New York

Carla and Angela Part 15 (Final Chapter)

Alice, Ripper, and Carla look at the building Alice brought them to. Her ability to detect magically enhanced items was unique to her and she was never wrong.

“What you are looking for is in there.” Alice’s voice had a rough sound to it like she was sick or smoked a lot.

Ripper looks at Alice “are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m positive.” Alice looks at Ripper.

“So, how do you want to do this?” Ripper looks toward Carla for an answer.

“The direct approach.” Carla puts her helmet on and starts walking toward the building.

Carla and Angela Part 14

Carla’s Place, 0500 hrs:
Carla didn’t know why she didn’t think of this sooner. She takes a sip from her second cup of coffee. While she was asleep an idea popped into her head. Her subconscious wouldn’t allow her to sleep, so she got up and sent a text message to the one person who she should have used from the beginning.

She then sent a text message to Ripper as well. She was waiting to hear from the first person she should have called in right away. As for her friend Rita, she was still in critical condition.

Jester Gets Her Lizard

This is a continuation of events that took place in Blue Lace Chapter 25.....

Jester heft’s the unconscious lizard guy from the SUV into the black and gold private Lear Jet she came to Dallas, Texas in. Once he was inside the plane, she drags his heavy-ass self over to one of the black leather seats and buckle him in for the flight back to New York. She stands in front of his unconscious self “you are as heavy, as you are ugly.”

Carla and Angela Part 4

Carla moves carefully from the bedroom to the bathroom. Angela used the cat-shaped phallus on her last night at least four times. She was moving very, very slowly and couldn’t believe how much Angela was enjoying the phallus. When she looks at herself in the mirror. She noticed that a silver choker with a cat’s head in the middle of it appeared on both their necks.

Leave No Stone Unturned Chp. 7

Cora wakes-up early and stare up at the ceiling in her hotel room. She couldn’t believe she was in New York. She went to the address that Katie gave her and met a charming young woman. She found out that the young woman happened to be Rachel’s roommate and that she had
just recently heard from her. According to the information she received, Rachel was due back later today.

Family Business Part 4

Mouse was enjoying the drive back to New York. She woke up early and checked out before she had to. She could have extended her stay, but there were other things she wanted to do. A smile appears on her face as she thinks about the men she played against at the other casino.
They couldn’t believe a little ole girl like her could beat them. She walked away from that game with close to forty thousand dollars.

Ignorance is No Excuse for Hating Someone Part 23

Bounty Ranch, Caldwell, Montana:
“Mom, Chaos won’t get onto the plane.” Haylee looks at Chaos with a disappointed look on her face. All the other wolves got onto the plane without any problems.

Chaos stood in front of Haylee. He wasn’t sure if he was going to obey her. He walks up to her and almost knocks her down, as he rubs against her body. Once he was done doing that, he jumps up into the Lear Jet where all the other wolves were.

Ignorance is No Excuse for Hating Someone Part 4

237 W 12th St, New York, NY:
Hatter snuggles close to Shade as he laid next to her. He had asked his boss for the next few days off to stay with Hatter and look after her. He loved being with her. He didn’t care that she was a little crazy or the fact that she could be very vindictive when she went after someone.

Ignorance is No Excuse for Hating Someone Part 3

Cardwell, Montana, Gina’s House:
Arabella was playing a game in her game room when her computer alerted her to what was going on. The armor shutters that protected the house came down and the armor plates that protected the doors slide into place. Trigger was laying at her feet and looked up when she heard all the noise going on in the house.

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