little different. As I was doing my makeup, I
wasn't in control, Tammy was. And, when Eve saw me, she said, "Dear God.
You look so much like Tammy did. You could be her sister."

"Too much?"

"No. But, it was a shock. How did you do it?"

"I didn't. Tammy did."


I dressed in a conservative business suit, with a knee length skirt, and
a nice jacket. Under it was a proper blouse. My matching red bra and
panty set. My favorite open bottomed girdle, with black nylons. And, a
pair of short heels. I even did my nails with a red nail polish, instead
of the press on nails. I looked like a high paid lawyer.

Mrs. Sloan, Eve, and I, sat in the back of the court room on the right
side. We saw Phil on the left side of the court room, and he didn't see
us. Then, we watched as Susan was led into the court room, and sat with
her lawyer at the defendant's table. The prosecutor was at his table.

They went through the normal court things, and Susan was sentenced to
ten to fifteen years. I leaned over to Eve, and said, "Not nearly long

"I know love," Eve whispered back, "Lets just hope that they make it
really hard on her."

As they were leading her out of the court room, I stood up, Susan looked
toward me, and fainted. I could feel Tammy laugh inside.

As we were leaving the court room, we heard someone say, "Eve."

We stopped, and turned around. It was Phil. He stopped dead in his
tracks, and stared at me. Then stammered, "I ... I'm ... I'm sorry. I
don't mean to stare. But, you look so much like someone I use to know."

I just gave him a very sly grin. As Eve said, "Phil. Your infidelity
cost me a very dear friend. If I could figure a way to put you behind
bars, I would. Jim and I never want to see you, or hear from you,

We turned, and walked away from him. And, again I could feel Tammy laugh

As Mrs. Sloan was dropping us off at home, Eve said, "Thank you so very
much for helping Tammy. I know she can be happy now."

"It was my pleasure," Mrs. Sloan said, "Tammy can now pass to the other
side. And, I know it will be a sad time for you, but realize that she
will be very happy. Just keep her in your thoughts. And, Heather, you've
made this a very interesting time."

We said good bye to Mrs. Sloan, and went inside. I could feel the
sadness from Tammy. I turned to Eve, looked her directly in the eyes,
and said, "Love. It's time for me to leave."

I could see the tears well up in Eve's eyes. And, I continued, "Don't
cry. Just remember our times together, and that we'll always love each
other. Also, remember that Jim loves you as much as I do. And, that
Heather is also here for you."

The tears started running down Eve's cheeks, and I kissed her. She
looked at me, and said, "Tammy. I love you so much. I don't want you to

"I know love. But, I must."

I kissed Eve very deeply, and I heard Tammy say to me, 'Jimmy. It's
going to be hard on Eve. But, you love her very much, and she loves you.
Be good to her.'

I felt the aura for the last time, and Tammy was gone. I felt sadness,
just like Eve was feeling. I just held Eve for a long time, until she
said, "Tammy's gone isn't she?"

"Yes, love," I said, "She's gone. But, she'll always be in our hearts."

I felt her hold me tighter. Finally she composed herself, looked at me,
and said, "Jimmy. You are so special to go through this with me. I
couldn't believe that you did it, but you made me happy that we could
help Tammy."

"I did it because of my love for you."

I changed out of the business suit, into a comfortable skirt, blouse,
and flats. And, spent the rest of the day as Heather. After a late
dinner, we cuddled on the couch, and Eve started to seduce me. It wasn't
long before there was a trail of clothes from the livingroom, up the
stairs, to our bedroom.

Our love making was as intense as what it had been the time Tammy was in
control of my body. And, it was like two girls making love. Long, slow,
and intense. And, I swear I had multiple orgasms.

Over the next few months, Heather was around more and more. I'd come
home from work, and become Heather. Weekends and holidays were all
Heather. I figured out that Eve was probably the aggressor in her love
making with Tammy, because she became the aggressor in our love making.
And, I loved it.

One evening at dinner, Eve looked at me, and said, "You love being
Heather. Don't you?"

"You know I do."

"It feels good. Doesn't it?"

"It feels right."

"Have you ever thought of being Heather full time?"


"And ... "

"And. What?"

"Why don't you?"

"My job."

"My place is expanding, and will be looking for computer people."

"And, I can get a job there?"

With a grin, she said, "Sure. With a little inside help."

"Do you want me to become a full girl?"

"What do you mean?"

"A sex change."

"No way. I like the extra equipment. But ..."

"But. What?"

"Maybe, have your body hair removed permanently."

"No problem there."

"And ... "

"And. What?"



"Uh huh. Implants."

"You're kidding?"

"No. I know someone that will do it for you."

I sat there for a few minutes, thinking, and finally said, "Maybe. Just

Later that week, Eve was working late, and I'd ask Jan over for dinner.
Jan and I were very close. And, being my older sister, she was my
confidant. I met her at the door as Heather, something she knew to
expect. And, we greeted each other like two women would, a hug, and a
kiss on the cheek.

We sat down to a nice, but light dinned, and chatted about a number of
things. Jan was aware of Tammy's accident, and the final outcome, but
not the things with Tammy's spirit. I spent some time explaining what
had happened, including Tammy taking over Heather. She was very
skeptical of what I was telling her. But, I think the seriousness of my
tone, and facial expressions, may have brought her around to seeing that
I wasn't kidding, because she finally said, "You're serious about this,
aren't you?"


"God. I've read about such things. But, I figured that it was nothing
but someone's imagination."

"Not in my case."

"And, your love making is basically like two lesbians?"

"Yea. A little hard, being a guy. But, that's what it's like."

"And, you don't mind?"

"No. I love it. It's different. And, can be mind blowing at times."

"I know there's something you want to ask me. What is it?"

"Eve has asked me to live full time as Heather. Even get breasts."

"And, she wants you to get a sex change too?"


"You know. You've always been special that way. I remember the first
time I saw you sitting at my dresser. I saw a girl there. Not a boy
looking like a girl. But, a girl."


"I figured that one day you'd do something. And, I guess I was right."

"So, you think that I'm making the right decision?"

Two months later, I was standing in front of our full length mirror,
looking at my new body. I now had 38D breasts, no body hair, and my
voice had even been changed. And, if something was properly tucked away,
I looked like a girl. Eve had set me up with a job at her company, and
everyone knew me as Heather Hillman, her sister-in-law. There were no
remnants of my male clothing anywhere. All of my feminine clothes from
the attic, now filled my closet, and chest of drawers. And, two girls
trying to get ready for something, can't share one dressing table, so
we've added a second one.

Jan really loves her new sister, as do my other sisters. Mom wasn't too
happy with the change, but I think that she'll see that it was the
correct decision. But, dad will no longer talk to me. I was his only

The love that has continued to grow between Eve and I is just amazing.
She's the aggressor, and I just love that. And, you know, I think part
of Tammy is still with me.



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