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Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 23

23 Amazon States of America Girl School

Lori said “ go and change into new principal Amazon white dress and sandals”. Principal said “ ok I will go into my new dress and sandals is in the gym where the new girls uniforms are put”. Lori said “ yes they are there”. Principal walks out and headed to get her new Amazon dress and sandals as time approached.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 20

20 Operation C.I.A and Invasion Cyprus

Kim was in a meeting with her defence secretaries from the Amazon empire including the foreign secretary and the defence secretary of Cuba . Kim says “Ladies as you know my empire is expanding every so many days I need to decide what country to invade and free of Male influence'.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 18

18 Invasion Australia

Kim said “I like that idea Elisa we will implement in a school some where and see if that does work and then slowly start on other schools”. Elisa said “the fathers will have no say as they are men but say we start with elementary school”. Kim said “that is perfect I will send some agents to the school”.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 17

17 Canada new country of the Amazon Empire

They all left the meeting and headed home back to their countries or for Prime minster Lilly was heading back to Washington with her secretaries of certain departments. The only one left were Shego and Kim. Kim had decided to make Amazon Middleton her Royal Headquarters and Palace for the empire.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 16

16 Her Majesty queen Kim of The Amazons

Gaia walks up and says “Hego you will drink this substance and it will make you feel better” Hego took the drink of Gaia and started to drink it in front of Gaia , Misha , Jim and Slim he drank the whole substance ans he said “.hmm that was very nice”. then he felt the pain as he began change into a woman.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 15

15 New Princess and the Queen's Death

Kim said “ yes I will have a baby sister and I will need a lady like Shego has been doing you will be helping the crown as much she has”. Tara suggested “ what about captain Veronica can she stay in her rank for now Veronica need more training in certain area and femine hygene”. Kim said “ I like that Idea I want you to stay as commander of my agents”.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 14

14 Invasion Japan and Hong Kong

Washington Middle School

Brittney and Hailee was driven to school and they saw Charles and Keith walking into school, Hailee walked up and ask “ is Angus at school today?”. Charles said “ no mistress he has left to head for Idaho with his father why mistress”. Brittney said “ he is a wanted criminal of the Amazon empire”.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 13

13 Establishing Control of Amazon States of America

Bonnie said “yes your highness I will go and do the boys and girl and what about the older male?”. Kim answered “ he will be done once we have total control of Cuban area”. Bonnie said “ yes your highness “ Bonnie left do what she was told to do by her princess.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 12

12 Hailee the New Amazon girl

Henry's mom asks “ where are you taken my son”. Bonnie answers “ since you ask as a woman he is going down to the road a bit where we keep all boys from 13yrs and above they will be going to specail area for teenboys who we have not decide their fates yet and he knew Jim and Tim Possible”. Mother said “ you you mean slaves or workers”.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 11

11 America Surrender control

Shego said “ your name now agent”. She said “ I am now called Katrina my lady and I am happy to help in our invasion and conquest of earth”. Kim said “ agent Katrina can you take Se-nor Senior to Amazon Middleton and put him in the special prison area but before that change into your Black leather Amazon uniform black leather thigh high boots”.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 10

10 Invason of America Continues

Kim said “ I want to be like my lover so I got team go powers I have them now Electronique help by draining them of their powers and now they are like you powerless male scum and will be come slaves with one of them becoming a woman like you will be soon they are getting moved to the special area like you and other important people except Wegos they are now Electronique slaves”.

Adventures of Kim Possible:The Amazon Women 9

9 United States of America is invaded

The new Amazon woman walked over to her Cameraman and said “ they are right George being a woman is so much better and once we have conquered man's world we women will finally leave in peace and you men will be slaves for us”. George looked at her and said “ what is going happen to me”.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 8

8 Posssible Twins are Alive and Washington Attacks

Gaia said “ her highness will be here soon you show her your discovery this will change convention of the war against the men”. Gaia was so proud of her new offsider Alexis her highness Princess Kim will be so happy at what Alexis had found . Alexis was in the main frame of Pentagon defence frame.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 7

7 Electronique, princess and Invason continues

Bonnie and the twins were stop by army blockade not far from Go city they were stop by a sergeant and he said “ you are the car we have been looking for”. Grandma Possible said “can I as why sergeant” The sergeant said “yes ma'am the twins here are be kept on tight security if global justice are correct they can help with counter offensive”.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 6

6 New Amazon City ( occupied go City)

If the Possible Twins were caught what would they think of Ann, James, Ron and Kim all Amazon women and girls and there was the stoppable s Ron's family they were visiting Ron"s Auntie when Middleton was invaded now go city is.

Dr Betty Director called Wade on his communicator and said “ have you heard from Kim and Ron?”. Wade said “ no Dr director I have not heard from them since Kim told us she was going to see her father in south America”. Betty said “ do you know where in south America?”.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 5

5 Amazon Middleton and the New agents

Veronica said “ you will have to wait to find out guards take this girls to holding area and the princess will see you when she is ready , the rest of you follow me”. The guards said “ yes captain Veronica”.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 4

4 new lady and Amazon get ready for invasion

Keria walked into the throne room she saw Kim sitting on her throne Kim's mother had retired to her room she was very tired. Keria said “” your highness when I was on patrol we caught 2 outsiders”. Kim asks “ who Keira?”. Keira Answered “one male and one female I put the female in your quarters”.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 3

3 Drakken, Shego and Ann Capture

Ron asked “ your daughter who?”. Keria walked up and hit him in the stomach he fell down and said “you will call our queen mistress slave”. Ron was getting up Jay saw one of the scientist it was former Dr Garrett he was now a woman. Ron asked “ who is your daughter?”. Kim said “ I am the queen daughter slave”.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 1

Dr James Possible is researching a new formula for genetic DNA he can now change men into women and back the same way but there is lot evil people out there in America and The Amazon Jungle in the Race known as Amazon women his daughter Kim Possible work for global justice Network with her Friend Ron Stoppable what happen if Kim became Evil like her enemy Drakken and Shego

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