Boy wearing sisters clothes

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 7: Deception!

Jenna's Instagram account of Sam has been gaining steam, and people are starting to realize Sam might be the real Sammi_Jaclyn32. How can he go about stopping possible suspicions?

A Girl for Halloween Part 5: Bonding with Julia

Jason had just completed his date (completely dressed and acting as Jacie) with the cute work friend, Michael. However, Jacie learns that Michael had a sketchy break-up with Leslie after running into her at the ice cream shop. Her date ended with a kiss on the cheek, but the mystery break-up still looms.

Sorry for the long delay! Look forward to more chapters!

Guts and Lingerie 3 & 4

Sorry for not posting after a long time. So here are the next two chapters, Hope you enjoy!
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Chapter 3
Jenny woke up this time having the same dream again of Marge and him. He took a pic and

stuck it in its place. Today was the day he was waiting for! He went down prepared his

breakfast and had it quickly to enjoy the day. He went up to Marge's bathroom and took a

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