Law Enforcement

Life Isn't Fair

Katelyn sits on the bleachers and watches as the other girls on the swim team compete. Because of her states, new law outlawing nongenetic girls from competing in girls’ sports. She couldn’t compete anymore. Last year she could, but this year she was informed by her school board that if she wanted to compete. She would have to do it on the boys’ team. Otherwise, she’ll be riding the bench.


San Antonio, Texas:
Charly stands in the shadows and records what was going on. She watches as a bunch of strange-looking men moves a bunch of women and children to a box truck. She was asked by Dove to scout out San Antonio for men that are being turned into young girls and women. Also, to locate anyone pushing a drug called Blue Lace.

Family Business Part 18

Zak and Siri had watched as Hatter tortured the other guys. They couldn’t believe how creative she could be with the cattle prod and a butane torch. The butane torched came into play, when Agent Javon Woods wouldn’t talk from the cattle prod being used against him. Hatter grabbed the butane torch and started singing:

The Heaviness Of The Badge Chp. 2

Julia’s alarm clock starts buzzing. She reaches over and smacks it. She gets up and starts getting dressed. Halfway getting dressed, she remembers she was suspended for three days. She stops putting her uniform on and takes it off.

“Why are you getting undress, sweetie?” Christmas had woken up and noticed Julia taken her uniform off.

“I just remembered I’m on a three-day suspension.” Julia puts on the Native American-made shirt Chayton’s grandfather gave her.

Restless Spirits Chapter 3

Sayen wakes up the next morning before her alarm clock goes off, which for her is a miracle in itself. She gets out of bed and begins to get dress. Sayen hears her mother getting up and moving around in her bedroom. She looks over toward her big sister’s bed and notice that she didn’t come home last night. Sayen quickly gets dress and heads into the kitchen to make morning breakfast for everyone.

The Night I Escaped From The Zoo : 3 / 5

I held the dress up in front of me, and looked in the mirror. Mayda gazed back at me. Of course she looked wonderful. Of course the dress would look lovely on her. It was weird as hell to know that the girl in the mirror was me.

Ignorance is No Excuse for Hating Someone Part 4

237 W 12th St, New York, NY:
Hatter snuggles close to Shade as he laid next to her. He had asked his boss for the next few days off to stay with Hatter and look after her. He loved being with her. He didn’t care that she was a little crazy or the fact that she could be very vindictive when she went after someone.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun Chp. 11

“Thanks, Jerry.” Cassidy loads the bags of corn into the back of her uncle’s old pick-up truck.

She already had a few bags of sugar and some brand-new containers. She picked-up to fill with the moonshine she was planning to make. She pulls her panties from her butt crack. Arthur had made love to her before he left for work.

The Hunter, Becomes The Hunted Part 4

Jessica wakes up all of sudden. Something caused her to become alert suddenly. She spots Sophie with a knife in her hand pointing towards the door of their room. Jessica reaches out with her gift and touched an unfamiliar mind. The person was trying to see the two women inside the room.

Sophie waits till the door is almost opened and pull it open as fast as she could. She moves out of the way as the person falls forward towards the floor. Sophie moves quickly and presses her knife edge against the person’s neck.

The New Recruits Part 10

“Crystal, Zak the bunnies are heading your way.” Greg and Brittney were chasing after two heavy set guys, that had skipped out on a huge bounty.

One of the guys faces was bleeding from Greg punching its several times. His partner had tossed Brittney aside like she was a rag doll. She had a bruise on the upper part of her arm from hitting a tree.

“Got you covered.” Crystal spotted the guys Greg and Brittney were chasing were heading right towards them.

The She Wolf Brings Cubs Home (updated)

Julia glances in her rear view mirror at the two Native American kids she was taking home with her. She felt sorry for them after what their parents had done to them. Both had been physically and sexually abused by their father. Their father had molested the girl and the boy had been used as a punching bag by his father, every time he tried to protect his sister.

The Hero, The Mouse & The Cheshire Pt. 8

Private Hospital:
Omphile wakes up and spots Cheshire sitting near her bed. She sits up and wonders why she was sitting next to her.

“Am I in trouble?” She felt like she did something wrong.

“No, sweetie. You’re not in trouble. I came by to see how you are doing.” Cheshire caresses Omphile cheek.

The New Recruits Part 9

Stanley and his team take the rest of K&P Services crew back to Kats and Paul’s place to grab their gear and clothes. Crystal had Brittney in her car, while Terry rode with Alexa and Luke. Once the crew had their things and Kat’s place was locked up. They head towards the GPS coordinates Gina had given them for the safe house.

The Hunter, Becomes The Hunted Part 2

After the meeting at K&P services, and each team is split up. Paul, Marshal Bullock, Marshal Running Bear, Jessica Jones and members of Golden Eagle Squad boarded a private flight to London, England. The two pilots’ flying them there worked for Chaos Security.

“Tell me again, why we are flying to London, England?” Paul hadn’t been briefed on why they were heading there.

The New Recruits Part 8

Knoxville, Airport:
“Hey, wake-up Tammy. We’ve landed.” Stanley shakes Tammy’s shoulder lightly.

She had finally fallen asleep when they landed in Mexico to refuel. It was a nineteen-hour flight from Australia to Knoxville, Tn. Everyone was slowly moving around. Not only were they still jetlagged from all the flying, but from being on the plane.

The Hero, The Mouse & The Cheshire Pt. 7

Cheshire takes another sip of her tea, while she waited for Collins to wake-up. She couldn’t wait to see his reaction. She watches him as he slowly wakes up.

“Good morning, sleepy head.”

Collins goes to pull his gun from under his pillow, but it wasn't there. He looks at Cheshire as she stood nearby. She had a coffee mug in her hand as she slowly took a sip from it.

Cheshire looks at him with a predatory look on her face “what did I say about going after my family?”

The Hero, The Mouse & The Cheshire Pt. 6

No one pays attention to a black hair, Asian woman as she walks down the hallway pushing a cart before her. The guard that should have been guarding the door to the room, was busy talking to one of the nurses. Cheshire just shakes her head in disbelief. During her time, an officer wouldn’t be doing what the younger generation was doing now.

The Hero, The Mouse & The Cheshire Pt. 5

When Tizzy, her husband Ikaika, Krisha and Cheshire arrive back at the house. They could smell the scent of food in the air. Christina had come home after dealing with the two men and put the groceries away. Instead of waiting for Tizzy or Cheshire to come home and cook. She decided to go ahead fix dinner for everyone.

She fixed everyone a dish Nora taught her. She figured Cheshire might like it. It was a Spanish dish and it was one of her favorites.

“Mmm, whatever is cooking smells nice.” Tizzy loved the smell floating in the air.

The Hero, The Mouse & The Cheshire Pt. 4

Tizzy and her partner stand in the living room of the girl that had been killed. They were informed that the detectives that had been assigned to search the place, didn’t find anything. Tizzy moves from room to room examining each room. Her partner was examining the other rooms. She finally makes her way back to the bedroom where the girl had been found.

Tizzy glances around the room and as she was thinking where she would hide something to keep others from finding whatever it was, she had.
She spots the large collection of shoes Malia Napua collected.


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