Wrong Bathroom

Sage was walking through the school, looking for a bathroom. He had to poop really bad. He'd been holding it for half of English class, and he was going to burst if he didn't find a bathroom. Luckily, he saw the bathrooms just down the hall from where he was. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him toward the nearest bathroom, dashed inside, and went into one of the stalls. He locked the door, pulled his pants down, and sat on the toilet. He let out a sigh of relief as his poop fell into the toilet bowl.

Changing my life, what joy. To Joy.

Changing my life, what joy. To Joy.

It was the rite time ….. and the rite place. As Annis said, “It’s a kind of magic.”

And another AP-500 story - hooray me.

It may be the difference of a better-chosen title, but some recent stories have hit new heights - 1000 hits in a day; 100+ kudos too. But still nobody has been triggered to take one of my offerings to adapt, grow, build or whatever (as far as I know). Oh well. maybe sometime soon what with the suggestion by Angela Rasch and others for MORE STORIES.

Complete the Look Part 3

The next morning, Erica woke up with uncertainty on her mind. She was excited to wear her new clothes, but at the same time had become uncomfortable wearing girls clothing. She decided to wear the clothing closest to her boys clothes. She changed into a new bra and pair of panties, both of which were turquoise. She a pair of skinny jeans, which her ass looked really nice in. She then found a white shirt with the Led Zeppelin logo on it and put it on. Looking in the closet mirror, she found that she could see her bra through the shirt.

Achievement Unlocked


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My attempt at a LitRPG, though this one is set inside a Tabletop RPG rather than a Computer game. It is not a portal fantasy, people in this wold just have character sheets, and are able to access them with a thought, and occasionally receive game notifications which they assume come from the gods.

Some readers may be able to work out the ruleset I am using, or at least purporting to use. So far no actual dice rolling has taken place.

How Charles Met Laurel Chapter 2: The Best Friend

The next morning, Charles wakes up with a bright smile thinking of the night before. It wasn’t the first time he had shown off his garden but it was the first time a girl had shown actual interest in it. And Laurel, she was so beautiful and attentive. His only regret is not getting to know her better. After going to the kitchens and grabbing some bread and cheese, Charles hurried out the door and down the road. There was only one person he wanted to talk to right now, his best friend Edwin Nyte.

Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 6

I stood there and stared at him as Simon Leapfoot the younger looked around the small community, then noticed that I was there.

There was grace and confidence in his every step, the man knew the world around him in ways that I didn't yet.

He stopped in front of me, noting my interest in him, and spoke, "I am Simon Leapfoot the younger, I'm looking to meet with Will Tinker."

I nodded at him, showing a weak smile as I said, "That would be me, Mr. Leapfoot," then waited to see what would happen.

Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 5

To put it bluntly, I did not enjoy even a moment of the slightly more than three hour trip home, all I wanted to do was scream.

The problem was that we kept hitting crosswinds, and every time we did, the helicopter would rock a bit, causing me to shift in the seat. That caused a certain very tender part of my anatomy to rub against the surface of the seat through my jeans and underwear.

Let's just say that, by the time we landed at their home base near our camps, I was in a fair bit of pain. No, make that a lot of pain.

Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 4

Goddess, doing the dilation is soooo annoying! Why the hell would I want to stick something in there? Ewww!!!!!

If I hadn't been told rather firmly by the doctors after they'd done the unpacking the other day that it was needed, I'd have said bugger it!

I have to do this three to four times a day, for at least twenty minutes each time, and for what purpose? Not a chance in hell!

Although... the thought of Sammi using a two ended item to ravage both of us has me whining with need.

A Gentle Soul


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This is the landing page for A Gentle Soul, an occasional series that I will be posting. It rips off the Grimm Brothers (who actually appear in Part 2) and J.R.R. Tolkien, the master of all epic fantasy. If you've seen The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies, but not read the books, get yourself to a library or bookstore and read them. I liked the movies, but the books are glorious.

Street Child 2 Chp. 7

Betty wakes-up laying on her back with Karen laying between her legs and using her abdomen for a pillow. They had gone to bed last night after she had breast feed Karen. Karen was still a little upset about what she had told her last night. She knew once Karen drunk her breast milk, it would put her asleep. Which she was right. As soon as Karen finished drinking from her, she had fallen asleep.

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 27


We pass through the gates and they down close...arrows from above rain down only aiding our fighters and us, those they stepped off to save and buy time watch as the four of them cut every last Goblin and Warg sent after us.
Every last one.
I’m crying because… because they did this, because somehow they did it and they won and hurt or not I’m falling to get out of the wagon and running to meet them.
“Hawk! Nicole!”
I jump and land and hit Jessa who hugs and she holds us both up and Nicole.
Nicole has just gotten past the gate and she’s turned her Squire’sknight around and she raises her hand and I hear her yell. “Close the gates, close them all!”
Jessa and I limp to beside her and look at where she’s looking and it’s down the hill at the remains of the town and while we were fighting the Wargs and their Goblin riders the Hobgoblins rode their troops back down to where they had their encampment.
And there’s a line of troops marching with the riders and we can see the heavy shapes of huge forms in the distance.
We just stand there watching them coming in as the Keep’s doors and gate close and come down.
We slowly turn and the place is full, people have evacuated to here as best as they could and all around our ragged band of fighters and rangers are scared people, the old, the frail, the young.
I say it without even thinking about it. “Light and The Gods, We can’t fail here.”

*And Now…

Atalanta's Story Continued: Reaching Home Chapter 1

Guys it has been a while since I've posted anything so hopefully everything goes smoothly. Once again I want to think those that encouraged me by pm asking about Atalanta. I also want to than Ashleigh for agreeing to edit and help me with it. Today is my birthday so at least I'll remember when I started posting this story.LOL!

To recap a bit; Atalanta is cataloguing the wildlife on the Medawihla reservation for Fish and Game to keep their secret,secret. Mrs. Carson is glad Atalanta is off campus from Friday to Monday. Atalanta is glad to make some extra cash and avoiding trouble. Of course if they only knew... but that would be giving the game away.

Hopefully you'll enjoy this story.


Age of Gods Online Chapter 3


Serena was a top player in the popular browser game Age of Gods Online which combines elements of strategy and RPG on a platform available to everyone with access to the internet. As an RMT scum, she climbed the ranks of the deathmatch with real world money. One day, after she was defeated in battle by another player, she went to sleep and woke up in the world of AGO.

But something was wrong. She woke up 300 years in the future of the current Age of Gods Online. Will she be able to unravel why or how she got there and if she'll ever return home?

Age of Gods Online Chapter 3
The epic struggles of young gods in another world.

By Shiina Ai

Slayers Crossed - Chapter 5 Wonder! Whole new world

Slayers Crossed
Chapter 5 Wonder! Whole new world
SC - 5
By Lukas.I

Special thanks to Podracer for excellent proofreading.

Medieval village but not quite. This journey is starting to get complicated. Is our group able to cope with this new world.

Slayers Crossed - Chapter 4 Really? Magical mayhem!

Slayers Crossed
Chapter 4 Really? Magical mayhem!
SC - 4
By Lukas.I

Special thanks to Podracer for excellent proofreading.

Wait I can really do magic? Hell this is getting interesting. Dragon spooker reborn!

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 21


I have one glass to get to my rooms and get cleaned up and then head to Lady Tatiana’s office to meet up with her.
There’s more blood in the things and the pad and I need to wash some more but my underwear was fine and I use the jakes and get cleaned up and then get some more clothes and such and kit myself for this whole damned woman’s mark experience and I head off to go to Lady Tatiana’s office.
There’s a couple of squires outside and they ask me to wait and show me to a bench and one even offers me a cup of tea which I’m grateful to have and sip at it and wait as there’s obviously some business going on and there’s other’s showing up and they have what looks to be a rolling rack of dresses and gowns and other things and the women are looking at me and I’m blushing as I realize that the size of most of these things are sized for me.
Finery female finery and all the kit to go with it from the clothes to the shoes by the look of it to scents and cosmetics.
Oh… oh I was not, definitely not expecting this to be happening and so soon.
I’m not sure that I’m ready to be my sister Gracia just yet.

Slayers Crossed - Chapter 3 Shocking! Stumble and fall.

Slayers Crossed
Chapter 3 Shocking! Stumble and fall.
By Lukas.I

Special thanks to Podracer for excellent proofreading.

Strange world and stranger situation with no way out. What will future hold? Can they get home?

Slayers Crossed - Chapter 2 Hold on! Fall down The rabbit hole?

Slayers Crossed
Chapter 2 Hold on! Fall down The rabbit hole?
By Lukas.I

Special thanks to jkoc for excellent proofreading.

Crossplay? How embarrassing can that be? And they say that curiosity killed a cat. You know what they say. Whatever doesn't kill you...

Slayers Crossed - Chapter 1 Impossible! How could I let them boss me into this!

Slayers Crossed
Chapter 1 Impossible! How could I let them boss me into this!
By Lukas.I

Who said there is such thing as safe bet. One simple bet is all it sometimes takes to turn your life around on its head.

Serving with Distinction: Chapter 5: Losing my Virginity All Over Again

I see my vision grow brighter and brighter as a white void surrounds us. Out of nowhere a bed and hanging linen comes to view out of the corner of my eye. White silk sheets and cashmere cover the huge bed. I’m not sure if we moved, or everything around us did, but I feel like we are nowhere near the pond. We both fall into the bed brought before us. It’s cushion is silent, but it caresses us like nothing mortal.

Serving with Distinction: Chapter 4: My Homecoming

It’s dark and I can barely see where I am. I try to stand.

I feel like I just ran a marathon and my legs are like jelly.

My legs slowly regain strength as I will them to move and I go from sitting to standing.
A new weight puts pressure on my chest and I see that I am indeed sporting two C cup, omega shaped breasts.

Serving with Distinction: Chapter 3: A Werewoman is Born

Twenty seven days later.

The past month or so has been pretty uneventful, a short stop in India, a lot of boring days at sea. Oh, a lot of the guys heard of my night of escapades and give me looks of disbelief about that. We are now almost near the Middle East, getting ready to sail through the Strait of Hormuz in a few days.

Ever since that night, I’ve found myself day dreaming of such wonderful sex, God I hope to see soon.

Snakes and Ladders-37


~Ha, you’re like Shaya you both love to circle the tree. ~

~It's amazing and the view with it and the lake and the city it’s just amazing. ~

~Yes it is!~ He launches into the sky and he does a dipping glide over the water gaining speed and them he’s climbing and we catch a thermal and we bank going with it and up and, and up and them we start to go around The Great Tree a little dragon like a bush plane in front of a literal mountain of a trunk and we’re coming around it and leveling off and I take a breath and channel the power into the memory of a perfect song for this and we’re coming around the bend of the tree to get the lake into sight and the city after that and I’m replaying.

*Bonny Portmore* in my head as I’m flying back to my love on dragon back.

I Wish Book 2: Chapter 8

Shannon O'Reilly was bullied and everything his older sister wasn't. When his sister Sarah gives him a chance to change things through a single wish things don't go as planned.


I Wish: Book 2
Chapter 8

I could feel the color leaving my face after that bombshell as I stared at Jennifer and Sarah, who was nodding in agreement. “Yeah, let’s add that to the list of magic I’m never going to try,” I said quietly.

Glitch 2: First Oath

Daniel O'Brien is starting to think that being Dana might not be so bad. She can even handle being a mutant, but... what if she's not?


Glitch 2!
First Oath


“Word of advice Dana, don’t take your eyes off him for a minute, his hands tend to wander around the ladies,” Anand muttered in an aside to me.

The Role of A Lifetime


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Fiction by Cynthia V. Hart

David shivered. The old mansion could get drafty at night. He had to jump a little to lay down on the bed, as it was slightly higher than modern beds. Looking up, all he could see was the canopy and the curtains almost walled off the room. It was as if he was in a whole other world, insulated from the one he knew. The mattress was so soft, so comfortable, he felt himself relaxing immediately. Had it really been only a week since he got that letter from the law firm representing her estate? Imagine—his dull, drab old Aunt Frances, the secret love child of one of Hollywood’s most glamorous and tragic silver-screen sex goddesses. It still was hard to believe he was any relation to the legendary Ginger Garrison. And with her and Aunt Frances both gone, the magnificent old mansion in L.A.’s tony Holmby Hills neighborhood was all his now -- every stick of furniture and stitch of clothing in the place. The fancy cars in the garage and the paintings on the walls. He would think about how to pay the inheritance taxes on all of it tomorrow.

Flying out here from Vermont had really taken it out of him. The butler had installed him in another room, but when he’d been told this was her room as they passed, he couldn’t resist sneaking a peek inside. He closed the door quietly so as not to alert anyone to his presence. He took in the opulence of the room, like the rest of the house only more so: the huge dresser and dressing-room-style lighted vanity, a closet and wardrobe, the lavishly appointed bathroom...and a big four-poster bed with gauzy curtains that seemed to draw the eye to it. He struggled with temptation, gave in at last and opened a drawer or two. The topmost ones were full of lingerie, the old-fashioned kind from the mid-century period of their owner’s heyday: panties both brief and less so, stiff, lacy underwire bras, stiffer girdles, garter belts, waist cinchers, and silky hose galore. He let his hands savor the texture of the garments before carefully placing them back where found, then toyed with the impressive arsenal of makeup on the vanity: blush, mascara, rouge, scented powders, nail polishes and lipsticks in dozens of shades. Thoughts that made him blush beet-red went through his head.

Finally, he wandered over to the bed and sat on its old-style high mattress experimentally. It gave beneath him, with a lush softness one would expect in a home whose occupant could afford the very best of everything. Surely it couldn’t do any harm just to lay down for a bit... he thought. He sank down and down into a trancelike state of half-sleep. Presently he heard something...a whisper or a rustle of drapery, he couldn’t be sure which. No, it was definitely a whisper: ...Hi there, sailor!.. He looked around, but saw no one through the curtains.

Relax... the whisper came again. Lay back...get comfortable. He started to get a bit nervous. But the whispering voice seemed so seductive, so enticing that his nervousness couldn’t go much further than mild unease. Take all those clothes off, honey. You must be sweltering.

Take his clothes off? Well, he was going to did seem natural enough. He pulled off his shoes and socks, unbuttoned his shirt, loosened his belt and pants, slid them off and was down to his shorts. Take it all off, the voice hissed. With a swallow, he took off his shorts and lay naked on the bed. He didn’t feel the chill he had expected. In fact, he could swear he felt someone’s warm breath on his neck. And though he still saw no one but himself, he was starting to feel...something...touching him, caressing him.

So handsome, the voice whispered. Young and smooth...just the way I like ’em.

Suddenly something in his brain clicked into place and he recognized the voice. He had to be hallucinating. It couldn’t be her; she was decades dead. But the soft soprano was unmistakable, even at a whisper. “Is someone there?” he asked aloud, still not allowing himself to think the obvious.

Nobody here but us ghosts, darling, said the voice. Now he felt a chill...right up his spine. “G...Ginger?”

Right the first time, the voice replied. What did you expect? This is my bedroom, after all. Or was, at least.

I Wish Book 2: Chapter 7

Shannon O'Reilly was bullied and everything his older sister wasn't. When his sister Sarah gives him a chance to change things through a single wish things don't go as planned.


I Wish: Book 2
Chapter 7

I could feel some of the color draining from my face as I put on my best smile and nodded. I have to kiss him?! But he’s a guy, and I’m not into guys, one part of my mind panicked.

I Wish Book 2: Chapter 6

Shannon O'Reilly was bullied and everything his older sister wasn't. When his sister Sarah gives him a chance to change things through a single wish things don't go as planned.


I Wish: Book 2
Chapter 6


I nodded as I smiled back at him. “I was pretty nervous at first, but I’m really having a lot more fun than I thought I would. It probably helped that you and Sarah got me relaxed and enjoying myself early on.”

I Wish Book 2: Chapter 5

Shannon O'Reilly was bullied and everything his older sister wasn't. When his sister Sarah gives him a chance to change things through a single wish things don't go as planned.


I Wish: Book 2
Chapter 5

“I’m glad to see you so excited, most girls would be ready to puke their guts out they’re so nervous,” she teased.


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