E-Girl Universe by Dorothy Colleen

Bzzzzappp Bang Boom: Wichita Linegirl Part 3

It's been interesting, I've spent the last few days wandering around the city with Commander Ares or E-Girl or someone else from the Compound. I'm still a raw newb there as far as they are all concerned, but they admit my electrical skills have come in handy now and then.

Like the time that Dr. Destructo was trying to rob one of our big banks, bringing along a bunch of minor villains in pretty shoddy clothing and gear, then had those idiots start firing submachine guns at us right out in the darn street, with people wandering here, there and everywhere!

Bzzzzappp Bang Boom: Wichita Linegirl Part 2

That darn hospital forced me to stay there for nearly three more days, even though I was obviously in completely perfect health!

Ahhh, well, I had a bed to sleep on, food to eat, a TV with silly shows on it to watch all day. Oh, and visits from Commander Ares. It seems he really wants me to go to this Compound on the edge of the city to find out just what I can do beyond leaving scorch marks on walls.

Bzzzzappp Bang Boom: Wichita Linegirl Part 1

You know the old saying, there's a sucker born every minute? Well, I discovered the truth of that one all too well recently.

You see, I used to go out in my van and fix problems in the telephone lines, just like in the song Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell. Most of the time, it wasn't difficult work, although it could be time consuming after a big storm went through the area, but that's life, ya know?

This seemed to be a day like any other, I was headed out to check a few sites, one of which had a malfunctioning transformer.

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