Medical Procedures

The Roads Are Calling, or It's A Carnie Life: Part 2

I apologize for the extremely lengthy time between postings for this story. Life, as I mentioned in the prologue, can be an utter PITA. Some of that was due to the muse striking at various times with stories or chapters of stories, some due to the muse apparently being on strike or lost.


We arrived at the site for the Lake County Fair perhaps an hour after we left the Williston area that Monday morning.

Regrowing Breasts

  • Surgery may allow women to grow breasts
  • Successfully done on pigs
  • Could revolutionise cosmetic surgery

“The breakthrough could also could also completely revolutionise the cosmetic surgery industry by allowing women to grow bigger natural breasts.”

“If the human trials follow the pigs’ success, the new procedure will result in breasts that look and feel perfectly natural — because they are perfectly natural.”

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