Girly boy

A Feminine Look Part 2: The Mystery Brunette

After attending the surprise concert at the assembly, Jamie was shocked to see him get checked out from on stage by the freshman singer. Is there a chance that they will meet and clear things up, or will Jamie get wrapped up in something he has no intention of getting involved with?

A Girl for Halloween Part 6: Confusing Feelings

After his heart to heart with his sister, Julia, Jason (Jacie) is being helped out with dressing as a girl for work. However, Mom and Dad have just entered, and might have something to say about it. Will they be caught?

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 5: Adding a Wardrobe

Sam and Jenna had their heart to heart about why he lets her do his hair, and his opinions on the girly activities they’ve done. Where we left off, Sam was about to test out an outfit for Jenna. What will Jenna have him wear?

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 2: A Bit More Feminine

Sam had just gotten his second hair makeover from Jenna, yet he was left with feelings of uncertainty. Will he continue to help out his sister, even if it involves receiving a girly hairstyle?

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 1

Just Let Me Do Your Hair...

By: MysteriousStranger

Sam’s sister Jenna is in a fashion class at school and needs some help with a project. When Sam is asked to help out, will he accept or refuse?

Becoming Karen - Book 2: Becoming Karen

Becoming Karen

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2012)

(Kenny discovers how sweet it is to be a girl, but does he want it to happen? This sequel to ‘To Be or Not to Be’ tells how our heroine discovered her real self through acting. Readers may find it rewarding to read the original short novel, but it is not necessary to follow the story line.)

Marilyn's Impossible Dream, or She's So Pretty -- Chapters 5 and 6

Marilyn's Impossible Dream, or She's So Pretty -- Chapters 5 and 6

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2010)

Merritt loves dolls and pretty dresses, but soon he will begin school. A story about a lovely boy and his mother, and his upbringing as a little girl

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