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Title Code Author(s)
Player One chapter 2 part 3 Tue Otome-chan
To Reap The Wind: Chapter 1 Tue crazypagangurl
Night Bird Solo LadyDragon623
GLOO'd Tails 01 Mon Ray Drouillard
Wallander - The Woman from Malmo - 2 Mon Drea DiMaggio
Ginny's Story Chapter 73 Mon Karen Lockhart
Swifter, Higher, Stronger Mon Angela Rasch
The seduction: part 20 Mon Monique S
Masks 20: Part 5 Mon Stickmaker
Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 88 Mon Teddie S.
Star Chapter 7 Mon Savannah Maun
Masks 4 - Vengeance in Vegas by Stickmaker on Kindle Mon Stickmaker
Coming out from undercover - Part 2 Mon SamanthaMD
Fantastic Mars -13- Tombs of Mars Sun Erin Halfelven
Wild And Free: Chapter 1 Sun crazypagangurl
The Best Damn Thing Section 7: “What the Hell” (starter) Sun Aylesea
Another Ride Solo Melanie Brown
Wildcats 3 Now on Amazon Kindle! Sun Leslie Moore
Missing Without A Trace 2: Repercussions. Chapter 2 Sun Charles Schiman
Mole Hunt Chap. 12 Sun LadyDragon623
Flight of the Claymore -chapter 17 Sun WolfJess7
Dancing to a New Beat 28 Sun Cyclist
Jessica Jade - Ch01 Sun Leslie Moore
Cheer's the Thing: Becoming Robin Book 3 on Kindle Sat Zoe Taylor
72 HOURS: A MerMania Romance - Day 1 Sat Laika
My hero Solo Tels
The Devil's Chamber Part 9 Sat LadyDragon623
A Tale Of Two Dolls Solo Cassy Bee
Penny's World pt 21 Sat Sophie Jones
Baseball Annie Fri Angela Rasch
Rebirth Chp. 9 Fri LadyDragon623
The Bunny Journals, Journal Entry 2 Fri LadyDragon623
The Vampires Kiss Part 2 Fri Anna NaMaus
Easy as Falling Off a Bike - Book 2 - on Amazon Kindle Thu Angharad
Time on My Hands Chapter 23 - 239 CE: The Nerva of It! Thu Jennifer Sue
I Was Turned into Wonder Woman Thu LadyDragon623
Becoming Sara Day Eight Thu Sara Hawke
Coyote Chapter 7 Thu Nuuan
The Roads Are Calling, or It's A Carnie Life: Part 7 Thu crazypagangurl
The Many Faces Go To War 7 Thu Fayanora
Ring of Zulo Solo Sara Hawke
Princess and the Plague: A New Beginning 6 Wed Anistasia Allread
Gaby Book 16 ~ Sweet Sixteen ~ Chapter *38* Downtime Wed Maddy Bell
Spectacular Part-2 Wed Enemyoffun
Elliot: Working for Lioness Investments – 3 Getting One's... Tue Jessica C
My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Epilogue Tue Savannah Maun
Alexa B-Side: #28 - Katie & Danny Tue Kris Traverse
Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 5 Tue crazypagangurl
"Was it GLOOD For You?" Solo commentator
My first date. Solo Tels
The Secret Garden Sat D.L.
The GLOOrious Revolution Solo commentator
Balmoral Solo Gwen Brown
The Princess of Q'fahr now on Amazon Kindle Wed Melanie Brown
Uninvited - A Gloo Tale Solo Drea DiMaggio
Brief Glimpses Solo Morpheus
Sisterhood . The Gloo That Bonds Solo Jengrl
We Will Gloo you! Solo Nuuan
Shannon's Course by Angela Rasch in Kindle Fri Angela Rasch
300 Rains by Heather O'Malley at Amazon Sat poetheather
The Last of the Fey Wed Anesidora's Urn
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Oot and aboot...

Blog About: 


Lately I've gotten a bit of contract labor that has me out-of-doors cleaning up around campgrounds and a local boat launch ramp... Where I live is heavy with poison oak and ivy... being out and about doing what I've been doing means I've been all up in the poison oak and ivy! So I'm feeling somewhat good about earning some immediate cash, but I'm also suffering somewhat due to being all up in the poison oak especially. I didn't see any poison ivy but suspect it is there too, so sort of a toss up for days as far as what I'm feeling....

Doing things for myself

Went for an appointment today, with no attendant. I'll be doing this more and more in the future, Still haven't figured out how to dress myself, that comes later. Lately I've been very depressed, to the point of thinking the unthinkable. The reasons I didn't do it a long while back still hold true, I am very aware how much it hurts the people we leave behind.

Missing Without A Trace 2: Repercussions Chapter 1

Missing Without A Trace 2:
Charles Schiman

Author's Note: This is a sequel to my Non-TG Novel, Missing Without A Trace: A Kelly Mitchell Mystery by Charles Schiman.
This is also a non-tg novel. However, I am a male writing the novel first-person as a female. And I created Kelly as the female person I thought I could have become--my alter ego, if you will--had I been born a girl.


Trixiebell Heartswoon

Just a quick note.

Well today we have silly gale force winds with storm Hector so i've had to put off today's bike ride. Pity as it's otherwise a nice sunny day - with a following wind (ha ha) i'll get out a bit later for a couple of hours..

Anyhow, due to that i've been sat writing and the current lump of Trixie is now complete! It may get posted on Sunday if I get the opportunity so keep an eye out.

So now i'll crack on with Gaby book 23 - with luck the first bit will be done before the end of next week.

Ta ta for now

I have signed a contract with Doppler for "what if."

What if will now appear as an ebook to help Erin and the otheres with the kitty. So when they give me the word it will disappear from the free stories.

Sorry, but I hope some of you will get a copy and help fund BCTS with that. Unfortuatey that is all I can do to help, but there are some other books cooking, last years NaNoWriMo novel: "The job that changed my life" is coming soon (as paperback and ebook on smashwords) and if they are happy with it, a 200K+ words crime novel, possibly on Doppler. The NaNoWriMo novel I had already committed to smashwords before.

The Vampires Kiss Part 1

The Vampires Kiss is my second foray into adding a bit of horror. The transgender bits don’t really appear until part three but I hope you enjoy the tale and I’m sure you can guess where it’s headed.

The Vampire's Kiss

The Vampires Kiss
By Anna Na Maus
©2018 by Anna Na Maus. All rights reserved.

Living in A Mental Hospital

The story behind “The Best Damn Thing”

First off,
I apologize for placing small snippets of the story; but it’s coming to me in pieces that I want to try and share.

Thank you for everyone who read my last blog post and responded to it.

Thank you to everyone who is reading the story in its bit by bit format.

The Best Damn Thing Section 5 “Push”


I spent Sunday morning in my bed.

I removed my storm window to break into my room and I then slammed my small dresser against the frame. It did squat to prevent anyone, like, say, John, from actually getting in but it made me feel a little better. However the good vibes vanished in seconds as what happened replayed in my head like a bad cut scene.

Masks 20: Part 2

Part Two

Vic was using the treadmill in the lair's gym the next morning when she saw Energia enter. Like Vic she was wearing workout clothing, though with added mask. Vic waved as she moved to one of the mats.

"Good morning," Energia said, waving cheerfully back. She noticed that Vic - in kicking jeans, a sport bra and running shoes and without her hair extensions - had the machine set close to its maximum normal human level. She grinned at the martial artist. "Ah, Sunday at the lair. Filled with the sounds of whirring and clanking exercise machines."

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 86

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 86
Old Town. Classes start. Dr. Etsitty.

Yesterday, Saturday, had been crazy. We’d stopped at Mrs. Benallie’s shop on the way to the apartment, and some guy had tried to steal the camera bag with some of the silver jewelry in it. I think he thought that there was a camera in it. Well, I stopped him, and then we met two Santa Fe County Sheriff's deputies.

After we were out of that mess, we finished the drive to Albuquerque. I was so mad at myself for setting the camera bag down that I was ready to put all the jewelry in the safe and weld the safe shut. But calmer heads prevailed, Amy calmed me down. And she suggested that we find someplace to watch a sunset. That place was an hours drive and five-thousand feet higher then we are in Albuquerque. But it was worth the trip. But what was even better was finding a drive-in afterward that served ginger ale milkshakes and great fries. Now if their hamburgers are just as good.

What next?

Dancing to a New Beat 27

I really don’t know where that year went, but the school holidays were soon on us and so was our boy’s first ever trip abroad. We had taken a load of pictures of him, trying to get something suitable for his passport, and in the end the best we could manage made my son look rather like a white Malteser.

We flew from Cardiff this time, meeting the others at a coffee shop before check-in. It was slightly odd, as I remembered Vicky from the trial, but had never really got to know her husband Kevin, and then there were two hyperactive children to engage with, Tara Elaine and Kevin Twm. Bags dropped, kids supplied with amusements, queue through Security, and then sit and wait, then wait some more.

The seduction: part 19

after Lauren.jpg

Chapter forty nine: serious reading?

All three were surprised and delighted by the happy atmosphere between Maureen and Monika, but Stephanie especially. She first embraced Maureen and kissed her deeply, then she turned to Monika with a grin.
“So, what witchy things did you do for Maureen to be so happy now?”
Both Maureen and Monika Laughed.
“Well, little angel,” Monika said “I’ll leave it to Maureen to tell you.”
Stephanie looked questioning at Maureen who replied:
“Later, sweetie, later.”

Coming out from undercover - Part 1

I arrived a few minutes late for work to find the squad room a scene of what can only be described as organised chaos. From the looks on everyone’s faces we’d picked up a new case. I headed for my desk and after slipping off my coat I sat down, started to get my bearings and waited in vain for anyone to remark ‘oh you are back then?’ or some such greeting.

I was just returning from three weeks holiday and I was already feeling slightly miffed that none of my colleagues had even noticed that I’d returned to work.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Sophia's POV

I woke up and struggled to open my eyes. For some reason my eyelids were really heavy, but I managed to blink a few times and finally open them properly. I looked around trying to work out where the hell I was, who I was and even what the hell happened. The room was clearly a hospital room and it was empty. It being empty was comforting for some unknown reason.

Something Strange is Going On

“How are our patients doing today?” Dr. Victor Evans walks into the lab he had been given by the government to conduct his research.

“They are doing fine, sir. The serum you give them yesterday is already starting to rewrite their DNA.” Dorothy Crowfoot had been hired to be Dr. Victor’s assistant on project rebirth.


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