Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 6

I stood there and stared at him as Simon Leapfoot the younger looked around the small community, then noticed that I was there.

There was grace and confidence in his every step, the man knew the world around him in ways that I didn't yet.

He stopped in front of me, noting my interest in him, and spoke, "I am Simon Leapfoot the younger, I'm looking to meet with Will Tinker."

I nodded at him, showing a weak smile as I said, "That would be me, Mr. Leapfoot," then waited to see what would happen.

Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 5

To put it bluntly, I did not enjoy even a moment of the slightly more than three hour trip home, all I wanted to do was scream.

The problem was that we kept hitting crosswinds, and every time we did, the helicopter would rock a bit, causing me to shift in the seat. That caused a certain very tender part of my anatomy to rub against the surface of the seat through my jeans and underwear.

Let's just say that, by the time we landed at their home base near our camps, I was in a fair bit of pain. No, make that a lot of pain.

Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 4

Goddess, doing the dilation is soooo annoying! Why the hell would I want to stick something in there? Ewww!!!!!

If I hadn't been told rather firmly by the doctors after they'd done the unpacking the other day that it was needed, I'd have said bugger it!

I have to do this three to four times a day, for at least twenty minutes each time, and for what purpose? Not a chance in hell!

Although... the thought of Sammi using a two ended item to ravage both of us has me whining with need.

Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 3

The nurses woke me up twice through the night, then again at 6:30 AM just to make sure I was awake for when they would come to take me down to the operating theater and cut away all of the damaged tissue, then create a vagina and connect blood vessels, etc., to it.

Of course, by the time they DID come to pull my gurney down there, I was half nodding from being woken up so much.

They rolled me into the operating theater, where a well-built thirtyish male leaned down to place the mask over my face.

Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 2

All I can say is that I was sort of there listening to what was said, although I wasn't conciously aware at the time due to the drugs they had pumped into me at some point to help stabilize me. I did know that my injuries were quite serious, but I didn't know everything yet.

On some level, though, I could hear quite a bit of what was being said or happening around me, like trays being picked up?

Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 1

This story comes via an inspiration I got from glancing at and remembering the story "What a good boy" by Bailey Summers. As Bailey mentioned in the comments for that story, having a male undergoing a vaginoplasty and yet living as a male is quite unusual.

I hope to provide my own look at living a life where one has to live with conditions and requirements like that. I hope I do it justice.

It was also inspired a bit by the story Tommy that Teddie S. has been posting, although mine will be much more from the male side of things.

From The Past To The Future Part 4

Lupita swing the ax down on the tree log and splits it in one swing. She looks over towards Black Wolf "I could get use to this. I split that log with just one swing and it went right through it."

A Real Beaver Shot

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I have a hobby that some others here also seem to like. I'm a shutterbug. I love to take pictures. I'll go miles out of my way to find something to take a picture of, and I'll stand around doing nothing while waiting for the light to be 'just right'. And sometimes, I just stumble across something worth shooting.

Yesterday, I stumbled across something worth recording. I have to admit I didn't ask permission to take these pictures of her swimming, but I figured she wouldn't mind because after all, she was swimming in a pond right beside the road... and she wasn't wearing any clothes!

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