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Toni With An i - Part 2

Tony had a wild night at Lads’ Night and by the end he didn’t want it to finish. So much so that Tony, when invited, slept at Jess’s place as Toni. Now it’s a new day, and the only clothes Tony has is a fancy date night dress and killer heels. How the hell is Tony going to get home? Maybe, just for now, it has to be Toni going home...

That’s up to Tony, though. But does this newfound fun really have to end? Can Toni continue, at least in the privacy of Tony’s home; at least once he gets there? Whatever happens Tony seems to have found two new friends in Jess and Sally, the problem is they don’t know Tony. Sure, Jess and Sally know he technically exists, but Toni is their friend. And what happens when they want to see her again? These are questions for another day, though, right?

The Beginning - part 2

I loved watching the beautiful trees go by in the fall when I ride in the car. I felt dreamy and a bit overwhelmed but happy on multiple levels. I was just caught looking at a pair of pantyhose in Macy’s by this girl who is in my math class. She never talked to me before and when she saw me looking at the pantyhose package, I thought my life was over. However, she treated me with kindness. She is very pretty and I think I like her a lot. Now that I have her phone number, I will call her and hopefully we can become friends.

The Camp Of The Willows - Chapter 5

The Camp Of The Willows - Chapter 5
By barbara Lynn Terry

Cammie Davies went in to Rachel’s room to wake her up. It appeared that sometime during the night, Rachel had gotten in to her own bed. But, when Cammie Davies went in Rachel’s room, she found Rachel wide awake. She was just finishing getting dressed, when her mom walked in.

“Well, I was going to wake you up, but it looks like you beat me to it. Is everything ready for camp?”

“Yes, mom, I heard Sharon just a bit ago, I think she is ready, too.”

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 15

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 15.
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Rachel goes in to town.

As Naomi walked to her car, Sharon peeked out of the door.

"Naomi, what happened in court, this morning."

"Nothing much. The judge appointed pervert a lawyer, and said he would hear motions for bail and take his plea, after he has had a chance to talk with his court appointed attorney. I will be watching this very closely. Until then, he stays in jail."

"Good! Bye Naomi, please come back."

"You can bet on it, sis."

Thoughts after Southern Comfort

When I arrived in Atlanta for Southern Comfort, I was as nervous as the long tailed cat in the room full of rocking chairs. I wasn't sure what to expect or how I should act. What I didn't expect, was the love, compassion, understanding, and support I received, even being just a first timer.

I received and gave more hugs in one week, than in my entire lifetime. NO one had a bad word to say about ANYONE, and everyone was amazingly open and caring. I talked to more girls in the space of the week, than I ever thought possible, and we had a BALL!!!

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