growing up

Martina's Story 3

This chapter simply continues Martina's passage through school and describes some of the adventures she experiences.

Just a nice tittilating story.


Martina’s Story

Chapter 3

List of Characters.

Myself. Martina, A sexually dysphoric child whose sexuality has not
yet been ascertained but who chooses to present as a girl.

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth - Chapter 3/5

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth
Chapter 3 of 5

By Portia Bennett

Cindy has adjusted quite well after some initial psychological problems and doubts created by her two life experiences. She has been growing rapidly over the summer, and enjoying every second of it. There is no reason for doubt any longer. Her mother talks to her about her sexuality, and Cindy has some definite feelings; however, she doesn’t feel she is ready to venture in that direction. There is a dark cloud on the horizon; something that none of them are prepared for.

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth - Chapter 1/5

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth
Chapter 1 of 5

By Portia Bennett

Growing up isn’t easy for anyone, and certainly Cynthia Lewis is no exception. The hormones are starting to flow in greater quantities than they ever have before. Suddenly, the doubts that had been hiding in the depths of her mind are beginning to surface. Menarche is pending, and Cindy is beginning to think that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a woman. She is suddenly very afraid.

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