The Collector Chapter 5

The Collector
Michele Nylons

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Chapter Five – Conspiracy

Charlotte Beason returns to Chelmsford Hall twenty years after graduating as an Acolyte of the Circle and ten years after leaving to live overseas. She is reunited with her former mentor Mary Pilson under unfortunate circumstances; but is there an ulterior motive for her return?

Madeline's Saturday Detention (2)

I took a deep breath as I was lead into the nurses office. The minute I entered into the room, I felt the tiny hairs on my arm stand up as the smell of antiseptic filled my nose. It was nauseating to say the least as memories of my stint in the IC of UMC came flooding back. My palms starting sweating and chill passed over my shoulder. Slowly I closed my eye and shivered again.

Interview with a Lolita -chp7

Interview with a Lolita

Debra Wallen had expected her day to be filled with the usual drudgery of an Interns life for Fashion Blitz magazine. She never expected to be interviewing one of the world’s newest and biggest fashion designers this day. Not only was the woman a force to be reckoned with but a true mystery as well. Debra would be the first person to ever had a one on one interview with Ren Nagata. This was Debra’s big chance and she really wanted to impress her boss by coming back with an interview worthy of her trust. Little could Debra see how this one interview would affect her life or how it would influence her career.

To Be a Different Someone Chapter 13 “Up”


Chapter Thirteen: Up

The truth hurts. We’re always told to be up front with others: don’t play with anyone’s mind or heart, honesty is the best policy, give a little bit of heart and soul and all that, right?

Who I Am Chapter 10 “Close to You”


Our senior year was difficult for the both of us. From day one, Highland Academy was against us from spending any time together and mom made it a rule that we were to study in the kitchen, den or living room and Michael was not allowed upstairs. Dad was oblivious to the situation as mom told him she caught me smoking in my room—anything to avoid telling him that his son was sexually active.
“Everyone tries it, Elizabeth,” he said one night at dinner.

The Puppeteer: Revenge-broker - chapter 05


The Puppeteer-Revengebroker coverart.png
People go about their lives in their own way. Some believe the world is against them. Some believe the world is their's. But when your world has been destroyed, what would you do? What would you pay, to get some part of it back. What would you pay, to balance those scales?
At what price; love? Safety? Sanity? Justice? At what price; Revenge?
*Warning- Does contain hyper-violence*


Bacha Boys LTD

.Bacha Boys LTD

written by Dauphin
The most shocking story that Dauphin has written, about a boy that is being groomed to please men as a girl
"This is provoking, made me angry, made me cry." Diana
"Some Stories need to be told" Dauphin

Time on My Hands Chapter 49 - 368-378 CE: The Rat Patrol

Time on My Hands

Chapter 49: 368-378 CE: The Rat Patrol

One thing Raben practiced and insisted upon was, to the best that circumstances allowed, to never order someone to do things. He’d ask them to do something, often asking them to please do what he requested. He also made a point of thanking then for doing what he asked. In point of fact he made it a point to thank people for doing their jobs, publicly praising their actions. When it became necessary to reprimand someone, it was normally done gently and in private, with encouragement to do better. Only when a point needed to be driven home was a transgressor publicly disciplined. Treating people with kindness and respect cemented the Clan Corvo’s cohesiveness.

Shadowsblade: School year 2.....Closer on a Drow?

Tea Ladies

Tea Ladies
Michele Nylons

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The Quickening

Mike Harris is a part time transvestite who struggles with his compulsion to crossdress. He hung up his wig and high-heels over two years ago but ‘The Quickening’, his compulsion to dress as a woman, has returned and his alter ego Michele Nylons beckons.

Mother's wish

Mother's wish
Story of ordinary sacrifice


Since his childhood Al was different, not like other boys, and constantly surrounded by the bunch of girls he didn’t fancy them but rather preferred to be one of them. Now as FBI agent Al had an emergency wish in his pocket, though it was for emergency and not for desire of whole life.

TG Techie: Chapter 35: Post Mortem

Post Mortem


This seems as good a time as any for a feelings check, Aisling. I was laying—Bree in my arms—in a dazed stupor. Around 90% was feeling of afterglow like the trinity site. 10% of me was trying not to panic.

I counted the ways one could experience oral sex, and decided that, of 8, I had experienced 3 in one day. The oppourtunity to cross of “as female, recieving male,” was present all around me. If I hadn’t orgasmed so hard my tonails hurt still, I might try to get an even 50%.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 138

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 138
Back to Albuquerque and dinner.
Mr. Uintillie.
Will it be a masters or a doctoral? ~o~O~o~ Dinner and a talk with friends. ~o~O~o~ Hello, Mr. Uintillie.

New month New challenges; Hatbox needs funds


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Godmother Chp. 5

Later that night, in a wealthy Grandvale suburb, a van slowly pulled in and parked across the street of a particular house. You wouldn't think much of the van walking by it, it looked like an average van for Teledreams Cable, but that was the point. Inside were three thieves of modest means, visiting each night to case the houses. They wore clothes that looked like Teledreams uniforms from a distance, including white polos and light blue slacks, and referred to each other with codenames, to prevent identifying themselves when law enforcement was listening.


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