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Title Code Author(s)
Becoming Robin Book 2: Robin Smith - Lady Tiger! Sun Zoe Taylor
Summer Intern - 6 Her New Image Sun Jessica C
The Ride Solo Melanie Brown
An Angel Among Us #1 Sun crazypagangurl
Masks 18: Part 4 Sun Stickmaker
Defining Moments - Chapter 4 - Failing to Navigate the Darkness Sun Rebecca Jane
The changeling Solo Nuuan
Sisters 66 Sun Cyclist
A Second Chance -- Chapter 2 Sun Dawn Natelle
I Am Rosemary’s Granddaughter Chapter 19 (starter): “Most of All” Sat Aylesea
The Last of the Fey Sat Anesidora's Urn
Thundering Force: Chapter 20: “Broken Resolution.” Sat Paul Cousins
Family Counselling Solo New Author, Babylon5
Andi and Allie - 13 Sat Kelly Blake
Interpol Heartburn -chp10 Sat WolfJess7
Dreams of Dancing in the Sky -Part 7 Sat WolfJess7
I Was Turned into A Barbie Doll Solo LadyDragon623
Do You Believe In Magic? Chapter 19 Sat LadyDragon623
11th Sun: Chapter 23: Lunch Sat Eleven
The Good Samaritan Chapter 6 Fri Mopar
Hellbound Dolls - Chapter 4 Fri Miranda Sparks
VentureRealm Amusement Park -ch17 Fri Snowfall
Burning Bright Part-2 Fri Enemyoffun
Parting of the Ways Part 15- Non Consensual Fri efindumb
What You Can't See, Can Hurt You Chapter 8 Fri LadyDragon623
Nightmare Solo New Author, SB
Today's Parable - 2017 - 09 - 21 - One Simple Candle Solo Haylee V
Stumbles Of Love Part 4 Thu crazypagangurl
A Stroll outside my car Solo New Author, Pandora
Singles: Anna Begins Solo Sarah Goodwoman
What A Troublesome Ghost Solo Cassy Bee
Home Is Where The Heart Is: Part 11 Thu crazypagangurl
There is Nothing like a Dame Chapter 3 Thu Bronwen Welsh
Nanites -- Chap. 9-10 Thu Leslie Moore
Interesting Summer Vacation Part 7 Wed Kokopo618
Gun Princess Royale - Book 3 - Ch3. (Part 2) Wed simkin452
Angel's Honeymoon Wed LadyDragon623
Anita, Chapter 16 & Epilogue Wed Portia Bennett
Accidental Romance Wed Melanie Brown
A Blank Page - Chapter 13 Wed Flummox
River 38 -- Moving On Wed Dawn Natelle
The Many Faces of Harry Potter 39 Tue Fayanora
To Thine Own Self Be True: Chapter 1 Tue crazypagangurl
The Mirror Ch 5 Tue Zapper
Hi! I'm Your Future Boyfriend Solo Bru
Campfire songs Chapter 21 Tue Savannah Maun
Sunday Tue Debbie V
Miss Apocalypse Solo Cassy Bee
Who's hunting who? Chapter 17. Tue Nagrij
Daddy Bear Solo Ellie Dauber
Unwritten Rules Chapter 5 (starter): "Once In Every Life... Mon Aylesea
A Little R&R 3 part 2 Mon Morpheus
Ginny's Story Chapter 33 Mon Karen Lockhart
Topiary Genetics: Part 4 Mon Ducky Detour
Why did I do this? Mon Shakira
Helping Hand - Part 5 Mon SamanthaMD
A New Job Promotion Twist Part Seven Sun M. Gorman
When the candle lit up Solo New Author, Shakira
Giving Birth To Pervy Ideas Solo Cassy Bee
Pea Pod and Pea Pod 2 on Kindle! Sun Wholeman
Book 4 - The Reluctant Prom Date Sat Melanie Brown
Blue Moon - Worldwide Kindle Sale! DP Adonna
The Unexpected Romance Solo Melanie Brown
The Station's Late Nite Princess Wed Snowfall
Cam Girl Solo laylajade
A Fatefull Meeting Solo Cassy Bee
Shannon's Course by Angela Rasch in Kindle Tue Angela Rasch
Impostor Syndrome Solo Vilastis
Pump Up The Crowd Solo SinComics
Waking the Dreamer by Grover now on Kindle! Mon Grover
Shades of My Past Solo Dr. Bender
Break Solo Shiina Ai
Suit Your Self DP Lainie Lee
Who Do That Hoo Doo? Solo Grover
Template The Intrepid: A Learning Experience (Masks Book 2)... Sat DopplerPress, Stickmaker
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 10: Back to Normal

        Chris' transition back to his old life hadn't been easy. After only a week in Oak Grove, he'd become accustomed to a slower, more relaxed way of life. Though he didn't know many people in the small town, it hadn't taken him long to recognize the familiar cast of characters on Main Street. His days had been filled with the company of his family or the friendly human interaction of working in the grocery store.

Stand Up

A long while ago, I was thinking about what my life might be like if I started living as a female. I wondered how others might react. Would I find the people in my life being supportive of my decision? Would I stand alone? These and similar questions constantly haunted me.

During that time, I had composed several songs; this is one of them. Actually, I envisioned this as more of a music video. I lost my original copy and had to rewrite it, adding bits here and there. For the most part, the three parts of this song at the end are as I had originally written them.

Stand Up

Copyright 2007 by Heather Rose Brown

Working Girl 13

Working Girl 13

Susan Brown


I woke up gradually, coming out of a fog of discordant dreams. Dreams that I was a boy masquerading as a girl just so that I could get a job! It was obviously a dream because reality wasn’t that stupid.

I could hear voices in the distance.


By allie elle

A young man after accidentally damaged the window of a shop he runs. He
accepts a lift from a woman and his life undergoes a lot of changes. He
realises that things were out of his hands and he found that times a
change of perspective is a good thing.

Part One: The Beginning
Robert was disgusted at the world; Mrs. Riley his landlady had just
thrown him out. She was not usually so forceful in her behaviour; she
had just barred the door to him. He had spent the last four hours
touring the dirty populated streets wondering what he was going to do

Nothing Stranger Than Life, Chapter 22

I wrote this chapter quickly before work this morning, but I wanted to keep my hand in play.

It is short but might be important later, depending on my muse. I hope you enjoy!



Alex’s Adventures in a Land of Wonder


 © Nick B May 2007

Alex finishes his first night as a catering assistant, as Michelle.

The next task is to tell Jocelyn...

This is the last outing for Alex for the time being, but I'm sure he'll grow; people always do, whether you want them to or not.

I know I say something like this every time, but big up to Kristina LS for her help as always and hugs for stopping it from all going Pete Tong on me.

This is a work of fiction and if you haven't figured that out yet, where ya been?
Any similarities between person living or dead would be... well you know the rest.

And That is the Way it Happened -8-

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

JD’s Production and Payne’s World get together for a production, the girls get to do some shopping,
and Janice finds out who it was that hacked her program.

And That
is the Way it Happened

Part 8

by Paula Dillon

Copyright © 2007 Paula Dillon
All Rights Reserved.

Runway | Chapters 3 - 4: What have I Gotten Myself Into?

Synopsis: After being tricked into an undercover assignment involving roles of a more feminine nature, Dirk, now Tiffany, and Matt, now Brenda both begin to find out just what they stepped into....

The Council of Ascendancy

Council Of Ascendancy

by Leigh Richards

Chapter One

"Mr. Grove your three o'clock is here." The voice of David Grove's secretary came through the inter-office communications.

'My three o'clock?' Wondered David. He knew he had no three o'clock. Just in case, he brought up his daily calendar, and sure enough he had no appointments for the rest of the day.

Passing Tones, Chapter 14

There is nothing overtly inappropriate in this story. However, due to some elements of it, this chapter may be difficult emotionally for some readers. I wish to apologize in advance for any discomfort experienced by the readers as a result of this, but hope you will agree that it is important enough to the story that it needed to be included.
Passing Tones
Chapter 14

by Jillian Marie

Deep Cover, revised

Deep Cover


Harkness Holdings had just posted another astounding quarterly earnings statement that left Wall Street analysts breathless with excitement. The chattering financial commentators were agog. Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal were all touting the quarter-by-quarter meteoric rise of Beauregard “Beau” Chadsworth, Harkness’ CEO, and his team who’d taken the moribund company and pushed it to the heights of Wall Street stardom. Harkness’ share prices reflected the unbounded confidence of investors big and small. From the get-rich-quick types to the most cautious investors, Harness was what they all wanted.

Beau Chadsworth was the darling of the talk show hosts who outdid one another in their fawning praise. In the post-Enron scandal era, Harkness was basking in its squeaky clean image. And Chadsworth, for his part was all becoming modesty. He was quick to point to the success and support of his team, Jack Levin the COO and Bridget O’Leary the CFO and their subordinates. Then there was the Chadsworth Foundation, already being talked about in the same breath as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, so recently bolstered by the largess of Warren Buffett.

All was golden in the second and third quarters of 2006. Or so it seemed.

Should Have Stayed in Bed

Bill was a nice guy. Everyone said so... all the girls thought he was cute as.
But cute wasn't exactly what he hoped for... at least sometimes.
Today was a big day, presentations... possible promotion.
But well... Bill, he's having one of those days.

Pre-editor version - The Making of Nibs-Volume1:The Beginnings - Chapters 1 to 4

For all those lovers of the original The Making of Nibs, here the latest and very definetly the best edit so far. I think most of you will agree this is tighter and the world truly lives.


Chapter 1

Sitting in the living room of Damien Cameron’s home in Suraban, were Timaus, Damien and K Dog.
Timaus placed his mug of coffee down asking, “Do you think I should put Nicholas Calton forward for selection to the Academy?”

Carrie's Journey to Femininity Chpts 1 and 2

Please read and leave comments and read this first comment in comment section

Carrie’s Journey to Femininity

Chapter 1 The Encounter

Her tale is not a new one. The idea that she would grow up loving makeup and dresses instead football and jerseys is as much a mystery to her as to you the reader. It wasn't an accident that she was drawn satin and bows but a gradual evolution.

The girl inside

The Girl Inside

 © Nick B May 2007

Here's a little ditty I put together over the last couple of days I thought may interest some. It's only short so there's no excuse for passing it by. If nothing else it'll hopefully make you smile and I'm sure there are some out there who would be interested if it really did exist...

Trans Pride Day, May 20, 2007

Trans Pride Day, May 20, 2007

by shalimar

I used to be afraid that others would know my secret, that I am male between my legs, but female between my ears. What would happen if it got out? Would others still like me? Would I be hurt? In truth, questions like that were on my mind.

Happy Birthday, Jocelyn

Alex’s Adventures in a Land of Wonder

Happy Birthday, Jocelyn

 © Nick B May 2007

Alex's rejection of Sharon, her friends and her controlling ways, led him to meet Jocelyn, a girl from his school, who invites his alter ego to a birthday party, but Alex has no idea how he can get to go...

Thanks Kris, you came through yet again.

Any similarity to persons living or dead would shock the hell out of me. I think parents can sometimes surprise you. Mine? Well that's another story altogether...


Femella Ailuros Armatura


Chapter Six

"Listen up, people. First the spinal cord, will be replace with a reinforced version. We will be doing a full internal replacement at the same time. What I mean; heart, lungs, both kidneys, liver, intestines, and spleen. Yes this is the works. Ribcage will be replace, same as before."

"Sir, will we be able to implement the my personal project?"

"Yes, you will. What is it?"

"Why all of these body hardening bones?"


(The second first time)

This is about what happens when you meet that special someone that takes you higher than you ever dreamed
to be possible. But sometimes, when we fly higher than we should, we might burn our wings...

"There were so many new feelings and emotions descending upon me that I wanted to explore. Some old in a new dress, some long forgotten and some completely new. I wanted to take them in, feel them with all my senses in tune. I wanted to be with him! Nothing held us at this place anymore."

(Yeah, I've been editing this some, so bite me. Leave a comment if you liked it)

Like a Candle in the Wind, Part 3

Synopsis: a young Marilyn Monroe impersonator auditions for the role of Sugar Cane in a remake of Some Like It Hot. "If I'm a star, then the people made me a star."

Like a Candle in the Wind
by Laurie S. aka l.satori

Part 3


Before a performance on the Civic Holiday weekend, the first Monday in August, Heather handed me a tabloid newspaper. On the front cover was a picture of Marilyn Monroe.

"You've made the big time," Heather said with a smile. "You're on the front page of the Star Enquirer."

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 9: Home is Where the Heart Is

        Christina lay in bed on her side with her arm around a pillow. She hadn't checked what time it was, but judging by the sunlight, she expected it was past noon. Her mind was so seized with despair and worry that she'd slept only a few fitful hours since Andrei and left her at her bedroom door last night. Her hand was numb from clutching her gear necklace. She'd been holding it so tightly and for so long that the teeth had cut grooves into her palm.


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