Martial arts

Jem...Chapter 56

Jem…Chapter 56

Chapter 56

I get everything that I want to report typed up and I include some of the thoughts that I came up with as observations that I have made with the information I had and I put it all into a brown envelope and head downstairs.

It’s late, or really early in the morning just after three. Rayne’s up and doing stuff with out sites. Talking with our fans and she smiles at me. I go over and kiss her in front of the web camera and then look into it. “Sorry guys love you but I’m cooking a big supper today.”

Kombat Champion

Kombat Champion
Part 1 of 16
By Morpheus

I stopped at the door to my apartement and let out a yawn, then fumbled with my keys for a moment before opening the door. And the moment that I stepped inside, I called out, "Honey, I'm home...," just as I did nearly every day when returning home from work. However, there was no answer...nor had I expected one since I lived alone.

My Super Secret Life-10.

My Super Secret life -10

Chapter 10


It’s so strange…I’m getting into this little red sports car having the door opened for me to go shopping of all things by this drop dead gorgeous blonde with these incredibly blue eyes and this warm sexy killer smile.

And I’m just a bit taller than her boobs.

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