Woodcrest #2: Dramatic Aspirations Chapter 4

Audrey arrive late, at about 6:15 PM, accompanied by Ashely, our pledge who would have probably rather been doing something else. Normally I would have lectured her for being late, not because I cared about her punctuality, but because I’m honestly busy.

“Get upstairs and change,” I said to her as she walked through the door.

“Uh, how long am I going to be here?” She asked.

“Don’t care,” I snapped. “Go get dressed.”

Woodcrest #2: Dramatic Aspirations Chapter 2

“Have you talked to Mike?” Aleah asked me as she passed me a roll of masking tape and a poster. I held it up, it was pretty simple; it just said ‘Aleah Simms for Student Body President’. It was her second time trying, and her last chance. She would graduate at the end of this year. Probably.

“Thought Julia was doing that?” I phrased the statement as a question. Honestly, why would I do the job the police should be doing.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 14

Synopsis: Allison finally reveals herself to Stephanie, but how will she react?

“Before we have the pinning ceremony,” Remy said, walking to the front of the row. The pledges were facing eachother just as we had during our pinning ceremony. It was a moment that would be seared into my mind for the rest of my life. “There’s a point that I really want to go over first. As you know, Alpha Gamma is an extremely diverse sorority and we believe strongly in furthering the cause of equality. As such, we’re proud to claim the organization’s first transgender pledge.”

Allison's Pledge Chapter 12

Synopsis: It’s time for the semi-formal; will Allison survive?

“Okay!” Cassandra clapped her hands excitedly and jumped up and down. “Let’s turn her around! Oh my god you look so amazing!”

“Hold on,” Michelle said, taking out her phone and snapping a few pictures of me. “Hey, smile a little bit would you?”

Allison's Pledge Chapter 11

Synopsis: Allison speaks with her therapist about starting hormone therapy and learns about Philanthropy

“Allison? Are you okay?” Brynn asked me. I snapped out of my brief trance and looked back to her. Brynn was the therapist that Remy had referred me to and so far I had no idea how the session was going.

“I…yeah, I’m fine,” I think I was lying.

Allison's Pledge: Sidestory - Brianna

Synopsis: Watch the story from Brianna’s point of view as she receives an unexpected phone call.

My eyes shot open as I heard the phone ring. The room was bathed in darkness, still, and the clock beside my bed read 5:59 AM. Who in the actual hell was calling me at almost 6 in the morning? This was my day off, right? I checked the phone screen. Yep, Saturday. I squinted a bit, I knew the number. Why did I know that number? I swiped the answer icon and held the phone to my ear.

“Hello?” I said, doing my best impression of an ‘awake’ person.

Allison's Pledge Chapter 8

Synopsis: Allison has some one on one time with her sister and gets ready for class

“Wake up sleepyhead,” I felt a hand on my shoulder and gradually opened my eyes. The room was still dark. Was I back in my dorm? “Oh my god you sweat like everywhere.”

Allison's Pledge Chapter 7

Synopsis: Allison confronts her big sister and purges her old life

The ceremony ended, I looked down at my chest, touching the pink and white pin that my sister had attached to the collar of my dress. It was all so surreal, I can’t even begin to describe it. I spotted my sister in the crowd, talking to Remy and Laura. Of course she would be talking to the president and vice president. Why wouldn’t she be? I looked around at the rest of the girls, they were all so happy, laughing, talking…was I allowed to be that happy?

The Beginning - part 3. Changes ahead.

“Randy?” my big sister said when she answered the phone.

“Hey, sis! I need to talk to you.” I said with a quivering voice.

“What’s wrong, babe?” she asked sounding concerned. She always calls me babe which I loved.

“Well, dad and I had a fight and I….I started getting angry and upset and I….I…”, I tried to say but then I started crying a lot again.

Graduated, but it isn't for me.

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Well, the day has arrived, I have finally graduated from my LPN Class, two years, however. I have figured out that it isn't for me, so I get to enjoy figuring out what I do enjoy.

that will hurt.

also A 'friend' of mine borrowed books a while back and I haven't heard from her since, I lent her like 10~20 books that I have a sinking feeling I won't ever see back...There goes another 200 or so dollars.

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