Lesbian romance

Sisters 61

I wandered back along the hallway as my wife thundered down the stairs, and beat me to the living room. As I entered, everyone seemed to be wrapped around everyone else, but all eyes turned to me. I kept the glum face on as long as I could, but Sar wrestled the test wand out of my hand.

“Yes! Two-nil!”

Sisters 60

It went better than I had expected, at least as far as his embarrassment went. He actually seemed to be looking forward to it, so after an obligatory bit of teasing about how the pot had been filled, he started in on his own questions.

“I don’t know, Tone. Thing is, we’re looking at a sort of simultaneous birth thing. If we can manage it, that is”

Sisters 59

Annie’s face worked once more in little twitches, her breath catching.

“Diane? What….”

“Lainey’s told me it all, or I suppose what she thinks I should know, A—nnie. I didn’t want to rock your boat, and, well, Elaine, this is a bit of a surprise, isn’t it? Not quite what we agreed, not at all”

Sisters 58

It was an odd year, in the end. Annie was clearly settled entirely into her new life, and each time I saw her she seemed somehow shorter. I realised she was like my forearms, that tell Siân was always so quick to spot. As she caught life up after so many years of pursuit, the tension was leaving her body. Even though she was like Alice in her devotion to heels, her physical presence diminished as her personality was finally allowed out to face the world.

Sisters 57

In the end, I spent two weeks off work. My bosses were very clear in their instructions, and I was told that it was being recorded as ‘gardening leave’ rather than sickness absence, to avoid the stigma such things bring. Effectively, I was suspended on full pay, but without the implied misbehaviour.

Sisters 56

It wasn’t as quick as that, of course, but we did at least get the process started. It was going to be a long haul. They needed to do so many odd things with our bits I lost track, but that wasn’t the problem. We could sort out the fertilisation bit any time, but it was the implementation, the implanting, that needed thought. Would we have what would effectively be twins, or would we stagger it to spread the, er, labour?

See if we get a viable kid-to-be first, Elaine, then plan.

Sisters 55

I really, really couldn’t accept that in any meaningful way. Miserable bigot goes to stay with Magic Monks, and lo and behold she is turned back onto the fluffy paths of rainbow unicorns, kittens and righteous tolerance. No, not likely at all. There were better-documented cases of airborne pork. Ambrose had a wry smile on his face, though.

“She also predicted that you wouldn’t believe her, either of you. I can see a lot of her in you, Siân: the stubbornness for a start. Look, my cards on the table. You are not the only ones who do not believe her. I gather that neither of you share her faith—no, please. Distorted, unpleasant, confused, call it what you will, she still has faith. Still a deep belief in our Saviour, strange as her image of Him may be. Please…”

Sisters 53

I got the feedback from Arwel the day after, and it sounded better than I had expected. It seemed that Miriam, the cousin I had first met, the one Annie had held out such hope for, had been even more devious with her family than I could ever have imagined, and I did wonder whether she fancied a job with my old team. It was the other girl I was concerned about though, and I was jerking to each ring of the telephone, expecting it to be from Diane.

Sisters 50

She looked like a rabbit in headlights, checking around for someone to support her.

“Inspector Powell, aye?”

Sod it. I initiated a hug; get the personal space closed down before she runs, Lainey.

“Annie now, isn’t it? Sar told me the story, no way I could miss out on this one, so we brought the family, aye? You know Siân, my missus?”

Sisters 49

I got another call from Steph a few weeks later, keeping me up to speed with Adam, and it was a hard one. Another of us had been shot.

I mean, I didn’t know the victim, and it was another force, but he was one of us, and a shooting always brings home to every copper how much they are putting themselves out in front of everyone else as a target, in this case literally.

Snakes and Ladders-39


We sort of stop and we’re doing this sort of linked up kind of processing about all of the stuff we’ve been talking about and she steps up to the food tables.

“After we eat you and me we’ll take Bhlaze out and we’ll practice.”

“Flying patrol, and isn’t it dangerous out there?”

“Flying patrol and it is dangerous and we have Bhlaze with us so we have a dragon to watch over us.”

“And while we’re gone?”

“We help Kyte out with her family and leave her in charge.”

I smile. “That’s actually a good idea, her cousin Rafe might have a WTF over that and if not at least it’ll be a good thing for her and her men.”

*And Now…

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 14

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 14
By Katherine Day
(Ms. Julie Pearson begins her first year of teaching, finding comfort in her classes as well as in growing closeness to other female teachers. Meanwhile, a new drama enters her life. Eric edited this novel -- a sequel to two short stories published in 2013, “Julie’s Odyssey” and “Gifts for Julie.”) (Copyright 2014)

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 13

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 13

By Katherine Day

(Ms. Julie Pearson becomes news as she prepares for her first year of teaching after her transition. Her femininity captivates many an eye. Edited by Eric. A sequel to two short stories published in 2013, “Julie’s Odyssey” and “Gifts for Julie.”) (Copyright 2014)

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 11

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 11

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(The summer winds down as Julie prepares to begin teaching at a school where she once taught as a young man. Meanwhile complications in romance confuse her. Edited by Eric. Chapter 11 of 20. A sequel to two short stories published in 2013, “Julie’s Odyssey” and “Gifts for Julie.”) (Copyright 2014)

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 10

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 10

By Katherine Day

(Julie’s new life as a woman brings her face-to-face with the realities of daily living and of forbidden love. Edited by Eric. A sequel to two short stories published in 2013, “Julie’s Odyssey” and “Gifts for Julie.”) (Copyright 2014)

Sisters 47

We didn’t see that much of either my uncle or his trout for the rest of her stay, which can be fairly blamed on some of us having to work for a living, but over the next few months it was noticeable that unless Hywel had that friend of Sar’s with him, he was mostly on his own at the pub. At least, that was what I heard from Dad via Mam.

Sisters 46

Alice kept us on the edge for quite a while, including one particular day when she arrested, which left my uncle shaking and shaken. I stayed as long as I could manage, but in the end I had no choice but to head back west, this time with my wife beside me, which did ease the strain of the driving. I love my sister to distraction, but why she had to pick the other side of Britain to live…

Sisters 42

Now, that was a wedding. The only tradition not observed seemed to be that of a fight among the guests, but I could most definitely live without that. My Uncle Arwel and his Boy had even had their hair cut! The girls looked gorgeous, and so did my wife, Steve was both touching and funny in his best man’s speech, and whoever came up with the idea of putting him in a kilt was inspired. The vicar, oddly, in an Anglican church, was a Roman Catholic, but he was sharp, and funny, and his own humour meshed well with that of Steve.

Sisters 41

The jury weren’t back until the following afternoon, and we lost a lot of our supporters as they had to head off for such things as paid employment or courses of study. Bevan and Wyn stayed, and of course Chris, but it was Blake who surprised me. I cornered Diane in the ladies’.

“Anything I need to know?”

Sisters 40

Sarah had mentioned the others like her that she had come across, and I had been doing my own digging for any info, good or bad, on one of them. She was from somewhere over our neck of the woods, which meant there was a risk of ‘history’ with some of the other wedding guests, and I rather preferred relaxing outside a few beers rather than dealing with their effects on idiots.

Sisters 38

Events continued to take their own course in another station, as I was definitely being kept well clear of any involvement in the case, and more importantly away from any possible perception of involvement. I got hints, though, and as the trial was approaching I was ‘asked’ to attend an interview with the IPCC, the body that oversees complaints against us. If I had realised what was to happen only a week after my interview, I would have found it very difficult to answer their questions with a straight face.

Sisters 37

I left them to their chat, for there was nothing I could meaningfully add. I was still undecided about Joe Evans but after all I had been given sight of his witness statement. I had seen Steve in a very different light after that, and I knew that I was never going to dig any deeper. Leave that particular case deep frozen, Lainey.

Siân was off at the weekend, which chimed with my own self-planned working roster, and she was insistent.

Sisters 35

I was in work the next day, but in my own HQ instead of Cardiff. It felt strange, after so long in civvies, but the uniform was the thing that had helped me hold things together when life had thrown shit at me. That dreadful funeral, the confrontation with Mam and Dad, the ritual had helped me cope. Siân was on a stupidly early start, so I had to eat breakfast alone. I hated early turns, so as I was now effectively supernumerary, I had treated myself to a nine o’clock start.

Sisters 32

It wasn’t that bad a drive back, especially as Dad spent most of it asleep. He can be more than a little helpful with advice about my driving at times, the satnav being replaced by the frontseatnav, and his snores were more easily ignored. It is still a bloody long way, though, but as they had left the parental car at our house I didn’t need to make it interminable by going all the way out to Abergwaun. I did the ritual of the milk in the last petrol station before home, and once in Siân did the dance of the kettle.

Sisters 31

The drive over to the Channel coast was getting familiar now, but this time we had our parents with us. Our parents, not Siân’s, as that would have been a step so excessive I’d have lost control. I would never forgive her for what she had said and done, but I had agreed with my wife that we had to come to some sort of understanding. Our Mam and Dad, though, needed no such adjustment. Somewhere near Swindon, Dad turned round to face me.

Sisters 29

He was sitting up in the bed, and the evidence of the attack was clear in his face. Blake busied himself in setting up our recorder while I took the more comfortable seat by the bed.

“You must be Inspector Powell. Pardon me if I don’t get up”

Sisters 28

Siân was insistent that night.

“Just because one of them is called Evans it means nothing! How common is that name, especially round here?”

I pushed my empty plate away. “And how many pies has that bastard family got fingers in? No. I know you’re right, but it would be so, so nice to get another of the bastards nailed. That family should never have been allowed to breathe never mind breed”

Sisters 23

I slept that night much happier about our little game with my sister. I had passed the news on to Vicky, of course, and she had promised to let Kev know, and all were happy as happy can be, but for me the main feeling was relief. Matchmaking is a risky business, and it can so often end up with three people hating each other rather than what was hoped for.

Sisters 22

Sergeant, eh? He must have earned more respect from his bosses that I would have guessed from his breakdown. I had been told he’d had some bad ones, and to see him there with a set of stripes raised my own opinion of him considerably. We took the rest of the introductions, I gave out the prepared domestics speech about fire exits and toilets, which was a bit strange as I was actually in their building, and began.

Sisters 20

The internet is a wonderful thing. I look back at how things were before we got it, and I simply do not understand how the hell we coped. Siân has a different take on things, of course. We might be a double act, but we don’t always sing in unison. Harmony, perhaps. Well, most of the time.

Sisters 19

I came back from a crap shift one evening, straight into a warm bath which was improved no end by my wife sponging the tension out of my neck and back as something heated in the oven. She had been on an early shift, and we were happily both off the next day, so the evening was hurs with no need to worry about early alarm clocks and units of alcohol.

Sisters 18

Life became almost banal after that. There is a tendency for some people, especially the younger ones, to see settled domesticity as boring beyond words. They crave adventure, excitement, action. Well, I remember ‘adventure’ being summed up by someone sensible as ‘something unpleasant happening to someone else’. It was the same with the rookies, as too many of the boys were calling the new chums in the American fashion. They came straight from training and went out hoping for a ruck, for a fight or a foot chase, while I was just happy to get home to my wife without incident.


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