Robyn Gets Her Man

Highway 405 Los Angeles, California:
Ace couldn’t believe she was on another highspeed chase. This made four in one week, and the way the driver was driving, he would lose control of his car. She needed to put an end to this chase before anyone got hurt.

Learning What It Means to Be Tammy Beck Chp. 15

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California:
Gina watches as Arabella and Jennifer chase after a frisbee on the beach. The two of them have been getting along really well. That was the one concerned Gina and Arnold had about the two girls. They were totally opposites of each other.

Don’t Mess with The Wolfhart Family Part 9

9136 West Oak Drive, Thousand Oaks, California:
“Suspects are down, Billy.” Sara looks at the four men she took down. The new darts she designed worked great.

“Find their laptops and plug the thumb drive in.” Billy was sitting in the mobile command unit a few blocks away from the location.

Don’t Mess with The Wolfhart Family Part 7

Sasha’s Apartment:
Dotty yawns as she gets up out of bed. It takes her mind a few seconds to remember where she is. She walks to the bathroom and does her morning business. Her mind was still waking up as she walks into the kitchen and brews herself a cup of coffee. She was surprised to find that Sasha had a varied selection of coffee.

Don’t Mess with The Wolfhart Family Part 6

Dining room, Susan’s and Sasha’s Mansion:
Gracie, Robyn, Emily, Bunnie, Sandy, Rose, Susan, Kayla, and Sasha were sitting around the dining room table listening and looking towards the front of the table. Standing at the front of the table were Sasha’s older brother Jason and his adopted daughter Tullia. She was acting as his assistant tonight and was around Gracie’s age.

Jason looks at his baby sister's family as he prepares himself to give Sasha the bad news. He knew she wasn’t going to like what he was about to tell her.

Learning What It Means to Be Tammy Beck Chp. 10

Nyx’s Hotel Room:
Nyx looks at the time on her laptop and couldn’t believe she has been up since four in the morning. She just couldn’t sleep because of what was going on. They need to find who stole that power armor. She sent the security footage she had to her friend, and he said it was going to take at least a day for him to get back to her.

Don’t Mess with The Wolfhart Family Part 2

One Month Later:
Gracie tries to scratch an itch under the cast on her arm. She uses a nail file to get under her cast.

“You know if you keep scratching the skin under your cast, it's going to be raw.” Rose looks at her younger sister.

“Rose, it itches, and the heat isn’t helping.” Gracie hated the cast on her arm.

“How do you think I feel, sis?” Rose looks at Gracie. Her arm was supported up in the air, while the cast around her shoulder that held her bones in place.

Learning What It Means to Be Tammy Beck Chp. 8

Nyx changes out her chest plate for her armor. She’ll have to rebuild her older armor chest plate. While she is getting the replacement, she runs the list of local supply places you could get what was needed. She knew that the material needed to repair the other armor was special.

It was going to require specialized equipment as well. She does some research to see if she could locate some companies that would either carry the equipment. A long list appears on her computer screen. She tries narrowing it down, but there were just too many places.

Learning What It Means to Be Tammy Beck Chp. 5

Tammy and Leland were sitting on the sectional in the living room watching a television show. Leland was naked and was just wearing a pair of boxers. Tammy was curled up next to him and was wearing an oversized black t-shirt that had a smiley face on it with a bullet hole above the eyes. She wasn’t wearing any panties or a bra.

Who Wear’s the Pants in The Marriage?

Sara looks at all the boxes and containers that have been delivered to her and Billy’s place. All their stuff from South America has finally arrived. She goes about unpacking one room at a time. Her wife, Billy was helping her father at his forensics lab.

While she was being trained by Mr. Bounty, her wife was recovering from being shot and learning to become a computer forensics analyst. Billy was just as smart as she was, if not smarter.

“Alexa, turn volume up by twenty-five percent.” Sara was listening to her favorite playlist, as she works.

Stand By Your Woman Part 14

Just before Sara boards the yacht, she stops and yells up towards the deck “ahoy! Permission to come abroad?”

Ralph was checking the deck out when he heard a female voice. He had seen white smoke down on the pier and that had piqued his attention. He looks down and spots a young, short black hair woman wearing some sort of form-fitting bodysuit.

“Who are you and why are you here?” He walks down towards the deck.

“I’m Sara Jefferson and I have a message for Casey Hollander and her wife, from her uncle Bounty.” Sara tries to breathe easy with her broken ribs.

A New Life-Kelly's Revenge Chapter 7

An evil smile appears on Kelly’s face as she watches the video of what was happening to one of her brothers. Shelly and Dolly had filmed everything that had been done to her brother Thomas. Everything that had been done to her by her brothers, was done to him. Except, they glued the biggest set of fake breasts on him and made him look like a hooker.

Shelly and Dolly didn’t stop there either. They found several well-hung heavy-set gay men to make love to him. They ripped his sphincter wide open. They also made sure he got the full treatment.

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