The Bliss 2/3

The Bliss


Chapter 2
“Definitely not your color”

Being an outstanding cheerleader isn't enough. Others expect more than this. Andy gets to know that being right isn’t always right.


This story is in three parts, it's completed and chapters will be posted once a week.
My thanks to Amanda Lynn for proofreading and helpful suggestions.


The Heads of Helltown High

A sink school and a broken Britain, symptoms of a dis-functional democracy. Can a dying teacher with a vision, a recently released armed robber with nothing and a twenty-five year old widowered musician walking a tightrope with the abyss of insanity on one side and the temptations of suicide on the other do anything to help…?

Easy as Falling Off a Bike 5 - 12th Anniversary!


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It's the 12th Anniversary of the longest* story on BigCloset —maybe even the longest on the internet!

And we're celebrating with a new Kindle version of chapters 251-300!

Angharad's Saga

Easy as Falling Off a Bike

Danny Part 7 - Chapter 48


Chapter 48
by Roberta J. Cabot

This is a story about Daniel, a guy with a unique talent and an even more unique problem: A great singing voice and the looks of his gorgeous sister. And how he and his family deal with his having breasts. And how he ends up as the female lead singer for a high-school cover band as well as a radio DJ.

Danny and Nikki had another wonderful time when they checked into another Holiday Inn, although it ended all too quickly because they had to meet up with the guys for their day in town. Although they ended up shopping. Again.

So, is there really never a dull moment with Batch Fourteen, and Dan & his gang?

Hatbox funds needed


We have about $1700 in bills due this week and less than $500 in accounts.

Also, we're asking for an extra 1000 for the next three months because of a big expense coming in September. We're going to be moving our servers.

If you can help, it will be appreciated. Thanks.

Erin, Piper, Cat and the crew.

Stick Her Shock - Part 19

Chapter 37

Jackie and Sandy looked at each other. Neither had ever really considered talking about the secret that started the whole mess. Sure they'd talked a bit about it the night before last but that had been more about the aftermath. It was like Jack had disappeared and been replaced by a completely different person.

Sylvia turned to Marsha and Dana.

"Perhaps I could have some time alone with Jackie and Sandy?"

"Sis? Will you be alright?"

Arrat - The Myth of the Amazons Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Although I was left to my own devices, I could never be bored. Once you have the Interface installed there are always things to do. I had been given a basic tutorial which meant I knew how to unlock doors, go to the bathroom, switch on lights and, more importantly, look up how to do other things. There was an endless amount of education that was available for free and a bewildering amount of stuff that you had to pay for.

The Fields of Identity have no Monocultures just Endless Varieties of Wild Flowers

LGBT themes running through a tale in which DNA resequencing and mental re-psyching are the norm for a secretive hightech group that hides in plain view. (The few missing pieces towards the end will be sorted out in the near future. Since their absence makes little difference I decided they could wait.)

Stuck in a Rut - Part 46

Stuck in a Rut.
By Rosalie Redd

Casey Church is dealing with the usual things that any Fourteen year old girl has to deal with. That is if they are a girl in a world where girls aren’t born, they are transformed. Leaving her male life behind is difficult, and new threats are on the horizon.


Chapter 46

Foreign influence: part 41

Foreign influence cover BCTS.jpg

sixty eight

We left then to return to the house. On the way we persuaded Katharina to go to New York and come back with Maureen and ThreeB for the picnic. She was a bit unsure about going and meeting people she did not know, but I calmed her by telling her, that she would talk to Maureen on the phone beforehand. Now it was time to have a serious chat with Esme. I did not like her plotting at all in this instance. Maybe Grishka was ready in her opinion, but for one I disagreed. And Katharina certainly wasn’t. Angela just looked at me and grinned.
“Oh, my love, I am really going to enjoy what will happen now.”
I just grinned.
“What do you think will happen now?” Katharina asked her.
“I think, for the fist time in her life, the mighty Esmeralda will get to be seriously told off.” Angela giggled.

Woodcrest #5: Investigating Audrey Chapter 1

I paced back and forth, surveying the remaining members and pledges. This time we were in the meeting room, a podium up front, wooden folding chair spread uniformly across the rest of the floor. We hadn’t been using this space enough, but we had to look formal enough when our GAT representative walked through the door.

Sexual Innovations in the Underworld, 2 / 2

Sexual Innovations in the Underworld, 2 / 2

By Iolanthe Portmanteaux

I smiled at her. “Periods? Babies? Monthlies? I’m not going to have any of that.” I laughed.

“Oh, no?” she asked. “And why is that?”

“Because I’m a man!” I told her.

“Are you?” she retorted.

Forsythe Saga - You did what? - Part 1 of 2

Forsythe Saga - You did what? – Part 1
[Authors Note] This part (and the next one) was written in the First Person. Later parts of this tale are written in the Third Person.

The process of going to an interview for a new job is stressful at the best of times but when… when you are doing it for the first time and as a total and absolute fraud is really daunting.

When I saw all the others waiting to be interviewed for the job I almost turned tail and ran for the hills. They were all wearing business suits. All of the three other women in the room were perfectly made up and … well, nigh on perfect. Their flawless complexions could have from a fashion magazine such as Vogue. The six men were all identikit clones in suits with hair just the right length, all freshly shaven and nothing out of place that would really distinguish them from the person sitting right next to them. Even their ties were almost the same shade of non-committal blue. Ugh!

My Digital Life Chapter 27

Chapter 27

There was a knock on the interview room door. Felix got up and checked it, then turned to me. “There have been some developments.” He looked at Kate. “Can you look after Alex, I will be back in shortly.”

Kate looked at me a bit embarrassed, trying to think of something to say. “Did you see Misha again. I got the impression that you liked each other.”

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 185

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2019 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 185

Dinner with my Aunt and Uncle.
A long term test.
A sad visit with Sam Tl'izilani’s family.


Why can't I hate it? ~o~O~o~ It's time to put it to the test. ~o~O~o~ Dr. Fontheim, for the last time, no! ~o~O~o~ Did you hear them Iz? ~o~O~o~ ‘Forget not. Remember with a smile.’



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