A Fatefull Meeting

Eight years ago Barry visited his first anonymous gender-bender meeting.
Thanks to it, it was seven years ago that he last succumbed to his urges.
For the past two years, he had taken over as the host.
Now he prepares for another meeting and this time one of the newcomers might just endanger Barry's carefully guarded track record.

How To Chain Whissies

This is the day Arnold finally asks his secret crush out!
Or not as he suddenly finds himself chased by strange and crazy men through the city.
Now two questions are burning on his mind: "Why me and what the hell is a Whissie?"

SRU: The Map

SRU: The Map
by: Ellie Dauber
© 1999

"Fred, I think we're lost." Almost as soon as Margie van Arndt said it, she was sorry. Most men won't admit that they'd messed up directions or misread a map, but Fred, well....

"I'm not lost," he said through clenched teeth. "This road is just the long way to Wheaton. It's such a nice day that I thought I'd --"

You Had Me At 'Girly Lamp'

What happens when the lamp you buy isn't the one you intend to buy?

A story inspired by a sketch with the annotation "girly lamp."

A friend of mine wrote this, he normally doesn't write TG stories, but upon reading this I knew it needed to be shared. It is definitely written tongue in cheek and don't let any of the tags turn you away from this story.

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