Experimental Gender Changing Drugs


Kassidy leans back in the worn passenger seat inside the van. She looks over toward Jerry as he drives the van. She glances toward the back of the van and notices the rest of their band drunk or stoned out of their minds.

“Tonight was a total mess, Jerry.” Kassidy couldn’t believe how terrible the group sounded.

“I know, and I wish I had an explanation for what happened, but I don’t.” Jerry was pissed that the band did so badly tonight.

Terry and Dakota’s Daughters

Jamie wakes up in the middle of the night, sweating and scared. She looks around the bedroom she is sleeping in and the pajamas she is wearing. It takes her some time to realize she is safe. She feels something wet nudge her hand. She looks down and notices it is the puppy Dakota has gotten her.

Birds Of A Feather Part 2

Jessie’s Mother’s Sewing Room:
“Finally, it's finished.” Jessie holds up the Pink Power Ranger costume he has been working on for the past few months.

He knew Cortney was going to a comic con dressed as a power armor person from the DC universe. He also knew Cortney was a huge fan of Power Girl, just as Arnold was a huge fan of Kitty Pryde from the X-men. He had to admit Ellen Page did a pretty good Kitty Pryde, but her becoming a male was a blow to Arnold.

Carla and Angela Part 11

Scarlett was shooting pool down at Big T’s pool hall. She has been coming to Big T’s since she was capable of walking. Her father uses to hustle people for money, while she watched. When the former owner of Big T’s decided to retire, she bought the place.

She used the money she saved up from hustling people like her father. Everyone that came into the pool hall always underestimated her. There were only a few times that she lost, but she won more than she lost.

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