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Title Code Author(s)
Emily's Strange Life Chapter 7 Tue Polly Adler
The Voyage of the Visund -7- Tue Penny Lane
A Second Chance -- Chapter 62 Tue Dawn Natelle
The Blue Whale Chapter 10 Mon Josette Du Pres
My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 27 Mon Savannah Maun
Easy as Falling Off a Bike - Book 2 - on Amazon Kindle Mon Angharad
“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik …” Solo Kelly Blake
Ginny's Story Chapter 69 Mon Karen Lockhart
Roy And The Road To Renee - Chapter 10 Mon Pentatonic
The seduction: part 18 Mon Monique S
Home Is Where The Heart Is: Part 12 Mon crazypagangurl
Cheer's the Thing: Becoming Robin Book 3 on Kindle Mon Zoe Taylor
Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 79 Mon Teddie S.
Date with Spider-Man Part 3 Sun Kokopo618
Nora Midnight Part 17 Sun LadyDragon623
Wildcats Prequel Ch. 02 Sun Leslie Moore
Jem...Chapter 209 Sun Bailey Summers
Masks 49 Sun Bailey Summers
Commutation Solo Bru
The Unconventional, Unsuspecting Princess Sun Nessa M
The Outlander - Birth Of A Princess - Part 1 Sun Nessa M
Riley of the Dead - Part 3 Sun Nessa M
Fantastic Mars -9- Warriors of Mars Sat Erin Halfelven
K&P Services Chapter 2 Sat LadyDragon623
Please Remember Me... Solo Drea DiMaggio
Princess and the Plague: A New Beginning 2 Fri Anistasia Allread
Burger Queen Chp. 6 Fri LadyDragon623
Tammy:Moving On - Chapter 1 "Handle With Care" Fri Shiraz
Shannon's Course by Angela Rasch in Kindle Fri Angela Rasch
Dancing to a New Beat 21 Fri Cyclist
Hand in hand Solo Otome-chan
Flight of the Claymore -chapter 13 Thu WolfJess7
Time on My Hands Chapter 19 - 216-217 CE: Dealing With Corruption Thu Jennifer Sue
Awkward Solo Janet Stickney
Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency Case 4 Part 5 Thu LadyDragon623
The Hitman Wore Heels Solo Michele Nylons
School Life Chp. 16 Wed LadyDragon623
Alexa B-Side: #27 - Big Brother Wed Kris Traverse
Better Than The Alternative? : Chapter 10 Wed Rebecca Jane
Engineering isn't my thing Solo New Author, AshbyM
Swifter, Higher, Stronger Wed Angela Rasch
Gaby Book 16 ~ Sweet Sixteen ~ Chapter *33* Double Sprint! Wed Maddy Bell
There is Nothing like a Dame Chapter 32 Wed Bronwen Welsh
Lisa: A Married Woman Solo Francesca Walker
If Solo Karen Lockhart
The Bisley Boy, the Story of a Princess? Solo Jennifer Sue
Eyes Finally Opened Part 19 Tue LadyDragon623
Unknown to All Solo Lilly85
Easy as Falling Off a Bike - Book 1 - on Amazon Kindle Tue Angharad
My Man Has Me Solo StacyInLove
Cuts Two, 01 Mon Elle_Jay
Ginny's Story Chapter 68 Mon Karen Lockhart
Vox Populi Solo Bru
A Blank Page Mon Flummox
Forever Hers Solo crazypagangurl
Fools Rush In: The Unicorn Hero Solo Jennifer Sue
Heather: A Model Spouse Solo Francesca Walker
300 Rains by Heather O'Malley at Amazon Sat poetheather
Portrait of a Forgotten Hero Solo AuPreviner
Be careful what you wish for ... Solo Tels
The Princess of Q'fahr now on Amazon Kindle Thu Melanie Brown
Eshet Solo Ellie Dauber
Terri: Nailed In Burgundy Solo Francesca Walker
The Last of the Fey Wed Anesidora's Urn
Becoming Robin Books 1&2 by Zoe Taylor on Kindle Tue Zoe Taylor
Wildcats and Wildcats 2 Mon Leslie Moore
The Double Date Solo Leila
Pretty Soldier Suit Solo Erin Halfelven
Masks 4 - Vengeance in Vegas by Stickmaker on Kindle Thu Stickmaker
Football Girl~Seasons 1 and 2 Sun Susan Brown
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Society's Outcast, Chapter 1

Soon it would all be over. People had told him God does not make mistakes. If God did not make mistakes, what was he? Perhaps after he dove into the deep abyss of the black waters, he would soon face other creatures of doom, even coming face to face with Satan himself.

Society's Outcast
A Lizzie Jane Story
Chapter 1
By Billie Sue Pilgrim

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 344.

Easy As Falling For The Hype.
by: Angharad llaw dost
part: 344

I was trying to finish the Observer crossword, the cryptic one, when Simon put down his book with a sigh and began rubbing my thigh. I should perhaps mention we were in bed. I ignored him, so his hand moved higher up and sneaked under my arm to gently stroke my breast.

"Hmmmmm," was all I said.

Stuck on him

      On Him

I had hoped the boys would be more mature at university than they had been at school...
warning: includes use of stationery

At Aunt Greta's 13 — Meeting Bryony

At Aunt Greta’s–
Meeting Bryony
by Gabi

Chapter 13 of a Continuing Saga…

‘So, Bryan, what’s the problem?’ I asked gently.

‘Well, you used to pretend to be a boy until this term, and now you have decided to be yourself.’

‘Yeah,’ I replied. ‘I didn’t have much choice, coz these funny lumps started growing on my chest. So is there something you're unhappy about?’

‘Yeah. You see I gotta pretend to be a boy too, coz I’ve always known I’m a girl trapped in a boy’s body!’

The Distant Queen - 3

The Distant Queen

by Terry Volkirch

This story is mainly about a romance between two young women who are from two different worlds. It's a fantasy story with some adventure but there are no mythical creatures and there isn't a lot of magic. It's really a sweet and tender romantic comedy with a mostly happy ending.

In chapter 3, Gabrielle fights for her breakfast, has a bad hair day and seems to have bad taste in jewelry. In spite of it all, she still manages to make a couple discoveries and learn a couple new useful tricks.

Pen Pals : 14

Pen Pals
by Breanna Ramsey
of the Pen Pal Continuum

It seems to me several of our little group have some issues with their parents and I have to say it kind of upsets me. I don't know what the problems are … well except for Ginanna's dislike of her name … so I can't say the feelings aren't justified, but I thought maybe I could provide a little perspective based on my own life.

Kerry, Libbi and Lynzie Part 1

“Hey Kerry?”


“Could I dress you as a girl sometime?”

“I would love it if you would... although... I would be kind of nervous to do it around here, at least for now.”

They had Sydney’s and Trish’s attention. Melanie gently put one hand on Kerry’s shoulder.

“I hear you loud and clear. Why don’t we set it up so that you three can hang out at my place for a weekend?”

Kerry, Libbi and Lynzie
Part 1

by Mona Lisa

Hollywood! The Theme Song

I look at the clock and watch time tick by,
While we cruise down the block past the neon signs,
Gonna sing my song, gonna hear the crowd screamin my name,
Been livin life on these small town streets,
Ever since I first learned what to do with my feet,
But some day I'll head out to California, that's where I'll get my fame.

Yeah, some day I'm goin out to hollywood,

Oscar Night - Part 12

Oscar dresses up
Oscar Night

by Jennifer Brock

After agreeing to wear a gown to the Academy Awards ceremony due to an offhand comment to a fashion reporter, our hero, novelist/screenwriter David Fine decided to go all-out and agreed to have his face surgically feminized and his breasts enhanced with implants. He thinks he might be able to get a book out of it. This is the last bit of romance for a while, as David and his beloved, fashion model Maritza Delgado, are separated following his surgery, under order from his new Feminine Deportment Coach, Kay Thomas, a member of the "cabal" put together by his best friend fashion designer Claude Marsh to assist in David's transformation. In this installment, David gains a new name, and begins her training with Kay, and a horrible mistake is made. We begin right where we left off, as Maritza and David were enjoying the morning after their last night together for a month.

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 343

Easy As Mauling Out Of Spite.
by: >^^< the disgraced one!

It was Sunday again, the weeks go far to quickly and weekends even faster. Because we rode yesterday, I had chores to do today. It struck me as rather sexist, that in Stella's absence, I was the only female in the house and seemed to be expected to do most of the household chores.

Yellow the Leaves of the Rowan

Yellow the Leaves of the Rowan

~ A Love Story ~

AUTUMN is over the long leaves that love us,
And over the mice in the barley sheaves;
Yellow the leaves of the rowan above us,
And yellow the wet wild-strawberry leaves.

The hour of the waning of love has beset us,
And weary and worn are our sad souls now;
Let us part, ere the season of passion forget us,
With a kiss and a tear on thy drooping brow.

The Falling of the Leaves ~ W. B. Yeats.

Drabble Saga 22: Would You Believe?

"What do I tell my folks?" asked Davey.

"Tell them as much or as little as you want," said Larry. "Whatever you say, they're going to find it hard to believe."

The Tales of the Improbables: Stheno's Tale

Self conscious teenager, Stephanie Marks thought her unhappiness with her body was her only problem. Then she got MORFS...
This story contains scenes of Domestic Violence, abuse, slavery, betrayal, and, for lack of a better term, Evil. It does not end well. If this sort of thing disturbs you, or may cause psychological issues, then consider yourself warned. This story is not for everyone. I happen to think it is a worthwhile tale, if only from an educational point of view, but I understand that I am not the sole opinion. If you cannot bear to read a story that contains these things, then stop now.

If not, don’t come crying to me, because I warned you.

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 342

Easy As Trawling The Bight.
by:Beautiful Bonz & Awesome Angharad (or should that be awful?)
part: 342!

The rest of that week flew by, or it seemed; probably, because I was so busy marking or teaching. I also went out with my field group to see how my meeces were doing? They were still fast asleep, so they weren't doing much at all.

Marcie And The Amazons: 17. Put Her Down!

As I shuffled along behind the gloriously beautiful Amazons, I said to myself, I need a bath and I look awful. And *that* means I'm awake. I stink; therefore, I am.

Marcie And The Amazons by Kaleigh Way

The Distant Queen - 2

The Distant Queen

by Terry Volkirch

This story is mainly about a romance between two young women who are from two different worlds. It's a fantasy story with some adventure but there are no mythical creatures and there isn't a lot of magic. It's really a sweet and tender romantic comedy with a mostly happy ending.

This story updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday until finished. Chapters 1 through 6 are complete, the plot is sketched out and the last page is written. All that's left to do is connect the dots. :)

Drabble Saga 21: Hertz So Good

"Frankie Al Nez will pay my rent, pay for my schooling, give me an allowance and all I have to do is dress like this" --Davey gestured at his tight leather dress-- "and read to him?"

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 341

Easy As Calling Me A Tyke.
by: >^^< & 8)

"Nice bike," said the young man who stood by the entrance to the department.

"Yeah, it goes well," I said and went to wheel the bike inside.

"Are you Dr Watts?"

"I'm Cathy Watts, can I help?"

"I got word that you were asking about the cycling club, is that right?"

"Yes, I was asking about it. You must be Geoff?"

The Price To Pay - Vol. 2.03 - Escape


I felt a shiver of fear as I looked from one slovenly youth to another, wondering what they had in mind for their entertainment.

Brian stepped towards me, " so what's your name, bitch?"

I didn't reply.

The Price To Pay - Vol. 2.03 - Escape

by Alys


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