Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 02 - Intro I

Intro (Part I)

– I –


Class 1-D at Sanderson High School for Regulars.

Pharos Colony. Island Two. Habitat One.

Semester One – School Week Twenty.

Friday morning Homeroom Period.

Today was the big day – the final day of the school semester.

The mid-year break would start tomorrow, Saturday.

Needless to say my classmates and I were all looking forward to our measly five week break before starting Semester Two.

In the nick of time: Part 3 The End

This is so horrible, why, why did this have to have to happen to me on this great day? I wanted to relax and enjoy myself, not being bound, gagged, almost 'raped', and now trapped in the basement. I continued to struggle against my new bonds but they were far tighter than the first and really rubbed against my skin. As I tried to get free in the darkness, I continued to hear their rummaging, no rampage above. Those bastards, I thought, they'll be sorry when they are caught for steal valuables, damaging property, and assaulting a female...

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 6

I set off on my holiday/unknown summer job on Monday morning, with the sun blazing down on the town. Because of this summer weather, I chose to wear the cotton pink knickers I bought on Saturday and the new black bra. On top of it were the pretty light blue shorts and the white spaghetti top that obviously didn't cover my bra straps. My bag was rather full with a good portion of my female underwear and clothing, plus the swimwear Jenna help me buy. Oh, any some study notes and books. Those, along with own debit card were possibly the only indications of Clarence.

Keeping it a Secret Chapter 4

I woke up early on Sunday morning with my bladder full. Darn, having a girl's plumbing must make me a small bladder or pee more often I thought, as I lowered my knickers. Looking down at the surgically altered genitalia, I thought back to the challenge I had. Most of my body would be restored to its original male self by Thursday morning. Maybe I could appear as my original self, Clarence, to my parents, then get an excuse to go for the Friday operation to get my male parts back. My jeans aren't that tight to reveal the fake female vulva underneath. I could get the surgery then come back.

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