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Title Code Author(s)
Blood Moon Part 8 Tue LadyDragon623
Mississippi Bee Queen Solo Paula Dillon
Snow Baby Tue LadyDragon623
What Milsy Did -26- Tue Penny Lane
A Second Chance -- Chapter 15 Tue Dawn Natelle
The Good Samaritan Chapter 7 Mon Mopar
Dreams of Dancing in the Sky -Part 8 Mon WolfJess7
Andi and Allie - 24 Mon Kelly Blake
Being True to Yourself leads to Strange Friendships Mon Sarah Goodwoman
Ginny's Story Chapter 37 Mon Karen Lockhart
Topiary Genetics: Part 8 Mon Ducky Detour
Suit Your Self DP Lainie Lee
Helping Hand - Part 8 Mon SamanthaMD
Masks 18: Part 15 Mon Stickmaker
Who the hell am I? Chapter 15 Mon Savannah Maun
Time To Pay Chapter 3 Mon Anna NaMaus
Sky Lynx Sun LadyDragon623
Orange Crush Solo kayleigh01
Rumor Has It Solo New Author, Sara S
Jexy: The Bet Sun Kris Traverse
Shadowsblade: Some things should not be...Taken 2 Sun Shadowsblade
Reconnecting the Past and the Present: Chapter 4 Sun Rebecca Jane
Becoming Sarah Part 8 Sun Sarah Goodwoman
Lost in Translation Solo Maddy Bell
Nena Book 5 *Special Request* - Part 4 Sun Maddy Bell
Old Photograph Solo TGFictionStv
The Lokian Way - Part 03 - Back To School Sun Cassy Bee
Glimmer Girl: Secret Origins - All That Glimmers #7 Sun Miranda Sparks
Template The Intrepid: A Learning Experience (Masks Book 2)... Sat DopplerPress, Stickmaker
Snow Angel Part 21 Sat LadyDragon623
Sky Blue Solo Erin Halfelven
Easy As Falling Off a Bike pt 3222 Sat Angharad
Who Do That Hoo Doo? Solo Grover
Impetus Chapter 1 Sat Vilastis
The Babysitter - Part 5 - Conclusion Sat Pentatonic
11th Sun: Chapter 26: Massage Fri Eleven
VentureRealm Amusement Park -ch20 Fri Snowfall
There is Nothing like a Dame Chapter 6 Fri Bronwen Welsh
Becoming Robin Book 2: Robin Smith - Lady Tiger! Thu Zoe Taylor
Captured by the Amazons - A Jane Bot Tale Thu princesskay
Burning Bright Part-4 Thu Enemyoffun
The Last Smile Solo Sarah Goodwoman
Gun Princess Royale - Book 3 - Ch4. (Part3) Wed simkin452
Alexa B-Side: #21 - Ashley Wed Kris Traverse
Accidental Romance Wed Melanie Brown
Gaby Book 15 ~ Friends ~ Chapter *27* Drea’s First Christmas Wed Maddy Bell
Double short-story collection Solo Set3
Charisma chapter 1 part 4 Tue Otome-chan
Sisters 69 Tue Cyclist
The Last of the Fey Tue Anesidora's Urn
Ian, part 11 Tue Debbie V
Aunt Dorothy Solo Sarah Goodwoman
Blue Moon - Worldwide Kindle Sale! DP Adonna
Bad Romance Solo Melanie Brown
The Last Fifteen Minutes in the Cosmetology Room Solo kayleigh01
Laces Solo Maddy Bell
Book 4 - The Reluctant Prom Date Sun Melanie Brown
crossroads Solo Sorceror
Waking the Dreamer by Grover now on Kindle! Sat Grover
The Collar - Pet TG/TF Solo princesskay
Guardian Angel Solo Wendy Jean
Aftermath Solo Ellie Dauber
Bian - Book 1 - The Bright Road Tue Erin Halfelven
The Hero contest. Solo Tels
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

The Long Journey, Chapter 4

Lizzie Jane, still thinking that the strange man was giving her a ride to Tuscaloosa, was unknowingly flown to a small airport outside Miami. Still unsuspecting the true motive of the strange man, she was placed in a room with two other girls “to wait for just a little while”.

It was when she was given a pair of short-shorts and a short top that revealed her belly button that questions seem to pop up. Puzzled, she asked, “What are these for?’

“Because that is the way our clients like for our young girls to be dressed,” came the reply.

”Clients?” questioned Lizzie Jane.

“Shut up and put them on,” was the response, followed by a sharp slap on the face.

Surprised and being overcome with fear, she complied. The two other girls looked on at the spectacle.

After the door was closed, one of the girls spoke, “Didn’t you realize that you have been kidnapped and to be sold to someone of another country? We are all in the same boat.”

Lizzie Jane was speechless. The girl noticed Lizzie Jane’s confusion, so she continued, “We tried to resist and were beaten for our efforts. We have talked about escape, but there isn’t any chance."


The Long Journey
(A Lizzie Jane Adventure)
Chapter 4
By Billie Sue

Lost In Thought, Part 15

Cruisin' - Chapter 1


By Nick B
(C) 2007

Kim Heasman won the trip of a lifetime in a competition and everything looked like it was going to be plain sailing, but things don't always go according to plan do they?

Thanks Kris for giving this the once over - as usual, another stirling job...

Camp Kumoni : 4

“Good afternoon Columbine girls.” A friendly voice sang from the door to the cabin. In stepped a young woman with copper hair, twisted up and clipped to the back of her head. Her fair skin was dotted with freckles and her green eyes were warm and sparkling with merriment. She was wearing shorts, flip-flops and a lavender Camp Kumoniwanalaya T-shirt that clashed with her warm coloring and orange hair.

“Is everyone here?” She asked looking around taking a head count. She nodded to herself and plopped down on the bed next to the door. “My name is Phoenix and I’ll be your counselor for the next two months.”

The girls all greeted her with smiles and a murmur.

“I hope you like this cabin, I had to fight to get it, it’s further away from the boys, and close enough to the showers that we don’t have to hike to them, yet far enough that we won’t hear them every morning and night.” Phoenix smiled. “As my name is Phoenix, I like to give my cabin-mates the opportunity to ‘burn’ their past and be ‘re-born’. So shed who you were before you got on that bus this morning. Toss it aside and think of the next few weeks as a time of change so that you can emerge a new person."

In more ways than one... Erika thought to herself.



Camp Kumoni
By Anistasia Allread

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 28: Close Quarters

"Come back tomorrow," he beamed.

Blushing, Christina said, "I think you'd work faster without any distractions."

Richard answered seriously, "I need you around to answer any questions that may arise." In a much more playful tone, he added, "Besides, you are far and away my favorite distraction."

Being Christina Chase

Chapter 28 - Close Quarters

by Admiral Krunch

African Lullaby

i would like to share some things that i collectet and translatet throughout the last couple of years

hope you enjoy



Cruel Crazy Beautiful World
You have to wash with the crocodile in the river
You have to swim with the sharks in the sea
You have to live with the crooked politician
Trust those things that you can never see

Lost In Thought, Part 13

“Tell us, Mr. Bond, have you any children?”

“Yes, two. I would think you…”

She cut him off, “…There is no need to elaborate at this time. What are their names?”

“Juliette Bond, what are you playing at?” he managed to ask without completely blowing his top.

“Yes, I am one of your children. Who is the other?”

Dave stood silently for a minute before Jules spoke again.

“Is there a problem?”

Dave continued to look at Jules silently, unable to answer her question.

“Do you not know your own child’s name?”

He still could not answer.

“Do you know this child?”

“Yes, quite well.”

“And yet, you cannot tell the court the child’s name? How can this be?”

“No! Wait! This is all just a mistake!” he shouts as he is taken through the door.


Lost in Thought, Part 13

By Jillian

The Long Journey, Chapters 2 & 3

This was too good to be true, thought Lizzie Jane, but she was so excited that she did not stop and think that the man may not be telling the truth. Also, he appeared to be a gentleman. What harm could come from that?

She decided to take him up on his offer.

The police was back at Reverend Walker’s home. “We may have some bad news,” one of the officers reported.

“When the Mobile police got to the address she called from, she was gone. They questioned some boys who last saw her and they said that she got in a car with a unknown male. The Mobile police department has been watching that address very carefully and have planted a plainclothes woman in the area to investigate the suspicion that white slave traders work out of that section of town. From the description given by the boys, the male who has her in his car may be the suspected ringleader of the group.”

“You mean---“ began the shocked Reverend.

“Yes, she may never be heard from again,” replied the officer. “She may be shipped to another country and sold as a slave — if the male is indeed the person the Mobile police think he is.


The Long Journey
(A Lizzie Jane Adventure)
Chapters 2 & 3
By Billie Sue

Camp Kumoni : 3

Eric did as instructed and waved to his mother as she drove out of the parking lot. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the elastic and pulled his hair up into a ponytail.

Erika was greeted on the bus by polite grins and shy girls who all looked curiously at the new member of their ride to Camp Kumoni.

“Erika,” Samantha called from the back of the bus. “I saved you a seat.” She waved.

Erika smiled back and joined the beautiful blonde in the back seat of the bus.

“I got here early, like a geek, so that I could get us a good seat.” She greeted Erika with a smile. “So how did it go last night?”

“I thought my mom caught wind of what was going on.” Erika explained in low tones. “When I got back from getting my swimsuit, I joined her for pizza. Right in the middle of swallowing, she asked me if I had found my swimsuit. I choked on the pizza. But then I played it off.”

Samantha giggled.

“Its not funny.” Erika looked sternly at her new friend. “What if someone from school is up here at camp?”

“Like they could recognize you.” Samantha looked to the front of the bus. The driver just stepped on and was taking her seat, while a counselor stood at the front flipping through a clipboard. “There is such a difference between Eric the plague and the alluring Erika. Especially once we get you made over.”



Camp Kumoni
By Anistasia Allread

Easy As Falling Off A Bike part 70

Easy As Falling Asleep!
by Angharad & J. Austen
part 70!!!!!!!!!!

It was quite cold as I took my goodbyes from Greg and Margaret Soames, the hosts from hell. I walked as quickly as the high heels of my shoes would allow as they clicked along the road. I was very glad to get home and into the warm.

I Know A Transman

A poem and a statement all wrapped up in one tidy package. I wrote it this morning after a conversation with a friend... that really led to places that it shouldn't have but was a fun and entertaining conversation, anyway!

I Know A Transman
Copyright Edeyn Hannah Blackeney, 25 September 2007

I know a Transman who's partic'larly fun,

Camp Kumoni : 2

After reading the story “The boy who wasn’t seen, and the Girl who couldn’t speak” by Rankan, I got to thinking about that storyline and decided to try out my own ideas. I hope that is okay.
“Here, lets get this sized for you.” Samantha held out a bra.

“What?” Eric’s face went white.

“You’re going to have to wear one at camp. Try it on.” Samantha’s soft voice took on an edge.

Eric put his arms through the holes while Samantha fastened it in the back and adjusted the shoulder straps so that it fit properly. Well kind of. It was in the right place, it just didn’t have anything to fill it out properly.

“I don’t think this is going to work.” Eric said showing her the deflated cups.

“I’ve got it covered.” Samantha reached into the box and pulled out two flesh colored things. “These are breast forms.” She explained to Eric. “When a girl doesn’t have enough chest, she cheats and uses these.” She tucked them into the bra, filling them out.

Eric looked down and couldn’t believe his eyes. It looked like he had breasts.

“Here try this on.” Samantha handed him a purple cotton top. He pulled it over his head and looked in the mirror. His jaw went slack. He could hardly recognize himself. There might be a chance yet.



Camp Kumoni
By Anistasia Allread

Madam Martinique's Finishing School - Part 3

In this chapter, Madam Martinique is called away to deal with an emergency, leaving Billie and Tod alone with whomever might be running the commissary. There we learn about Billies connection with his sister, how it leads (indirectly) to him being caught shoplifting, and see the beginnings of what may turn out to be his first crush.

Madam Martinique's Finishing School - Part 3
Copyright 2007 by Heather Rose Brown

Rejuvenation 2 of 3

Alan has even more surprises for Thomas, Theresa,
or whatever her name ends up being.
And maybe there's a joker in this deck for Alan?

RejuvenationPart 2 of 3

by Bill Hart

Camp Kumoni : 1

After reading the story “The boy who wasn’t seen, and the Girl who couldn’t speak” by Rankan, I got to thinking about that storyline and decided to try out my own ideas. I hope that is okay.
“Why?” he looked into her incredible brown eyes. “Why are you doing this… Going to a summer camp with a guy from school who is considered the plague?”

“Because I owe you so much, Eric. You have been such a friend to me and helped me in so many ways.”

Now Eric was really confused. It must have been written all over his face, because Samantha continued.

“Do you remember my sister, Summer.”

Of course he did. Summer and he were in art class together and shared an interest in comic art. Summer committed suicide a year and a half ago. The whole school had to go through group counseling. Eric nodded.

“After Summer left us, I went through her stuff.” Samantha explained. “I found her diary and sketch pad. She wrote a lot about you and how talented you are. How you made her bad days a little bit better. How your drawings and your sense of humor helped her make it through each day. After I got closer to Summer through her stuff, I found you on line. I started reading your comics, and admiring your art. That is when I started to email you. I wanted to get to know you better. To see everything my sister saw in you. I just couldn’t do it at school, I’m not strong enough to deal with all the cliques and pressures. Anyway, I thought by spending the summer with you, I could get to know you better, like my sister did. Maybe through you, I can understand her better. Besides, it sounded like you needed a friend, and I felt it was the least I could do to help you out.”



Camp Kumoni
By Anistasia Allread

Andersonville - Season 1

Season 1

by Kelly Davidson

Andersonville is based on the story "The Life and Death of Al Parker". Reading the story is recommend to understand some of the discussion in the follow series.

Never Cry Wolf

This story dedicated to Gwendolyn Ann Smith for her, "Remembering our dead" web page at It's a place dedicated to our TG brothers and sisters who were murdered at the hands of others due to hate and intolerance. On the average, one (1) TG person is murdered each month. Would you take a moment to visit the site, bow your head, say a prayer for our fallen brothers and sisters, and remember what we are fighting for - the right to be treated as any other human being. Also, if you have a moment, would you please drop Gwendolyn a note and tell her how much you appreciate her maintaining this site. Thank you.

Lost In Thought, Part 11

As Dave and Jenny crossed the threshold and entered Castle Bond, it was easy to see they were both well past the point of exhaustion. As Dave dropped their bags just inside the door and they both plopped down on the sofa in the front room, he spoke, “Home, sweet home. I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to be anywhere in my entire life.”

Jen was silent for a moment before speaking, “It was an exhausting trip home, but wasn’t it fun watching Gaby race?”

“Oh yes, that part was great. It was everything else that went on that wore me out. And I still have decisions to make.”


Lost in Thought, Part 11

By Jillian


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