TransVixen Chapter 02

Michele Nylons

Chapter Two: TransVixen begins

Wendy convinces Panti and Cherri to front the band in their femme personas and gets the other musicians onside and smartened up. Trouble arises when the shady businessman reneges on the deal for their debut venue. Panti decides to visit the businessman and see if she can't change his mind.

How It Was - Part 1

There are so many really talented writers here on BCST, and I'm definitely not one of them. This is just something that has been rattling around in my brain for the last few days and if there really are Muses, mine has been bugging me to write this. I argued, "I'm a musician dammit, not a writer!" The Muse said, "Do it anyway". I came back with, "If I can't do something well, I'd rather not do it!" She countered with, "Don't be so friggin' arrogant. You'll never write like many of them at BCST, that's for sure, but do it anyway!" So then I said, "Yes Ma'am!"

First off, some will say, "you start out at 5 years old, how could a 5 year old write this?" Consider it a peek into the child's brain, not as something actually written by the 5 year old, k? Please? :) If anyone reads this and it doesn't bore them to tears, I'll post the rest of it.

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