Budding romance

Rock It: Chapter 3

I woke up in the back of an ambulance on the way to the Ingalls clinic yet again. Mrs. Giacomo was sitting at the back, looking my way every now and then, I guess, as I caught her doing it the next time and heard her quiet gasp which alerted the paramedic that I was awake.

The paramedic, a somewhat plain looking woman of about thirty maybe, took a minute or two to check my blood pressure and temperature, and then grabbed a stethoscope to listen to my heart and lungs, just to make sure they were working properly, I suppose.

Vesta's Hearth 5 and 6

Vesta's Hearth 5 and 6
Frances Penwiddy

Copyright© Frances Penwiddy 2012

This is a work of fiction, the characters and the Café are fictitious and any resemblance to places or persons living or dead is coincidental.

Cooking lessons, a pretty pinny, Two Spirit New Girls, a chat with Barbara and good news.


Vesta's Hearth 3 and 4

Vesta’s Hearth 3 and 4
Volume 1
By Frances Penwiddy

Copyright©Frances Penwiddy, 2014

Vesta’s Hearth is a work of fiction. Any similarity to people living or dead is coincidental.
This novel is not considered suitable reading matter for minors.

Helen has an interview, wishes for M & S knickers and finds a sister.


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