Gabycon Book!

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Hi Peeps

i'm pleased to announce that for those who missed the recent 4th Gabycon inDorset can get a flavour of the weekend by purchasing the Gabycon 2010 book!

Go to to pick up your copy now!

Of course it includes pictures and besides a preview of Book 8 from me, a whole new Gaby fanfic from Angharad! well worth the money!

Another GabyCon Update

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Since Mads and Bev have given their 2p worth, I thought I'd join the club - but to be different, I'll give a rough outline of the weekend's events. I've also deliberately left a lot of it vague, to both tease you and not spoil things in case any of the other attendees decide to write in more detail about proceedings.

Saturday, 5am.
The things I do in the name of fun... waking up at a ridiculously early hour on a weekend to travel half way across the country to spend a weekend with a bunch of random people I've met on the internet. On the one hand, I'm a little nervous and apprehensive (for a variety of fairly obvious reasons); on the other I'm excited about finally putting faces and voices to some of the people whose writing I read every day here on TopShelf.

Oh, and there's also the small matter of this being the third bunch of random internet strangers I've met - the first being regulars on this blog (and what could be stranger than fans of a blog of a radio news magazine show?!); the second being fans / participants of this project held last year.

Bloody Hills!

My cycling group did a thirty miler, which seemed to be forever climbing hills today - not hard in Dorset, place is full of them, 'delightful rolling countryside' say the visitors. They don't usually try to ride up them.

I am totally cream crackered, as the Cockney's would say. However, I have finished a complete story for the gabycon next weekend (8.5k words)which I will post here after it's been up on Maddy's site.

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