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E-Girl: The Gift Chapter 3

E-Girl: The Gift Chapter 3

Author’s note; This is the conclusion of this little adventure. I hope you all like it. After completing 2 chapters of this story, I suddenly realized I hadn’t shown what E-girl has been up to. And since this story is named for her, I should correct that ...

At the home of Debra Cain, A.K.A. “E-girl”


Bzzzzappp Bang Boom: Wichita Linegirl Part 3

It's been interesting, I've spent the last few days wandering around the city with Commander Ares or E-Girl or someone else from the Compound. I'm still a raw newb there as far as they are all concerned, but they admit my electrical skills have come in handy now and then.

Like the time that Dr. Destructo was trying to rob one of our big banks, bringing along a bunch of minor villains in pretty shoddy clothing and gear, then had those idiots start firing submachine guns at us right out in the darn street, with people wandering here, there and everywhere!

Bzzzzappp Bang Boom: Wichita Linegirl Part 2

That darn hospital forced me to stay there for nearly three more days, even though I was obviously in completely perfect health!

Ahhh, well, I had a bed to sleep on, food to eat, a TV with silly shows on it to watch all day. Oh, and visits from Commander Ares. It seems he really wants me to go to this Compound on the edge of the city to find out just what I can do beyond leaving scorch marks on walls.

E-Girl: The Gift Chapter 2

E-Girl: The Gift: Chapter 2:

“The Compound” ...


“I really should go out there, people are getting hurt.” I said to Sarah.

“Not yet, Eddi” Sarah cautioned me.

“But ...” I objected.

“If Loki really is out to get you, this would be the perfect time, while everybody is busy with these aliens. Wait, and I’m sure the Doctor will be able to figure a way that you can help without putting yourself in danger.” Sarah pointed out.

“Indeed I will” The Doctor intoned as he faded into the room.

Bzzzzappp Bang Boom: Wichita Linegirl Part 1

You know the old saying, there's a sucker born every minute? Well, I discovered the truth of that one all too well recently.

You see, I used to go out in my van and fix problems in the telephone lines, just like in the song Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell. Most of the time, it wasn't difficult work, although it could be time consuming after a big storm went through the area, but that's life, ya know?

This seemed to be a day like any other, I was headed out to check a few sites, one of which had a malfunctioning transformer.

E-Girl: The Gift Chapter 1

E-Girl: The Gift

Chapter 1:

Author's note: I know its been a while since I wrote the prologue for this story. You might want to read it (or read it again) so this chapter makes more sense ...

On the super island known as “The Compound” ...

Fluke woke with a start, sending her partner Sarah off the bed.

“Hey!” Sarah shouted.

“Sorry. I just had one whack of a nightmare.”

Sarah climbed back onto the bed, and asked, “What was it?”

Here comes the Troubleshooter! Part 4

Here comes the Troubleshooter!

Part 4: The circle closes

Once we landed in the Middle East, we got ushered to a converted army base, where a bored looking guard called out our names without even looking at us. “Captain Andrew Mays and Sergeant Carl Ryan?”

“Actually, I go by Andi, now.” I said gently, “And we lost our ranks.”

He looked up, and did a double take. “Oh. Sorry.”

Here comes the Troubleshooter! Part 3

Here comes the Troubleshooter!
Part 3: The Secret Origin of the Troubleshooter.

It feels like my life is about to go through a replay, and it wasnt all that much fun the first time. Last time I started to write down how I became what I am now, and got as far as me and Carl working for a company called Pitchriver in the MIddle East. And as I type this, I’m in a private plane headed back to the middle east with Carl at my side.

The reason why I stopped where I did was Carl came into the room, and decided I needed some.... relaxation after my last couple of days.

Here comes the Troubleshooter! Part 2

Here Comes the Troubleshooter! Part 2 - The Troubleshooter transforms.

Next morning I wake up to Carl cooking an omelet. He approaches cooking like he does his inventions, and more often than not the results are amazing. Which is a good thing because I have super-strong senses including taste, which can be a lot less fun than you might think.

Here comes the troubleshooter! Part 1

Here comes the Troubleshooter!

Entry 1: I cant argue with Carl, at least not about this. He thinks its a good idea to write down my cases, both for myself, and possibly as a way to get business. I’m not a professional writer, but I’ve done enough incident reports that I’ll give it my best shot.

So where do I start? Well, today’s case was pretty typical of what I do now. I had a client who wanted a drug den moved out of her neighborhood, so I spent a couple of days doing recon on the place, figuring out the best way to .... convince them moving would be a good idea.



“Steve Austin, astronaut, a man barely alive...”

You can blame my grandfather for the fact I know that line. Its from a TV show from the dark ages called “The Six Million Dollar Man.” He likes to tell me he worked on the show.

Over and over again.

Somehow, he ended up with a lot of memorabilia from it too. A whole pile of props, mostly examples of the “bionic” parts. He also has copies of all the scripts, and worst of all, copies of film he er... liberated from the set.

The Lucky One (Part 4)

The Lucky One, Part 4

(Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, and all beings in between, this is the conclusion of the exciting origin of the Fantastic Fluke, “the luckiest person alive.” Without further ado, let's join today's adventure, already in progress....)

It was a dark and stormy night....

(Umm, Fluke? Dot here. Just what are you doing?)

(I got bored waiting for you, so I thought I would get started without you)

(Fluke, leave the writing to professionals, okay?)

(Fine. Should we catch every body up)

The Lucky One (Part 3)

Authors note: because it has been a while since I posted the last episode, and before I hand things over to Our Lady of Perpetual Ego, I feel I should point out something about this adventure. This is NOT an objective account. It is seen through our heroine's eyes, and she has a certain.... bias, that must be taken into account when reading, and it is wise to take what she says with a large truck full of salt. If you have read the first two episodes, you are probably saying something like “Duh!” but I thought I should pass on the warning Enjoy!

The Lucky One (part 2)

The Lucky One

(Part 2, or “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping”)

Hay, kids! What time is it? It’s Fantastic Fluke time! (note to the owners of the Howdy whoever show, please don’t sue me. I am just funning, and I have already had a cease and desist order from Disney from borrowing the theme from the Mickey Mouse Club by accident in my first entry)

Yessirry, its your pal, the Flukester, back with more of my amazing origin!

The Lucky One (part 1)

Quick note: this is not a Ret-Con story. It is inspired by some comics I read as a kid, but I hope it is a little different from anything else out there.

The Lucky One (part 1)

Well, hay there, hi there ho there! Or, as my dear friend Stan Lee likes to say “Face front, true believers!” (I better be careful about saying that. Don’t need to annoy The Stanster, much less his horde of marvellous Marvel Zombie lawyers… )

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